Paper Sorcerer is a stylish single player turn based RPG focused on strategy, party-building, and environmental puzzles. Fight with the skills and spells you've learned in a battle system that emphasizes strategy over grinding. Assemble a party of monsters and dark creatures to fight alongside you.
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Utgivningsdatum: 21 nov, 2013

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"A Wizardry-style RPG that doesn't hold your hand. It's got some issues, but hardcore RPG fans ought to dig it."
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“This looks like a very interesting combination of old-school turn-based RPG, with a very interesting modern first-person aesthetic, fantastic use of blank space and unreal design.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Come on people, it’s only FIVE BUCKS and it’s one of the best overall gaming experiences I've had in 2013. Pick this up; you won't regret it.”
Diehard Gamefan

“Paper Sorcerer nevertheless doesn't lose an ounce of its incredible gameplay and in this way maintains an incredible classic charm.”
Indie Locus

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Paper Sorcerer is a stylish single player turn based RPG focused on strategy, party-building, and environmental puzzles. Fight with the skills and spells you've learned in a battle system that emphasizes strategy over grinding. Assemble a party of monsters and dark creatures to fight alongside you. Explore and solve environmental puzzles to unlock secret paths and find extra loot! A double-sided adventure, an RPG with adventure game elements.

Initial Steam release is for PC, Mac and Linux are in the works.
If you'd like to play it on Mac or Linux right away, you can pick it up on the website, and we'll send you a Steam key later.

Save files from the demo transfer to the full version!

A powerful sorcerer is on the cusp of dominating the land. A group of heroes bands together and seals him away inside a magical tome. Now as the sorcerer you must escape from this ancient prison and find a way to regain your magical powers using your wits and an array of summonable creatures to aid you. There may be more powerful forces at work as you navigate the dungeons and fight the heroes sent to subdue you...

Key Features

  • Play as a renegade sorcerer as he struggles to escape the book prison and regain his powers.
  • Escape a magical prison filled with heroes hunting you down at every turn.
  • Leave behind mana and to-hit rolls for an exciting new battle system that emphasizes strategy and tactics over grinding.
  • Strategically manage an energy pool to unleash devastating special attacks in battle.
  • Assemble a party of fiendish creatures to join you as allies in battle.
  • Numerous different creatures and fiends to unlock, further customizing your party; including a healer Witch, a trickster Imp, assassin Troll, and a berserker Minotaur.
  • Discover fiendish puzzles and solve them with a combinations of spells, items, and your wits.
  • Hand-drawn high-resolution sprites
  • All-inclusive game, promise to never make you pay for DLC content.


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Pentium 4 1300 MHz 1.3 GHz
    • Minne: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafik: Geforce2 MX 400 64/128-bit SDR, 64-bit DDR or better
    • Lagring: 500 MB ledigt utrymme
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17.0 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 21 juni
Yes, the visual style is great. Yes, it's nice to see an old-school turn-based dungeon crawler being made. Yes, it's really impressive that it's pretty much all the work of one guy. Mad props to him.

But none of that changes the fact that Paper Sorcerer is a glitchy mess with serious balance issues. That these glitches and balance issues remain after the game has been out for so long is surprising. There are many game-crashing bugs - seriously, if you ignore this review, save often - especially before you try to leave your room in the game's town area, as there's a glitch there that will randomly crash the game. And the first three bosses will kill you, while the rest will meekly let you by - one of them will literally refuse to fight you.

What really killed the game for me, though, and what prompted me to write this review, is that there's this neat minigame within the game where you're solving puzzles and opening secret doors throughout the dungeon, in anticipation of a big payoff near the end of the game. That payoff, the thing you put in the extra hours for, the thing you put your characters at risk for, is glitched, such that when you finally get to the end, you can't get it. When you get to the final set of doors that the big reward lies beyond, the game forgets you have the key to those doors. You get nothing - no in-game reward, no achievement, nothing. From perusing the forums, this is a huge bug that has been around for a long time, and which the developer has refused to fix.

Glitchy, unbalanced, plays all of its neat tricks right up front, wears out its welcome. I'm disappointed.
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9 av 11 personer (82%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
10.2 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 7 september
One of the finest dungeon crawler RPG games i have played.

Notable features:
- Hard early game. late game is a big smorgås bord of awesome party builds and skill-fest based mayhem.
- Party builds are a big part of the game. What's your killer combo party layout? Not surprising that the longest thread on the forum is about party builds.
- Don't forget the special puppet you find along the way - Have you managed to get proper components to build him up to a killer puppet? Build a tank, mage, flame thrower or artery slicing doll. You decide as you gather doll parts.
- Skills galore. Later as you build up your skills every move is mostly a grand strategy of what skills to choose and when during combat. Game is generous as it allows a pretty wide range of summon creaturea that can be swapped in/out between fights as you wish. Each with their own specialities.
- The 'paper' in the title does not affect mechanics in any bizarre way so don't be distracted by it too much.. it is more related to the plot and graphics style.
- Good range of difficulty settings. This game can be really punishing or casual, just the way you want it. Hard it seems is the recommended setting for people who want punishment as the normal setting is such that early game is hard but later on you rarely break a sweat. 1984 mode for the truly hardcore.
- Good looking graphics and artwork with a hand-drawn look.

Game is silly cheap and discounted often too. a true gem that is easily worth full price.

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7 av 9 personer (78%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
19.1 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 17 september
This game is quite the challenge, and it's fun trying to figure out the right setup/attacks in order to beat some difficult enemies. There are numerous "secrets" throughout the game, though they are pretty easy as the game almost always tells you when there is something to be found nearby. But the dungeon crawling/looting/fighting part is...well, fun.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the game at this time. There are some serious bugs, such as a door not opening even if you have the right key (and it has to do with the hardest "secret" in the game - so it's extremely frustrating doing all the work towards that for nothing). There are also some achievements that have been broken since release nearly two years ago, and as the developer has quit coming around months ago after the promise of an update that never occurred, it seems that this game has been abandoned.
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28.4 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 5 juni
Nice little gem that brought back a lot of memories of old RPGs.

- Good and interesting music
- Excellent premise/starting storyline
- Decent leveling up system
- Pretty wide selection of enemies, characters, and party builds
- Some replay value - picking a new party and/or different character branch for main
- Decent loot system
- Skill Trainer

- Some display issues
- Handful of bugs - town menu sometimes didn't display, chests that are closed but unable to be interacted with
- Skills are a little all over the place - some are super powerful and some so weak that you will never use them
- Maxed Parry from the Skill Trainer - wish successful blocks would say block or parry. All I saw was miss and evade - difficult to tell if those skills are working or not.
- Need better explanation of skills/status effects - sometimes it is a guess to decide with an ally hit with a Sleep spell is under a phyiscal or magical condition so you can remove it.
- Some groups of enemies were much harder than the boss fights at the end. Really required luck and a fully rested party instead of skill.
- Character status needs to show magic defenses. Magic defenses are on gear and available through skill trainer, but not viewable.
- Intro story concept was pretty neat. Becomes weaker as you go along.
- The skeleton really could use an energy builder even if it was defensive in nature

Overall, a great little game that I'm happy I picked up for a few bucks. Definitely recommend.
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0.1 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 29 juni
I have played about 5 hours of the game, fought with the first three bosses. I'd most probably continue playing the game, but I just could not withstand the user interface any more. It is so bad that it's hard to describe, it has be to experienced (and I suggest you do not). It is the worst user interface I've seen in games, ever.

The game itself is good enough, it has party variety, it has quite interesting enemies, and it has a few new concepts such as lowering defense during combat. I really like the fact that no matter how good your armor is, with enough effort you will cut through it eventually. Unfortunately this mechanic is not well explained and it lacks some polish and (especially) detailed explanation how it really works. But overall, the gameplay is solid. The environment is lacking, but it's still borderline good enough.

What kills this game is UI. I think the developer would be in fact able to design better interfaces (just by copying what you see in ever other game you get a 100x more usable UI), but he's just not technically skilled to create it. This is his first game and he has no real programming skills. The official website even confirms it "Ultra Runaway Games was created when one man with no industry experience or programming training decided to make a PC RPG.". And when you read his comments on forums that music volume cannot be adjusted because he doesn't know how to implement a slider, it's just... sad. Don't take me wrong, he has a courage and a passion, and if he really knew nothing about programming in the beginning, this is a very good result. But still, that doesn't make this game playable, unfortunately.

The UI is simply horrible and you spend more time fighting with the UI than fighting with enemies. Even basic tasks like looking at the inventory is extremely cumbersome and slow. Battles are excruciatingly slow because of the way how you give commands. And the list goes on.

There are even some bugs, but often it's just horrible UI or design decision in action. For example, you pick up a plate armor, then you look into inventory, and it's not there. WTF? You load and try it again, same result. A bug? No, a design decision to not show you any item in inventory that you cannot use at that moment. (Or at least that's what I assume it is, it is not explained anywhere). But it "appears" once you want to sell it. So much time wasted figuring this out...

There are other technical issues that will slightly drive you mad, but I think most of them boil down to simply insufficient programming skills of the developer.

It's unfortunate, because this is very close to the "my kind of game", but I can't recommend this at its present state. If there are some patches in the future that will completely overhaul the user interface, then sure, this can become an entertaining game. At present not worth it, though.
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