Aquaria är ett prisbelönat actionäventyrsspel som utspelar sig i en enorm undervattensvärld som myllrar av liv och är full av forntida hemligheter. Följ den ensamma undervattensäventyrerskan Naija när hon färdas fram bland dolda mörka grottor och undersköna solbelysta oaser på jakt efter sitt förflutna.
Användarrecensioner: Väldigt positivt (682 recensioner) - 91% av 682 användarrecensioner för det här spelet är positiva.
Utgivningsdatum: 7 dec, 2007

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"Explore a beautiful underwater world with Naija and help her recover her lost memories. Most importantly, there is a sushi based crafting system."

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Aquaria är ett prisbelönat actionäventyrsspel som utspelar sig i en enorm undervattensvärld som myllrar av liv och är full av forntida hemligheter. Följ den ensamma undervattensäventyrerskan Naija när hon färdas fram bland dolda mörka grottor och undersköna solbelysta oaser på jakt efter sitt förflutna. Hon avslöjar dolda hemligheter, beger sig in i outforskade farvatten och bekämpar enorma bestar för att få reda på sanningen om sin familj och avslöja Aquarias hemlighet.
  • En enorm, underskön värld att utforska
  • Fängslande handling som vävs samman av vackra vyer, musik och röster
  • Innovativ musbaserad kontroll och magibaserade strider
  • 175 unika varelser att upptäcka, samverka med och slåss mot
  • Dussintals skatter
  • Tillverkningssystem för att skapa kraftfulla föremål
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    • Operativsystem: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    • Processor: 1,8 GHz
    • Minne: 256 MB
    • Grafik: OpenGL-kompatibelt grafikkort
    • Hårddisk: 225 MB hårddiskutrymme
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Upplagd: 26 april
I don't understand why there aren't readable negative reviews of this game.

I have tried to play this game multiple times, as Metroidvania is one of my favorite genres, and I have had to force myself to play this for the time I have played it, and it always bores me to the point where I can't keep playing it.

Enemies fire homing attacks from off screen, travel is extremely tedious and slow in a large world, save points are far enough apart that saving itself is a chore, death generally results in a huge loss of just time due to travel, crafting system creates a tedious and boring farming system instead of just killing enemies to receive health, also allowing "potions" instead of just skill based gameplay.

The game even progresses in such a way that there's a proper route to follow to get things, but doesn't guide you along this route in any way, causing all the other facets to culiminate in the one of the dullest, empty wastes of time in not only the Metroidvania genre, but gaming at large.

The art is good, the game is a mess.
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Upplagd: 1 juni
Great metroidvania.

Doesn't feature platforming as you are underwater so you have to swim. Combat could be more challenging for my taste, minus some boss fights. Some puzzles are weird but you can get through most of them with ease. Story and especially exploration are the game's strongest points alongside the graphics and the soundtrack which create a very atmospheric enviroment.
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Upplagd: 5 september
One of the greatest indie games ever made. Stunning visuals, addictive and gorgeous music, unique gameplay, a fairly original story, all wrapped up in one beautiful package!

I do not feel bad about having to buy it at full price either. DEFINITELY worth checking out.
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Upplagd: 12 maj

Flawed. This game is flawed as hell. Aquaria does a lot of things excellently, but also flounders on principle gameplay mechanics. For these reasons, I find it very difficult to decide if I want to give this game a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.

Ultimately, I will say Yes to recommending this game, but before you buy this, you need to ask yourself a few things. Do you enjoy the Metroidvania subgenre? Would you get great enjoyment out of exploration and appreciating the varied and well-done aesthetics? Would this enjoyment mean you could tolerate very long travel times between places you need to be while doing simplistic, shallow combat? If this sounds appealing to you, then buy Aquaria. $10 is a bargain.

Alright, down to the specifics.

I'll start with what I liked about the game, which is primarily the aesthetics. Aquaria, bar none, blows every other game I've ever played in my 20+ years of playing games out of the water when it comes to underwater levels. The game boasts a huge variety of marine biology, both plant and animal life. Each major area of the game has its own unique feel and theme, with unique sealife to match. I don't think I can recall any enemies that looked like an iterative version of an earlier one, even if some enemy's behaviors are similar. This game simply wows when it comes to the underwater places you'll go.

The music, while not quite the best I've heard for an indie game, gets the job done nicely. Each track is pleasant to listen to and generally fits the theme of the area you're in, even if they can be a bit too upbeat at times. Boss battle music feels a bit too quiet, but it's not the worst I've heard.

Naija, voiced by Jenna Sharpe, impressed me with her consistently good voice work for the game. Although the majority of the lines involve the main character talking to herself, she puts forth enough emotion to stop from sounding bored, and gives enough conviction to the more stressful moments for Naija to sound believable. Considering how bad many video games' voice acting is, this voicework was a breath of fresh air.

Unfortunately, Aquaria frustrated me when it came down to its gameplay mechanics, or at least the "feel" of them. The game, being a Metroidvania, primarily involves exploring and fighting things. Neither of these felt great to me, and it's for a few specific reasons.

Exploring the game's areas, as well as figuring out where to go, became tedious for me quickly and didn't really stop until the end. Aquaria, like many games in its subgenre, doesn't tell you exactly where to go next. Naturally, that means both wandering and using process-of-eliminiation to find your next desination, and those are big draws to playing games like these. However, this game makes those very tedious to go through due to both the huge size of the zones as well as the twisty, maze-like caverns that connect them. The minimap zooms in too much to the map, so I had to keep reopening my main map in order to not get lost. Furthermore, many times I sighed in frustration as I realized I'd have to cross a huge, enemy-filled zone in order to check if one spot on my map would lead me to somewhere relevant.

Normally, this wouldn't be too big an issue, if the game provided fast travel. Well, Aquaria does, but it involves finding turtles who will take you to another turtle's position, and you have to find at least two of these spots before you can use it. The turtles are spread few and far between, and often off the beaten path of a zone. Therefore, there may as well not be any fast travel present for the majority of one's time in the game.

As for the combat, unfortunately I found it lukewarm. Early on you get the ability to shoot lasers at enemies, but enemies have so much health that swimming past them is typically a better solution. This gets especially annoying when you have to deal with enemies whose projectiles chase you down until you do a 180 so they disappear or crash into the wall, or have enemies who will chase you down and can actually keep up with you. Combine that with the game's lack of health items early on and it's very annoying. As a side note, using said ability doesn't really feel nice either. The attack has a very quiet noise, and enemies simply disappear when they die. It's not very satisfying at all.

The one exception to this I have is during some boss battles. Although most bosses are puzzle bosses (where you have to do a certain action to do damage to the boss), the all-out combat bosses were pretty fun! They felt like a bullet hell or SHMUP that involved both shooting endless amounts of projectiles at the enemy while dodging their deadly attacks. Honestly, it got quite intense and I enjoyed those moments a lot.

The other boss battles depends. As I said above, the other ones are primarily puzzle bosses, which means they challenge you to figure out how to damage the boss or make it vulnerable to attack. No spoilers on this, but the bosses ranged from "I had to think about this for a few minutes" to "how in the world am I supposed to figure that out?". Have no shame if you need a walkthrough for these, as the clues for what to do on them are very vague.

Granted, I say all these things as someone who doesn't typically play Metroidvanias. Considering the high amount of positive reviews this game has, I imagine people haven't found these to be as serious issues as I, or disagree with my interpretation of them. Regardless, please note that if you buy Aquaria, you're going to be going into it for the atompshere and exploration, and the combat is mostly passable.

In the end, I'd say if you find the game interesting and you enjoy Metroidvanias, I'd say try it. Perhaps this game is not my typical "cup of tea", as the phrase goes.
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Aquaria - in 100 words:

Naija swims and claws her way out of this vivid, subaquatic world. Hear me roar! Hear me squeal! Hear me cry! Sometimes weak, sometimes strong, she explores the tunnels, uncovers ancient civilizations and takes us on a journey beyond the sea. The world is full of creatures, and yet she is so alone: when the time comes, who will watch over her sleep? Surely no gods, for they have fallen into the abyss, far far down in the depths below. A mother maybe? A lover? What joy will you find in those mysterious waters? Be strong. Take courage. Become Naija.

Aquaria is...

...a labyrinthine world full of secret passages, hidden caves and dozens of tunnels to get lost into.
...a journey without hints or indicators, not for the easily disorientated minds.
...slightly easier to control than Ecco, its spiritual inspiration, but rigid nonetheless. Be patient with the controls.

Aquaria is not...

...a fast-paced action game. The emphasis is on the exploration.
...very satisfying with a controller. Prefer the keyboard.
...putting you in the shoes of a 30-something white male. Naija is a female, sometimes hideous, sometimes beautiful.
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