Paper Sorcerer is a stylish single player turn based RPG focused on strategy, party-building, and environmental puzzles. Fight with the skills and spells you've learned in a battle system that emphasizes strategy over grinding. Assemble a party of monsters and dark creatures to fight alongside you.
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"A Wizardry-style RPG that doesn't hold your hand. It's got some issues, but hardcore RPG fans ought to dig it."

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2.5 Update for Steam


  • Added Arms and Armory section to menu, displays all weapons and equipment in possession, as compared to Equip menu that only shows what each character can equip
  • Edited some switches to get out of hidden doors/doors that use keys on 9-2 and elsewhere to make them easier to notice and understand what they do at first glance
  • Edited training descriptions to remove typos, including Defense training description
  • Blind II feedback fixed for levels 2-5
  • Skeleton's absolute defense fixed
  • King Demon fight not always triggering fixed
  • Basic and Master Tower Runes fixed, stats now match description
  • Added minor event to 1-1, hint for later puzzles
  • Amethyst Secret achievement tweaked to trigger more often
  • Demon's Solution achievement adjusted, should trigger after talking to demon again after requirements are met
  • Master of Secrets bug ironed out, should trigger when in town once requirements are met

Known issues:
  • No sound volume options
  • Graphic options not saving (windowed/fullscreen and resolution)
  • Sometimes enemies aren't woken up from sleep how they're supposed to
  • When fighting large groups of enemies, some of them are situated at the edges of the screen. When you hit those enemies, damage numbers appear in the wrong place -ameliorated, but still on non-16:9 resolutions
  • Sometimes status effects expire unexpectedly
  • Invert mouse doesn't always save between sessions

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“This looks like a very interesting combination of old-school turn-based RPG, with a very interesting modern first-person aesthetic, fantastic use of blank space and unreal design.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Come on people, it’s only FIVE BUCKS and it’s one of the best overall gaming experiences I've had in 2013. Pick this up; you won't regret it.”
Diehard Gamefan

“Paper Sorcerer nevertheless doesn't lose an ounce of its incredible gameplay and in this way maintains an incredible classic charm.”
Indie Locus


Paper Sorcerer is a stylish single player turn based RPG focused on strategy, party-building, and environmental puzzles. Fight with the skills and spells you've learned in a battle system that emphasizes strategy over grinding. Assemble a party of monsters and dark creatures to fight alongside you. Explore and solve environmental puzzles to unlock secret paths and find extra loot! A double-sided adventure, an RPG with adventure game elements.

Initial Steam release is for PC, Mac and Linux are in the works.
If you'd like to play it on Mac or Linux right away, you can pick it up on the website, and we'll send you a Steam key later.

Save files from the demo transfer to the full version!

A powerful sorcerer is on the cusp of dominating the land. A group of heroes bands together and seals him away inside a magical tome. Now as the sorcerer you must escape from this ancient prison and find a way to regain your magical powers using your wits and an array of summonable creatures to aid you. There may be more powerful forces at work as you navigate the dungeons and fight the heroes sent to subdue you...

Key Features

  • Play as a renegade sorcerer as he struggles to escape the book prison and regain his powers.
  • Escape a magical prison filled with heroes hunting you down at every turn.
  • Leave behind mana and to-hit rolls for an exciting new battle system that emphasizes strategy and tactics over grinding.
  • Strategically manage an energy pool to unleash devastating special attacks in battle.
  • Assemble a party of fiendish creatures to join you as allies in battle.
  • Numerous different creatures and fiends to unlock, further customizing your party; including a healer Witch, a trickster Imp, assassin Troll, and a berserker Minotaur.
  • Discover fiendish puzzles and solve them with a combinations of spells, items, and your wits.
  • Hand-drawn high-resolution sprites
  • All-inclusive game, promise to never make you pay for DLC content.


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Pentium 4 1300 MHz 1.3 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce2 MX 400 64/128-bit SDR, 64-bit DDR or better
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
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One of my favorite games on Steam right now. It's simple, but has depth. It's unique, but also has a nostalgic feel to it.

The overworld is 3D and interesting to look at, while the combat is 2D and turnbased. The overworld is explored freely in levels called floors which feature mostly static combat encounters, set loot spawns but with random contents, and the usual secret or two to find. The combat is a throwback to turnbased RPGs of yesteryear and can very often be quite challenging or even impossible to beat without proper leveling and party/skill usage.

Overall, pleasing to look at, fun to play, and can be a challenging experience.
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Do you like old school Wizardy? Do you like old school RPGs? Do you like cheap RPGs? DO YOU LIKE RPGs?

If you answered "Yes lawd PRAISE THA PAPER!!" then I'd say you're mocking me.. but if you responded "OH HELL YES" to any of the above, then you will enjoy Paper Sorcerer. It's simplitic yet satisfying. As controller throwing difficult as you wish for the ultimate challenge. Playing the role of an anti-hero is a pure delight, and I would suggest this game to any of my friends.
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22.4 小时(记录在案的)
Paper Sorceror is a turn based corridor RPG that has it's own unique style of art and music. You permanently summon/choose from some monsters to travel with you and then go kill those wannabe protaganists! The story is light which is all that is necessary to make the world tangible. Any fan of the Wizardry series or Etrian Odyssey that just wants a new take on this old classic style of game needs to look no further.
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24.0 小时(记录在案的)
While the game's a little buggy and there's a few balancing issues (I'M LOOKING AT YOU CELLBLOCK 3 BOSS) this RPG's really enjoyable. Not too grindy, and you get enough "summons" (party members) to vary your party and not make the game stale. Definitely worth the full price of $5.
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7.3 小时(记录在案的)
I am extremely impressed with this old-school dungeon RPG that it's been taxing on sleep as its "one more level" kind of game. While its old-school turn based combat would seem boring its unique Skill & Energy system changes everything, so you no longer mash Attack and instead encourages you to find combinations of debuffs, buffs, effects, and damage type that is very satisfying. Love the minion collection and random loot with some great Skills & Spells, as well as the set monster placement with only random encounters in a "special optional (but recommended) dungeon levels".

The art style blends well into the creative narrative of being trapped in a book, while the music is quite fun and as soon as it becomes repetitive new music enters at the right time. The puzzles are not overly difficult and the writing is simple but never becomes a bore to read.

My only want is more information on my enemies & the effects I put on them.
If I knew how good it was it would be worth the normal $5 for a couple weeks of play, but I scored it in a Humble Bundle and it is easily my favorite in the pack.

Would be willing to get trapped in magic book again: 10/10
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26.4 小时(记录在案的)
Great unique RPG. Story is great, the graphics are good but what really sold me on the game, besides the gameplay, was the music.
I normally turn off in-game music as most of it's horrible. Paper Sorcerer has music that actually complements what you are going in game.
I will pre-order if/when Paper Sorcerer 2 gets announced.

Besides, who doesn't like killing the good guys.. My part of a skeleton,vampire and minotaur loved every minute of it.
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4.3 小时(记录在案的)
The most engaging traditional-rpg I've played since the SNES.
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2.4 小时(记录在案的)
Even though I only have played a little bit right now I plan on spending a lot of time for this game. This is really nice and great feeling a little bit like one of the old PC RPGs in first person view and going through dungeons and more. I like how the battle and party game play is with being able to gain more members and able to switch with one of the 3 that are in your party already. It almost feels a little bit like a Shin Megami Tensei style or a dark Pokemon ^.^. My favorite part of the story is how you are the bad guy in this game. The last part I'm bringing up is the music and art style, the background music is fine and fits really well with the theme the game has. As for the graphics I love how it's litterly like a book and feels almost like a Pen and Paper RPG. (I found out that Jesse Gallagher litterly drew all the art and didn't use cel-shade at all.) Personally this is easily worth every penny, one of the best Indie games I've played and a great RPG. If you like RPGs this is definitely something you should check out. I think this is the start of a great company and hope their second game will be as good as their first. 9/10 rating

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28.0 小时(记录在案的)
The gameplay is very fun and addictive. The boss fights are challenging, but what I like best are the hand drawn graphics and the ability to move through the scenes in a first person perspective. I like this game a lot.
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65.7 小时(记录在案的)
Not a long game, but different and challenging. Well worth playing
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12.6 小时(记录在案的)
Quirky and amusing fun for those with a strategic bent who don't mind reading a great deal of text. I very much enjoy!
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2.4 小时(记录在案的)
I bought this beaause of the look but I am enjoying if for the gameplay. It is a great old school type game. It can be tough but if you are smart you will always get to the next level. The art style plays right along with the story. Highly recommended.
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17.0 小时(记录在案的)
A pretty nice game.
Turn-based combat with a customizable party, similar to that of Etrian Odyssey.
There isn't much story in the sense of text given, but what is given is strong.

The dungeon music and boss songs are good, but the normal battle music got tiring.
Combat may feel like a drag as turns/animations are a little slow.

A worthwhile game at a low price.
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17.4 小时(记录在案的)
I love this game, it reminds me of the first moments when i played dungeons & dragons, its simple mechanics and presentation are working perfectly well. Im slowly unwinding the story of this game, and it is quite enjoyable. It isn't only a hommage to the old computer rpg games, but to the true paper roots of fantasy dungeon crawling genre.
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0.5 小时(记录在案的)
This game is brutally difficult. Probably the most difficult game I've ever played, but if you have the extreme skill needed to stay awake, you might find it marginally fun.
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27.2 小时(记录在案的)
This a great little, retro dungeon crawler. It was fun to play, and had an interesting art style. I wish I could find more games like this.
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3.0 小时(记录在案的)
I simply love this game! The aartstile is quite unique and it makes you invested in the world. The combat follows the classic turn -bassed formula, however you have a big number of characterto chose from and there is also the puppet, which is acombination of all the skills and playstyles of the other characters. what i especially like is that all your cahracters get exp from fights so if you need to change one you dont have to grind. That means that when you want to change your playstyle you cn do it an the fly. The story is nothing special but it is cohesive and brings the world to life. All in all a stellar game and you will sertainly love it if you like turn based rpgs,
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29.6 小时(记录在案的)
Good retro-style dungeon crawler. If you like old school turn-based RPGs this is your game.
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15.8 小时(记录在案的)
Classic turn based dungeon crawler. That's just the game's description.

What it truly is, is a game stripped down to the very essence of gameplay that defines that description. Everything else from zone traversing to merchant is streamlined into a menu selection.

The gem in this title has definitely got to be the 1980's difficulty mode. It's the time machine that sits older gamers back in time playing RPGs that are unlike the slew of mindless successors that their characters can overpower through.

Buy this, ignore everything but 1980's mode. In it, you'll be pressed to form your party with companions that complement each other and fight strategically rather than having the strongest. You'll clock 10x more play time saving before every fight, but you'll relish every minute of it.
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25.4 小时(记录在案的)
After 25 hours of play, I have to say that this game had me hooked. I think at some point I'll feel like playing an old school dungeon crawler again and come back to it for another play through. There is definatley replay value here with the variety of team comps that you could have. If you like the old school might and magic/wizardry dungeon crawlers or you enjoyed Legend of Grimrock you'll probably like this too. It does have a little JRPG feel mixed in there as well so even though it borrows almost all of it's ideas from some classic games to play on nostalgia it's still an interesting enough mixture to be it's own distinct product. The story, while very simple, still manages to be pretty interesting and throws a couple twists in there that you may or may not see coming depending on how close you're paying attention to the books/journals you find and the character dialogue. At $5.00 it's worth it, on sale it's even better. This game delivered for me. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys the old school turn based dungeon crawlers.
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