El nuevo y galardonado juego de aventuras de los creadores de Deponia y The Whispered World ahora en Steam. Acompaña a la pequeña Edna y a Harvey, su conejo de peluche parlanchín, en un descabellado intento por escapar de su celda acolchada. Vive un extraño viaje por el interior del manicomio y también más allá de sus paredes de ladrillo.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 25 oct. 2013

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“Edna is beyond the rating scale. How are you supposed to review a game that’s actually a piece of art?”
93% – Gamona

“Let's have a round of applause for the probably most insane adventure of all time! […] Edna is the prime example for how elements of a game perfectly come together when a creative developer can push through his ideas without any compromises.”
88% – 4Players

“Point & Click in perfection. But Edna isn’t outdated in any way, thanks on the one hand to the beautiful 2D comic style and on the other hand the out-there humor.”
ComputerBild Spiele

Acerca de este juego

El nuevo y galardonado juego de aventuras de los creadores de Deponia y The Whispered World ahora en Steam. Acompaña a la pequeña Edna y a Harvey, su conejo de peluche parlanchín, en un descabellado intento por escapar de su celda acolchada. Vive un extraño viaje por el interior del manicomio y también más allá de sus paredes de ladrillo.

Al comienzo, la pequeña Edna se despierta dentro de la celda acolchada de un manicomio sin recordar nada de su pasado. ¡No tiene ni idea de cómo ha llegado allí pero lo que sí que tiene claro es que quiere escapar! Después de todo, ella se siente perfectamente sana y Harvey, su conejo de peluche parlanchín, está de acuerdo. Juntos intentarán escapar y, al hacerlo, se encontrarán con todos los demás pacientes, a cual más estrambótico, desde el hombre disfrazado de abeja hasta los pseudo-gemelos siameses Hoti y Moti. Pero el Dr. Marcel, director del manicomio, hará todo lo posible para impedir que Edna escape. ¿Qué tiene pensado para ella? ¿Por qué fue borrada su memoria? Poco a poco, Edna empieza a recordar las cosas que sucedieron antes de su reclusión en la celda...


  • Más de 20 horas de humor sarcástico
  • Personajes y diálogos increíblemente locos y divertidos
  • Un estilo cómic único
  • Logros desbloqueables
  • Disponible en inglés y alemán
  • Ganador del Red Dot Design Award 2009 (Edición PC)
  • De los creadores de los galardonados juegos The Whispered World y Deponia

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows Vista/7
    • Procesador: Pentium 1 GHz or equal
    • Memoria: 1 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: DirectX-compatible, min. 64 MB video memory
    • Almacenamiento: 2 GB de espacio disponible
    • Tarjeta de sonido: DirectX-compatible
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Publicado el 20 de mayo
Great story :D :D
and you know what...hoti killed moti :(
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Team PCP.Alexandra <3
( 1.5 h registradas )
Publicado el 17 de mayo
es un juego bueno pero lo malo que esta en ingles pero bueno , se deja jugar y creo que es muy facil y divertido pero em gustarai que saquen una vercion para la gente que habla español
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( 7.7 h registradas )
Publicado el 4 de abril
New habit: write my name on everything.

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( 14.6 h registradas )
Publicado el 29 de marzo
This game does not get my recommendation because the start of the game is slow even by point and click standards, I very nearly put this game down and wrote it off. I imagine there are plenty of other point and clicks out there that should take priority over this one.With all that negetivity out of the way let me clarify that I actually liked the game. After I got further in i started to enjoy it more and in the end I was really glad I finished the game. So while I don't recommend Edna and Harvey the Breakout to most people, if you're a point and click veteran or if you're drawn to this game for some reason then there isn't much reason not to try it. If you have this game because you bought the Daedalic bundle then fear not for the quality of this game, I just recommend starting elsewhere in the bundle.
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( 6.2 h registradas )
Publicado el 16 de marzo
I remember playing Harvey's New Eyes a while back. Thought it was a good game. Played this one until i lost all the progress i made. I'm watching a walkthrough and never touching the game again

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( 1.0 h registradas )
Publicado el 10 de marzo
crashes and save files mysteriously disappearing - buggy mess

unfortunately not playable for me at all
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( 7.5 h registradas )
Publicado el 7 de marzo
Edna & Harvey: The Breakout is a point and click game with a colourful class of characters
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( 0.2 h registradas )
Publicado el 4 de marzo
This game looks incredibly amateurish right from the outset and nothing I saw dissuaded me from that opinion. The visual are ugly, the UI is awkward, the dialogue and voice acting is grating, and I couldn't stand it for long enough to even solve the first puzzle.
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Bubba Jones
( 7.3 h registradas )
Publicado el 13 de febrero
Not bad, but held back by its painful interface and UI. The game was conceived as a Masters Degree project for the lead developer and has since been distributed as an official release.

The game tries hard to be developed in the style of an older Adventure Game from the 90's. The interface is just as clunky and uncooperative, the inventory is just as much a pain to open and close, and it is just as hard to interact with objects as it was for one of those games from the early 90's. There are multiple ways to interact with objects and there is no easy way to pick and choose which one to use other than go through a clunky menu to find the interaction method or the object to use and then click on the object. It does discourage mouse-searching or throwing objects at each other until it works because you don't want to have to work the interface, but alas - this is one thing adopted from the early era of the genre which Daedalic did not yet smother in bed. I do appreciate how breaking down early adventure games with this release managed to give Daedalic the tools it needed to put together it's later games, but the mess you have to deal with in this game is just a pain.

The story follows Edna who begins the game in a padded cell because she is obviously crazy and her only companion is her stuffed rabbit who speaks to her. Her first task is to escape from the cell and go on to find out why you were locked up inside it in the first place. The story is well written, and I was interested in finding out what happened to Edna, what's going on at the asylum and meeting the other inmates. The dialogue is well written if a bit repetitive, especially if you are trying to find the answer to a dialogue puzzle, you may hear the same thing over and over again. The translation is quality work, with only a little germenglish disrupting things. I honestly didn't think too much of it and thought it a part of the asylum setting.

I have no complaint about the puzzles other than the repetitive dialogue I spoke of above. The difficulty ramps up gradually getting harder toward the end. You do have all the tools at your disposal but finding the solution or making attempts is hampered by the clunky and annoying to use interface.

At its core, this is a good game. It is held back by how far it tries to emulate early adventure games from the 90's. There is such a thing as being too retro where you not only duplicate what made these games successful and fun to play, but also annoying and difficult to use.
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sammoticus proximo
( 5.9 h registradas )
Publicado el 2 de febrero
> good cast of characters
> a lot of fun dialog
> funky music
> easy 100% achievements
> interesting storyline

> so. many. glitches.
> slightly predictable storyline.
> eh on the graphics

From the graphics, I thought this game was much older than it was when I bought it - and the glitches that happened nonstop seemed to back this up. But when I realized this is a 2011 game? Even for a university project, you'd think there'd be a few patches to make this a little more playable. The game kept freezing and crashing - you better be saving often lemme tell you, especially with some achievements; one of the puzzles glitches to impossibility unless you are playing in the original German; and no matter which ending you choose the credits get borked to the point of restarting. Buy it on the cheap for a few hours of good fun and a boost to your stats while having a few laughs along the way.
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<™[-=> Cookiez <=-]™>
( 0.8 h registradas )
Publicado el 27 de enero
This isn't as interesting as the other Daedalic titles like Daeponia and the Whispering Woods. I drew the line at opening screws with a toenail.

1. Story is insane
You find out that you can unscrew screws with a toenail. After trying to get out, you end up going back in. Whilst this idea might be enjoyable at certain times, sometimes it seems extremely illogical and unexciting.

2. The Puzzles
Solvable not by logic but by storytelling. It will hurt your mind but Gameboomer's walkthrough will solve it.

1. Artwork
After playing the Whispering Wood, I have a certain expectation of the artwork from Daedalic. I compare it to other titles and I think this one isn't as good.
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( 10.1 h registradas )
Publicado el 26 de enero
Loved this game & finished this game but...
my game glitch at end of game. so i didnt get any achievements at all for it.
game glitch on the part of the menu switch as well so you'll have to google the fix for the menu part of the game. the ending is good because you never expect the ending to be what you think it is.
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( 11.8 h registradas )
Publicado el 25 de enero
Edna and Harvey: The Breakout

Okay, something quick. Graphics-wise, there's not much to expect. This game was a college project after all. And the art style goes along really well with the humor and theme of the game.

Sound, nothing remarkable. For me, at least. The music from Deponia series still gets the trophies.

Gameplay, here's there's something wrong, for me, again, at least. There's so much to do. I mean, you really have a lot of options and if you're not willing to see a walkthrough and you played a lot of point and click games, it's only natural that you'd think that each and any of the options could lead or link you to a solution. You can look, talk, pick up and use items. You can do that to so much sprites in the game and to each of the items in your inventory.

If you're in for funny lines, this may be good for you 'cause even if you don't get anything from talking to a trophy or a water cup, you may laugh, if you're really into it. But it gets kinda tiring.

Still a great game. And really worth the price when on sale.

And darn, the story. Never expected it to give me the feels.

There goes my random, quick and lazy review.
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( 7.9 h registradas )
Publicado el 23 de enero
Not bad. There werre some parts that were a little frustrating because of the Asylum setup, but the storyline was decent. I thought nothing of the violence until the VERY END OF THE GAME when it just kind of came out of nowhere. Not as good as Night of the Rabbit, but still worth a play if you get the chance. I have no regrets.

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( 13.4 h registradas )
Publicado el 22 de enero
Unfortunately, I have to thumb-down this great game due to the amount of VERY FRUSTRATING bugs. At this point I can't even tell if I can finish the game, can't seem to change menus in the kitchen, can't drop the note. But there are more ANNOYING bugs.

Very sad, because this is a GREAT GAME!
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( 10.2 h registradas )
Publicado el 13 de enero
Funny with a touch of Dark

While the art style may seem like it was drawn in Microsoft Paint, don't let it turn you away from this amazing point and click game. I must say though I have owned this game for awhile and it was sitting in my library until I decided to play it.

Man this game goes from 100 to 1000 real fast. About 90% of the game is hilarious, memorable comedy then turns to dark, and chilling scenes. It threw me off guard and I it surprised me that a game like this could end up being like that.

The game may be very fun however it is not worth the regular price, just wait for sales to come around (I got mine for $2).
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( 10.5 h registradas )
Publicado el 13 de enero
Great game! Simply love it
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( 21.8 h registradas )
Publicado el 8 de enero
Pretty good story, great voice acting, medium graphics, crappy animations. Needs more puzzles at the end. After Bladder, it becomes somewhat simple. Would have been better with more flashbacks.

The puzzle menu is bugged: you need to change the game to german in order for it to work. It is a very strange puzzle, also. And selecting one food, Adrian's legs disappear!

Another bug: use the straw with paint cans and BOOM you got a Java Exception (at least you don't need to do it).

English version does not show credits at the end, so you stare at a screen with music, wondering what happens. One of the endings does not even show the conclussion. I had to watch it on YouTube.

Some achievements are very arbitrary and they substantially inflate the time you play. Two of them do not work if you play the game in English. You need to close and open in german to get them.
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[LR] Laffi
( 7.7 h registradas )
Publicado el 6 de enero
I can't believe I am giving this a thumb down. It's not something I normally do.

First of I love point and click games and I have already finished "Edna and Harvey: Harvey's new eyes", which I liked very much. To start of simple. This game is not even close to Harvey's new eyes.

To make a long story short, I think there are only a few things that makes me go thumb down instead of up: Graphically it looks much cheaper than the other game, which is weird because it came out AFTER the first game. It doesn't even have any way of changing the resolution. Keep in mind that this is not something I would give thumb down for. I often play old games, and it's never really a problem as long as I have fun....

And fun is the next problem. I like to complete games without a walkthrough, and sometimes it can be really timeconsuming, and requires a lot of patient. This game seems to be really confusing sometimes and very messy. I have played without walkthrough all the way, and it seems like I have unlocked most of the areas in the game at this point. The unlocked areas are now so wide, that I have problems with how I wanna spend my time. Sure I have some "to do things", but it sure as hell ain't that easy to find!

So really. The game is great, buy it; especially if you don't care if you use a walkthrough or not (I might need one soon), but keep in mind that if you play it without it's gonna be really hard. It has been so far for me, but I'll give it a few more tries before using a walkthrough. And well that's one thing about this game. Search and you will find. My problem is really that it's really alot to search!
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( 10.6 h registradas )
Publicado el 6 de enero
This is one of those games that starts as a strange adventure with non-obvious solutions that are better looked up but later on captivates you with its charming LucasArts-ish atmosphere and makes you lose all desire to search for the solution on-line. Even when (not if but when) one has to do it at a certain point due to a game-breaking bug in the English version, I heavily recommend opening the web page in a browser... and then going to windowed mode and dragging the window to the right so that you do not see the scrolling bar. Knowing at which point you are in the game is a major spoiler and should be avoided at all costs. A little tip for you, fellows. Let the insanity fully embrace you.
The very game touches your heart in many ways through forcing you to make the decisions you normally tend to avoid. However, this psychological burden is remedied by hundreds of possible jokes whenever you try to combine (or freaking talk to!) different items of inventory. The developer has truly thought of everything. Very few games have such meticulous attention to detail. This game seems less polished in terms of look than the sequel, but the sequel feels... just like a sequel. This game might look sloppier but feels more affectionate.
P.S. The final chapter had such a lasting impression on me so much that I wrote a polyphonic musical piece for a choir describing the events in a paraphrased way but later scrapped the lyrics and left it a standalone choral piece.
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Publicado el 17 de mayo
es un juego bueno pero lo malo que esta en ingles pero bueno , se deja jugar y creo que es muy facil y divertido pero em gustarai que saquen una vercion para la gente que habla español
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Publicado el 20 de mayo
Great story :D :D
and you know what...hoti killed moti :(
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Publicado el 26 de enero
Loved this game & finished this game but...
my game glitch at end of game. so i didnt get any achievements at all for it.
game glitch on the part of the menu switch as well so you'll have to google the fix for the menu part of the game. the ending is good because you never expect the ending to be what you think it is.
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Publicado el 22 de septiembre de 2014
¿Esta el género de las aventuras gráficas muerto?
¡Ni mucho menos! si será por aventuras gráficas de calidad para todos los gustos que tenemos en la actualidad! el problema es que a lo mejor lo que esta muerto es el interés de los "medios especializados" en dar a conocer juegos que no vienen ya auto-promocionados de casa.

¿Y que tenemos aqui con el "Edna & Harvey: The Breakout"? pues una aventura gráfica de corte tracidional, con montones de humor sobre una historia que de comedia tiene mas bien poco, y cuyo final quizas podamos intuirnos pero a la vez resulta que ***SPOILER***

La mayoria de puzzles son asequibles, pero hay que pensarlos, nada de ir avanzando sin mas haciendo las combinaciones obvias de 4 objetos mal contados, y algún puzzle jodido hay, pero razonando y por lógica se puede sacar.

A pesar de que gráficamente es sencillo, cumple sobradamente, y por un lado el trabajo "ahorrado" en gráficos y animaciones, lo han reinvertido con creces en textos y comentarios; practicamente todas las combinaciones de objetos entre si, o con el escenario, o con personajes tienen descripciones personalizadas (texto y voz), mas o menos jocosas/entretenidas, lo cual hace que merezca la pena probar combinaciones disparatadas.

El juego tiene un par de bugs en su versión en ingles que pueden ser problemáticos, pero se puede solucionar siguiendo esta guia: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=223143181


MUY RECOMENDABLE si te gustan las aventuras gráficas; ha estado de oferta por poco mas de TRES miseros euros hasta hace media hora, pero ahora lo teneis al precio normal de 15€, que tampoco esta mal, ahora bien, si sois pobres (como yo) esperaros a las próximas rebajas.

P.D: Tiene logros y cartas, y ademas seguramente ya tengais la excelente (supongo porque no la he jugado) segunda parte: "Harvey's New Eyes" porque vino en un "Humble Daedalic Bundle" asi que aunque no vayais a jugarlo, podeis comprarlo igualmente para no tener los juegos desparejados y satisfacer a esa putita coleccionista que vive en nuestro interior.

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Publicado el 26 de diciembre de 2014
Es un alivio saber que hay juegos como éste entre bazofia y bazofia. "Edna y Harvey: The Breakout" es una aventura estilo a las de los 90, donde en vez de escenarios superdetallados y realistas nos metemos en un juego que parece que haya sido dibujado por un niño, pero ojo, no es un juego infantil... En el juego controlaremos a Edna, una cría que está mal de la cabeza y debe averiguar unos extraños sucesos que le han llevado a estar encerrada en un manicomio. Como compañero, tendremos a Harvey, un conejo de peluche que Edna siempre lleva consigo y con el que habla.
A pesar de todo, es una aventura de humor, donde las ácidas conversaciones entre Edna y Harvey recordarán a los veteranos a las correrías de aquellos dos sinvergüenzas llamados Sam y Max.
El juego está creado bajo el motor SCUMM, que es el que llevaban muchas de las aventuras viejunas que aún hacen que te pongan la piel de gallina. Es cierto que hay mecánicas actuales más ligeras y tal, pero me la pela, ya que me pongo nostálgico con aventuras dibujadas (no renderizadas ni leches) y recuerdo a las aventuras policiales del perro y el conejo, quiero también el motor SCUMM.
La música del juego, pese a parecer muchas veces música de ascensor, me ha gustado bastante. Es suave y te acompaña por todo el juego sin taladrarte los sesos, y estoy seguro que algún día la acabaré buscando para recordarla.
La dificultad no es muy alta, excepto en dos o tres puntos que he hecho clic en cada maldito píxel del juego encontrando la solución, hasta que al final la acabo encontrando y repitiéndome lo subnormal que soy de no darme cuenta antes.
He disfrutado como un perro en la playa jugando a este juego. Si te gustan las aventuras gráficas no puedes dejar escapar esta joya, y su segunda parte tampoco: "Edna & Harvey: Harvey's new eyes".

Es un poco siniestro hacer un juego de una niña con problemas mentales, ¿no? No. Edna es un personaje de ficción de una aventura gráfica. No existe.
Ya, pero es un tema sensible. No. Sensibles son las personas. Los temas son conceptos susceptibles de ser tratados por personas que sean capaces de hacerlo. Si alguna persona tiene alguna tara moral que le impida tratar un tema, que no lo haga y punto.
Vale, pero entonces... ¿los críos no deberían jugar? ¿Es violento? No es violento excepto en algunos momentos, sobre todo al final. Mi opinión es que se subestima a los críos. ¿Hay violencia? Sí, pero los críos saben distinguir que se trata de falsa violencia.
En realidad estoy mareando la perdiz. El que va a jugar soy yo y ya tengo los huevos peludos. Me lo imaginaba.
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Publicado el 20 de septiembre de 2014
Sublime. Me declaro fan absoluta de Daedalic.
La estética es brutal y la música muy bien puesta. Personajes tan locos como adorables. La historia muy muy chula.
Lo malo es que
1) no está en español a menos que se parchee (http://guiaspat.com/foro/index.php?topic=812.0) [Gracias a Asperet].
2) Crashea bastante y los logros están buggeados.
3) Cada vez que cambias de escena es eterno, mal programado.
Si puedes superar estos tres puntos, te enfrentas a una aventura gráfica divertida, llena de referencias, con una protagonista encantadora (¿?) y con un nivel de dificultad adecuado (no es fácil pero tampoco como para tirarse de los pelos).
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11.3 h registradas
Publicado el 26 de agosto de 2015
Now, this game is a REALLY good one.After playing the Deponia trilogy I tried this one and is damn excellent too!
You must help Edna and his blue rabbit Harvey to scape from a mental hospital.Edna has no memories, so you must find out why she's there and what happened in the past!

+Wonderfull story
+Really entertaining
+Great puzzles!
+Great characters
+Funny :D
+Two cool endings
+You'll want to play the second one :3

Now, the bad

-BUGS: game is a little broken and it's DAMN annoying!! (sometimes the game freezes when you open the inventory, when you play it windowed and stuff
-Every time you walk to the next screen, it takes a while to load it

Overall, a great option if you like this kind of games, honestly, has a really interesting plot and lovely characters. You must try it :D!!
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18.7 h registradas
Publicado el 19 de abril de 2015
No había jugado a una aventura gráfica clásica desde el Monkey Island 3. Y no decepciona. Tiene momentos hilarantes y algunos muy tiernos, con las desventuras de Edna y Harvey, su conejo de peluche. Te encariñas de ellos inmediatamente, a pesar de sus tendencias violentas. Cuando un juego puede pasar de la comedia a contar algo mucho más profundo es algo que pensaba haber perdido, parece ser que Daedalic se ha ganado el título del Lucasarts alemán.
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Publicado el 21 de septiembre de 2014
Este juego realmente me gusto.

Este juego esta echo para mi, es simplemente "Hermoso" de cierta forma.

Al inicio lo jugue por la nostalgia recordando como jugaba point and click's cuando era un mocoso en el centro recreativo, pero con su humor negro sello el trato.

Ahora es de mis juegos favoritos junto a su secuela.
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Publicado el 27 de octubre de 2013
Daedalic made a lot of games. Some of them good, some of them mindblowingly awesome, some of them The Night of the Rabbit. But this one is the best of them all. It's one of the best adventure games in existence. It's made of pure fun. You should try to combine it with every other game made by Daedalic and see what Edna has to say about it.
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Publicado el 13 de julio de 2015
An updated review after having played the game to completion...

Only buy this game if you are prepared to battle a few technical issues, but if so, then certainly do. And especially when on sale. Point & click fans should not mis this one: it's great fun.

The tl;dr version: you will want to install the 7u79 Java 7 JRE and will if playing the English language version need to change to German for one of the puzzles (the kitchen menu one) and for the ending credits, but that's it. Steam-achievements worked fine for me with either language.

For a bit more detail; it is as to the first and foremost technical issue as of 2015-07-14 likely that the game won't run fullscreen for you after initial install, presenting you with a white screen with sound only and no picture. This is a Java version mismatch. The first run of the game installs the very first version of the 32-bit Java 7 JRE (7.0.0), which at the very least on Windows 7 64-bit does not in fact work for this game.

If you do not need a version 8 JRE installed for other purposes, it's easy to fix. Install the latest and last version of the 32-bit (i.e., "x86") Java 7 JRE manually; version 7u79, released 2015-04-14, at the time of writing available from


If you allow the installation to remove the 7.0.0 version, running the game will reinstall it alongside again but it seems to in fact still use the new version. It for me runs fine after installing 7u79.

You do currently need to not let the just installed new JRE7 subsequently update itself to JRE8; this at the moment installs the 8u51 JRE and will see the game return to its original white-screen behavior. This may of course have changed by the time you read this, but if not, I would advice to simply temporarily uninstall JRE8 for the duration of playing the game. Some 20 hours, that is.

Note that if you insist on not even being offered the upgrade to JRE8 by the JRE7 you will find the relevant option in the Java 32-bit control panel to not stick unless you run it as administrator. If the account that you are running Steam and the game under has administrative rights, this consists of right-clicking

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\javacpl.exe

and choosing "Run as adminstrator". If you run Steam and the game under an unprivileged user account, temporarily give this user administrative rights, only to unselect automatic updates as per the above. And blame Oracle. You may or may not have to repeat this for the old 7.0.0 version as installed by the game and as found at

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.7.0\bin\javacpl.exe

At this point you should be able to start enjoying a very good adventure game, fullscreen or windowed, and in either English or German.

Unless you luck through it, it is likely that you will get the game stuck inside the kitchen-menu puzzle if you play the English language version. If so, Alt-Tab to your desktop, end the game by right-clicking it on the taskbar and restart in German. You can quit and restart in English again immediately after solving the puzzle. The English-language version of the ending-credits is also bugged currently; same solution applies.

If you read to here, you're probably wondering if this game is worth the hassle. Yes, I would say it is. In fact, I consider the game an instant (not-)modern point & click classic. Be sure to check out the sequel, "Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes" as well; a more modern interface and every bit as entertaining.
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Publicado el 9 de agosto de 2014
I love this game. It had great voice acting, witty dialogue, and nice music. Overall I had a lot of fun playing this game, but I can't bring myself to recommend this game to others. The English version of the game has a couple game breaking bugs that will keep you from not only getting achievements, but, more importantly, also keep you from finishing the game.

The good news is that within the guide section for this game someone was kind enough to post a patch that fixes both of those bugs. Bad news is that that link is outdated and doesn't take you to the patch, but thankfully someone else posted a link in the comments which takes you to a different site that contains the necessary download for the patch. Sadly, the game is still prone to problems even after you go through the trouble of downloading the patch and swapping out the necessary files. I quickly learned to save after I did anything, because the game often crashes. The game also has a problem where sometimes it won't start up properly (the music will play, but the window won't pop up or, if it does pop up, will simply show a white screen).

All of those things can add up to a very frustrating experience when trying to play the game. The main thing that kept me from simply calling it quits was the fact that the first time I played I was very close to the end before I experienced the first crash (and learned the importance of saving) and I wanted to know how it ended.
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Publicado el 25 de noviembre de 2013
This game is a great throw back to the classic point and adventure games of the past. The artwork is great and fits the bizzare feel of the game and its colorful cast of insane characters. And the story is great from begining to end, though it does get very dark as it progresses, even with some genuenly shocking revelations. I had my guesses of what would happen but I was way off. If I had anything bad to say about the game, the controls point and click interface glitched every so often making me stuck on a puzzle because I am unable to click on an item that is clearly regestring in the game. Also, just like the p.o.c. games of yore, you may be stuck on a puzzle for a very long time til either revelation or gamefaq comes to you.
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Publicado el 6 de enero de 2014
I wanted to recommend this game, I really did. The gameplay and plot are both excellent.

However, I had to install it on my Windows XP laptop since the game refused to run on my Windows 7 build, and I am not the only one with a "crash when choosing start" problem.

However, once I got the game running on XP, I thought it was smooth sailing.


There is a gamebreaking bug about halfway in the game with a puzzle involving the kitchen menu. I had to switch to German language to get past this sequence after losing all my progress. The bug locks you out of saving, loading, or doing anything but quitting via Task Manager.

There is another bug that causes an engine crash if you combine two certain items in your inventory together when you reach the church.

There are a few instances where dialog is missing for the English version but not the German.


They are perfectly fine in German.


I have waited months for a reply from their tech support... no answer.
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Publicado el 15 de julio de 2014
A creepily characterful and impressively detailed comedy asylum escape cartoon point-and-click adventure game from then independent German studio Daedalic, for which many of the reviews in the English-speaking press have been bafflingly low.

For neophytes to the point-and-click genre, perhaps it will test their patience too far. But for serious adventure fans, an unmissable slice of gaming history, as it started a raft of defiantly different titles from the same studio that maintained its independence from 2007 until May 2014.

Even taking into account that the only official English version has two serious (but fixable*) bugs, several puzzles that ask a little too much of the player's imagination, and that it occasionally lacks clarity in animation, this game deserves more attention.

Those negative aspects certainly prevent this game from approaching the upper echelons of adventure gaming or being recommended to players new to the genre, but its depth, its engaging and original story, and its many challenges will give regular adventure gamers, or simply lovers of a good tale, many moments of satisfaction.

Perhaps it's the unashamedly old-shool approach to puzzle-based gameplay that resulted in those scores, as seems to be the increasing trend in game reviewing. But it's exactly those aspects, the tricky but satisfying puzzles, the taunting clues, the asides and terrible puns that often had me staring blankly as often as chortling away, that give this game character, making it enjoyable and underlining my feeling that a lot of effort went into it.

This game is fully-voiced, and in this case, that really means something. The sheer number of voice lines included to cover virtually every item interaction is something I've only seen elsewhere in another 2008 game released slightly later, A Vampyre Story, made by ex-Lucasarts members, and featuring a similarly creepy tale and sarcastic female protagonist. Breakout's voice lines gave a real sense of character to Edna, our less than sane avatar, and her soft toy sidekick, Harvey, which is what adventure games are uniquely able to excel at - making you believe the people and situations.

Staying with the Vampyre Story comparison, since both games were heavily influenced by 1990's LucasArts titles: Vampyre is what a team composed of programmers, writers and artists with decades of experience and greater financial backing might produce: polished and slick. On the other hand, for a first attempt at a game made largely by a single student in his spare time, Breakout is impressively close in terms of ambition and detail, if not execution.

It's all those factors contributing to the game's believability that allows the story to make a pleasing transition in mood towards its latter half, where dialogue clues will increasingly give the player the sense of a shift in the way they think about the main character. Exactly where this happens will vary between players, but it's neatly done.

While the characters are colourfully drawn both literally and in terms of character, with a great attention to the details of their likes, dislikes and small personality details, and several characters are "cute", it's worth noting this isn't a game for very young children. It may not be clear from the game's marketing material which shows the potential heroine clutching her toy rabbit, who is her co-star, but certain sections of the game contain some rather gruesome cartoon violence. Nothing that would worry a teen or adult - we're talking Itchy and Scratchy here - but enough that it might frighten someone younger.

Final thoughts:

An underrated and creepy game with many laughs, but its oblique clues hidden within obscure item combinations and the leaps of logic required for certain puzzles mean it's probably not for those who are new to point-and-click adventures, especially if they are very young children. It's a three-star game, but it shouldn't be left to languish in the pile of the one or two star games it's often thrown in with.

Bug fix Footnote:

*To fix the English version's bugs with the kitchen menu and ending scenes, visit the Breakout section of the Steam Community Guides.
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Publicado el 8 de marzo de 2014
Really enjoyed this game, thought it was a small game but its actually pretty long (I played 11 hours and I didnt finish it yet).
Edna and Harvey are really funny :)
Only thing is that I have to save the game constantly cause it turns off by itself sometimes, but still worth to buy!
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Publicado el 14 de febrero de 2015
I'm not insane, my stuffed rabbit told me!

In my defence, this is my first review, so don't be to harsh with me ;-)
But this game is just great. In fact, it is just so good, that something tells me that I have to write a review.
So if you like old fashion point and click adventure, you will love this one!
But enough of the glorification, here are the facts why it is so superb.

As everything in the game, the story plot is weird, but in a really lovely way. Basically, you (Edna) and your little pyromaniac stuffed rabbit (Harvey) are trapped in an asylum and you have no clue why. So you have to find a way to break out and get your memories back. On your way you will meet a lot of crazy people, which are helping you out (one more, one less).

The voice acting (just played the german version) is well and fits perfectly to the witty dialogues and its characters. Sometime you can hear that not all of the voice actors are professionals, but that's no big harm to the game. You can literally talk to everything and you will always get a unique answer. Even if you combine things, you will always get an impertinent comment. All is attended by catchy music. The puzzles are creative, but never unfair. At some parts I had to riddle for a while, but I've never really stuck or was forced to use the internet to get the solution. The game is basically divided into two sections. The first is bright, colorful and the pure joy of life. The second part is dark, morbid and almost serious. Especially the second part shows that the game is not made for young kids! But, no matter which part, both are detailed made with heart and fantasy.

But, there are some downsides as well...
The game crashes a lot. Because it uses Java underneath, it's doomed to perform badly. So the strategy is "save early, save often". The resolution is low and if you play the game in fullscreen mode, everything becomes a little bit blurry. Also the animation and drawings are miles away from being technically perfect. But on the other hand, if you know that the most of the game is made by only one lousy german student (now a cofounder of Daedalic), it starts to feel "authentic" and charming.


If you are able to overlook the few rough edges its a 10/10.
And beside that, if the game is on sale its a must buy for every p-a-c adventure lover.
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Publicado el 24 de mayo de 2015
If you did play "Outcast" but didn't play this one, than you probably missed what could be mistaken as the missing prequel of one of the best horror games out there. I'm talking about "Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes" but let us talk about this game now:

"Edna & Harvey: The Breakout" happens to be the only point&click-adventure where you try to escape an mental asylum, playing as an young girl with her stuffed rabbit as her only friend in the world. What an poor world we live in when you can't choose between games, right? Let us thank the gaming-gods that this game is so perfectly well done that there is no need for a second one! (And if you like it as much as me: there is an prequel as mentioned above. Not "Outcast", silly.)

11/10 I hear voices and they force me to type reviews!
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Publicado el 27 de agosto de 2014
While the dialogue, art, and 90% of the puzzles can't be faulted, be forewarned that there are some pretty bad bugs with the english version of the game and plenty of crashing to go around.
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Publicado el 12 de octubre de 2014
Highy enjoyable. Made me laugh out on several occassions. Really felt for the poor girl. Nice story, nice character. Evil bunny.

Love it that no matter what weird combination tried, there was a remark for every one of them. Not just the standard: this does not seem to work.

I am currently replaying the game to get all achievements. And i really do not do that often. Actually , this is the first adventure game I replay.

On the downside, some solutions are a bit farfetched. I had to peek 2 times in walkthrough because I got stuck.
I seemed to have tried exactly what was the solution, but in a wrong stage of the game. That and in some cases lack of logic (at least for my brain) made it a hard game at times.

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