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Jagged Alliance Flashback brings back the true spirit of this legendary series: Turn-based tactics meets crazy mercenary personalities and intense battles. Manage your squad of unique mercenaries, secure your income and take back the island - sector by sector, turn by turn.
Utgivningsdatum: 15 maj, 2014
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Early Access-spel

Få omedelbar tillgång och börja spela; bli inblandad i detta spel medan det utvecklas.

Notera: Detta Early Access-spel kan komma att ändras avsevärt under utvecklingsprocessen. Om du inte känner för att spela spelet i sin nuvarande form, kan du kanske vänta tills spelet har kommit längre fram i utvecklingen. Läs vidare

Vad utvecklarna har att säga:

“Early Access gives you the chance to actively support the development of Jagged Alliance: Flashback. You’ll receive immediate access to the game in it’s current state, and receive the full game upon release later this year.

Jagged Alliance: Flashback is an early state and will be so for some time. This means there are a lot of features and content that are planned, but not implemented yet. There will be bugs, placeholder graphics and other odd behaviour. The complete feature roadmap can be found on the community hub and on jaggedallianceflashback.com. Please note that thesefeatures are planned, and that plans are subject to change.

Next Upcoming features:
  • Advanced Combat (Weapon classes, Ammo types & reloading, Interrupts)
  • Explosions & Destructible Environment
  • Throwables & Grenades
  • Resource Management on Stragic Layer

We are working together with you and the rest of the community to make the best Jagged Alliance we have seen for years. If you want to help us further, please use the Feedback button directly from the game to report bugs or leave your impressions.
Also visit jaggedallianceflashback.com or the Steam community hub: here you can talk to the developers directly. Furthermore, get access to the editor with which you can create your own levels and mods!

Thanks to all that have supported us up until this point and to everyone who decides to show their support for Jagged Alliance: Flashback here on Steam Early Access.”
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Jagged Alliance: Flashback Tactical Overload Update

4 september

Once again Jagged Alliance: Flashback continues to expand and we have added a lot of new features for you to enjoy. Step up to your enemies and hit them right in the kisser, which is now possible through the implementation of melee combat! Not brave enough to face him head on? No problem! Sneak up on him and take him down in silence, thanks to the new stealth system.

We have also updated the inventory system and implemented a complete UI overhaul. Enjoy the game with a more detailed overview and a new way to quickly access your most important items. Switching weapons and tossing grenades has never been easier!

But it doesn’t end there! We have also added view cones and an interrupt system to this update, allowing you to make a lot more tactical decisions on the battlefield.

Join the rush on San Hermanos and enjoy a tropical island Jagged Alliance-style!

The new update includes:
16 New Sectors
13 New Mercenaries
Melee Combat
Stealth System
Updated Inventory System with Quickslots
In-game UI Overhaul

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Jagged Alliance: Flashback - The next explosive Update

3 juli

Jagged Alliance: Flashback just got bigger and more badass! With this brand new update we unlock 22 new sectors, introduce grenades and destructible environment, add hand- and submachine guns as well as the ability to reload. Throw a grenade and watch it blow big holes into the environment and your enemies!

Keep your mercenaries healthy, as they can now bleed to death if you don’t patch them up with bandages. Also, don’t forget to pack your raincoat as the new weather system will turn the battleground into a mudslide. Day/night cycles will change fighting conditions fundamentally, so you better ready your flashlight as well. All these new additions will alter your strategic experience - enjoy an enhanced and growing Jagged Alliance: Flashback!

The new update includes:
Advanced Combat (SMGs and Handguns added; Reloading)
Northern Island added - explore 22 new sectors
Grenades & destructible environment
Day/Night cycle
Weather system
Dress your mercenary - more items & armor added

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Digital delux-utgåva

The digital deluxe edtion includes:

  • Jagged Alliance Flashback Early Access
  • Jagged Alliance 1: Gold Edition
  • Space Hulk

Om spelet

Jagged Alliance is back – and it is all about the unique mix of turn based tactics, fierce battles, squad management and crazy mercenary personalities.

It is 1988 on the caribbean island group of San Hermanos. A corrupt leader has the islands in his grasp ... yet a group of rebels fights for democratic values and freedom. However, once the head of the rebels is arrested, the insurgents quickly dissolve. Arriving on the island, the player’s mission is to help the rebellion before things take a turn for the worse.

Take control of your own band of mercenaries, lead them into battle and manage your resources wisely. Fight back for freedom, sector by sector, turn by turn. Like the original Jagged Alliance series, Jagged Alliance Flashback gives you the choice to use your preferred tactics and build your squad around it – rush in with heavy armed troops or take the high road of distance shots and sniping.

More features and content will be added on a regular basis, and together with your feedback and support we will shape this game to be the best Jagged Alliance game yet! Please feel free to give us your comments, your thoughts and your recommendations. We listen to every one of you.

Available in the Early Access version

  • Includes the first sectors to explore and conquer, packed with enemies and quests
  • The core combat system makes use of cover, true line of sight calculations and different stances to provide a deep tactical experience for the player
  • Editor: build your own sectors and campaigns, mod the game and share through Steam Workshop right from the start! We take great care to make the game as moddable as possible, and are looking forward to all the cool things you and the community can come up with!

Systemkrav (PC)

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Intel i5 or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 2 GB Dedicated Graphics Card
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel i7 or equivalent
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM

Systemkrav (MAC)

    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6 or later
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.8.4 or later
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Early Access-recension
tl;dr version - Early access, listening to community, feels like JA2 already, old die hard fans supporting.

At this stage don't expect a full game. Expect to play little by little while they improve the game based on feedback and input. Right now everyone who wants to support and help build the game - jump aboard. People who want a full ready game have to wait until it is finished, there is a lot to do.

Honestly saying Full Control is devoted to making a fine addition the JA series (JA, JA:DG, JA2, JA2:UB) and this can be seen from the actions before the early access. They have managed to get the very grisly (yes, this pun) skeptic fans of The Bear's Pit (Longest standing and active Jagged alliance community) and different modders (1.13!) to jump aboard and support this cause.
Upplagd: 16 maj
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Early Access-recension
Early Access Review:

Please note that this is a review of a very early version of the game. There are a lot of things still to be done before this game can be released but in my opinion Full Control is on a very good path.

This is a prequel of Jagged Alliance from 1994.
The producer wants to have all important and liked features from the two Original Jagged Alliance titles in the game and add some new and modern features. They try to keep the original feeling of the game and that is most important for the fans i think.

Positives of this early version:

- Gameplay really is similar to Jagged Alliance 2
- Modding features and an editor are already added
- The environment looks nice and catches the flair of a tropical isle
- Some mercs are already in
- turnbased

Negatives of this version:

- A lot fo work to do (features missing etc.)
- A lot of bugs are still in the game
- Only few sectors playable
- Many features are missing
- graphics (especially of the characters) are not that detailed yet

If you are a fan of the Jagged Alliance series and want to help find bugs and help Full Control make this game better, than you can purchase this early version.
But if you want a polished game that has all the features in it and almost no bugs, than you better wait until it is fully released.

In my opinion this game has a lot of promise and if Full Control keeps on doing what they did until now this could be the legimite heir of the Jagged Alliance Throne :)
Upplagd: 15 maj
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Early Access-recension
This is a review for version 0.2.1
First the negatives:
- Unfinished product with a lot more work to be done by the devs. Remember that this is the first version of the beta.
- There are a couple of bugs (one of them gamebreaking, but possible to fix by editing the save files) in the game, and as this is a beta, there are probably gonna be a couple more in the future.
- High price for an unfinished product - this is because that's what the kickstarter backers (at least) paid for the game + beta
- This game is a kickstarter project and as such has a very small budget, so the devs might not be able to put everything in the game they and we want.

The things I am missing most:
- No healing yet
- Only one autosave that saves after each sector
- The mercs don't have a lot of personality yet
- Overall a lot of tactical and strategic options still missing

So if you can't deal with not having those things - don't buy the game yet, wait for a couple of months for the devs to include those features.

If however you are willing to support the devs and pay the price, you are going to get the following:
- Finally a new turn-based JA game (with real-time to explore).
- Every buyer gives Full Control a bit more to work with, so the more people buy now, the better the game will be in the end.
- Devs that are obviously determined to make the best JA game they can and that have already proven to listen to the fans
- A game that (to me) already feels more like a JA game than BIA ever did.
- A game that is going to be highly moddable. The devs promised to make it as moddable as possible and so far they have delivered. They even got some of the JA2-modders on board.
- One of the (if not THE) best modding community ever. Seeing what they have done with JA2, I can only imagine how great JAF mods are going to be.

I recorded some of my gameplay:
Upplagd: 20 maj
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Early Access-recension
As of v0.2:
The game at the moment doesn't really have too much going for it - only pretty basic mechanics like shooting, walking and talking are available. Buuuut, so far this looks better than any other try to re-incarnate JA series.

If you are a fan - you probably want to support them.
If not - wait until next updates since at the moment there's not that much to do in the game.

More detailed overview in the video:
Upplagd: 17 maj
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Early Access-recension
There is a good base here for potentially a great JA game, but its a long way from being the finished article. I backed the original kickstarter - so got a discount on the early access on steam, but I dont think this is worth picking up yet unless you enjoy playing around with alpha builds. If you're a huge JA fan, and want to see how Full Control develop this game you may want to take a look.

As others have mention - they really need to tighten the whole UX - which almost doesnt exist at the moment.
Upplagd: 21 juni
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