Assetto Corsa is a next-generation driving simulator for Windows PC which reproduces real-world circuits (with laserscan technology), as well as road and racing cars. The final version of the game will include a single player career, special events and will allow the player to create and customize offline competitions and multiplayer...
Data de lançamento: 8 Nov, 2013
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O que os desenvolvedores têm a dizer:

“Assetto Corsa is already in advanced state of completion. Meanwhile some features and structures are under progress and testing, we have decided to offer the immediate access to the basic features and contents included in the game, to satisfy the requests of the AC followers.
Assetto Corsa is now available for download on Steam Early Access.

The first build of Assetto Corsa includes the main structure of the game and a vast variety of cars and tracks, with the aim to guarantee just from the beginning the chance to enjoy the dynamic model of the game racing with different kind of vehicles.

Players can buy Assetto Corsa saving 22% of the retail price, getting the access to the beta version, including its updates, and they will receive the final version of the game, when it will be released, without any additional charge.”
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Update 0.22 now live

29 Agosto

- In-game apps must now be enabled in the game's launcher under Options > General
- Added new car Mercedes SLS
- Added new track Nurburgring Sprint
- Tyre model modifications, more direct and "alive" FFB on all cars. We advice less FF "effects"
- AI modifications for Mercedes SLS AMG & McLaren MP4 12C street
- fixed drag race
- all cars with H pattern manual gearbox, when used with paddles, can now enable autocut-off autoblip assist properly. The timings are slower than what you can achieve with an H shifter hardware.
- Fixed multiplayer leaderboard logic
- Fixeg bugs in multiplayer GUI
- Overlay leaderboard implemented (Press F9 to cycle between 4 different modes)
- Fixed horn & lights in multiplayer
- Graphics & CPU Performance improvements
- Multiplayer Blacklist system improved
- Intro video at first launch, possible to disable it from options
- Replay Size reduced
- Replay frame interpolation improved
- Time Attack : fixed crash when trying to load open tracks & lap estimation formula improved
- Setup Force Feedback setting page improved
- ksEditor : notify when skinned mesh is imported with a wrong scale
- ksEditor : fixed IN/OUT camera normalized start-end position not rendering on spline during camera editing
- Fixed small random flashes during gameplay
- Added dedicated leaderboard APP
- Updated TAB key ingame leaderboard with a new look and functions
- Skidmarks start shape fixed and rendering is now faster
- Python apps can be enabled / disabled from the launcher
- Fixed bug "return to pits and lap counting in some special cases"
- Added Python camera control
- Fixed tyres jittering at low speeds
- Fixed missing wheels when AI car brake its engine and goes to pits
- Physics related rules : now cars must respect their defined set of rules in order to run on the track
- Track cameras now place the car in the middle of the screen
- Post Process App selector : fixed loading of default ppEffects.ini
- AI improvements
- Improved Drag AI
- Skidmarks are now disabled when setting World Detail to minimum
- Dynamic track randomness now less pronounced

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Update 0.21.6 released

24 Julho


- New Race Control
- Server is now in control of fuel rate
- Server is now in control of tyre rate
- Server is now in control of damage level
- AI does not flatshift cars with no autocutoff anymore
- Added "transfer" grip from session to session
- AI cars now try to park on the side if they have a broken engine

- Launcher: control configuration now includes assignment option for the newly implemented handbrake as axis (note: mutually exclusive with the button assignment)

- Improved communication with X360 GamePad
- Added password support for pickup servers
- Improved Server Configurator
- Server will now stop with an error if a booking session is added in pickup mode
- Server will now stop with an error if cars in the entry list do not match the legal car entries in the server_cfg
- Server will now stop with an error if multiple tracks are selected in pickup mode (unsupported feature)
- Server will not correctly report to race lobby about the available seats in pickup mode

- Launcher default theme: adjustments to multiplayer session info/request buttons

- Adjusted Traction Control assist on Lotus 98T
- Added app "post process filter" to switch between different Post Processing effects combinations
- Adjusted Lotus Evora S side windows

- Lotus 98T ride height adjustments added
- Launcher default theme: adjustments to car listing of non-booking servers

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Acerca do Jogo

Assetto Corsa is a next-generation driving simulator for Windows PC which reproduces real-world circuits (with laserscan technology), as well as road and racing cars. The final version of the game will include a single player career, special events and will allow the player to create and customize offline competitions and multiplayer races to challenge other players.

Thanks to the "Early Access" Steam program, players can buy Assetto Corsa saving 22% of the retail price, getting the access to the beta version, including its updates, and they will receive the final version of the game, when it will be released, without any additional charge.

Constant Updates
As part of the early access program, starting by the first release, an update with new contents and features (improving the existing ones too) will be available every two weeks. All the vehicles and tracks will be released in a level of completion close to the final one, with the aim to deliver, starting by the first version, an enjoyable and satisfying simulation, featuring cars and tracks reproduced at their best, with the exception of unknown minor bugs that will be fixed and polished in time for the final version of Assetto Corsa.

Extended features
During the whole process, new game modes and damage model features will be progressively added in the scheduled time, in order to close in short time the final release, that will include the career mode and other exclusive contents.

List of contents available in AC Early Access:


- Abarth 500 EsseEsse (2 variants)
- Bmw 1M (2 variants)
- Lotus Elise SC (3 variants)

- Bmw M3 E30 Evo (3 variants)
- Bmw M3 E30 Group A
- Bmw M3 E30 DTM
- Bmw M3 E92 (3 variants)
- Bmw Z4 E89 (3 variants)
- Lotus Evora GTC
- Lotus Evora GX

- McLaren MP4-12c GT3
- Bmw Z4 GT3
- Bmw M3 GT2
- P4/5 Competizione

- Classic Team Lotus Type 49
- Classic Team Lotus 98T
- Ferrari 312T

- Ferrari 458 Italia (2 variants)
- Ferrari F40 (2 variants)
- Ferrari 599xx
- McLaren Mp4 12c
- Mercedes SLS AMG
- Pagani Zonda R
- Pagani Huayra
- Lotus Evora S (2 variants)
- Lotus Exige S Roadster
- Lotus Exige Scura

- KTM X-Bow R
- Lotus 2 Eleven
- Lotus Evora GTE
- Lotus Exige 240R (2 variants)

- Tatuus FA-01
- Lotus Exos T125 (2 variants)

- Magione - "Autodromo dell'Umbria"
- Imola - "Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari"
- Mugello - "Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello"
- Silverstone - GP track
- Silverstone - International track
- Monza - "Autodromo di Monza"
- Monza - "Classic 60's Edition"
- Nurburgring - GP
- Nurburgring - Sprint
- Vallelunga - "Autodromo Piero Taruffi"
- Vallelunga - Club track
- Drift Track
- Drag strip

- Standard showroom
- The Beach
- Hangar
- Industrial
- Sunset

- Free Practice
- Race Events vs AI
- Online Multiplayer
- HotLap
- Time Attack
- Special Events
- Drift Mode
- Drag Race

- In-game telemetry
- Advanced car setup management

- Basic info
- Help
- Lap time
- Friends Leaderboard
- Camera On Board Customization
- Time of the day display
- Input monitor
- Time performance indicator
- Gear/rpm indicator
- Track map
- Rankings
- G-meter indicator

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS: Windows Vista,7,8,8.1
    • Processor: AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHZ, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHZ
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 10.1 (AMD Radeon HD 6450, Nvidia GeForce GT 460)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Integrated
    • OS: Windows Vista,7,8,8.1
    • Processor: AMD Six-Core CPU, Intel Quad-Core CPU
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 11 (AMD Radeon HD 7870, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Integrated
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Análise de Acesso Antecipado
Menino prodígio dos simuladores de corrida. Assetto Corsa é o sucessor espiritual do excelente nK-Pro. A empresa por trás destas maravilhas é a italiana Kunoz Simulazioni.

Como todo jogo em acesso antecipado, AC ainda está inacabado em muitos aspectos. Atualizações frequentes vem melhorando o simulador cada vez mais e ele já tem muito o que oferecer. Quem está no meio sabe que verdadeiros simuladores de corrida não dão em árvore como jogos de FPS, por exemplo. Sendo assim, pelo que ele oferece hoje dentro do cenário carente de bons simuladores, já vale muito a pena. Porém, saiba que há um risco de AC nunca atingir o seu potencial promissor, afinal, como todo prodígio, ele pode simplesmente sumir do mapa, envelhecer e nunca vingar.


> Gráficos incríveis e leves. O mais belo dos simuladores vistos até então. Rodo com uma GTX760 em tres telas e consigo manter uma boa média de FPS. Mesmo não colocando tudo no máximo, estou satisfeito com texturas, iluminação e etc...
> Sistema de cambio insano. É muito imersivo a forma como o sistema de cambio do Assetto Corsa funciona. Se você tem 3 pedais e cambio H a sua disposição, aproveite o melhor de todos os simuladores neste aspecto. Supera inclusive o sistema de cambio do iRacing, que até então era o que eu mais gostava.
> Modelagem dos circuitos.
> Configuração de FOV: Não ha outro simulador para quem usa 3 telas. A configuração do FOV é tão boa e simples que não é exagero colocar isto como uma vantagem.
> Aberto e desenvolvido para modders. Ou seja, vai ficar ainda melhor com a intervenção de bons times de modders e pode ser uma plataforma usada por outras empresas no futuro.
> Sistema de widgets inteligente e funcional: Coloque o marcador de combustivel, entre outros, onde quiser e se quiser. Alem de widgets de terceiros, que podem ser implementados e funcionar para uma gama de coisas diferentes.
> Adesão ao Steam: Parece óbvio, mas a plataforma steam é boa demais e é algo que a concorrência do AC não tem.


> Fluidez do online ainda não chegou lá: Tendo em vista o que é oferecido pelo iRacing e pode ser conseguido já com o rFactor 2, AC está atrás. Ainda não é fluido e isto reflete em coisas como netcode e alguns bugs estranhos.
> Danos ainda não foram implementados devidamente: Não me refiro apenas a danos visuais, mas principalmente danos mecânicos que refletem de acordo com a pilotagem.
> Uma série de coisas que ainda precisam ser implementadas no modo online como Pit Stop, por exemplo, entre outros.
> A qualidade visual do modo online cai demais. É nitido que o game ainda atenua algumas coisas para deixar o modo online mais leve. Mas isto vem melhorando com o passar do tempo.
> O modo corrida com carros da IA também não é tão bom e fluido como o single player (sozinho na pista) e sofre quase das mesmas carencias do modo online.


O futuro aponta para iRacing, Assetto Corsa e rFactor 2. O resto é o resto. Bons jogos de corrida serão lançados, mas hoje não há maiores promessas para a next gen do que o trio citado acima no que se refere ao universo dos simuladores de corrida. Percebe que não temos muitas opções? Isto na verdade aumenta demais o valor deste acesso antecipado do Assetto Corsa, pelo valor que tem a sua chegada neste meio.

Eu digo que se a Kunoz acertar este modo online não vai ter para ninguém. Que AC não repita os erros do nK-Pro e venha de vez para ocupar um lugar ao sol e no topo. Que o menino prodígio se torne um fenômeno. A comunidade de pilotos virtuais agradece.
Publicada: 27 Junho
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O melhor jogo de simulação automóvel do momento!
E só vai melhorar à medida que o desenvolvimento acaba!

A IA ainda conta com alguns pequenos bugs, já com várias melhorias desde a sua introdução, mas para a primeira tentativa da Kunos Simulazioni, o resultado é excelente. Tirando isso, tudo o resto é fantástico.
Publicada: 23 Junho
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Ainda que seja pré-lançamento...está muito bom na sensação que proporciona na condução...campeonato gt e muitos outros e com gráficos extraordinários, tem tudo para ser um sucesso...sou apaixonado pelo género e recomendo!

Even that it is a already in a very good stage in therms of what you feel championship and many others with extraordinary graphics effects, it as everything to be a success...i love this type of game and i certenally recomend!
Publicada: 25 Julho
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Actualmente, sem sombra de dúvidas, é o melhor simulador de corridas de carros para pc.
Publicada: 29 Agosto
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Análise de Acesso Antecipado
*UPDATED to .21*
For me, one of the best racing sims out there. definitely recomendable.
I will make a list of pros and cons (list for V0.94) so you can decide for yourself:

-Best driving simulation I've ever tried, the car is so predictable that you can even go sideways playing with a mouse. Dont get me wrong, you really NEED a wheel to enjoy this game. Almost every car is easy to drive in your confort zone, try to go above it to earn some tenths and it will become tricky before you lose the control of the car.

-You get a bunch of cars (a bit of everything) and a few laser scanned circuits. We are talking of the closest to reality models you can get on a game here. More to come, the Green Hell as dlc in October I think

-Mods (with dev tools soon *already released). mod apps (displays, corners performance,..),mod sound, mod tracks (one of high quality already, crappy ports too), and mod cars (soon* already released good ones: shelby cobra and gp2).

-Small and friendly dev team. They ask, you answer, they give (list of wanted cars and traks) and you ask, they answer (if you have some problem)

-Game modes: Im just here for the multiplayer but there is a lot of challenges, time atack mode, drift and drag mode too. *multiplayer is enjoyable already, you have some jump in and drive servers and more serious ones

Now the cons:
-As early access: everything works in single player, the AI needs a bit of agresivity tuning, now avoids you an doesnt defend its position. The devs have said to v1.0 there will be 2 sliders for strenth and agresivity. Multiplayer have some lacks but it was released this friday so it will be better for sure.

- you dont have a massive list of cars like lets say Project Cars

-As the time writing, is not possible to have another light source than the Sun, so no night races yet. You can race from sunrise to sunset with dynamic time and stuff

- Not weather yet

- Car damage (visual and mechanic) is not implemented yet, seeing the perfection of the grip simulation I'm sure it will be top-notch tho

- *You will find some idiots on the multiplayer from time to time in open servers, but what multiplayer game doesnt have them? (btw i've only seen one in 150h, the rest is just lack of experience)

final thoughts:

If you are still reading this, buy it, you wont regret it
Publicada: 11 Maio
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