Your heroes and your armies will need strong leadership to take them on a spellbinding odyssey that has everything a gamer’s heart could wish for breathtaking worlds in space, battles against cunning enemies and even downright treason from your own government faction - are you up to it?
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“A first-rate RTS game that just may revitalize the genre.”
90 – PC Gamer

“Earth 2150 is one of the finest examples of a classically-styled RTS I've seen in years, and I look forward to more out of TopWare in the future.”
89 – IGN

“Three unique perspectives and a host of missions make this a program that can be played over and over again.”
90 – GameZone

Acerca de este juego

Your heroes and your armies will need strong leadership to take them on a spellbinding odyssey that has everything a gamer’s heart could wish for breathtaking worlds in space, battles against cunning enemies and even downright treason from your own government faction - are you up to it?
Accept the challenge…let this gripping EARTH 2150 RTS trilogy thrust you into the far future… and YOU will decide the fate of the universe!

The Trilogy includes EARTH 2150 Escape from the Blue Planet, The Moon Project and Lost Souls!


  • Over 150 non-Linear missions in 9 campaigns and a high-action Skirmish Mode
  • Aggressive and intelligent computer-controlled opponents - a true challenge
  • Over 100 different units and structures
  • Easy-to-use map editor for creating own missions and campaigns
  • At least hundreds of hours Single player action and endless Multiplayer fun
  • Over 50 Multiplayer maps for LAN, Internet and EarthNet
  • Unmatched battle variety: build fortified bases, blitz the air, storm with armor, engage with naval units, even dig tunnels for surprise attacks.


The 21st century was supposed to herald the dawn of a new age. The wars, famines and suffering of the last 20 millennia were to become a distant, fading memory, as scientific advances brought global peace and prosperity. Toward the end of the 20th century, a now forgotten US president even went so far as to officially proclaim the arrival of a New World Order, in which right, not might, would govern international relations. This bright future was not to be. First came a meltdown of the international stock and currency exchanges. Then the major international conglomerates were dissolved in a vain attempt to stop the fiscal hemorrhage. By 2012 the world economy had collapsed. Poverty and hunger caused social and political tensions to flare. As the crisis wore on, few were bold or naive enough to predict anything positive for the future. Most realized that the planet was on the verge of global conflict.

In 2048, the anticipated global conflict broke out with a violence that shook the planet to its core. All major centralized governments were destroyed in the maelstrom. Europe and Eastern Asia bore the brunt of the devastation, as entire urban centres, from Madrid to Moscow and from Seoul to Singapore were literally wiped off the map.
The human race has always been known for its resiliency. Within a dozen years, the Earth's inhabitants had begun to restore their old nationalities - with a few twists. Twelve states of the former United States joined together to form a new country, called the United Civilized States. The UCS citizens had essentially given up their old roles as producers and leaders. Nearly all work was being performed by robots which are controlled by expert computer systems. Not surprisingly, the human inhabitants of the UCS had become lazy and decadent.

The 20th-century dream for a better world had ended in death and destruction.


The year 2150 … one of the blackest chapters in the history of mankind. While the Lunar Corporation, Eurasian Dynasty and the United Civilized States are preparing themselves for the last all-encompassing battle, work is being feverishly carried out on a secret project on the Moon. Only the code name of this project is known ………… "SUNLIGHT"


It is the 7th of December 2150 – in a few hours our beloved planet Earth will no longer exist.
Devastating wars between the Eurasian Dynasty and the United Civilized States have wreaked havoc and caused mortal wounds to our planet, but that is not all, a series of nuclear explosions close to the Antarctic had changed the Earth’s orbit around the sun, glaciers melted, the sea rose to a threatening level, and meteorite showers buried whole parts of the world. Famous scientists from the Lunar corporation, a long forgotten colony on the moon first recognized the signs of the imminent catastrophe. According to their calculations the distance between the sun and earth would decrease in the next few years by 17%, which would lead to terrible consequences.

The only hope left for the population was the escape to the red planet Mars. Hurry up, cause time is ticking away....

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: Intel or AMD Single Core CPU
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D graphics card with TnL support and 64 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: required (DirectX compatible)
    • Additional Notes: Keyboard and Mouse
    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: Intel or AMD Single Core CPU 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D graphics card with TnL support and 128 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: required (DirectX compatible)
    • Additional Notes: Keyboard and Mouse
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Publicado: 21 de marzo
First this is an old game.
Second no one has yet to follow where they went.

I am not going to give a game review but give a review of why no one has followed its foot prints.

The games give 3 factions in that it follows others but where it changes is that each faction has a strong point. The lurnar group is hover low armor/high shield output, the ED are heavy tanks with high armor/low shields, and the UCS are robot mechs with a med armor/shield output. This gives a 3 factions that play in their oun way.

The vehical system is where this game blows the rts walls open. Make a vehical tha way you want it not the premade idea some one thought up. Like rockets add that to the tank, like heavy guns change it to heavy guns then build it. Want a combo? Yea heavy guns with a rocket on top, it dose that(for real!!! best tanks for ED) The weapon combo system with a med weapon system added on top of a large weapon makes for vehicals that are your liking.

Then they put ammo in, you need to reload your vehicals with air drops from cargo choppers linked to supply depo's. With energy weapons needing time to recharge, lasers, spark cannons, sonic guns(hate that aoe), it makes for a good balance.

Save your crew, this isnt much in the muti player but in any campaign if you keep units alive you can transport them back to a main base and reuse them on the next mission. This leads to the exp, as you keep units alive they make kills and gain more armor,hp, and damage with each lvl. The quick way to see this is make a unit with a banner, it adds 2 lvl's to units around it, very use full early but wont add past lvl 4 if a remember right. This will show give an example of the added damage/hp a unit has at higher lvl's. The next thing is a unit that will let you upgrade units with new tech, better shields ready add it on and upgrade it. Some units you cant, but that up to you to find them the starting unit types.

The game was ahead of its time and I dont think any rts has come close to following the way it plays. The line that describes the game with 150 missions and 9 campaigns is true but thats ED,UCS, and LC X3 games so each game has a campaign for each group. I would start with ED on ESCAPE FROM THE BLUE PLANET to learn the game, it has the easy start, the UCS and LC through you in.

The bugs are mosly sceen size issue's, the game wasnt made for todays HDtv screens/widesceen issues, search for the fix its out there.
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Publicado: 11 de mayo
Very good game for its time.
Bought a copy when I was 10. Quite impressed about unit customization and graphic. Soundtrack is good too, especially compard to Earth 2160 (In Earth 2150, each faction has its own tracks; In Earth 2160, all factions share same set of BGM). Plot is not as boring as it seems.
However, it is quite unbalanced. You can rush with basic tank of LC at the start of a skirmish... And even in singleplayer campaign, LC gets their own overpowered hero unit. The tech tree is comprehensive, and many techs are useless.
Still, it is a decent game even by current standard. If you see this game on discount, you can buy it and have a try.
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Publicado: 4 de enero
one of the best strategy games ever!

its realy ****ing FUN!
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Publicado: 2 de abril
I loved this game when I was younger. I bought the trilogy on Steam for $0.99 when it was on sale. I'm kinda dissapointed though because I had to disable some things to just be able to run the game, one of those things being the cut-scenes which were one of my favorite memories of the game. Also, the game has options to run the game at higher resolutions but only wants to run in lower ones? I just don't get it. They need to fix this broken game. I quickly uninstalled the trilogy after a short period of time. It's a mess and so unlike what I remember!
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Publicado: 26 de noviembre de 2013
The best the Earth 21XX universe has to offer and very complex.

-terrain reshaping
-tunnel digging
-customization of vehicles
-weather influence
-complex weapon mechanics
-research of new technologies
-three unique factions


-Windows 7 compatibility isn't good but there is a solution in the HUB
-No real multiplayer community
-Mediocre enemy A.I

Overall rating: 9/10

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Publicado: 21 de marzo de 2014
Best of the earth 21 series.
Multiplayer and especialy single player demands a focus on resource allocation, too much of focus of 1 aspect and you probably have a hard time catching up.

What to expect:
- Pretty fun single player campaign.
- Great atmosfere, you'll see Earth degrade with each couple of missions and so creating a sense of importance and haste.
- Each faction plays differently.
- Pretty fun multiplayer, however LC's superweapon is the only weapon that cannot be countered(unless you snipe the weather control centers), so i would recommend putting superweapons off if any1 decidedes to play LC.
- The A.I. could use an overhaul, its very easy to cut its supply and wait until its out of resources.
- Units tend to shoot mountains instead of enemy units and they will not adjust fire.

What NOT to expect:
- precize unit control (i.e. starcraft)
- cake

Some advice:
Play Earth 2140 and the Earth 2150 addons, but never ever play the abomination that is called Earth 2160.
They went with features that was popular at the time instead of focussing what made the previous titles.
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Publicado: 20 de noviembre de 2013
This game is pretty frickin' awesome, a real strategy classic from the golden age. The graphics may not have aged well but it handles really well, it's deep and immersive, and strikes a good balance between being easy to get into and hard to master. The setting is one of the most dystopic you can find; it'll always keep you coming back for more, and since the campaigns are so long there's always more to come back to.
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Publicado: 11 de abril de 2014
I dont usually feel urge need to write review for games..but when i do..

Earth 2150, in one sentence: "The Forever Shining jewel of the past".

This game not only stands for itself, but it stands for an era of gaming and gaming industry.

Its the era when studios care to impress the gaming population and offer as much content as possible and with quality to come with, and wasn't driven by money as first priority.
This is not your typical C&C game that after 7 missions of singeplayer sends u back to your desktop to spend $$$ for expansions packs, or the studio was "too lazy" to add naval units or other core features.

Earth 2150 came out in 2002, and set a new era of RTS gaming, since it was (if im not mistaken) the first full 3D RTS game in the market.

-The Story in a nutshell:

its 2150, and the over-use of nukes in the recent wars by 2 of major factions has resulted in kicking the earth out of its normal orbit straight into the sun.

So now the earth's destruction is inevitable and led to all 3 factions working on big projects to evacuate (their) popluation to Mars before the earth explodes.


This is not your typical Paper-Rock-Sccisors RTS/ this unit counters that and that counters this .....
You research tech, which comes in the form of Chasis for ur vehiciles/ships/aircraft.
You also research a large variety of weapons, and ammunitions, togather you build those weapons on top of ur units creating different type of units according to your taste, different chasis sometimes allow u to combine weapons togather.
The maps are big, and the approach to attack is different in each game, especially vs other players, since its hard to forsee what tech he is going for; is my enemy rushing rockets tech with homing capabilites? or hes going right into plasma cannons or air units?

You can manipulate the terrain , create trenches to block enemy vehicles, flatten the terrain, build bridges, and...construct an entire tunnel network...yup...u can literally dig under fortified enemy bases for back-door attacks.
Most weapons require ammuntions, so u need to consider this when fighting far from your base (supply depots and aircraft handle ammunition delievery).


The Beauty of the campaign is that its no entirely linear; you are set with a global objective of getting a large amount of credits towards the evacuation of the planet.
Within missions u need to find the balance between building an army and researcing tech, to sending credits to ur spaceport for the main goal, if u fail missions the game doesnt end, sometimes u just lose the tech/content that u could have received withing that missions, and in some cases u are presented with different missions on the globe due to the one u failed.
you only fail the campaign if u fail to achieve the required credits when the timer runs out ( and you have plenty of time, the timer doesn't pushes you to rush missions at all), i finished the first campaign with 109 days left (out of 183) and i took all the time in the world in each and every mission i played.

The missions vary from destroying enemy bases, sneaking and exploring huge tunnel systems, recovering artifacts and prototypes, testing new tech and the usuall destroy your enemies.

You can finish the campaign earlier, u dont need to reach "final mission 20" to end the game, its all up to your methods.
you do u have general time limit before earth goes boom though..

When the global timer gets close to zero, the map variety changes as well, forests map turn into lava maps with hot terrain,
water maps are almost non existent...and so on.

Its also worth to note that during the campaign, the enemy faction also research their weapons, just like you, the AI doesn't have advantage over the player, and excluding a few techs, the AI research advancement depends on your playstyle.
Turtling usually lets the AI finish all hes availabe research and keep up with the player, sometimes bypass you.

Playing aggressively, and attacking research centers or finishing missions early, sets the AI back, not allowing it to finish its research, creating an advantage for the player in future missions.

in total, there are around ~30 missions..yes....THIRTEE missions PER faction , and they usually take more then 30-40 min real time to complete.
Just to give an exmaple, it took me around ~20 total hours to complete the campaign with one faction.

Its insane how much content and variety this game has for something that comes up in 2002, most of those features the RTS games of today doesn't even have, and the content they provide is much more thinner.

You are always driven forward to continue, if its by the tech and the new units that come available, the missions, the story and so on.

I wish studios today would develop games like earth 2150, and its concepts that completly change the course of how RTS games work. rather then squeeze as much $$$ as possible for its costumers and giving them the minimum content to please them.

Its amazing that im enjoying this game even more when i first played it..12 years ago.
For a miserable price of 7 bucks which includes the expansion packs as well, its so much worth it.

Im playing this game on Win 7 with no problems at all, if its crashes for u its due to resultion, and there are plenty of solutions to that in steamforums/internet.



-Non-linear campaign
-Very long campaign
-Multiple ways to approach missions
-Unit Costumization and a very large research tree
-Air force, Navy Units and Ground Units, its all there
-Tunnel digging
-Terran shaping and manipluation
-Very intresting to play factions, all balanced and differ from each other
-Hige Replay value


-Old controls and lacking mouse options (you canno't invert the mouse controls - right click command, left click select)
-Sometimes clunky units behevior (units shooting rockets into mountains etc..)
-Not alot of players in mutiplayer these days

Overall 9.5/10
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Publicado: 27 de noviembre de 2013
Underrated story and gameplay, a lot of overhanging plot-points and a pretty good meta-aspect to the gameplay bu using a "main base". The resource system works brilliantly and forces the player to chose between finishing the game sooner and researching/building more units to help with future missions. This combined with the timed story, as in you only have a limited time to reach your goal, puts the pressure on the player troughout the game and forces the player to make quick decitions and not spend ages planning. Without a doubt one of my favorite games of all time.
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Publicado: 13 de octubre de 2014
I've been a 2150 fan since release. Like many here on steam I got this release because my old discs had seen too much action over the last 14 years to be able to install the game properly. Everything is as I remember it: awesome unit customization system, epic unit numbers, lasers and rockets and EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE!! I would recommend the game to anyone with only 2 reservations:

1.) These games are OLD and the graphics have not held up well. If you can't handle that, you have been warned.

2.) These games do not support widescreen HD resolutions. The included resolution testing program will clear them and you can get into the game menu but upon launching into a game you will crash to desktop. USE 4:3 RESOLUTIONS ONLY.
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Publicado: 13 de enero de 2014
“Leadership comes in small acts as well as bold strokes."

Earth 2150 is fine example of a classic real-time strategy game with three unique factions and a broad spectrum of tactical opportunities, including an extreme grade of unit customization. Especially the customization of the loadouts of individual units upon construction contributes greatly to the gameplay, while progressing through the impressive research tree.

Compared with its largely unknown predecessor the combat mechanics were greatly improved. In addition the differences and specific characteristics of the various factions were further developed.

My rating system consists of six categories in descending order of importance:

- Atmosphere
- Combat & Controls
- Tactical gameplay
- Factions
- Details
- Story

Based on the performance each category will receive one of the following grading:

- S-Rank: excellent
- A-Rank: very good
- B-Rank: solid
- C-Rank: satisfactory
- D-Rank: inferior

If the S-Rank is awarded, a quote from the game or personal comment will be added as a token of my respect (in brackets).

Atmosphere: A-Rank

Combat & Controls: B-Rank

Tactical gameplay: S-Rank

(Attack is the secret of defense; defense is the planning of an attack.)

Factions: A-Rank

Details: S-Rank

(Science knows only one commandment – contribute to science.)

Story: B-Rank

There are no achievements to conquer.

Achievement difficulty: none

Earth 2160 (PC) – Real-time strategy game
(Science Fiction) – 2005
Earth 2150: Lost Souls (PC) – Real-time strategy game
(Science Fiction) – 2002
Earth 2150: The Moon Project (PC) – Real-time strategy game
(Science Fiction) – 2000
Earth 2150 (PC) – Real-time strategy game
(Science Fiction) – 1999
Earth 2140 (PC) – Real-time strategy game
(Science Fiction) – 1997
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120.0 h registradas
Publicado: 27 de julio de 2014
Highly recommended. Especially if you still have got older PC/laptop. Quite addictive. I really love that option that you can save your tanks/vehicles for next missions or just transport your army between missions from main base. If you like RTS old school - you will enjoy this game.
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6.6 h registradas
Publicado: 8 de junio de 2014
This game is everything I have dreamed of in a RTS game. A must buy for any strategy gamers.
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Publicado: 1 de noviembre de 2013
I played the ♥♥♥♥ out of this game when I was a kid, still would hold up today as one of the best strategy games ever created. The depth is incredible and can't wait to play the ♥♥♥♥ out of it again. At 50% off with 2 expansions theres no reason not to pick it up!
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0.2 h registradas
Publicado: 29 de marzo de 2014
Absolutely one of the BEST RTS games out there. I've bought this game three times already... In any case, the gameplay is just as innovative now as it was back in... Well, I don't remember. I was literally a kid then. Games are only just now starting to pick up on the complexity and customization that this game brought to the table, and its graphics honestly still look pretty damn good, especially considering its age.

On the note of graphics, on both my hard copy and copy, there is widescreen incompatibilities that will crash the game. This is simply because widescreen didn't actually exist when the VooDoo APIs (remember those beasts?) were written. Fixing it is fairly simple though. Look up nGlide, download the driver package and executable, configure and enjoy. Basically what it does is trick that old VooDoo software into thinking it is still in 4:3 while you're running 16:9 or 16:10 formats, plus it'll work with any game that was programed for those old VooDoo GPUs. Mechwarrior 3, here I come!

Gameplay wise, this game is both forgiving and unforgiving. The campaigns are long, and its amongst the few games that allows you to continue the campaign even after losing missions and battles. That's the forgiving part... The unforgiving part is that the game is basically a resource rush, battling relentless and challenging AIs over resources and trying to mine them out and send them back to your main base. While the game gives you plenty of opportunity to achieve your goals, the AI is very intelligent, and will stop at nothing to end you. Failing and/or fumbling battles too much will result in watching your people die in a firey apocalypse, and there won't be jack ♥♥♥♥ you can do about it. That being said, there is a huge number of missions for each campaign, some of which are only available under certain circumstances such as "Lose here..." or "Win there..." or the like.

The game provides a huge variety and complexity in units, weapons, and research, all of which makes for customizable units to a degree unseen in RTS with the exception of maybe Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Throughout the game, whether in single or multiplay, you're have to balance cost, quality, quantity, and power for your units, weapons, and research, and rushing tech is much more complex than you'd see in other RTS like StarCraft or Dawn of War. Overall, each faction has a huge variety of units and lacks the over-simplified "this unit counters this" dynamic that seems to be so prevalent in RTS these days.

If this game has shortcoming at all, and obviously I don't think it does, it would be in its story. The game runs on a simple premise, described in the manual, box, and on the Steam page, of "The world was nuked to death by UCS Robots, and its orbit was disrupted enough that it's orbit has started to destabalize and move ever closer to the sun... So GTFO of dodge." Granted, a little bit more story is conveyed through mission briefings which are simple emails that you can read, but they can be generally skipped and are rather dull outside of the odd running joke. You make your own story in where you choose to go in the capaigns, and how you choose to handle each battle. Personally, I prefer this method, as games like Homeworld 2 get obnoxious with their incessant in-game cutscenes and endless hand-holding. I'd rather play my game, not watch it.

Overall, I'd say that Earth 2150 is the most innovative RTS out there, and certainly amongst my favorites along with Dawn of War, Homeworld, and the first StarCraft. It surpassed its predecessor "Earth 2140," and set a high bar that its sequel, "Earth 2160," sadly fell just short of. If you're a hardcore RTS player, I highly recommend this game.

I forgot to mention a couple things... The controls are quite unfamiliar. Being amongst the first 3D RTS games out there, they messed with the controls quite a bit. Being that this game lacks a tutorial, I strongly suggest downloading the manual, or finding a quick reference guide for the controls. Also, the prerendered cutscenes in this game are pretty damn awesome. Sadly, they are compressed to hell because they use the old bink codecs, but the quality really is top notch. Think about what CG looked like in 2000, then compare it to this... Really, the only places you'll find better is in studios like Blizzard.
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Publicado: 23 de junio de 2014
Really nice game I played with a friend few years ago when it came out. Partly modular tanks and buildings and stuff...
Tho I never got to buy it as my PC was too weak back then.
Later I forgot about it and now I found it for the absolute hammer-price tag of 0,89€!!
A must-buy for all stragegy fans :)
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Publicado: 3 de noviembre de 2013
A game from around the same time as C&C Tiberian Sun. The mechanics can seem a little clunky at first; but once you settle in, you're in for a treat, whether playing campaign or against other players. Combat is smooth, the unit customisation is straightforward and simple, and the game flows really well.
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Publicado: 13 de octubre de 2014
not the first "true 3D" RTS, but it's hardly bad.

there's a fair amount of depth in the gameplay, and the setting is believeable, despite how cheeseball it can seem at times.
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Publicado: 21 de enero de 2014
Best Buy for your buck! The first game I played many years ago and it was one the best RTS games of its time. If you can obtain this deal go for it! I never played the other 2 so when I saw it up as a deal, I acted fast and purchased it. You will not regret it one bit.
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Publicado: 11 de junio de 2014
1998 graphics and confusing controls, but it's still a really cool game.
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