Rebuild a ruined city in this post-apocalyptic mix of strategy and simulation. Manage survivors, scavenge for food and supplies, deal with rival gangs, illness, interpersonal strife and zombie attacks.
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Releasedatum: 16 mei 2014
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Wat de ontwikkelaars zeggen:

Waarom vroegtijdige toegang?

“I'm making Rebuild 3 by popular demand. Fans of the first two games asked for it, and this time we're doing it together. Every step of the way I've been gathering ideas and feedback from fans. After a successful Kickstarter we had a private alpha test, and now that the game is in beta, Steam Early Access is the perfect fit.”

Hoe lang blijft deze game ongeveer in vroegtijdige toegang?

“I plan to reach version 1.0 release in early 2015.”

Hoe gaat de volledige versie verschillen van de versie met vroegtijdige toegang?

“The biggest update to come will be Campaign Mode, a progressive journey through a dozen cities of increasing size and difficulty. I'm also working on new events, plotlines, survivor relationships & children, and more ways to win the game. There will be hundreds of new survivor faces & outfits, and equipment that actually looks like what it says it is. A new zombie type, and balancing & tweaking of every aspect of the game based on YOUR feedback.”

Wat is de huidige staat van de versie met vroegtijdige toegang?

“The base game is complete and you can play skirmish mode through to the end. The difficulty and some strategy elements need balancing, but the game is fun and very playable right now. What's missing is mainly story, events and survivor/item art.”

Zal de game anders geprijsd worden tijdens en na vroegtijdige toegang?

“$15 is the price of the game now, and after release.”

Hoe zijn jullie van plan de community te betrekken in het ontwikkelproces?

“I'm always looking for feedback and ideas. If you run into any issues or have a suggestion for Rebuild 3, please report it inside the game using the @feedback button in the config menu. I'm also checking the forums both on Steam and at But it's a lot of work so please bear with me!

- Sarah Northway”
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"Showed at PAX Prime 2014 - Why just persist in the post-apocalypse when you could view it as a fixer-upper?"
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14 december

Xmas comes early... and by xmas I mean v0.71

Thanks to my super rad testers and a little something I like to call "working on the weekend", this month's update is a week early. Good job team Northway! *highfives husband*.

For you collectors, I've put up a full list of all the equipment in the game with stats and perks... but you'll still have to figure out how to get them all.

If you're wondering what I've been up to behind the scenes on the campaign mode, here's a sneak peak of the map:

Version 0.71.3 Changelog:
children events
pregnancy perk and events
show happiness in results
confirmation menu on delete savegame
factions now help when you go to war with their enemies
new icons for results menu
new perk icons
better perks only available at later survivor levels
new level 10 perk: Fearless Reclaim, can build walls where zombies roam + kill them at same time
made faction flags bigger on the map
prevent haggle/cancel/haggle sploit
new super zombie type - roamers, they wander around and hurt people on away missions
leave info/building menus open when showing an event
faction respect no longer changes over time at 25+
faction respect changes now modified by perks and policies
tweaked several policies, new children policy
combined danger, happiness and policies info menu tabs into government
finished unique kickstarter/deluxe edition equipment
event frequencies adjusted, especially relationship ones
can now attack zombie & faction units by default
preemptive strike tech now halves danger from attacking units
improved faction trading variety
fixed a couple null backstories
fixed trading amounts with factions
fixed wood chopping to be every 4 days instead of random
fixed banshee event (for at least the 3rd time)
fixed disappearing exclamation marks
fixed incorrect overlays
fixed duration of dangerous quest missions
fixed bug where people fought with themselves
fixed bug where you could bomb/trap/etc during attacks without having one
fixed bandages on main leader in hud
fixed government expanding from blockade square
fixed relationships carrying over to next city
fixed parents marrying grown up children
fixed workshops floating in the ocean
fixed happiness log dates (must start new game)
fixed gustav loan event

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24 november

Version 0.70

Live for PC and Mac, version 0.70.2 is a leeetle late since we had a hard time finding a good place to stop. It includes the first half of Children, the ability to bring guys over from one city to the next, new mini quests, a bunch of new faces (mostly men, sorry), equipment art, and various & sundry fixes fixes fer-zixes.

As always if you find any bugs, please report them within the game's config > feedback menu so I can see your logs too. Also if you have any suggestions for new events regarding children, I'd be happy to hear them in discussions!

they count as non-weapon equipment
not shown on the map or in lists
eat 1/2 food per day
do not take up a house
they must be equipped by someone at all times & will autoequip if necessary
equipping a child reduces all skills by 1
but increases happiness like a pet
children can appear with recruits
survivors can give birth to them (only married women right now)
they grow up over three stages
(events featuring children are coming soon)
dream team - take guys to the next fort
dreamteam keep their stuff and perks but lose skills
equipment that looks like it says it is
equipping after scavenging using infomenu equipment list
power plant repair miniquest
water treatment plant repair miniquest
kickstarter backer faces
many grammar and spelling fixes
long equipment names now fit
equipment descriptions on mouseover
wrap long tooltips
custom text for trading with gustav
adjusted lategame happiness decreases (overcrowding) & added variations
saboteurs can sabotage buildings & tech
improved enemy walk algorithm
start of chosen ones cult events
fixed InfoMenu equipment button
fixed new game error due to corrupt settings from beta version
fixed minor event issues
fixed nationalism + repopulation Survivor Arrives events
fixed gustav muscle for hire event
fixed picking tech with edit mission menu
fixes to edit mission menu

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Over dit spel

It's been a few years since the zombpocalypse turned the world's cities into graveyards and sent the few survivors into hiding. Now you must gather them up and restore civilization to a ruined city, one building at a time.

Rebuild 3 is a strategy sim game with a good helping of narrative and dark humor. It's a thoughtful game that'll make you fond of your survivors before you send them to their deaths for the greater good. As you expand your fort to new buildings, you'll decide between farms or fortifications, housing or hospitals, and make tough decisions to fend off raiders, illness, starvation, and madness. And the dead are still out there wandering the streets, hungrier than ever.

Gangs of Deadsville is the third of my Rebuild series, and the first one available on Steam. It's a totally new, much bigger game than the first two. In many ways Rebuild 1 & 2 (mobile) were prototypes for this game.

Features in the game now

  • 4X style strategy and city (re)building
  • Endless replayability with randomized cities and events
  • Survivors with individual personalities, skills, perks, and stories
  • Rival NPC forts with their own agendas, friendly or otherwise
  • Interactive zombie and faction attacks
  • Play in either real-time or turn-based and swap on the fly
  • Half a book's worth of text events (the other half coming soon)
  • Strategic fort defense (interactive attacks coming soon)
  • 5 skills: defense, leadership, scavenging, building, engineering
  • 20 survivor jobs: scavenge for food, kill zombies, farm, fish, trade, bartend...
  • 35 node research tree
  • 50 building types with unique uses and/or scavengeable resources
  • 50 survivor traits: Melee Training, Green Thumb, Light Sleeper...
  • 60 types of equipment (though they all look like crowbars right now...)

Coming soon in regular monthly updates

  • Campaign Mode, a progressive journey through a dozen cities of increasing size and difficulty
  • Hundreds of new random events (many already written, I just need to hook them up!)
  • Longer multi-event plotlines for each faction
  • New zombie types and smarter, more dangerous faction raiders
  • Survivor relationships & children
  • Hundreds of new survivor faces and mix & match outfits
  • Equipment that actually looks like what it says it is
  • A proper ending to the game, and some other secret ways to win
  • Making Impossible actually impossible... or at least harder
  • Balancing and tweaking of every aspect of the game based on YOUR feedback!

Bonus features in the Deluxe Survivalist Edition

  • Desktop version of Rebuild 1 (previously only available in browsers)
  • Desktop version of Rebuild 2 (including "seasons" mobile content)
  • 5 bonus professions for your main leader
  • COMING SOON: 5 corresponding unique items
  • COMING SOON: PDF artbook delivered when game is complete


Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP +
    • Processor: 1.6Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Most cards. Check here:
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • Processor: 1.6Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Most cards. Check here:
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
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20.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 10 november
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
So I've been a huge fan of the Rebuild series - 1 and 2 - since I stumbled upon it on Kongregate. I loved the all the little touches, the artwork, the little jokes here and there, the mechanics of the game - I loved it all, it just kept getting better and better. So when I finally got my hands on this I was so excited.
I'm not disappointed, don't get me wrong, but some things don't feel quite right, it wasn't as simple mechanics anymore and there is a lot more faffing around to do.

For example, the one that gets me the most is probably the characters backstories. I loved the idea of unique backstories to a character and getting a respective perk for backstory was great - but ultimately it became tedious to go through over and over again, searching for the people who needed an upgrade was a drag and I ended up either not doing it or not really immersing myself in the story.

The interactions between characters are also... well, not that interesting. It's nice to see people get married and stuff but there seems to be very little indicators leading up to that event, some mini bonus events that help you watch the love between couples grow before marriage would be quite nice.

On the other hand, interactions between people who hate each other are very frequent, and an absolute pain to sort out, because they tell you the names of the two people (and to be honest, with 40+ survivors, I don't learn names!) and nothing else - it doesn't show you where they are working on the map - I think a little icon saying 'there is conflict here' on the map would make everything a little easier to sort out. Maybe if you put people who like each other together you'll get bonuses on missions (less time to complete, more safety etc.) and it will show you on the map with a little smiley face or something - and vice versa for people who don't get on, so you can get a fair warning of when conflict will happen and manage your forces accordingly, it will pay to put those who like each other on the same team, or it will force you to spread your forces thinner so missions will get done.

Another thing... I adore the different factions idea, but I don't think they should be able to expand that easily. See, the game is supposed to be about zombie invasion, but really after 15 minutes of nitty gritty survival, the factions take over and its 'plop a survivor into leadership school so I don't go to war' - the zombies become non existant and you just fight factions for territory, it feels like thats a greater part of the game than the actual zombies are.

Also it seems like all the factions get along even though they are completely opposed, they only seem to have trouble with me - the technophobes and the technophiles get on fine, as do the rowdy rebel schoolboys and the oppressive government, but not my kinda neutral faction, I'm the only one who does wrong. Getting rival factions to hate each other and working that to your advantage or, it being your downfall as you have to take on two or more at once if they are allies, would add a new layer of depth to the game. You choices of friends and foes becomes more important.

The factions you befriend don't really have any special perks too, besides getting a few free resources (which is useful I guess, when materials become hard to find and you have a steady supply) - it would be nice if when you befriended a faction, say the Government, it provides a strength boost, or with the Pharmacists, death rate falls and injuries are quicker to heal.

I absolutely love this game, don't get me wrong, but I just feel like so much more could be done with it! You can never stop improving a game, no game is perfect, I think it's fun to watch the game grow and develop in complexity, and for all my grumbles I'll still keep up to date with the game, and I'll still keep playing. Just needs more layers for me to sink my teeth into!
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16 van de 17 mensen (94%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
18.5 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 16 oktober
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
I've played Rebuild 1 and 2. They were nice, fun flash games with tons of great ideas.
Currently, Rebuild 3 is only in alpha and looks very promising.
You can play by turn or real time management and have to reclaim a city full of zombies while surviving. There are many aspect to the game: Food management, happiness management, relationships, combats, diplomacy with other factions...

Overall, even if it is still in alpha, I'm glad I backed it. If you like flash games, zombie games, management games, you'll probably like it. You can also try rebuild 1 and 2 for free on the internet, you'll get a glimpse of the third game. The third is just more complex and has many other gameplay options.
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10 van de 11 mensen (91%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
38.5 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 26 oktober
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
I finished it yesterday on normal and so far its improved on every aspect of the original 2. The new graphic style is very pleasing. The new way it handles time is much better in my opinion. Being able to be more precise for how long you send out survivors gives the game much more depth. The faction system is good, although they seem very predictable when at war.

The only issue that i have with it at the moment is just an event put into the game where survivors will hate eachother. Sometimes you will be finally reclaiming the building you've needed for ages and suddenly a survivor is injured for 3 days because they didnt get along with someone and had a fight. In a zombie apocolypse, i doubt people are going to fall out and beat eachother up instead of fighting for survival. All the other issues are bugs that should be fixed later on and thats fine. The skrimish mode (the only mode available at the moment) repeats itself however e.g. same events happen in every new game. I hope this isn't the case for other modes as after the first playthough, it can get quite boring getting the same "should we save the bunnies or eat the bunnies" event.

Overall, zombie defence fans are fine to buy it in its current state. I have no doubts that it will be even better upon full release
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9 van de 10 mensen (90%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
81.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 30 september
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
Passive-aggresive is the word that best describes this game. It borrows the principles of tower-defense, but the goal is not to outlast the horde. Rather, you have to dig into it and reclaim the territory. The gameplay is fun, elegant and original. If there is one fault in this game, it's how much effort the developer has wasted on making you care for your survivlings on a personal level. In principle, I would welcome this, but it is simply never going to work with the survivors being mere portrait pictures and the zombies being a number. You would need to actually see the characters inside the fort, and the developer simply doesn't have the technology needed.

// Update: I've been playing a bit more of this recently, and I realized something that prospective players should be warned about. This game is popup-driven, i.e. a popup hell. It makes sense for an event-driven game, but if you find yourself being easily annoyed by interruptions, this won't be very enjoyable for you.
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7 van de 8 mensen (88%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
8.5 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 13 november
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
It would be dishonest of me to refuse to recomend this game just because I have some gripes about how it compares to the previous Rebuild game, because in all honesty, bias aside, this game is still pretty great aside from being unfinished.

If you have not played Rebuild: 2, I suggest you do so. The flash version can be found all over the web for free and I believe the full version of Rebuild 2 is playable on steam through a package offer with the third one. If not, I apologize for constantly referencing this game.

Usually, I would start my review with an explanation on what the game is. However I honestly want to get my issues with it off of my chest first.

My main gripe about this game is how far it strays from the second version. On pen and paper, it seems like the second game with obvious improvements, however that is just not the case. The general art and atmosphere in the game is different. The pace of the game is different, for sure. The turn-based timing is gone and a continuous real-time thing is introduced. Sure, turn-based is an option that you can put it back to in the settings, but you can obviously tell how much the game doesn't encourage it as it messes with the values of things in the game in order to work. I personally would have rathered the developers that the "3" out of the title and just make it Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville.

My secondary gripe is simply the fact that there is a lot of cosmetic and flow issues that the game has. And not to mention, these flaws were in the previous game as well. For starters, there is almost no coordination with how characters are designed and how the city is laid out. You can have 5 farms side by side in the smack middle of the city and seemingly bipolar generation of basic infrastructure. And with characters, the character may sport a police uniform and vest, but his backstory will say how he was a hick pig farmer that despised the urban setting. Oh, and for frankly a lack of reason the game will set his job as "engineer". You can get all kinds of wacky combinations. With everything. Have you seen a city laid out with five police stations within the same small section of the city? Well, you are probably about to.

My third gripe, is how the game does not seem to care about the second gripe. It just doesn't matter or affect the game at all that there is a lack of organization for anything. The backstories seem randomly assigned with little influence, and combined with the fact that the game makes you choose how their character's trait list develops AFTER you develop their skills and equipment is annoying. (Oh, you didn't have your backstory unlocked yet, so I decided that you will become a fighter, and have this assault rifle to take with. Oh wait, you want to become a pacifist who refuses to use weapons and would rather handle negotiations with other enclaves? Too late.)

Honestly, this game is great and was hard to put down. But asthetically the game is a rough block of wood that is yet to be shaped and sanded. The fact that the majority of the characters wear some kind of biker leather is annoying as well, as the spikes that they have are just simply not smart and overly cartoonish.

Other than all of those things, the game is simply a must have. Although if I was told to recomend a defense game with concentration on development as apposed to combat, I would still tell people to play Rebuild 2.
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11.0 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 19 oktober
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
Farmer + Rocket Launcher = Instant Soldier
Scientist + Rocet Launcher = Instant Soldier
Preacher + Rocket Launcher = Instant Soldier

I Love Rebuild!
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4 van de 5 mensen (80%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
79.0 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 30 oktober
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
I loved the original rebuild (and to a similar extent, rebuild 2) and this game has the potential to beat both. However it still suffers from being in early access. There's a few bugs in there that can get annoying (reshuffling of perks by clicking one than going back) and there's still some features that were in the previous games that aren't there (carrying over your dream team, having more than one victory condition) that I hope will be eventually added, but until then it's still as enjoyable as the previous sequences. For fans, get it now and watch it grow, for everyone else: wait
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4 van de 5 mensen (80%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
22.3 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 29 juni
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
I had never heard of Rebuild untill this game. Before I bought this I played the original flash version on a website, and that hooked me. So I got this game in early acess to support the development.

This game is a lot of fun. Managing how many farms you control to keep food supply up, deciding which block to reclaim next. Do you get a new apartment or do you get a hospital?

You start off with 4-5 survivors, usually 1 leader, 2 soldier, 1 builder, 1 scavenger. You also start off with 5 tiles that are yours. When you kill all the zombies in an adjacent tile you have the ability to reclaim that tile. This builds a wall around it and allows you to use that building. This is how you expand. You can also change any building into something else, such as converting a restaurant into a hospital.

After a while hoards of zombies will start arriving and you will have to defend againt them. Did you recruit enough survivors to be able to defend and expand?

I don't write reviews, but this one was good enough to deserve one.

Side Note: At the time of writing, the main bug was a "lack of memory" pop up that forces you to restart the game. Usually just hitting ctrl+enter fixes it by shifting from windowed to full screen and vice versa. If that doesn't work a quick relaunch will start you off at the point where the game crashed.
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2.4 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 1 juli
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
I have played the flash games and liked them a lot for a good variety of depth and complexity. Which is why I bought this

Now, the game is still in Early access, this still has some bumps, edges and corners, such as placeholder images for some resources in menus (still, they are kinda cute)

and this is where I want to start, this game adds a new layer of depth - Resources. While in the flash games you only had to wach happiness and Food here youll have to watch Ammo , Medicine and fuel. Used in Defense events and for crafting useables. as well as Materials, which you need to build building, build add-ons and reclaim new areas.
While base resources can be crafted with the right know-how, you'll still have to scarvenge for them.

Next change - where in the old games Materials not scarvenged were lost after reclaiming you can safely scarvenge reclaimed areas.
And the next big change, which adds a lot more planning to the game - There are other cites in the making. Fractions that will either be happy to see you and to trade with you or they could hate you with a burning intensity and want to see your society destroyed.

There is still some work to do, but it is already playable, and WELL playable. A definite Simulation must-play
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2 van de 3 mensen (67%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
10.1 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 23 juli
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
Love the rebuild series and this game but i don't think it was worth the 14.99. 9.99 would of been a better price
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3 van de 5 mensen (60%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
17.7 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 16 augustus
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
not to bad, i like it. its similiar to Zombie Dairies but with a better interface imo.
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56.8 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 8 november
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
Great potential and steady imporvements. Glad to help support an independent developer. Looking forward to the finsihed product.
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34.0 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 13 september
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
*WARNING* This is biased on the views of a Rebuild Franchise/Sarah Northwood Fan!

Review Beta

While the beginning of this review said biased, I have some serious problems with Rebuild 3 that sadly outnumber the good. There are tons of things I loved about Rebuild and it might have been that I put my expectations to high, when those very expectations are being realesed in the Alpha version.

Doing my best to keep it spoiler free.

While I favored the animations of 1 & 2 over this one I still found the graphics "okay". The newest features of Ammo, Fuel, Materials, and Medkits I find near to irrelevent, howevor I can see it becoming more of a nessesity in the future. I wouldn't mid seeing uses of vehicles (I have no idea how that would work) for the fuel as throughout the game I found fuel to be nothing but a trading commodity. I'm going to have to slam Northway on an issue that has been brought too her attention time and time again and that is the ENDING! It' I remember the days of Rebuild 1 & 2 when you would see a see a short cartoonish clip of the ending and while the ending are still being made up I REALLY don't want them to be anything like this. Its just dissapointing and I would like to see a short motion featurette similar to that of Left for Dead campaign endings.I now bring up the madman attacks. This crazy feature makes no sense of why and how to prevent and I would love to see some more information on what this event is. Alot of people have asked if this game is REALLY worth 15 bucks and to those people I say, "NAY". I find this worth 10 at a reasonable estimate based on the material inside.

Overall I recommend this game (even though it doesn't sound like I do), it's FAR from finished and I hope the other half of Sarah Northway's book is FULL of material she will be pouring out into it.

Yours truly, Princess
6/10 Would come up with a better ending again!
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13.5 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 19 september
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville is the new sequel, making it the third in the series. I have played all. (Can everyone PLEASE be aware that I have paid for the Deluxe Edition, so all content may/may not be all the same depending on the DE.) GOD is awesome. I have been a fan ever since I have played the first. But this adds more content with even more choices in it. From the tiniest things, such as killing zombies, to the biggest things such as being peaceful or raging war with other factions, if you love driving a city out of the darkness with making choices, your in for a treat. And if I were you, GET THE DELUXE EDITION!

Your pal, Spud.
PS, if you are interested, on my channel, I am going to start a series of this. Look up "MitchellRebelliance" on YouTube, but the name will be SpudCast Spud.
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11.5 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 20 september
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
With the new updates of the early access I must say I'm greatly impressed with the art work and new style for both genders.
There's so many new events that can take place in the game, It's really exciting!
I've played the first game and second countless times and enjoyed it through and through, I'm really excited for some of the upcoming features and how the game will progressivly get more challenging as it goes on.

Although it's really fantastic and I want to be on the hype wagon all the way, I'm kind of cross with a few things. And they may just be my opinion considering it's still in an early stage..

I'll just keep my mouth shut, we all know opinions can be extremely dangerous on the internet ^-^
Overall I highly recommend this game for people who love to rack their brains out hours on end coming up with strategies and keeping their survivors safe as can be!
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5.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 25 juli
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
This game is a combination of civ and zombie survival whats not to love?
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1 van de 2 mensen (50%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
4.3 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 26 juli
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
Even in the Early Access stage, this is a great game. Lots of fun to be had - definitely a great step from the original two Rebuilds. Looking forward to further updates.
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21.0 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 28 september
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
This is a review of the early release. Still lots of placeholders and a few interface bugs, but a definite improvement on the Rebuild model. My only complaints so far is that ine of the songs that plays (What's The Film In My Head) is very droning while playing the game, and the Happiness system is kind of a mystery.
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6.7 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 13 oktober
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I loved rebuild 2 and this game just improves so much on it. Theres more options and story branches more moral choises and theirs now many different faction you can ally or become enemies with. The game already is fun to play even in early access and theirs also and real time mode where time moves by itself but theirs also the turn based gameplay of old rebuild games.
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41.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 5 september
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I loved the first and the second Rebuild games! She kept the best parts of the ealier games and builds on them. There is an option to play turn based or RTS and the personal stories of the survivors are a great addition as well as different factions. I know the final release of this is gonna be great!
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