Aquaria to nagrodzona przygodowa gra akcji osadzona w ogromnym podwodnym świecie pełnym życia oraz starożytnych tajemnic. Dołącz do Naija'i, samotnej poszukiwaczki przygód pod wodą w podróży, której celem jest poszukiwanie przeszłości, począwszy od ukrytych jaskiń pogrążonych w ciemności aż do pięknej i słonecznej oazy.
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Bardzo pozytywne (758) - 90% z 758 recenzji użytkowników dla tej gry jest pozytywnych.
Data wydania: 7 Gru, 2007

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Kup Aquaria

LETNIA WYPRZEDAŻ! Koniec oferty: 4 lipca


O tej grze

Aquaria to nagrodzona przygodowa gra akcji osadzona w ogromnym podwodnym świecie pełnym życia oraz starożytnych tajemnic. Dołącz do Naija'i, samotnej poszukiwaczki przygód pod wodą w podróży, której celem jest poszukiwanie przeszłości, począwszy od ukrytych jaskiń pogrążonych w ciemności aż do pięknej i słonecznej oazy. Naija odkryje ukryte skarby, zbada nieznane wody i będzie walczyła z wielkimi podwodnymi bestiami, aby poznać prawdę o jej rodzinie oraz ujawnić tajemnicę Aquarii.
  • Ogromny, piękny świat do odkrycia
  • Fascynująca opowieść przetkana przepiękną grafiką, muzyką i narracją głosową
  • Innowacyjny schemat gry oparty na ruchach myszy oraz walka za pomocą magii
  • 175 wyjątkowych stworzeń do odkrycia, interakcji czy walki z nimi
  • Dziesiątki skarbów do zdobycia
  • System gotowania, za pomocą którego stworzysz potężne przedmioty
  • Zdobądź wszystkie osiągnięcia Steam

Wymagania systemowe

    • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    • Processor: 1.8 Ghz
    • Memory: 256MB
    • Graphics: OpenGL Compatible Graphics Card
    • Hard Drive: 225MB
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Bardzo pozytywne (758)
Niedawno opublikowane
( 19.7 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 24 czerwca
A classic from the early indie era, before things like steam greenlight and twitch made it way easier for indies to put themselves on the map. I bought the first humble indie bundle for this and world of goo. This game starts a little slow, but the beautiful artwork and music, the awesome atmosphere, an enormous world to explore, and the metroid meets ecco the dolphin gameplay are all superb. A few of the puzzles felt a little overly obscure, and sent me looking for a walkthrough, but overall, the game is just fantastic. If you enjoy the metroidvania genre, definitely get this.
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( 23.5 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 22 maja
I've played this on iPad and on PC all the way through (PC is a lot easier). Loved the music and the context. Nothing could quite prepare me for the "WTF?" moment when I met the end boss though, which made no sense whatsoever.
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Michael Elboim
( 0.1 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 17 maja
One of those rare gems in gaming. This is the beginning of indie for me. Together with Braid and World of Goo, this is a masterpiece in our era.

It's a swimming Metroidvania, and if you don't know what that is, you might not like it. You need to search and explore and sometimes dive into dark waters that will kill you in an instant, but when you master the game (and cooking!), you will love it. It's a surprisingly deep love story, a great mechanic-wise game, has wonderful music and not as short as it seems.

If you're into Metroidvanias, this game is one of the best in the genre.

I've bought it on Steam only to have it here as well, and still waiting for the never-coming sequel.
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Badger of Tzeentch
( 33.0 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 15 maja
A mermaid girl fights demented gods and makes sushi.
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( 1.2 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 13 maja
Beautiful graphics, sound and storyline. Relaxing game with some interesting gameplay. Its just a shame that it doesn't better support gamepads or higher resolutions, only a few buttons are mappable and it has to be set up before you can use it.
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( 35.8 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 17 kwietnia
Aquaria was one of the first open-world games I ever played. I entered the gaming world later than most, & wasn't expecting such freedom. The music, artwork, & sheer amount of room I had to explore & challenge foes entranced me. I put over 50 hours into the demo without a second thought, despite the fact that it only allowed me access to two forms & a few areas. Everything from the battle system to cooking items to regain health & create effects was new to me, & I adored every moment of it.

The work that has gone into this game's artwork (much of which is done in watercolour) & music creates an environment that can shift from carefree to ominous in moments. Nadja's form, the environments she explores, & the creatures she battles are unique & beautiful-- & sometimes terrifying.

I own both the computer version & the iPad versions of this game, & the switch from keyboard controls to touch is seemless & inspired. I highly recommend the iPad version for individuals who want to connect with the game kinetically.

What stands head & shoulders above all other elements of this game, though (in my opinion), is the soundtrack. Each song is crafted to evoke a sense of wonder, fear, or joy with exceptional results, to the point that encountering silence creates the sense that something integral to the game is absent. To this day, I haven't encountered music that fit so well with a game's surroundings & personality. Above all, Aquaria's music is what creates the atmosphere I keep returning to, even years later.

While the developers have moved onto different projects, & don't plan to make a sequel, mods exist that expand the game's areas, making it worthwhile to download them. I'll always want to see a sequel, but part of me acknowledges that any follow-up to this game would likely fall flat in comparison.

My final recommendation is that you should buy this game, especially if you have a soft spot for atmosphere & exploration, And of course, incredible music. Aquaria's kept me entertained & inspired for years now, & never disappoints.
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( 22.9 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 16 kwietnia
There is no neutral option so I will say it is recommended. The game is enjoyable with beautiful artwork, soundtrack and the flexibility in combat system. However, there is one thing that I really really hate about Aquaria is its "checkpoints". They are always 30 mins of travelling apart, and always at the worst place. If you die on your way to get to the next checkpoint, well, here goes another half an hour of travelling (facing the same lame monsters!!!). That is just really frustrating.

My opinion: 7/10
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( 2.7 godz. łącznie )
Recenzja przedpremierowa
Zamieszczono: 5 kwietnia
Tried to play this game two times in really different times of my life (more than a year between the two tries) and I don't get this game.

Is tedious, is boring, is slow, feels plain...

It is currently on my "Hidden" list in Steam, I gave up on it and I'm never going to look back at it.
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( 74.0 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 5 kwietnia
Aquaria by Alec Holowka and Derek Yu is a gorgeous adventure game in the vein of Castlevania and Metroid. Instead of gothic castles or spaceships, however, the world you’ll be exploring is a beautifully drawn underwater maze, teeming with plant and animal life. Most of which will try to kill you.

Your avatar in this world is Naija, a blue-skinned, enflippered humanoid with no memories of her past. When Naija is visited by a mysterious cloaked person who bestows upon Naija a deadly vision, she decides to set out and explore the ocean. There are forests of towering kelp full of seahorses, ancient civilizations whose ruins hide powerful secret spells, and dark depths where monstrous creatures await to devour unsuspecting travelers. Naija, in her initial state, has no offensive capabilities, which makes your first couple hours in the game a timid affair of running from fights and dodging enemies. But she is not helpless for long! She has the power of The Verse, a magical music power that allows her to take different forms, allowing her to attack enemies or overcome obstacles. You sing songs by right-clicking and running the cursor over different symbols, to play short phrases, similarly to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This is the main way the game gates content.

Most of the world is closed off to you in one way or another at the start, and finding different songs will allow you to overcome these obstacles. For instance, you might pass a powerful current that you cannot swim into, at least until you find the Beast-form song, which gives your dash so much power you can easily force your way into that tunnel, opening a new section of the waters to explore. This can be a little frustrating at times, as it can seem that you have nowhere to go, when you actually have to backtrack quite far to find the one entrance that your new power allows you to open. The game has an adequate map-marking tool, but more than once I gave up and had to consult a walkthrough to progress.
There is also a recipe system that allows you to combine ingredients you find in the world into different foods, which will heal Naija, strengthen certain abilities, or even make her invincible. Some ingredients can be quite difficult to find, and completionists will be hard-pressed to find all of them without help. The recipe system can also be a source of frustration, as some of the later boss fights are quite unforgiving, and almost require some of the rarer consumables to survive.

Holowka’s music is quite beautiful throughout the game. Boss fight songs have high-paced intensity, while the open waters have a grand exploratory solitude to them. Naija’s home has a quaint little ditty. Overall the soundtrack is alternatively relaxing and driving. I listen to it at work when I need to just escape and get stuff done. The sound effects can get a little grating, as your energy attack will be used approximately 8 million times through the course of the game. That *schwoosh* sound gets quite old after a while, especially during some boss fights where you’re spamming it constantly.

The visuals are where this game really stands out, though. That this game was the product of two men is astounding. The entire world is cohesive and beautiful, full of varied sea life and environments. Yet everything fits together so well, and nothing seems out of place. The 2D graphics really shine on any system, even an older laptop.

The mouse-and-keyboard controls are fairly intuitive, allowing you to swim effortlessly and propel yourself with your powerful legs from wall to wall. The singing mechanic is fun, but sometimes can get a little difficult to control, especially in high stress situations where you want to change quickly between forms. Nowhere in game does it tell you this, but your songs are actually mapped to the 1-9 number keys, and you can switch effortlessly between them without actually singing the songs. This makes the game a lot easier, but also takes away some of your immersion.

The ending to the game leaves open the possibility of a sequel, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like that will happen.
This is a great adventure game, but it is not without its flaws. Every Metroidvania adventure game struggles with backtracking and the potential for the player to miss an important passageway, but don’t let that drive you away from this game. The game is just gorgeous, and you’ll want to explore each of the tremendously varied zones for their own sake, not just to collect some loot and leave. You’ll want to go swimming after playing this game. Just be sure to avoid any sea dragons.
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( 24.0 godz. łącznie )
Zamieszczono: 2 kwietnia
One of the better metroidvania out there.
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Najbardziej przydatne recenzje  Ogółem
2 z 2 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
22.3 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 1 października, 2013
[...] trudno było mi uwierzyć, że ta gra ma potencjał i jest coś warta [...] jednak szybko zostałem wyprowadzony z tego błędu. Po etapie wprowadzającym zaczęło się dziać. Muzyka, gameplay, fabuła i, jak dla mnie największy atut, na tyle otwarty świat, by można było poczuć ból głowy w celu zapamiętania wszystkich lokacji. Co cenię jeszcze...? Fabuła, która przez twórców została przyjęta jako w pewien sposób nielinowa... Tyle tytułem wstępu, po więcej zapraszam w "Tonie Aquarii"
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1 z 1 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
22.4 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 3 października, 2014
Ta gra mnie po prostu urzekła. Aquaria to gra typu "metroidvania" - nieobeznanych z tym terminem odsyłam do takich tytułów jak Metroid albo Castlevania (mam tutaj na myśli ich klasyczne wersje w 2D). Choć nie brakuje w tej grze dynamicznych walk, ponieważ przemierzane przez nas obszary obfitują w potwory oraz drapieżne zwierzęta, to zdecydowanie większy nacisk położony został na walory artystyczne oraz rekreacyjne. Grafika obfituje w żywe i pulsujące kolory, mamy do czynienia z mnóstwem różnych lokacji wartych zwiedzenia (rafa koralowa, ciemne głębiny, oblodzone jaskinie, ruiny zatopionych miast... a nawet brzuch wieloryba!), muzyka jest przyjemna dla ucha i klimatyczna, pospolite bieganie po planszy zastąpione jest swobodnym pływaniem - dzięki tym wszystkim czynnikom Aquaria jest grą bardzo odprężającą i relaksującą. Dużo czasu spędza się w niej na zbieraniu składników potrzebnych do produkcji specyfików leczących oraz nakręcających statystyki, nie ma tu bowiem systemu "levelowania" i na każdą walkę z bossem należy się przygotować, tworząc zawczasu odpowiednią ilość zasobów. Na uwagę zasługuje ciekawy sposób używania specjalnych zdolności - aby je aktywować, nasza bohaterka musi zaśpiewać odpowiednią melodię złożoną z trzech lub czterech nutek (robi się to, nakierowując myszką na pojawiające się symbole, z których każdy odpowiada jednemu dźwiękowi). Fabuła jest w porządku - w sam raz, aby świat, po którym się poruszamy, miał jakieś tło fabularne nie zmuszające do pośpiechu, a zarazem wyjaśniające to, co trzeba i kiedy trzeba. Dodatkowo gra posiada edytor poziomów pozwalający na tworzenie własnych map (trochę skomplikowany, ale to nic, czego nie dałoby się opanować). Naprawdę, ale to naprawdę smuci fakt, że taka perełka jak Aquaria jest tak mało znana i tak mało popularna...
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105 z 111 osób (95%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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49.2 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 25 listopada, 2013
Incredible, atmospheric experience and a work of art.

from the design standpoint Aquaria is a Metroidvania 2D game with big underwater world to explore. Those ideas aren't that special on paper, but the strange mix of climactic locations, fitting music and hand-drawn graphics makes this title not only joy to look and hear, but makes so much impact on the player that after you finish the game you will know that is one of the best indie games out there yet to be recognized by most of gaming community.

The story is simple, but it is told extremely well by the voice of the main protagonist as you play the game. It starts out interesting, but it ends up strongly heart-touching. The plot is slowly revealed through the game and the next surprise around the corner will be bigger than the former. Also, in my opinion, Naija is one of the best written female characters in video game industry up to date.

Aquaria is an open world and you must figure out most of the gameplay mechanics all by yourself. Some tactics for beating some bosses are kind of tricky, so this isn't the game for people that are not so fond of the more exploration-oriented games. The start of this game isn't as fast as you would want to, but if you will give it some time you will be hooked straight to the finish. Game is around 12-20 hours long and there are lots of non-mandatory things to find. This is not a small game by any means.

Aquaria had a bad luck that it came before the Braid's indie games boom. Don't miss this one. It's a powerful gem hidden in the sea.
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56 z 63 osób (89%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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31.9 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 23 listopada, 2014
Short Verdict: Wow. Aquaria is a stunningly beautiful metroidvania indie game published back in 2007, but it's still a pearl! I literally dove into it from the moment I started and I really had a blast. I'm very thankful to Jaws for not only trading it with me, but also for recommending it. If you like metroidvanias, indie games and pretty 2D graphics, don't miss this one for nothing! Oh, make sure you play it with a controller, since it's a lot better (except menus, which are easier to navigate with a mouse).

Oh, where to start....
  • Very interesting mechanic, where you can transform into different forms, each with its specialty and abilities that unlock more and more of the world
  • A HUGE world for you to explore and swim around
  • Has a great, deep story that pushes you to keep going
  • Lots of treasures, costumes, energy boosts, pets, songs, ingredients and food recipes for you to collect
  • I think it's safe to say that its difficulty level is absolutely perfect--not insanely hard, but don't be fooled by the cute graphics, this game is not a walk in the park either
  • Very interesting boss fights--while they depend on your skills, they're first and foremost puzzles
  • Being able to fill the map with customizable markers is not only a great feature, but also necessary if you want to master the game without looking (too much on) FAQs
  • Absolutely gorgeous 2D graphics
  • Awesome BGM with many different great tracks
  • Great voice acting, even if you compare it to mainstream games
  • If you're into it, there are even some interesting mods, mainly Sacrifice (a story-driven prequel) and Labyrinth (a small sequel focused on, you guessed, a labyrinth map)

  • Aquaria's world is so huge it might take a lot of time when you have to backtrack to explore old areas after acquiring new forms/abilities. There are travel turtles that carry you around (also seahorses you can ride for faster shorter movements), but I think there could've been at least twice as much turtles for a world that size. Also, being able to choose your destiny instead of having to cycle through them would be great. I didn't have to use them a lot, but it was kind of boring when I had.
  • Controls for when you're out of the water are a bit too clumsy for me. Of course they should be a bit clumsy, since you're supposed to live in the water, but they could've been better.

Bought on / for: I actually traded for another bundle key/link I had. But this game is definitely worth its full price!
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45 z 52 osób (87%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 1 osoby ta recenzja jest zabawna
Zamieszczono: 11 listopada, 2013
A relic from an era of £15 Indie titles that your average gamer would never seek out because they were usually hidden away on the developers home page without much aplomb.

Now Steam is chock full of titles and Humble Bundle/Indie Royale throw them out two to the penny. The golden era of the Indies has arrived!

Unfortunately this title and many others like it are left in the dusty past, forgotten, unloved. Give it a go and you'll be rewarded with a charming little foray into an aquatic wonderland the likes of which haven't been seen since the clicks and whistles of Ecco the Dolphin dazzled you on the Dreamcast.
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39 z 43 osób (91%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 1 osoby ta recenzja jest zabawna
24.0 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 9 grudnia, 2013
I wake up in a wonderful underwater world. It’s magical, large and full wonderful things to discover. I have no clue how I got here or why I am the only one besides the normal sea creatures. I am Naija, a beautiful mermaid-like woman, trying to discover the past and find out what happen to everyone else.

Aquaria is a 2D underwater adventure where you need to recover your past and find out what happen to everyone else. All other intelligent life seems to have been wiped out and you can’t remember anything. What discoveries and treasures will you find on your large adventure?

You will discover songs that will give you special powers to help you on your journey. You can get one that will shoot like a fire blast, another which will let you swim against strong currents, or one that will let you light up deep dark caverns. You can earn these by fighting bosses or finding them in hidden caves. You will also need to learn recipes that will help heal you and give your powers a boost. These are all found when dropped from defeated enemies or plants you can pop by certain music tones.

It’s a beautiful world of varieties of sea creatures that range from friendly to violent. Everything looks really colorful and vibrant. The world under the sea is very large and when you think you’ve discovered everything you discovered another huge area. You’ll have plenty of backtracking to find all the hidden secrets in the old-school Metroid style. Get a new power and go back to a previous area to access new areas.

There wasn’t really any problems with the game in my opinion. I do wish the final fight was a little better but it wasn’t really an issue. I also wish I was able to zoom in on the map a little more as sometimes it was hard to see where I needed to go. Those are minor issues though and never pulled me out of the experience.

Aquaria is a low priced indie game that is superb and wonderful to play. You have a good story with a twist, beautiful world to explore, fantastic music, and many hours of enjoyment. I sank 24hrs into the game and enjoyed every minute of it. There’s also some mods you can download to add more to the game if you’d like.

Bear Rating 9.5/10
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36 z 40 osób (90%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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19.0 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 7 marca, 2015
I know it says I've only played 15 hours on steam, but that's because I only bought the steam version recently(ish). The truth is, this is my favorite indie game of all time. Minecraft, Gone Home, Bastion, Transistor...nothing can compare to how falling in love with this game felt when I was a young lad.

The User-defined tags should tell you everything you need to know about the gameplay: Metroidvania-styled level design, 2D underwater adventure, the works. But that's not why I love this game so much. This game is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. From its hand-painted graphics to its organic sounding music, from its triumphant title screen to its emotional ending, from the belly of the whale to the top of the Veil, from its simple controls to its hidden depths, from its quiet emotional moments to its larger-than-life boss battles...everything about this game stirs something within me, something that no game has really ever managed to reach before or since.

If you're jaded about the glut of early access ZombieSim Survivorsims, artsy-fartsy walking around simulators, blocky beep-boop bullet hell shooters that anyone could make, you owe it to yourself to play Aquaria. It's a shining gem of a game, one that holds the true worth of independent game development.

Oh, and you can make soup and hand rolls underwater.
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30 z 32 osób (94%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 1 osoby ta recenzja jest zabawna
20.4 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 18 listopada, 2015
TL;DR: Beautiful medroidvania-style exploration action-adventure in a mysterious aquatic setting with moderate combat system and fresh-feeling story.

World of wonders

Aquaria is a hidden yet rough gem: it's got a beautiful shell that sweeps your legs off, overwhelms you with its enormous world and then drowns you in to its wonderful setting. Frankly, I was unaware it even existed before I started seriously playing through my Library to discover just hidden gems like this. I wonder how it could have flown under my radar for so long. On with the review:

In Aquaria you play as Naija, a barely feral humanoid sea creature with magic singing powers and vague memory of her earlier life. Curiosity gets hold of her and she heads to the outside world to see its wonders. The world proves to be both a beautiful and a grim place. Aquaria plays like a medroidvania but (almost) entirely in an aquatic environment, thus requiring none of the usual platforming skills.

For starters, the game is astonishingly beautiful, in both cut scenes and in-game. Aquatic environment is a tranquil place, full of weeds, plants and critters, many of them malicious. Soundtrack is nice and fits the theme marvellously. Voice acting is surprisingly good for a game with (almost) only the lonesome main character articulating by herself. It is used excellently to set the mood of mystery and wonder. The game encourages you to just hang around in its calm, alien world. Sometimes, an eerie, malicious laughter in the distance breaks the illusion of tranquility - who is that and why is he laughing?

Just about everything about the storyline and setting is tightly knitted into the lore and many things only become clear close to the end. The intro cut scene itself is confusing as its significance only becomes apparent late into the game.

So much to see...

In the beginning a while is spent simply exploring the limited area and trying to figure out what to do. The ever-present exploration aspect is both cool and dull: while the environment is pretty and contains a lot of interesting features and stuff to find, the whole scope of it is initially overwhelming. It takes a while to get through the slow start. Fortunately there's a map and you can easily mark interesting/unreachable areas.

Like expected in a good medroidvania, it takes a while to find out how to use the environmental features to your advantage and find a means to proceed into the areas previously unreachable. This makes returning to the known areas rewarding.

To reach those areas Naija may learn to take different forms that grant her special abilities like shooting homing fire bolts or fitting into tight spaces. The forms (and a couple of spells) are accessed through singing magic, though there are keyboard shortcuts for the numerous forms. The special abilities are used also in combat.

So much to fight...

Fighting is simple, almost to a point of dull: shoot until enemy dies, sometimes removing/destroying the shield first, and avoid getting hit by projectiles or touched by enemies. It works but it sure could use some twists. The enemies are invariably sea creatures of various kinds but bosses are sea monsters or downright fallen gods of enormous size.

Boss monsters (which are a dozen) usually require one to make them expose their weak spot in some way and then shooting it as fast as you can. In effect fighting some bosses is more like a puzzle into itself as you look for their weak spot and study their attack patterns, which are just 2-3 per boss. Many bosses have also a fascinating background in the lore, though some are just nasty creatures who want to kill you.

The later bosses are better and more challenging (even difficult), while the earlier ones might be killed simply by dodging or blocking their bullet storm-like attacks and shooting like a madman. The later bosses may take several tries to survive, especially the final boss who has several forms and no saves between.

The scarcity of save points is a major fault: with the long distances between areas and the menacing world one would hope for frequent saves but there's usually just one per area. While death does not happen too often, when you do die you lose all progress since the last save, which can be infuriating if it was a while back. It also forces for rather long game sessions since you don't always know when you can save the next time. Food crafting, i.e. cooking, can be used to create healing and buff items that can sometimes help through the most dangerous situations to avoid losing progress.

It's not a perfect place

The world of Aquaria is an enormous place with several biomes from amazing reed forests to fallen aquatic cities to pitch-dark caves. Several times I would just stop momentarily and enjoy the marvellous vista.

While mostly placed underwater, there are a couple of less-than traditional platforming sections later into the game. Wall-jumping is unfortunately way unreliable, especially since the same mechanic is used to travel on land. There's no way (that I could see) to control the strength of the pounces, making it hard to judge where Naija would land. Good news is that these sections are mostly optional and sparse.

Another qualm but a stupid one at that: it took me over an hour to get the first achievement, granted for reaching open waters. Aquaria could well have been more generous with achievements, especially in the beginning but also at the end, where you e.g. don't get one for beating the game or seeing the secret ending.

Yet it is graceful

Nevertheless, after 20 hours I had completed the game and found all the secrets, though a few treasures remain hidden (why no cheevo for collecting them all?). Game had three instances where I unfortunately needed to use a walkthrough because I had totally missed the sheer existence of the puzzle despite them hiding in plain sight.

To be fair in two of the cases I felt like a fool afterwards for missing them. Perhaps in a less hectic age I would have had the patience to loiter around and eventually figure them out myself. The third one, however, was well put by the guide I read as "one of the least obvious puzzles ever" and I doubt I would have ever come across its solution except by sheer accident.

The atmosphere was tranquil throughout and I found myself being relaxed in all but the tensest of situations. The storyline (with the secret ending) was surprisingly grim and contains a cliffhanger. Unfortunately, a true sequel is unlikely since the devs have gone their separate ways, but the mod community is producing a spiritual sequel.

Reminiscent of some beautiful adventure games of old, after the slow start I enjoyed it tremendously despite its flaws. I encountered only a couple of crashes during the whole playthrough, both after several hours of playing. Game has aged well (being 8 years old at the moment). Though there are good sales for it one might even get it for its current full price (10 €) - it is only a shame it doesn't have Cards since I would gladly create a badge to show my support.
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Zamieszczono: 13 kwietnia, 2015
A quite expansive underwater adventure, with a gameplay emphasis on exploration, and an aesthetic focus on atmospherics, which are done very, very well. You play as a lone character who seeks to uncover the truth about her past and the secrets of the world around her. Her characteristic ability is being able to sing magical songs that grant her abilities.

The game is very well-designed under the vein of letting the you, the player, figure things out on your own, and make your own discoveries. There are many features that are not outright explained, but are revealed to you if you wish to discover them, and this includes both narrative and gameplay features (e.g. decoding the Aquarian script, and riding seahorses). This arrangement fits very well with the narrative. The game also works well as a pick-up-and-play experience, with little needed in the way of previous genre or gameplay experience, which is nice (and also fits with this of gradual discovery).

The narrative, a story about gradual discovery of the past, the truth, and the meaning of one's own life, is also very nice. It's not too wordy, which is appropriate for a story like this one that's introspective. I felt the story was a little weak at the end, but the music and art made up for it. In any case, the game serves well the principle of "show, don't tell".

The soundtrack is very brilliant, beautiful, and memorable. For music theory geeks like me, it may be a little sparse on diversity of tonalities, but there's a reason for that, and that's to make the music match up to the singable tones. Fun fact: if you can recognize keys, you might also catch when Naija sings different tones. For another fun activity, pick out the leitmotifs.

The art is very detailed, and also very beautiful. Most of the areas are simply gorgeous to look at. You might even find yourself sitting on a chair or a rock and taking in the scenery and soundtrack. Character animations may be a tiny bit stiff at times, but that is a negligible issue considering the sheer beauty of the art. It unfolds like a fairy tale...

For those of you who feel that there ought to be some more combat in the game -- well, there certainly is; one of the earliest abilities you get is a combat ability, and there are certainly many enemies to fight later on, including several pretty difficult bosses. Though you may find yourself asking philosophical questions about the role of combat, as I did...

There's also an item crafting system wherein you can "cook" ingredients to get food items that can do healing or temporarily boost abilities. It's also quite extensive, and has many opportunities for discovery through experimentation if you're interested in that.

Backtracking in this game is a little tedious at times, but you later on get abilities that allow faster movement, so I suggest waiting on backtracking until you get those. Keep in mind that the map allows you to set multiple colored markers indicating features that you'd like to return to -- which is a really, really nice thing that I actually haven't yet seen another metroidvania game do.

TL;DR much to explore, much to discovery, brilliant top-notch atmospherics. Definitely recommended.

(Disclosure: I acquired this game as part of the Humble Introversion Bundle.)
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This is a game I am very torn about. Its one of the most polished indie games I owned and among the most well thought out 2d metroidvania games I have played. It has a great soundtrack and overall great sounds and voice acting and a solid story. Most things about this game just feel right but yet I have a hard time loving the game. Its addictive and hard to put away but might have been its underwater setting or main character that simply didn't work for me fully. I still think its a game everyone should at least try since if this is the kind of game you'd like it might be among the better gaming experiences in its genre.

The achievements follow the design of the game and are a lot about exploring and experiencing as much of the game as possible along with the common progression stuff. The two big achievements you need to keep in mind is the achievement for exploring all areas of the game and learning all recipes of the game. I'd recommend working on both from the start since otherwise you will be on a very long hunt at the end of the game to figure out what you missed (I did this, and it took me ages to narrow down what I needed).

Time to 100%: 15-20 hours
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