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Det prisvinnende debuteventyrspillet fra skaperne av Deponia og The Whispered World, nå på Steam. Følg unge Edna og hennes snakkende leketøykanin på et helsprøtt forsøk på å rømme fra sin polstrete celle. Opplev en bisarr reise gjennom hele mentalsykehuset og langt utenfor dets murvegger.
Utgivelsesdato: 25 Okt 2013
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If you have technical issues

14 November 2013

Please note that we cannot offer official technical support on this board, except for posting the latest patch notes.

But your games and my computer don’t work as a team! Where can I get help?
We do offer technical support. Just not in forums. Please contact our colleagues from the support via mail using http://mailto:support@daedalic.de. However, feel free and use this forum (or our official forum) to address your technical problem. We are certain that many players of our games are able to help you out with certain problems.

What can I do to speed up the support process?
In order to speed up the process our support needs information of your running system and the game (version) you are playing. So please read before reporting technical issues to us.

Thank you very much for your ongoing support!

Best regards,
your Daedalic Entertainment Community Team

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“Edna is beyond the rating scale. How are you supposed to review a game that’s actually a piece of art?”
93% – Gamona

“Let's have a round of applause for the probably most insane adventure of all time! […] Edna is the prime example for how elements of a game perfectly come together when a creative developer can push through his ideas without any compromises.”
88% – 4Players

“Point & Click in perfection. But Edna isn’t outdated in any way, thanks on the one hand to the beautiful 2D comic style and on the other hand the out-there humor.”
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Om spillet

Det prisvinnende debuteventyrspillet fra skaperne av Deponia og The Whispered World, nå på Steam. Følg unge Edna og hennes snakkende leketøykanin på et helsprøtt forsøk på å rømme fra sin polstrete celle. Opplev en bisarr reise gjennom hele mentalsykehuset og langt utenfor dets murvegger.

I begynnelsen våkner den unge Edna opp i en polstret celle på et mentalsykehus, og husker ingenting av fortiden. Hun aner ikke hvordan hun havnet der, men én ting er hun sikker på – hun skal ut derfra! Hun føler seg tross alt ved sine fulle fem, og den snakkende leketøykaninen hennes er helt enig. Sammen forsøker de å rømme, og under rømningsforsøket møter de ekstremt bisarre pasienter – fra mannen i biekostymet, til de pseudo-siamesiske tvillingene Hoti og Moti. Men, Dr. Marcel, som er sjefen for sykehuset, vil gjøre alt han kan for å hindre Edna i å rømme. Hvilke planer har han for henne? Og hvorfor er hukommelsen hennes slettet? Gradvis begynner Edna å huske tiden før hun havnet på cellen...


  • Over 20 timer med helsprø humor
  • Utrolig morsomme, gale karakterer og helsprøe dialoger
  • Unik komisk stil
  • Mål som ikke låses
  • Tysk og Engelsk tale
  • Vinner av Red Dot Design Award (PC Edition) i 2009
  • Fra skaperne av de prisvinnende spillene The Whispered World og Deponia


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Pentium 1 GHz or equal
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX-compatible, min. 64 MB video memory
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX-compatible
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Daedalic made a lot of games. Some of them good, some of them mindblowingly awesome, some of them The Night of the Rabbit. But this one is the best of them all. It's one of the best adventure games in existence. It's made of pure fun. You should try to combine it with every other game made by Daedalic and see what Edna has to say about it.
Publisert: 27 Oktober 2013
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This game is a great throw back to the classic point and adventure games of the past. The artwork is great and fits the bizzare feel of the game and its colorful cast of insane characters. And the story is great from begining to end, though it does get very dark as it progresses, even with some genuenly shocking revelations. I had my guesses of what would happen but I was way off. If I had anything bad to say about the game, the controls point and click interface glitched every so often making me stuck on a puzzle because I am unable to click on an item that is clearly regestring in the game. Also, just like the p.o.c. games of yore, you may be stuck on a puzzle for a very long time til either revelation or gamefaq comes to you.
Publisert: 25 November 2013
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I wanted to recommend this game, I really did. The gameplay and plot are both excellent.

However, I had to install it on my Windows XP laptop since the game refused to run on my Windows 7 build, and I am not the only one with a "crash when choosing start" problem.

However, once I got the game running on XP, I thought it was smooth sailing.


There is a gamebreaking bug about halfway in the game with a puzzle involving the kitchen menu. I had to switch to German language to get past this sequence after losing all my progress. The bug locks you out of saving, loading, or doing anything but quitting via Task Manager.

There is another bug that causes an engine crash if you combine two certain items in your inventory together when you reach the church.

There are a few instances where dialog is missing for the English version but not the German.


They are perfectly fine in German.


I have waited months for a reply from their tech support... no answer.
Publisert: 6 Januar 2014
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This game is the first ever release from its makers. While the story is creative and the dialogue is witty, there are several game-breaking bugs that defy prediction. I even had trouble with the endings - one ending wouldn't display at all, while another glitched out partway through. It's not just bugs that give trouble though; the game is lacking from a user friendliness standpoint. Navigating the general area you spend most of your time in gets tedious where it really didn't need to, and some really nice features to have such as dialogue skip (!) and windowed mode exist but you would never know without Google. And there are a few puzzles that simply don't hint enough at an unintuitive solution with ridiculously time-consuming implementation, such as the infamous WC puzzle.

My recommendation is to wait for a remake, or watch a letsplay. If you want to play something like this game but overall vastly improved, I recommend the barely related sequel, Harvey's New Eyes.
Publisert: 6 April 2014
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So far, it's funny. A pretty decent game. The graphics are lacking a bit but the story is cool.
Publisert: 27 November 2013
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