Il premiato gioco di avventura debutto dai creatori di Deponia e The Whispered World è ora disponibile su Steam. Accompagna la giovane Edna e il suo coniglio di pezza parlante, Harvey, in uno stravagante tentativo di fuga dalla cella di sicurezza di un ospedale psichiatrico.
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Data di rilascio: 25 ott 2013

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“Edna is beyond the rating scale. How are you supposed to review a game that’s actually a piece of art?”
93% – Gamona

“Let's have a round of applause for the probably most insane adventure of all time! […] Edna is the prime example for how elements of a game perfectly come together when a creative developer can push through his ideas without any compromises.”
88% – 4Players

“Point & Click in perfection. But Edna isn’t outdated in any way, thanks on the one hand to the beautiful 2D comic style and on the other hand the out-there humor.”
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Il premiato gioco di avventura debutto dai creatori di Deponia e The Whispered World è ora disponibile su Steam. Accompagna la giovane Edna e il suo coniglio di pezza parlante, Harvey, in uno stravagante tentativo di fuga dalla cella di sicurezza di un ospedale psichiatrico. Vivi questa strana avventura all'interno del manicomio e fuori dalle sue mura.

All'inizio, la giovane Edna si sveglia nella cella imbottita di un manicomio senza alcun ricordo del passato. Non ha la minima idea di come abbia fatto a finire lì, ma una cosa è certa, lei vuole uscire! Dopo tutto, si sente perfettamente sana di mente e il suo coniglio di pezza parlante Harvey è completamente d'accordo. Insieme, cercano una via di fuga e sul loro cammino incontrano dei pazienti estremamente bizzarri: dall'uomo in costume di ape fino agli pseudo gemelli siamesi Hoti e Moti. Il direttore del manicomio però, il dottor Marcel, non si fermerà davanti a niente per impedire a Edna di fuggire. Che cosa ha in programma per Edna? E perchè la sua memoria è stata cancellata? A poco a poco, Edna riacquista la memoria del tempo prima della sua detenzione in cella...


  • Più di 20 ore di pungente umorismo
  • Personaggi incredibilmente strampalati e divertenti e dialoghi folli
  • Stile comico unico
  • Successi sbloccabili
  • Voce narrante in tedesco e inglese
  • Vincitore del Red Dot Design Award 2009 (Edizione PC)
  • Dai creatori dei premiati giochi The Whispered World e Deponia

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Pentium 1 GHz or equal
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX-compatible, min. 64 MB video memory
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX-compatible
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A creepily characterful and impressively detailed comedy asylum escape cartoon point-and-click adventure game from then independent German studio Daedalic, for which many of the reviews in the English-speaking press have been bafflingly low.

For neophytes to the point-and-click genre, perhaps it will test their patience too far. But for serious adventure fans, an unmissable slice of gaming history, as it started a raft of defiantly different titles from the same studio that maintained its independence from 2007 until May 2014.

Even taking into account that the only official English version has two serious (but fixable*) bugs, several puzzles that ask a little too much of the player's imagination, and that it occasionally lacks clarity in animation, this game deserves more attention.

Those negative aspects certainly prevent this game from approaching the upper echelons of adventure gaming or being recommended to players new to the genre, but its depth, its engaging and original story, and its many challenges will give regular adventure gamers, or simply lovers of a good tale, many moments of satisfaction.

Perhaps it's the unashamedly old-shool approach to puzzle-based gameplay that resulted in those scores, as seems to be the increasing trend in game reviewing. But it's exactly those aspects, the tricky but satisfying puzzles, the taunting clues, the asides and terrible puns that often had me staring blankly as often as chortling away, that give this game character, making it game enjoyable and underlining the player's feeling that a lot of effort has gone into it.

This game is fully-voiced, and in this case, that really means something. The sheer number of voice lines included to cover virtually every item interaction is something I've only seen elsewhere in another 2008 game released slightly later, A Vampyre Story, made by ex-Lucasarts members, and featuring a similarly creepy tale and sarcastic female protagonist. Breakout's voice lines gave a real sense of character to Edna, our less than sane avatar, and her soft toy sidekick, Harvey, which is what adventure games are uniquely able to excel at - making you believe the people and situations.

Staying with the Vampyre Story comparison, since both games were heavily influenced by 1990's LucasArts titles: Vampyre is what a team composed of programmers, writers and artists with decades of experience and greater financial backing might produce: polished and slick. On the other hand, for a first attempt at a game made largely by a single student in his spare time, Breakout is impressively close in terms of ambition and detail, if not execution.

It's all those factors contributing to the game's believability that allows the story to make a pleasing transition in mood towards its latter half, where dialogue clues will increasingly give the player the sense of a shift in the way they think about the main character. Exactly where this happens will vary between players, but it's neatly done.

While the characters are colourfully drawn both literally and in terms of character, with a great attention to the details of their likes, dislikes and small personality details, and several characters are "cute", it's worth noting this isn't a game for very young children. It may not be clear from the game's marketing material which shows the potential heroine clutching her toy rabbit, who is her co-star, but certain sections of the game contain some rather gruesome cartoon violence. Nothing that would worry a teen or adult - we're talking Itchy and Scratchy here - but enough that it might frighten someone younger.

Final thoughts:

An underrated and creepy game with many laughs, but its oblique clues hidden within obscure item combinations and the leaps of logic required for certain puzzles mean it's probably not for those who are new to point-and-click adventures, especially if they are very young children. It's a three-star game, but it shouldn't be left to languish in the pile of the one or two star games it's often thrown in with.

Bug fix Footnote:

*To fix the English version's bugs with the kitchen menu and ending scenes, visit the Breakout section of the Steam Community Guides.
Pubblicata: 15 luglio
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I love this game. It had great voice acting, witty dialogue, and nice music. Overall I had a lot of fun playing this game, but I can't bring myself to recommend this game to others. The English version of the game has a couple game breaking bugs that will keep you from not only getting achievements, but, more importantly, also keep you from finishing the game.

The good news is that within the guide section for this game someone was kind enough to post a patch that fixes both of those bugs. Bad news is that that link is outdated and doesn't take you to the patch, but thankfully someone else posted a link in the comments which takes you to a different site that contains the necessary download for the patch. Sadly, the game is still prone to problems even after you go through the trouble of downloading the patch and swapping out the necessary files. I quickly learned to save after I did anything, because the game often crashes. The game also has a problem where sometimes it won't start up properly (the music will play, but the window won't pop up or, if it does pop up, will simply show a white screen).

All of those things can add up to a very frustrating experience when trying to play the game. The main thing that kept me from simply calling it quits was the fact that the first time I played I was very close to the end before I experienced the first crash (and learned the importance of saving) and I wanted to know how it ended.
Pubblicata: 9 agosto
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I enjoyed this game but would recommend having a few save states so that if, Like me, you come across a game breaking scene, or an event that just doesn't trigger, you can reload and try again from an older savefile. I liked the game personally. I thought it was quite charming but it does have it's moments were you'll be left stumped and thinking. So if you like a bit of challenge but something not too demanding then I'd say you'd probably enjoy this game though you should keep in mind that it is one of the game makers earlier creations and other games like Deponia have taken into account some of this games failings. That said I'm really starting to like the creators in general. So I'd say this is a good game but if you're not sure of it wait till it's on sale.
Pubblicata: 19 settembre
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This game is a great throwback to the adventure game genre, where lateral thinking skills were king and when "twitch response" was used to determine how frustrated the player was with the puzzle.

While the frame rate appears to be low, it seems to me that it's more due to the hand-drawn animations not having enough frames to appear fluid. Once you adjust to it, the writing takes over and you get sucked into the world.

The thing about a lot of puzzle games is that there's this stereotype that you throw a cat, a garbage can, and some string together, and you get the catapult needed to get past that pesky castle gate. Most times, game creators fail to find the balance for these puzzles, either making them too easy or so non-sensical that it would take a severly autistic child for it to make any sense. This game treads that line well.

If you want a great story, logical puzzles, and good laughs, check this game out.
Pubblicata: 15 aprile
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Starting Bias: I play lots of point & click adventures, and Daedalic is one of my favorite developers. So I went into this game strongly predisposed to like it.

...but this game was actually kind of disappointing from the very beginning. I was expecting a followup to one of my favorite adventure games of all time (Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes). But this is actually a much older game with an older engine, and it doesn't even feature Lilli, the main character from that game.

It also doesn't feature the endlessly apologetic narrator, whose epic dry humor was more or less the entire point of Harvey's New Eyes. It does still have classic Daedalic puzzle solving gameplay, once you get past the uber archaic interface (I have to click "look" and "pick up" and all that? Wow did we ever get past those buttons years and years ago.) Dialog and voice acting are good, too, although it doesn't quite have the bite that the newer Daedalic games have.

The art is reasonable for an older game, but, much like everything else about it, it doesn't have that level of majestic polish that stuff like Night of the Rabbit or the Deponia series have.

Basically, it feels exactly like what it is: an older game from the company before their age of greatness truly began. It's not bad per se, just ... ah, wow. I wanted a sequel. I really did.

There's also the problem where this game has bugs. Massive amounts of bugs. Crash to desktop bugs. "Go download an updated script file to properly solve this problem" bugs. "You can't win the game if you make this mistake" bugs. Unacceptable and amaturish; I've come to expect more from Daedalic and not getting it is quite disappointing.

Still, I enjoyed the game when it wasn't crashing, and played it through to the end without complaints. I probably wouldn't buy it again with full knowledge of what I was getting, but neither am I sorry I played it. It's on the razor's edge between recommended and not, but I think it's just barely on the good side of that edge.

Overall rating, 3/5 (competent one-time experience but nothing exceptional).
Pubblicata: 20 aprile
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La storia di Edna & Harvey – The Breakout inizia molto tempo fa: partito come progetto universitario, poi ripreso per una sua pubblicazione commerciale inizialmente solo per il mercato tedesco, ebbe un tale successo in madrepatria da essere riproposto nel mercato internazionale. A causa però di una traduzione che definire bizzarra è farle un complimento, una sorta di germenglish che Google Translate farebbe meglio, e di una realizzazione tecnica un po’ datata e ricolma di glitch (e altri problemi tecnici sparsi), non trovò un’accoglienza degna di quello che questa avventura grafica ha effettivamente da offrire. Approfittando del suo approdo su Steam non ci siamo lasciato perdere l’occasione di parlarvi di un gioco che, sono sicuro, saprà sciogliere i vostri teneri cuori da avventurieri grafici. Nello specifico ci ritroviamo di fronte al tipico prodotto della Daedalic Entertainment della prima ora: ricolmo di umorismo nero, grafica cartoon e un gameplay direttamente tirato fuori da quel Lucas Arts pre-1994, quando ancora c’era l’interfaccia delle azioni verbali.

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Pubblicata: 6 dicembre 2013
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