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Game and software creation has never been easier or quicker than with Clickteam Fusion 2.5! Discover the tool used by so many multimedia professionals, game creators, and creative people from all walks of life. With CF2.
Veröffentlichung: 5 Dez. 2013
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Spud's Quest now on Steam

31 Juli 2014

Spud's Quest now on Steam

Clickteam is proud to partner with Mouldy Toof Studios to bring to you the Fusion made Metroidvania styled game "Spud's Quest" to Steam. Spud's Quest is an adventure game for Windows that draws its inspiration from the classic games of yesteryear, most notably the Dizzy, Zelda, and Metroid series. Taking on the role of Spud and his friend Prince Charming, you journey to uncover four ancient elemental essences, which have the power to remove an evil curse bestowed upon the royal family. To learn more about this game and get your copy on Steam, visit:

Game Site:

Clickteam Publishing Channels

Partnering with its creative user base, Clickteam has commenced an exciting new publishing programme. We are providing Fusion 2.5 developers with new and valuable distribution opportunities in both the Steam Client and on our brand new content site, Clickstore . We have always striven as a company to enable easy game and app creation for everyone. As a result, our large user base is firmly rooted in the indie community and spirit. By providing these fantastic publishing opportunities to select developers, Clickteam hopes to help them in achieving success both critically and commercially. If you have created a title with Fusion and would like help or information on publishing to Steam and the ClickStore, please contact us at

Here are just a few of the slated future releases...

Zombie Mode:
Vincere Totus Astrum:
Golden Hour:

...hopefully yours will be next!

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Flash Exporter Released on Steam

30 Juli 2014

We have released the popular Flash Exporter on Steam.

Join the millions of Adobe Flash content creators with Clickteam’s SWF/Flash Export Module! Now you can create content using our amazing set of creation tools, Fusion 2.5 and The Games Factory 2 instead of having to master difficult actionscript or confusing editors.

Create your content using our drag and drop visual interface and intuitive event editor. Then once you are ready to test your creation, hit the build button and our tools create the SWF file and test html page for you to try out in your browser.

Create banners, games or interactive website content with ease.

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Über die Software

Game and software creation has never been easier or quicker than with Clickteam Fusion 2.5! Discover the tool used by so many multimedia professionals, game creators, and creative people from all walks of life.

With CF2.5’s amazing event editor system you are able to quickly generate games or apps without mastering a traditional programming language.

Within your first hour you will have learned the basics of the tool. Compile a windows app with a mouse click, Or target additional platforms like iOS, Android, Flash and XNA (Windows Mobile phone and Xbox) with the purchase of our optional exporters.

Harness the power of Clickteam Fusion 2.5 today.

Steam Games Made With Clickteam's Fusion

Amazing Features from the Original Drag and Drop Programming Tool

-Make your first game in under an hour!
-No need for previous programming knowledge
-Easy to use and intuitive physics engine
-The original and world famous Event Editor makes programming a breeze
-Used by professionals and students alike
-Shader effects available
-Inserting assets is as easy as drag and drop
-Publish games and apps for multiple platforms
-Complete creative flexibility
-Hardware accelerated games and apps
-Outstanding, friendly community support

Build for many platforms with optional exporters

Generates HTML5 on the fly and runs automatically in your browser
Open extension SDK for endless functionality
Use hardware acceleration & shaders on powerful Windows machines
100's of additional objects provide additional functionality to the tool
Build directly from CF2.5 to any of your Android devices and build APKs
Access the Android OS with our simple permissions management system
Build games for all iOS touch devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod
Maximize control options with the Accelerometer and Multitouch interface objects
Build Games for Xbox and Windows 8 Mobile
Multiple Control options for Multiple Platforms
Produce quality Flash content in record time
Fully Customizable SWF Generated Easily


    • OS: Minimum Windows XP SP3 Operating System. Supports Vista, 7 and 8
    • Processor: 200 Mhz Pentium processor or higher
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Must support minimum of Direct3D 9
    • Additional Notes: Broadband Internet connection
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mit Clickteam Fusion 2.5 schafft ihr es, ein simples Spiel, in ein paar Stunden zu entwickeln.
Dennoch erfordert es eine programmiererische Logik den einzelnen Elementen ihre Funktionen zuzuweisen und untereinander zu verknüpfen. Des Weiteren erfordert Clickteam Fusion 2.5 eine Einarbeitung um die ganzen Features sinnvoll zu nutzen. Somit sollte keiner erwarten innerhalb von zwei Stunden ein komplexes Spiel auf die Beine zu stellen.

Wer allerdings gute Ideen hat und diese ohne höhere Programmiersprachen zu nutzen (jedoch die nötige Logik und das nötige Verständnis besitzt) umsetzen mag, der ist hier richtig aufgehoben.

Sollte jemand eine Idee haben, jedoch alleine keine Möglichkeit, Zeit oder Lust haben, der darf mich gerne anschreiben……. (Ich bin jetzt einfach mal so frech) :D

Ich kann Clickteam Fusion 2.5 nur empfehlen….
……Daumen hoch!!!

Verfasst: 8 Juli 2014
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1 Review
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Verfasst: 9 Mai 2014
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June 28, 2014 Edit - It should be noted that Clickteam has responded professionally within the comments of this review. Reviewing the comments on this thread may help you decide whether or not to purchase the product. I'm still not satisfied that the product is on track from the customer standpoint.

This product itself is OK. It does help to simplify how you build games/apps. It could even be great someday, because it's structured well and it does allow for some complex functions within said games/apps.

The problem is, the support is horrendous and I'm doubting the product will ever get to where it could get to. I've waited over 5 months simply to get access to bug reports and have received rude/useless responses from their technical support group. With support like that, this software will simply die.

Need further proof? Check the HTML5 exporter, which has had the same caveat related to IE11 on it for 5 months.
Verfasst: 17 April 2014
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Purchased on Friday, it's Sunday and i'm already putting my first app onto Google Play with it (Ok so it's pretty simple but that includes time spent learning the features).

It's pretty obvious, from the portfolio of well known indie titles developed with this, that in the right hands you can go very far using this product.

As easy as it all sounds, there is a bit of a learning curve, mostly familiarisation with the object & event types on offer (how they work, what they can do for you, how to make them react & interoperate etc..).

Even though there's no actual coding (apart from some expression editing for calculating Set values), it will help if you have a grasp of software development/coding logic. For example, if the idea of using an array to store data or creating an iteration to perform a function on objects based on conditions are alien concepts, you might want to learn some coding to prime yourself.

There is a fair amount of documentation in the built-in help system, but it's a little light on usage examples. Luckily there's a few really good youtube channels with walkthroughs.

The built in physics engine is pretty mindblowing, goes as far as detecting collision on a per-pixel level!

Overall, excellent budget-level tool for 2d mobile app development - in the right hands, it's capable of churning out some cracking results.

I haven't seen or used anything as scalable for the same price tag.

Protip: There is no AdMob support for android publishing in the Standard edition, so if you're thinking of using AdMob in your apps, you'll have to go for the Developer edition which is a bit more expensive - wasn't clear on this before purchase but considering Dev edition upgrade anyway so not feeling too sore :).
Verfasst: 11 Mai 2014
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It was two months ago when I decided to put a little money into this little engine. Initially, the excitement was palpable. Inside of two hours I had created my first game and started to develop the mechanics towards a full release. That is how easy it is to get started.

What comes next however is the understanding of how the engine is put together, how each function, event, flag, object; how they all have individual properties and how to apply global and local events to each respectively. This practice largely came about from trial-and-error. While there are some tutorials around there isn't a concise "Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced" starter guide and if purchasing off steam the forums are limited due to the lack of a key.

This does not detract from the enjoyment and excitement of finding out the sweet spot. The idea that the answers are spoon-fed is not how this game would be made. The formulation of an idea and implementation into the engine and then the fun of testing to trial-and-error is what makes this fun and the engine helps this along. The engine does not prohibit but intices you with new ways of solving the same problem. In turn the ability to quickly formulate new approaches is really where this engine stays strong.

I am therefore a Fusioneer. Happy to develop in this engine and invest my time and effort into what will soon hopefully become a succesful first game.

Lloyd Hawthorne
Verfasst: 30 März 2014
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