Take On Mars places you right in the middle of mankind’s most exciting undertaking. Start out in the seat of a rover operator, finish as the first human to have ever set foot on the Red Planet.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 9 feb. 2017

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13 de marzo

TKOM 2nd Post-Launch Update (v1.0.0002) Released!

Hello everyone!

We just released another post-launch update! This one fixes multiple bugs and issues. We are continuing on improving and polishing further, and have a bit of a surprise planned, more on that later.

Another update is planned and will be released within another few weeks.

Below is the complete changelog for the update, and again we thank you all for your patience and feedback! It has been extremely helpful.

Kind and sincere regards from the Take On Mars team!

13th March 2017 - Fixed minor issue with 3D Printer area display in yards having too many digits, extending the text beyond view 10th March 2017 - Added tinnitus sound effect when really loud sounds are played 9th March 2017 - Fixed exiting ladders on clients in multiplayer, now puts the character in the correct position - Fixed Fuel handler occasionally filling empty barrels with resource non-corresponding with slot attached to - MML: Fixed oxygen leaking if ramp was closed but airlock door were opened 8th March 2017 - Fixed empty barrels falling off vehicles after a load or save - Refinery: Fixed occasional bug stopping current process after saving game 2nd March 2017 - Fixed unpleasant strobing of mission objectives GUI on low FPS - Mission 4: Fixed dialogs priorities (mission restart required) 1st March 2017 - Fixed issue in the Manned Descent Vehicle where after the Manned Ascent Vehicle launched, the fairings closed but not the construct, leading to breakage - Fixed helmet HUD showing global air pressure instead of local - Fixed Medium Bed exit position throwing the player forward a bit (requires respawn) - Fixed Small Bed exit position bumping the player forward a bit (requires respawn)

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28 de febrero

TKOM Post-Launch Update (v1.0.0002) Released!

Hello everyone!

It has been a few weeks since release, and today we have released the first, post-release update. It features many fixes and improvements, as well as some minor new additions. Below is the change log detailing what has changed. We are still working on some larger issues that you have all kindly reported to us, and for that we are grateful! Expect another update within the next few weeks, further improving and ironing out the issues.

To that end we, as a team, sincerely thank you for your patience and hope these updates improve the experience.

Kind and sincere regards from the Take On Mars team!

27th February 2017 - Added a low-resolution color camera to the front side of the Small Rover, for easier control when coming in with the front-facing instrument - Fixed issue where light bumps to the head resulted in getting knocked out, now requires much more force - Fixed issue where character could easily trip over in certain situations - Mission 4: Added spare Construction tool to one of the supply drops (mission restart required) 16th February 2017 - Added unconscious overlay, for better indication of 'knocked-out' state - Added dead overlay, for better indication that the player is dead - Increased time before death of characters in a vacuum from 30s to 90s (according to reality) - Changed global sounds to fade away when the player is dead or unconscious - Fixed 'panel-surfing' bug, where you could pick up a panel that you were standing on and use it to fly around - Fixed issue where you could take off your helmet or suit in a vacuum and have enough time to put it back on 15th February 2017 - Fixed issue where disconnecting from a Rover/Lander with night vision on could leave the screen black in Mission Control 14th February 2017 - Fixed minor issue with the helicopter being able to fly even in low air densities - Mission 2: Fixed mission bug occurring if Poptent was deployed before told so - Mission 3: Fixed introductory dialog not completely heard if 'Realistic sound' enabled - Mission 4: Changed MML landing trigger to be more reliable - Mission 6: Disabled autosave after completing objective 'Produce fuel' causing possible invalidation of that objective 13th February 2017 - Fixed issue where switching between locations in the game could leave the old map image in the in-game map - Fixed MML monitors to not update when broken off - Fixed issue with Zero-G probe tutorial loading wrong world, when accessed from main menu 10th February 2017 - Added 'SPAWN FUEL CONTAINERS' button to in-game editor when a vehicle is selected, spawns barrels filled with the required resources on the vehicle

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Be smart, Take On Mars

Take On Mars offers many benefits over real-life manned Mars exploration:

  • No need to wait until the 2030s (or longer)
  • Skip years of astronaut training, political debate, and budget cuts
  • Unlimited funding and infinite lives
  • Commute between Earth and Mars in seconds
  • Avoid the discomforts of real space travel
  • Pick your own crew or go solo
  • All-you-can-eat potatoes all day every day
  • Free trips to Earth’s Moon and International Space Station included
  • All for the price of just a few burgers!

Acerca de este juego

Explore the rocky terrain and sandy wastes of the Red Planet. Bohemia Interactive’s Take On Mars places you right in the middle of mankind’s most exciting undertaking. Start out in the seat of a rover operator, finish as the first human to have ever set foot on Mars. With a scientific arsenal at your disposal, you will pioneer the exploration, and colonization, of the Red Planet.

Key Features

  • Space Program Campaign Chapter 1: Robotics Campaign
    Explore the Red Planet from the perspective of a science-driven space agency. Command rovers, landers, or probes, over a distance of hundreds of millions of kilometers - and collect important scientific data about Mars. Research new technologies to gain new equipment.
  • Space Program Campaign Chapter 2: Manned Mission Story Campaign
    Take on the role of astronaut Mark Willis, one of the crew members in the first manned mission to Mars. When things go wrong during the descent into Mars’ atmosphere, and the connection with Earth is lost, the crew is declared missing in action. However, there’s one survivor: you. Relying on a background as a mechanical engineer, you will need to fight for survival and construct the machines needed for a chance to return home.
  • Sandbox Survival Multiplayer
    Invite your friends in drop-in/drop-out online multiplayer, and establish the foundations of a human colony on Mars. Work together to extract raw materials from Martian soil, refine them into real compounds, and use the 3D Printer to build your habitat panel by panel. Develop a power grid, pressurize living areas, utilize botany to grow crops, and operate various vehicles and machines to keep you and your crew alive.
  • Real Life Locations
    Travel across a vast, unforgiving Martian terrain with locations based on actual satellite data from famous locations such as Victoria, Gale, and Cydonia Crater. Be prepared for extreme weather and sandstorms, and watch out for radiation exposure from Mars’ solar events. Aside from the Red Planet, Take On Mars features various additional special locations and celestial bodies, including Mars’ moon Deimos, Earth orbit, Earth’s Moon (Apollo 17 Moon landing site), International Space Station (with full interior), Earth Training Centre, and Mars Yard.
  • Advanced Simulation
    Experience motion in locations with different gravity strength, including Zero-G. Break off cameras, robotic arms, or even individual struts and wheels - all affecting the way your vehicle handles. Each object, system, and instrument in Take On Mars is accurately simulated to offer a truly authentic experience.
  • Content Creation Tools & Modding Support
    Create your own scenarios in the 3D Editor and share them on the Steam Workshop. Dive into Take On Mars’ powerful Workbench editing suite to develop new terrains, add-ons, and total modifications.
  • And More
    Familiarize yourself with Take On Mars’ gameplay via 5 training missions. Play a variety of individual scenarios set across different locations. Discover interesting facts about the Red Planet with the in-game Mars Encyclopedia.

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS:Windows Vista or Windows 7
    • Processor:Intel Core2Duo 2.5 GHz or AMD Athlon Phenom X4 or faster
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA Geforce 8800GT or ATI Radeon HD 3870 with Shader Model 3 and 512 MB VRAM, or faster
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:6 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX Audio compatible
    • OS:Windows 7 / 8 / 10
    • Processor:Intel Core i5 or AMD Athlon Phenom X4 or faster
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 7750 or faster
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:6 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX Audio compatible
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