Aquaria is an award-winning action-adventure game set in a massive underwater world teeming with life and filled with ancient secrets. Join Naija, a lone underwater adventurer, as she travels from hidden caves shrouded in darkness, to beautiful, sunlit oases in search of her past.
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"Explore a beautiful underwater world with Naija and help her recover her lost memories. Most importantly, there is a sushi based crafting system."


Aquaria is an award-winning action-adventure game set in a massive underwater world teeming with life and filled with ancient secrets. Join Naija, a lone underwater adventurer, as she travels from hidden caves shrouded in darkness, to beautiful, sunlit oases in search of her past. She'll uncover hidden treasures, explore uncharted waters, and do battle with massive underwater beasts to learn the truth about her family and reveal the secret of Aquaria.
  • Massive, beautiful world to explore
  • Compelling story woven through beautiful visuals, music and voice-overs
  • Innovative mouse-based control scheme and magic-based combat
  • 175 unique creatures to discover, interact and do battle with
  • Dozens of treasures to attain
  • Cooking system for creation of powerful items
  • Unlock all the Steam Achievements


    • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    • Processor: 1.8 Ghz
    • Memory: 256MB
    • Graphics: OpenGL Compatible Graphics Card
    • Hard Drive: 225MB
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Short Verdict: Wow. Aquaria is a stunningly beautiful metroidvania indie game published back in 2007, but it's still a pearl! I literally dove into it from the moment I started and I really had a blast. I'm very thankful to Jaws for not only trading it with me, but also for recommending it. If you like metroidvanias, indie games and pretty 2D graphics, don't miss this one for nothing! Oh, make sure you play it with a controller, since it's a lot better (except menus, which are easier to navigate with a mouse).

Oh, where to start....
  • Very interesting mechanic, where you can transform into different forms, each with its specialty and abilities that unlock more and more of the world
  • A HUGE world for you to explore and swim around
  • Has a great, deep story that pushes you to keep going
  • Lots of treasures, costumes, energy boosts, pets, songs, ingredients and food recipes for you to collect
  • I think it's safe to say that its difficulty level is absolutely perfect--not insanely hard, but don't be fooled by the cute graphics, this game is not a walk in the park either
  • Very interesting boss fights--while they depend on your skills, they're first and foremost puzzles
  • Being able to fill the map with customizable markers is not only a great feature, but also necessary if you want to master the game without looking (too much on) FAQs
  • Absolutely gorgeous 2D graphics
  • Awesome BGM with many different great tracks
  • Great voice acting, even if you compare it to mainstream games
  • If you're into it, there are even some interesting mods, mainly Sacrifice (a story-driven prequel) and Labyrinth (a small sequel focused on, you guessed, a labyrinth map)

  • Aquaria's world is so huge it might take a lot of time when you have to backtrack to explore old areas after acquiring new forms/abilities. There are travel turtles that carry you around (also seahorses you can ride for faster shorter movements), but I think there could've been at least twice as much turtles for a world that size. Also, being able to choose your destiny instead of having to cycle through them would be great. I didn't have to use them a lot, but it was kind of boring when I had.
  • Controls for when you're out of the water are a bit too clumsy for me. Of course they should be a bit clumsy, since you're supposed to live in the water, but they could've been better.

Bought on / for: I actually traded for another bundle key/link I had. But this game is definitely worth its full price!
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Fans of Metroid-style games and beautiful graphics should pick up this gem. It's the proper length, and contains just the right number of puzzles and hidden secrets to make even a $20 price-point viable. At $10, it's a steal.

It's one of those Metroidvania games that reminds me of everything I love about the genre. Definitely worth buying.

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I know it says I've only played 15 hours on steam, but that's because I only bought the steam version recently(ish). The truth is, this is my favorite indie game of all time. Minecraft, Gone Home, Bastion, Transistor...nothing can compare to how falling in love with this game felt when I was a young lad.

The User-defined tags should tell you everything you need to know about the gameplay: Metroidvania-styled level design, 2D underwater adventure, the works. But that's not why I love this game so much. This game is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. From its hand-painted graphics to its organic sounding music, from its triumphant title screen to its emotional ending, from the belly of the whale to the top of the Veil, from its simple controls to its hidden depths, from its quiet emotional moments to its larger-than-life boss battles...everything about this game stirs something within me, something that no game has really ever managed to reach before or since.

If you're jaded about the glut of early access ZombieSim Survivorsims, artsy-fartsy walking around simulators, blocky beep-boop bullet hell shooters that anyone could make, you owe it to yourself to play Aquaria. It's a shining gem of a game, one that holds the true worth of independent game development.

Oh, and you can make soup and hand rolls underwater.
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An amazing game, like a slightly more friendly looking Super Metroid. Enjoyable gameplay set in a great atmosphere, I was really impressed with this little gem.
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LOVED this game! Its fun, it has a variety of things to do, lots of bosses and minibosses, plus a beautiful world to explore and all kinds of things to find. Ive played it through a few times and each time i find a hidden something i missed before. I also would like to express my love for the music and sound fx. I feel like someone put a lot of time into that part of the game. The game itself progresses very well if you keep up on your food and cooking. I do wish i could have stored more food in my inventory though. It forced me to keep stopping and cooking so I would not be picking up drops for nothing. I think that is intentional though. I can think of a few reasons it might be that way, still frustrating. Over all this is in my top most played games even though its a simple sidescroll game. Good animation, good progressiveness, neat story. Fun for all ages.
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This game is an oftentimes slow-paced world where the most important thing to get out of it is a sense of exploration. There is an expansive world with an entire history to be discovered. For those looking for an expansive adventure full of exploration and discovery, this is for you. For those looking for pew pew in their games, you'll find that here too, but in much shorter supply.
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I had to go back to this game again - it's very Legend of Zeldaesque but its not very formulaic and the setting is quite unique. Well worth the low price it is at now.
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投稿日: 2014年10月28日
I've been playing this on and off for years now (since 2008!) and finally knuckled down to finish it this year. The pacing as with many of Zelda\Metrodvania games, can be a bit iffy in places but once more 'forms' are introduced it becomes much more interesting. With a unique art style and atmosphere the game delivers highly in presentation. The bosses are spectacular and genuinely creepy as well as challenging. Highly recommend to fans of the genre and exploration fans.
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投稿日: 2014年11月28日
Aquaria is a beautful underwater game that feels very much like a mixture of Ecco the Dolphin and Super Metroid. If you're not familiar with the Metroidvania styele of game,s it involves avast, open world where the player is given, generally, very little direction of where to go, with the only obstacles being environments or passages thta the player cannot explore due to needing to unlock abilities, find items, leanr amgic, or what have you.

Aquaria does this through songs, which lets you transform into other forms giving you new abilities, like energy blasts, faster swimming, or the ability to project light into darkness. The world is larger than I expected, and comprised of several distinct areas that run the gamut from the Kelp Forest, to a Sunken City, to the Veil, which should be seen in game to be properly experienced. Luckily, the game lets you put down as many checkpoints as you want, to let you mark down places you can't quite get to yet, or areas you might want to come back to later. If you want to collect veeyrthing, you'll be backtracking quite a bit.

Music is a focal point in the game, and so it's not surprising that Aquaria has fantastic music. The graphics are pretty for what they are, and the bit of voice acting in the game is good as well. Most of the songs seem to ebe a variation of the game's main theme, which becomes a point touched on in the game's plot later.

The game has tons of optional content, areas, and bosses, which lets you find either new optional forms, new costumes for Naija, the adventurer, or simply little trinkets that sit in your home that make the place look nicer and sometimes add little creatures to the area. The little touches like thsis bring the game from being good to much better.

Combat gets very 'shmupy/bullet helly' at times, and sometimes boils down to chugging healing items (which are made through a very robust recipe and cooking system - actually pretty neat!) and blasting away as fast as your right mouse button will let you click.

If I had any qualms with the game, it's that it feels like the fast travel is just few and far enough between to where you do a lot of swimming around, but if you get good at wall-boost chaining (and you will) a lot of this is mitigated. There's also a few moments where how to proceed is not immediately apparent, and it's only after i tried everything that i realized what the hint telling me what to do was actually supposed to be. The game also runs off of a save-point system, with no checkpoints in between, so a feath can force you to replay a bit more of your previous progress than you might like. This isn't a huge issue typically, though there is one optional boss that's quite a trek from a save point to get to, and isn't very easy to top it off.

Finally, the last problem: The game ends on a huge cliffhanger, and we will never see a sequel, more than likely. Oh well.

Fantastic game, and I would heavily recommend it
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投稿日: 2014年11月18日
Pre-Release Review
A metroidvania style game. Swim your way through a huge map that you will visit the same locations multiple times using your different powers that you've learned over the course of your adventure to unlock new locations. Magic, action, and casual gaming bring a good mix to this 2D animated game. While I recommend this, I must warn you, the game ends with a "to be continued." However, no sequel is likely to ever be made. The story does end well though, so you will not be let down by playing just this one game.
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投稿日: 2014年10月12日
While not without its merits, this game has lots of problems that make it an overall unpleasant experience. I ended up quitting my playthrough at the clay golem boss (the one that the ghost child creates).

First of all, the art is probably one of the most impressive features of the game. All of the different areas are very beautiful. Unfortunately, the effect of this is lessened by the less-than-stellar pivot based animation style. A lot of the scripted movements of the characters (for example during cutscenes) look very awkward and unnatural, which hurts the beautiful aesthetic that the art tries to convey. Even some of the movements during normal gameplay just don't look believable. It just looks like characters are sliding around on the screen instead of propelling themselves through the water (which is one of the things that makes aquatic life so interesting to look at in real life).

But what really matters most in a game is whether the gameplay is fun, so I'll focus on that now.

The game is called a "metroidvania" in the sense that, while it is a platformer, it is designed so that you spend your time exploring the environment and not being "on rails" playing through "levels". I can understand how someone who spent time playing games like Metroid would enjoy the nostalgiac appeal of that design, but I just think that, overall, it's not a very enjoyable way to spend your gaming time. The root of my complaint with the exploration is this: there's so many games out there that provide a constantly enjoyable experience, so why would you spend valuable hours of your life wandering around with no clue what to do when you could instead be playing something where you're constantly feeling engagement and enjoyment. Can you honestly say that you had fun swimming through an area that you've already seen, having to fight the same enemies, and hearing the same short music loop over and over again? If I spend an hour trying to figure out what weird action I need to do to advance the story, that's an hour I could've spent playing something more consistently fun (like Tetris, in my case), especially if the emotional payoff for advancing the story isn't very high.

I'll go into more detail on the issues with exploration in this game. A lot of the things you need to do to progress seem very cryptic, and not in a clear-cut "puzzle game" sort of way (like trying to slide blocks around to get to an exit, for example), but in an ambiguous "guess what the devs want you to do" sort of way. At the beginning of the game, it's pretty straight forward and I don't really have anything to complain about. You essentially get new abilities which act as keys to get you to areas that were previously locked (the Bind ability lets you move stones, the Energy Form lets you open Pearl gates, and the Beast ability lets you swim against currents). The way that the map works makes it obvious to you which areas you haven't explored yet, which means you don't waste much time wandering around. However, after you get all the various forms, it starts to go dowhill. Throughout the game, though, there's times where you'll waste time having unknowingly taken a turn towards an area you're not supposed to get through and having to waste time backtracking.

I only was able to tolerate the exploration by occasionally referring to a guide to make sure I was going in the right direction. I didn't want to waste my precious hours of game time taking a wrong turn to an area I'm not supposed to be at yet and having to backtrack and take a different turn towards some other area. I envy people who feel they have so much free time that they can enjoy an experience like that.

This game was praised for its music, but I'm not quite sure that the praise is that deserved. If you listened to the soundtrack by itself, I'm sure it would be enjoyable. But, in the context of the game, there's several key issues. The root problem is that the design of the music causes listening fatigue (which basically means that the music gets annoying and hurts the enjoyability of the game).

First, most of the song tracks are quite short, meaning you're going to hear the same song over and over again as you explore an area (which will happen a lot, because it is an exploration game). Second, music is played pretty much all the time. There's few moments where you are only hearing the peaceful ambiance of the water, and they are quite pronounced because they're such a relief in the face of constant, repetitive songs. Finally, the songs themselves are "loud". I mean this in the sense that there's not many moments where there's quiet parts or sparse, ambient parts in the songs.

Combat is generally frustrating. Many of the boss battles are nothing more than "swim around and shoot them and hope the many projectiles on the screen don't hit you, and eat healing items and hope you win". There's nothing really fun in that except a sense of relief when you manage to get a victory. A few bosses require you to use your various forms and abilities, and that's okay, but they still tend to be frustrating in a way that has you complaining about the design of the game and not analyzing your own tactics to prepare for the next attempt. I ended up quitting where I did because there was a bug where a projectile you needed to fire to defeat the boss wouldn't move in any direction and would just sit there where you initially fired it (instead of traveling where I was aiming), combined with a weird issue where my camera would start going crazy, and a poor design that made it so you had little window to avoid the bosses attacks. Also, you had to go through a pointlessly lengthy sequence where you build the boss every time you want to re-attempt it, which isn't fun at all. Why not just let me save before the boss is completed? Why would anyone want to waste their time doing that?

Throughout the game, the combat with the enemies isn't very fun either. A particularly glaring issue is that the screen doesn't show enemies that you need to see in order to avoid them. Some enemies will be firing fast projectiles at you or jumping at you from the edges of the screen, leaving you no time to dodge them. Simply zooming out or not having enemies attack you when they are a certain distance from you might've helped this, but there really isn't much to be done for a combat system that just involves swimming around and right clicking a bunch. A lot of the enemies take a lot of hits to defeat, so you'll be right clicking constantly during combat. Due to how movement works, dodging enemy attacks isn't very easy, even if you know what you want to do. You have the ability to do a quick dash, but I feel like the cooldown on the dash isn't enough to make it possible to avoid damage when there's a group of enemies attacking you. Precise control is also difficult using the mouse and keyboard - you either use the mouse and sacrifice precise stopping and starting, or use the keyboard and sacrifice fine directional control. Movement feels generally sluggish due to the considerable acceleration, which further hurts combat.

Overall, this game just has bad fun/minute when compared to the variety of options we have in 2014.
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*smartass voice* it's ok
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投稿日: 2014年11月7日
A mix between Zelda Ocarina of Time, Metroid & Ecco the dolphin. 10/10 Fan for life

Great music is also worth mentioning, had to buy the soundtrack ^.^
The next best thing to playing N64 Zelda Games

Everything about the game is perfect, the only problem I had with it was trying to figure out where to go next, but easily fixed with a brief look at a walkthrough to point me in the right direction.
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記録時間: 7.6 時間
投稿日: 2011年12月27日
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★★★★☆ 日本語化MOD有り
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 Naijaは歌をうたうことで遠隔攻撃をはじくシールドや重い物を引き寄せる魔法を使うことができるのだが、最大の特徴は自身の形態を様々に変化させられることだ。たとえば、Energy Formでは手から火炎を発射することができたり、Fish Formでは魚になって通常は入れない狭いルートを通れたりする。これがパズルを解く鍵になっている場所も少なくなく、新形態を覚えることによりAQUARIAの世界が徐々に明らかになっていく過程はとてもワクワクする。パズルの難度は易しめなので多少悩む場所があるにしても、たいていは近くに明らかなヒントが用意されているので詰まることはないだろう。恋人の髪型がモヒカンなのが最大の謎である。それに対してボス戦の難度はかなり高い。普通に攻撃するだけでは通用せず戦闘中にパズルを解くようなボスが序盤からでてくるし、後半になると敵のパターンを読めても攻撃がよけきれずにジリジリ体力が削られてゲームオーバーになることもよくあった。だが、『La-Mulana』と同様に、この難度でなければ得られない大きな達成感を生み出しているのもまた事実だ。


 グラフィックスは海中世界特有の綺麗でアブナイ雰囲気が抜群に表現されているが、それと同じくらい音楽も上質だ。やわらかい曲調のものが多く、一部を除いて耳には残りにくいがBGMとして流すと海中散歩をしているような気分でリラックスできる。musフォルダに音楽がogg形式で収録されているが、ループさせて使用するものなので曲の最後で突然終わるために鑑賞向きではない。Jukeboxという名前の公式MODでも聴けるが、連続再生できないためにやはり鑑賞には適さない。気に入ったのならbandcampで販売されているサントラを購入した方がいいだろう。MODには公式対応しておりメインメニューにMODランチャがあるが、リリースされている数は少ない。Indie Game: The Movieにも開発者がちらっと登場してデザイン思想を語っていた。
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投稿日: 2014年6月26日
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投稿日: 2013年11月25日
Incredible, atmospheric experience and a work of art.

from the design standpoint Aquaria is a Metroidvania 2D game with big underwater world to explore. Those ideas aren't that special on paper, but the strange mix of climactic locations, fitting music and hand-drawn graphics makes this title not only joy to look and hear, but makes so much impact on the player that after you finish the game you will know that is one of the best indie games out there yet to be recognized by most of gaming community.

The story is simple, but it is told extremely well by the voice of the main protagonist as you play the game. It starts out interesting, but it ends up strongly heart-touching. The plot is slowly revealed through the game and the next surprise around the corner will be bigger than the former. Also, in my opinion, Naija is one of the best written female characters in video game industry up to date.

Aquaria is an open world and you must figure out most of the gameplay mechanics all by yourself. Some tactics for beating some bosses are kind of tricky, so this isn't the game for people that are not so fond of the more exploration-oriented games. The start of this game isn't as fast as you would want to, but if you will give it some time you will be hooked straight to the finish. Game is around 12-20 hours long and there are lots of non-mandatory things to find. This is not a small game by any means.

Aquaria had a bad luck that it came before the Braid's indie games boom. Don't miss this one. It's a powerful gem hidden in the sea.
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