Aquaria is an award-winning action-adventure game set in a massive underwater world teeming with life and filled with ancient secrets. Join Naija, a lone underwater adventurer, as she travels from hidden caves shrouded in darkness, to beautiful, sunlit oases in search of her past.
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リリース日: 2007年12月7日


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Aquaria is an award-winning action-adventure game set in a massive underwater world teeming with life and filled with ancient secrets. Join Naija, a lone underwater adventurer, as she travels from hidden caves shrouded in darkness, to beautiful, sunlit oases in search of her past. She'll uncover hidden treasures, explore uncharted waters, and do battle with massive underwater beasts to learn the truth about her family and reveal the secret of Aquaria.
  • Massive, beautiful world to explore
  • Compelling story woven through beautiful visuals, music and voice-overs
  • Innovative mouse-based control scheme and magic-based combat
  • 175 unique creatures to discover, interact and do battle with
  • Dozens of treasures to attain
  • Cooking system for creation of powerful items
  • Unlock all the Steam Achievements


    • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    • Processor: 1.8 Ghz
    • Memory: 256MB
    • Graphics: OpenGL Compatible Graphics Card
    • Hard Drive: 225MB
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You like Metroid? You like Castlevania? You'll like this game.

There are many different collectibles and suits (or spirits) to collect to enhance and change abilities. Naija's original form uses her singing ability to open up plant life (for food and bonuses), to open doors and discover secrets. The game has narration via Naija. However, not much is ever handed to you or hinted at, you must explore on your own and find your way.

There's a fun little wall bouncing mechanic that makes traversing the underwater environments fast and fun. There's also a cooking mechanic to help heal or boost stats for short periods to help beat bosses. A lot of the time you can approach exploration and combat in different ways. And it does get tough. Later stages it can turn into bullethell segments that require planning and fast reactions. There's plenty here to keep a Metroidvania addicted.
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Beautiful game, but so incredibly boring. You might say that I didn't play long enough. Well, maybe. But if the game doesn't show me in 30min something that keeps me going, it's not good. I've also read that you should play 2 hours then it grows on you. Nope. In 2 hours I can have a lot fun with better games. I don't to spend it on a game that might be better after that time.

It's said to have a huge world. And the average game play time is about 20h. That's a lot, but my impression is that this is mainly backtracking and navigating through the sparsely populated water caves. I want to do things instead of swimming all the time.

Yeah, and ancient save game system. According to my research, if you haven't put the game away at the start, that will make you flip the table later.
投稿日: 10月11日
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Not my game sadly
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While not without its merits, this game has lots of problems that make it an overall unpleasant experience. I ended up quitting my playthrough at the clay golem boss (the one that the ghost child creates).

First of all, the art is probably one of the most impressive features of the game. All of the different areas are very beautiful. Unfortunately, the effect of this is lessened by the less-than-stellar pivot based animation style. A lot of the scripted movements of the characters (for example during cutscenes) look very awkward and unnatural, which hurts the beautiful aesthetic that the art tries to convey. Even some of the movements during normal gameplay just don't look believable. It just looks like characters are sliding around on the screen instead of propelling themselves through the water (which is one of the things that makes aquatic life so interesting to look at in real life).

But what really matters most in a game is whether the gameplay is fun, so I'll focus on that now.

The game is called a "metroidvania" in the sense that, while it is a platformer, it is designed so that you spend your time exploring the environment and not being "on rails" playing through "levels". I can understand how someone who spent time playing games like Metroid would enjoy the nostalgiac appeal of that design, but I just think that, overall, it's not a very enjoyable way to spend your gaming time. The root of my complaint with the exploration is this: there's so many games out there that provide a constantly enjoyable experience, so why would you spend valuable hours of your life wandering around with no clue what to do when you could instead be playing something where you're constantly feeling engagement and enjoyment. Can you honestly say that you had fun swimming through an area that you've already seen, having to fight the same enemies, and hearing the same short music loop over and over again? If I spend an hour trying to figure out what weird action I need to do to advance the story, that's an hour I could've spent playing something more consistently fun (like Tetris, in my case), especially if the emotional payoff for advancing the story isn't very high.

I'll go into more detail on the issues with exploration in this game. A lot of the things you need to do to progress seem very cryptic, and not in a clear-cut "puzzle game" sort of way (like trying to slide blocks around to get to an exit, for example), but in an ambiguous "guess what the devs want you to do" sort of way. At the beginning of the game, it's pretty straight forward and I don't really have anything to complain about. You essentially get new abilities which act as keys to get you to areas that were previously locked (the Bind ability lets you move stones, the Energy Form lets you open Pearl gates, and the Beast ability lets you swim against currents). The way that the map works makes it obvious to you which areas you haven't explored yet, which means you don't waste much time wandering around. However, after you get all the various forms, it starts to go dowhill. Throughout the game, though, there's times where you'll waste time having unknowingly taken a turn towards an area you're not supposed to get through and having to waste time backtracking.

I only was able to tolerate the exploration by occasionally referring to a guide to make sure I was going in the right direction. I didn't want to waste my precious hours of game time taking a wrong turn to an area I'm not supposed to be at yet and having to backtrack and take a different turn towards some other area. I envy people who feel they have so much free time that they can enjoy an experience like that.

This game was praised for its music, but I'm not quite sure that the praise is that deserved. If you listened to the soundtrack by itself, I'm sure it would be enjoyable. But, in the context of the game, there's several key issues. The root problem is that the design of the music causes listening fatigue (which basically means that the music gets annoying and hurts the enjoyability of the game).

First, most of the song tracks are quite short, meaning you're going to hear the same song over and over again as you explore an area (which will happen a lot, because it is an exploration game). Second, music is played pretty much all the time. There's few moments where you are only hearing the peaceful ambiance of the water, and they are quite pronounced because they're such a relief in the face of constant, repetitive songs. Finally, the songs themselves are "loud". I mean this in the sense that there's not many moments where there's quiet parts or sparse, ambient parts in the songs.

Combat is generally frustrating. Many of the boss battles are nothing more than "swim around and shoot them and hope the many projectiles on the screen don't hit you, and eat healing items and hope you win". There's nothing really fun in that except a sense of relief when you manage to get a victory. A few bosses require you to use your various forms and abilities, and that's okay, but they still tend to be frustrating in a way that has you complaining about the design of the game and not analyzing your own tactics to prepare for the next attempt. I ended up quitting where I did because there was a bug where a projectile you needed to fire to defeat the boss wouldn't move in any direction and would just sit there where you initially fired it (instead of traveling where I was aiming), combined with a weird issue where my camera would start going crazy, and a poor design that made it so you had little window to avoid the bosses attacks. Also, you had to go through a pointlessly lengthy sequence where you build the boss every time you want to re-attempt it, which isn't fun at all. Why not just let me save before the boss is completed? Why would anyone want to waste their time doing that?

Throughout the game, the combat with the enemies isn't very fun either. A particularly glaring issue is that the screen doesn't show enemies that you need to see in order to avoid them. Some enemies will be firing fast projectiles at you or jumping at you from the edges of the screen, leaving you no time to dodge them. Simply zooming out or not having enemies attack you when they are a certain distance from you might've helped this, but there really isn't much to be done for a combat system that just involves swimming around and right clicking a bunch. A lot of the enemies take a lot of hits to defeat, so you'll be right clicking constantly during combat. Due to how movement works, dodging enemy attacks isn't very easy, even if you know what you want to do. You have the ability to do a quick dash, but I feel like the cooldown on the dash isn't enough to make it possible to avoid damage when there's a group of enemies attacking you. Precise control is also difficult using the mouse and keyboard - you either use the mouse and sacrifice precise stopping and starting, or use the keyboard and sacrifice fine directional control. Movement feels generally sluggish due to the considerable acceleration, which further hurts combat.

Overall, this game just has bad fun/minute when compared to the variety of options we have in 2014.
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Repetive, boring gameplay and an uninteresting story.
投稿日: 10月8日
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Buy it.
投稿日: 10月12日
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the ocean dies at the end.
投稿日: 9月24日
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I do not like this game. I do not know if it's because of the fairy tale story, behavior of the main character or plot development itself. It can also be the world, but that's probably not it. I just do not like this game. It irritates me. Thank you, good night.
投稿日: 9月29日
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記録時間: 8.8 時間
I had to go back to this game again - it's very Legend of Zeldaesque but its not very formulaic and the setting is quite unique. Well worth the low price it is at now.
投稿日: 10月4日
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Gorgeous visuals, a lovely soundtrack, and a fun, fluid contronl scheme make Aquaria a joy to play.
投稿日: 9月27日
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Amazing story and amazing gameplay. The graphics and music are great. I couldn't stop playing from the get go. One sitting.
投稿日: 9月24日
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A rare gem of a game, rarely have I played a game that left such a lasting impression on me. You can feel the passion and dedication of the developers.

* Compelling story with interesting twists
* Great gameplay
* Well-tuned difficulty, never felt too easy nor too hard
* Beautiful graphics

I haven't even mentioned the best part yet: I find the soundtrack of this game breathtaking. It perfectly manages to capture the mood of the game. At the same time the music is warm, refreshingly cool, relaxing if not soothing, passionate and melancholic.
The rest of the audio is great as well. In particular, Jenna Sharpe does a great job voicing Naija. I don't remember whether it's part of the game or the independently released Aquaria sountrack, but Jenna's singing in the song "Fear the Dark" is worth mentioning.

One aspect of the game I didn't like is the cooking system, it didn't seem to quite fit with the rest, but it's just a minor issue.

In unison; story, gameplay, visuals, sound and music combined; this is one of the best games I've ever played.
投稿日: 5月7日
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What is the reason we fall in love with a game? Is it the visuals that are aesthetically pleasant and utilize some original style? Or is it the world, the story, the characters? Maybe the biggest thing is gameplay mechanics, or if we speak about metroidvania genre in particular the complexity of the vast map and its clever design, which makes nearly every path valid and interesting? That matters a lot if a developer can not only make a bunch of interesting locations separated by obstacles that require special abilities or items to pass them, but also performs a miracle of guiding you through it without showing direction with a giant red arrow on the map. Feeling not lost, but intrigued like a true discoverer traversing unknown grounds — that matters a lot. And Aquaria has all of that and more. It has voice and sound. Beautiful and soothing voice of the protagonist narrating events throughout the game being as clueless as the player. And a truly amazing soundtrack, which is not just some “accompanying music”, but a masterpiece on its own. It stands out like a pearl lying on the ocean’s floor shining against the background of dull sand.
And it has one fatal truly hurting me flaw, which makes me love this game even more. That must be stupid — to love something because of the defect, one might think. But this one is special. Aquaria ends on a high note with a cliffhanger of such enormous proportions, that the fact that sequel most probably wouldn’t happen ever makes me sad ‘till the present day. A craftsmanship of just two guys, it came out in 2007, and it has been 7 years since then. Bit Blot studio is effectively defunct. Derek Yu created wonderful Spelunky, and Alec Holowka composed a lot of wonderful soundtracks for a number of games and collaborated on various projects, ultimately launching the successful Kickstarter campaign for a Night in the Woods, which looks very promising. To tell you the truth, the story of an underwater journey is still very much satisfying, it closes script arch in a wonderful way, with a proper resolution and sensible ending. It’s just that final little itty-bitty glimpse, that promises more of Aquaria to come, that sticks to my brain. And I can’t let go. Among hundreds of games that I played it’s the one I easily can name as one of the most beloved.
But obviously that moment in the end wouldn’t irritate me if the game itself was mediocre. So let’s talk about it for a moment, instead of grieving the never-happening-sequel. You play as Naija. You can call her a mermaid, I suppose; except she doesn’t really have that fish-like scale tail and looks more like a green-skinned girl with flippers and strange ears. So, she breathes underwater and even is able to “sing”. This is actually the main form of interaction with the world. For the most part the heroine can’t affect game objects directly. Different tunes perform different actions like lifting or shielding. But they all change “form” of Naija giving her offensive, defensive and various other abilities. In order to perform a melody the player has to select the right order of color-coded tones. Technically you are bound to do it only once, when learning it for the first time. After that you can use it with a hotkey, but then you’ll miss the one tiny detail: tones actually change depending on the region you are in. And that may not be the exact detail that makes Aquaria so great, but it is a great example of how vast the game is. Honestly: you can’t just point a finger at a single thing here and say, that it’s the most important — they all are. From the glorious warm waters of near-surface areas to the chilling thrills of deepest abyss this game just doesn’t stop to surprise. A very simplistic beginning that reflects Naija’s life as “a simple creature” in her own words transforms and grows like an underwater life itself becoming more and more complex, throwing in more mechanics, more songs, more pieces of backstory. It simply isn’t possible to draw a line here. Where does the story end and the gameplay begin? Where does the world transform into a form of a narrative? It’s just one whole engaging thing. I guess this is the best possible result for metroidvania, especially the one which starts with a phrase “The Verse binds us, narrator and explorer; my story will become your own, and yours will become mine.”
But you don’t know what The Verse is yet, do you? That is the force that runs through all the Aquaria (yes, game’s world has the same name as the game itself), every living being contains small part of this power, and it can be guided with rhythms and music. This seemingly peaceful concept can deceive you in the beginning into the feeling that all of the game would be careless joy and swimming around looking at the beautiful scenery. Well, in a way it is, but as you path goes down into the darkness closer to the ocean bed the grim secrets of game’s world become uncovered. What starts as seemingly aimless journey started out of curiosity turns out to be an epic tale about extinct races, gods gone mad and ultimately finding out what this all was about… except that last tiny bit, of course, but you already know that, and it shouldn’t bother you for now. Because there’s a whole world ahead of you, don’t miss an opportunity to visit it.
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A beautiful game that begs to be exlpored. That is the best reveiw I can make for it because its true.
投稿日: 6月27日
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I originally played Aquaria on the iPad 2. I wasn't really a big tablet/phone gamer, but Aquaria looked fascinating, and I love me some Metroidvania, especially when it's done right as so many devs fail at. I was never really into PC games until I found out about Steam, i loved the idea of having an Xbox Live Arcade like system, and I had always heard of it but never knew what it was until recently. I was surprised to find how many games I loved that were on here, and when they do deales on things, it can make you want to buy a bunch of stuff. I HAD to buy Skyrim Deluxe pack even though I have it on 360 and with all DLC, I wanna see what kind of improvement my new PC will make.

Anyways as for Aquaria, if you like Metroidvania games, this is the game to buy, it takes place underwater but like any real Metroidvaniaa style game you have to power up and collect items to get to certain areas you've passed. It was so easy to control on iPad, I imagine the PC would be just as easy if not more so.
投稿日: 6月22日
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記録時間: 0.8 時間
I want to recommend this game because it is wonderfully crafted, the underwater world just looks fantastic and the soundtrack is also great and rather relaxing and suits the game very well. The only problem is, I found the game got very boring. I got hooked after the first 5 minutes and was thinking "this is amazing, this game is so cool", but after another half an hour of playing, I started to get bored. I'm not sure if this is because I've only played a short time and haven't unlocked a lot of things, but I just couldn't stay hooked on it.

The actual gameplay and controls are different to most games, and a little average at times when I found myself clinging to a wall when I didn't want to be there.

Another downfall of the game is the mostly black area that surrounds your screen and the game world a lot of the time. I get the point of it, you're swimming through caves and everything, but I didn't like it, it got in the way of, and ruined, the game world a little too much for me.

Overall I'd say that if this is on sale, -%50 or more, maybe pick it up and give it a go, you might enjoy it more than I did.
投稿日: 6月27日
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Aquaria's an absolutely astounding game. Novel gameplay and absolutely stunning graphics, the world is really brought to life and the areas feel really ♥♥♥♥in' huge! It also helps that the protagonist is super cute.
投稿日: 9月17日
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記録時間: 17.4 時間
I was surprised, as highly rated and recommended as this game is; that I really did not enjoy it. As metroidvanias go this one was one of the most open, never steering you in one fixed direction. The game has only a light story in the beginning and leaves it to you to explore in any direction you choose until you come across the various temples and bosses of the game. Bosses and upgrades don't have a strict order to be obtained, though some areas will require certain upgrades to access like any good metroidvania. The story does flesh out a bit later on but never does anything engrossing or epic. The game is fully voice acted, and the voice acting and music feels very high quality. Graphically the game is 2D with nice crisp textures even at high resolutions.

One of the big reasons I didn't enjoy this game much was that the upgrades weren't terribly exciting. The major upgrades in the game come in the form of new forms you can transform into. Each form usually has one big trick, like shooting, or casting light in dark places, or being able to remove obstructions. As focused as the game is on combat I would have preferred the upgrades to be more combat in nature. The first one I received I used for almost the entirety of the game for combat, with only the last form added something I felt was "more powerful" to the mix. There's only a few health upgrades, and the rest are just decorations for your home and different costumes. Some of these are useful such as one that restores your health to 50% over time when worn, but most are just decorative. Instead the key to success against the bosses comes from cooking, which is a simple crafting system that combines enemy drops to make various dishes. Unfortunately the reliability of drops and later areas of the game being very barren for materials made this annoying. Couple that with the fact that dying takes you back to your last save as opposed to the beginning of an area or boss, and many frustrations moments were had.

My other issue with the game was the controls. You can move around with either the mouse, keyboard, or a combation of the game. As far as actually moving these controls are great. Transforming is done by playing songs with a mouse radial wheel, but there's also keyboard shortcuts (1-8) for transforming that are absolutely crucial to being able to finish the game, but the game never tells you these are there in the tutorials. Beyond that as a game set in the water precision movement was difficult. WSAD felt better than the mouse for dodging in boss fights, but it still felt very sluggish and sloppy, and things like wall jumping were more challenging than they needed to be.

If you're looking for a metroidvania this one will fit the bill, and there's lots to explore and many things to fight, but I would recommend Waking Mars if you want to explore something beautiful, and something like Cave Story+ if you want a good mix of exploring and combat.
投稿日: 5月13日
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記録時間: 17.9 時間
投稿日: 6月18日
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記録時間: 19.8 時間
I didn't beat this game but I got close enough to the end to feel like I completed the game. This game is incredibly challenging but for all the wrong reasons. I spent about half the game wandering around trying to find the next location and hoping I didn't wander into areas I wasn't ready for (despite the fact having to pass through some hard locations to get to the correct destination at times) all the while wrestling with the controls to get the character to do what I wanted it to do. For example, I'd press the buttons to swim up and right and the character would either not move or move up and to the left. The controls are already wonky in the water but exasperated out of the water. I spent an inordinate amount of time repeating the same action over and over again just to get to my objective because the controls are pretty much non-responsive. In addition, the world map is a giant mess, poorly labeled, and nearly impossible to navigate. On the plus side, the world is absolutely huge, varied, open, and beautifully drawn. The minimap was utterly useless compared to the world map with big circles that didn't actually help locate anything useful. The minimap was probably a "radar" map at one time but never shows enemy locations so there is actually no need for it. These things made for a really frustrating experience.

This brings me to the boss fights. This game is loaded with unique boss fights. Every boss is carefully crafted and requires ingenuity to beat - something that the PC platform rarely sees and, as such, is really awesome. However, the infuratingly frustrating controls drove me nuts. Several of the bosses have huge mobility gains over the main character and so the ability tell the character to move to specific positions on the screen quickly is important. After putting 15-ish hours into this game and getting to the last boss before the end-game boss, I had enough. I just wanted the game to be over. Looking up a game guide (I just wanted to know how much further I had to go) I found out that the final boss had twice as many phases as the Chrono Trigger final boss. I'd already had my fill of this game at that point so I stopped playing rather than spend another 10 to 15 hours wrestling with the controls in more boss fights.

This brings me to in-game cooking. I was mildly entertained by the fact that, in the middle of a boss fight, I could pause the game to cook up some healing poultices. "Hey, I know you've almost eliminated all of my health and you still have 50% of your health left, but do you mind waiting for a few moments while I cook a meal to heal myself?" "Go ahead. I'll, uh, read a book or something." What's more annoying is that the player has to remember to cook regularly because the character can only carry 8 of each type of item but will make items disappear upon touching them rather than leaving them lie around when the limit is reached. There really shouldn't be a limit at all. If I want to carry 100 healing poultices into a battle, so be it. Let the player play the game the way that they want to play it. Cooking is a little gimmicky as well. I frequently wished the recipe book would just let me click the item I wanted to make and then let the game figure out how to make it and automatically cook it for me. Dragging and dropping individual items is a massive waste of time.

Finally, the forms that the character can take defeats the likely purpose of the original form. The game starts out with the main character learning to "sing" to do things. However, I spent the bulk of the game in the second form (Energy Form) so I could shoot enemies and collect items for cooking. This turns the first form into a gimmick when it should have been an adventure/puzzle game, which it still tries to be at times. Such a wasted opportunity to make a truly unique game! The only thing the first form ends up being good for is getting past certain points and moving a few rocks here or there. The game could have done without all of the peons (annoying little enemies), stuck to puzzle solving with the various forms, and also kept the boss fights and it would have been a pretty sweet little game.

Overall, this game has a number of interesting concepts but it isn't worth your time. If the control issues were fixed, the limit on the storage of items eliminated, the world map overhauled to be usable, and the radar/minimap improved or removed entirely, it would be a huge improvement (all fairly easy things to fix). As it stands though, I can't recommend this game.
投稿日: 7月15日
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