Nuclear Throne is Vlambeers latest action roguelike-like about mutants fighting their way through a post-apocalyptic world. The radioactive waste in the world allows mutants to get ahead by mutating new limbs on the fly, the abundant availability of powerful weaponry make the quest to become ruler of the Wasteland one frought with peril.
Дата виходу: 11 жовтня 2013
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“By buying Nuclear Throne you can support Vlambeer and the rest of the team while they're working and livestreaming the development of the game. You'll receive a new build of Nuclear Throne pretty much every week. After launch, when all the live development is over, the game will be available for slightly less than the Early Access price.”
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Update #22 - Friendship - Week of April 11th

13 квітня 2014

Wow. That was a crazy week. Not only is Nuclear Throne showcasing at PAX East currently, we've also made a huge announcement.

Nuclear Throne now supports local cooperative play for two players. We've made minor bugfixes, fixed some of the crashes, worked on some performance issues and made some headway on restarting our normal schedule and programming.

If you haven't bought Nuclear Throne yet, it is now also available through with an added subscription to our Twitch channel. If you want to buy the game through there, head for the brand-new and check the buying options there.

We can't thank, NorthernLion and MANvsGame enough for helping us make this announcement live from PAX yesterday. Thanks to Marlon Wiebe for the amazing trailer.

This last week, the entire team worked super-hard and long nights to make co-op a reality, and in the next weeks we'll be focusing on improving both single- and multiplayer support.

Have fun!

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Update #21 - Second Start - Week of April 5th

9 квітня 2014

Thanks so much for your patience as we at Vlambeer have been scrambling at our post-GDC activities. Jan Willem has been working overtime to get a big surprise ready for saturday, while also porting over the game to GameMaker: Studio. Rami has been working on talking to YoYo Games to support that, while arranging a whole lot of things with Steam, PlayStation, Twitch and the Penny Arcade Expo for later this weekend. The entire team, Paul, Jukio, Joonas and Justin have been working around the clock to get things ready for these announcements, and we're so happy that everything is slowly falling into place. Exciting things are happening.

Nuclear Throne is now live and should be stable on Mac. It's also live for Linux, but we can't promise stability (or even functionality) just yet, but rest assured we're working closely with YoYo Games to make sure the Linux build will be up to speed. If you own the game on Windows, the Mac and Linux builds should show up on Steam right around now, and the Humble builds will be uploaded later.

Note that the switch to GameMaker: Studio means that some things don't behave perfectly yet. We're working on ironing out the final problems, but we wanted to get this into your hands. It should fix many performance issues, audio issues and other random bugs people were having.

We've worked as hard as we can, and we realise we're somewhat late with our update this week, and that we missed a stream yesterday (and we might miss tomorrows', but we're working on trying to get someone to do that one). We hope that, by the end of week, when we take a deep breath and look back on the events and announcements of this week, you'll all agree it has been worth the wait.

    Known problems
  • Some enemy types that can switch 'state' still assume a death and trigger an explosion.
  • Gamepad state is not saved at the end of a game.
  • Boss intros don't work at the moment.

For now, I'm hopping onto a flight to Boston, MA for the Penny Arcade Expo while most of the rest of the team is in Berlin, Germany for A MAZE Festival. If you're at either of them, come and say 'hi'. Otherwise, please join us on this crazy week and don't forget to tune in on Saturday around 2PM at for the Vlambeer stream at PAX.

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“It’s a rapid-fire, deliciously crunchy randomized romp starring a cavalcade of characters from Vlambeer’s past.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“A brutal game that rewards patience, situational awareness and mastery of trial and error.”

Завчасний доступ до бети

Welcome to Nuclear Throne!

Join us while making Nuclear Throne through the livestreams on the game website and be the first one playing new builds every week. We hope you enjoy the ride with us, as we have no clue where we’re going to end up on this project and that’s really fine with us.

At this point, Nuclear Throne includes:

  • Four playable worlds to trek through towards the elusive Nuclear Throne.
  • Seven playable characters, ranging from the explosive Melting to the almost-retired Fish.
  • Two bossfights with the powerful Big Bandit and the rusted corpse of Big Dog.
  • A huge range of weapons, skills and randomly generated goodness.

    At launch, Nuclear Throne will further include:

    • At least four more worlds and an undefined number of secret worlds to explore, both on Earth, other planets and other dimensions.
    • Additional characters, B-skins and sound effects.
    • Dangerous Crown Vaults to raid for game-changing Crown Modifiers.
    • The Nuclear Throne.

    Join us on the road to final release by buying into the Early Access Beta build for $12.99. Follow livestreams of development on and play new builds pretty much every week.

    Про гру

    Nuclear Throne is Vlambeers latest action roguelike-like about mutants fighting their way through a post-apocalyptic world. The radioactive waste in the world allows mutants to get ahead by mutating new limbs on the fly, the abundant availability of powerful weaponry make the quest to become ruler of the Wasteland one frought with peril.

    Вимоги до системи (Windows)

      • OS: Windows XP
      • Processor: 1.2Ghz+
      • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
      • Graphics: 256MB
      • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
      • OS: Windows XP
      • Processor: 2Ghz
      • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
      • Graphics: 1GB
      • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
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    108.0 год. зареєстровано
    I've been completely in love with this game ever since the Mojam prototype "Wasteland Kings" was released. It's an insanely fun, fastpaced "roguelike-like" or "roguelite" with randomly generated worlds and tons of weapons to find. On top of that, the developers stream the development of the game on tuesdays and thursdays over at Twitch and they release updates to the game every week. To me, this is the best game of its kind and I've put tons of hours into mastering it (and I still die. Often. It's difficult okay?).
    Додано: 25 листопада 2013
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    191.4 год. зареєстровано
    While still a work very much in progress, Nuclear Throne is currently one of my favorite games. It's a roguelike dungeon crawler with heavy "bullet-hell" elements and a little RPG sprinkled on top. When you begin a session of Nuclear Throne, you choose from one of several well-designed & freakish "mutants", each with their own special attributes which, in itself, does much to add variety (there's also a random-select option which is a fun idea in this particular case). The goal of each stage is to exterminate all of the enemies. After doing so, a portal opens which takes your mutant freak to the next level. There are a great many weapons with which to inflict meyhem on your adversaries. As you gain experience points, in the form of green goo earned by killing enemies & also found in cache jars, you'll be able to choose new persistent perks for your character (such as more HP or certain weapons doing more damage). Every so-often, you'll encounter a boss. The bosses tend to pop in during the height of an already-in-progress battle which makes beating them all-the-more difficult & hectic.

    Originally, this game did not have controller support which was a great disappointment (though I had been ejoying it anyway, using the keyboard and mouse). However, a recent update rectified this and the gameplay using a dual-analog controller (such as that of the Xbox 360) is just fantastic. Like Ultratron before it (another very similar game which is also worth a look; I also wrote a review for it, if you're interested in checking it out), Nuclear Throne throws you straight back to the arcades of yore and plops you in front of a Smash TV cabinet.

    As a roguelike dungeon-crawler, the replay value is extremely high (due to the fact that the level and enemy layout is totally different from one session to the next). The rather extreme difficulty doesn't hurt either, as playing entails dying and thus restarting... a lot. Fortunately, said difficulty isn't of the variety that compels you to smash your controller/keyboard in frustration. Every death feels like the fault lay squarely on *your* shoulders (if only you had moved to dodge a little faster or conserved ammo a little better!), as opposed to the game feeling like it's cheating. Another stand-out feature which I think I need to bring up is the soundtrack. ...Just wow! Nuclear Throne's score is totally original and extremely surreal. It goes *miles* in lending its own atmosphere to the game.

    Some might consider the current price of $12.99 to be just a *little* steep for a game in this class, but considering how well it's made overall and the fun I've gotten from it (especially being in its currently pre-release/beta state), I consider it to be well worth the price. As of the time of this writing, the developer(s) is very active and updates are coming quite frequently.
    Додано: 26 листопада 2013
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    28.6 год. зареєстровано
    Don't let the 'early access' tag scare you away; Nuclear Throne is well worth picking up now, and the constant updates feel more like free content packs than they do updates to a work-in-progress.

    Nuclear Throne is a tough-as-hell roguelike-like in the vein of Binding of Isaac; an overhead shooter blending fast-paced challenging action with RPG elements and random levels/progression. Different characters (more still being added), randomly generated levels and random mutations as you progress make each playthrough different, and allow you to experiment with different playstyles, though there are different 'areas' that keep consistent style over the course of a few levels.

    Just to give you an idea of how different each game can be/how awesome the designs are, these are the current mutants you can play as:

    -Fish, who gets more ammo than the other characters, and can use his roll to dodge bullets.
    -Crystal, who has more health than the others, and can become an invulnerable shield which deflects bullts.
    -Eyes, who can see in the dark and can use his telekinetic powers to pull enemies toward him and push projectiles away.
    -Melting, a skeleton with melted flesh hanging off, has the lowest HP, but mutates faster and can blow up corpses.
    -Plant, a sentient plant that can move faster than the others, and snare enemies with his roots.
    -Y.V., a weird looking illuminati pyramid with an eyeball, can shoot faster than the others, and use his ablility to shoot twice with one pull of the trigger.
    -Steroids, a beefed up dude that starts with two fully loaded pistols and the ability to use both of the weapons he can carry at once.
    -Robot, who can find better weapons, and recycle found items into ammo for another weapon he carries, or health.
    -Chicken, the newest addition and my new favorite; a mutant chicken that starts wielding a katana and can slow down time. Chicken's other ability allows her to live a few seconds after death, and gives you a little time to go berserk, a headless chicken with a katana, hacking frantically, hoping for a health drop to bring her back from death.

    The designs are creative and fun, the art is great, the music and sounds keep things frantic and intense, the gameplay is solid, and most important of all, it's incredibly fun. This is one of the best games to come out this year, and if it looks interesting to you, grab it right now.

    The throne definitely exists.
    Додано: 11 грудня 2013
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    102.8 год. зареєстровано
    This is by far the best early access game out there. The community is amazing, and Vlambeer is heavily involved. They update the game every week, and they are significant updates each time! It is exciting to be a part of.

    This game rivals Spelunky in both difficulty and replayability. And that is while it's still in beta.
    Where it already has a leg up, however, is the insane amount of playstyles and builds that you can find while playing, due to a variety of unique characters, (9 so far) unique weapons, (~40 so far) mutations for your character (24), special unlockable "golden" weapons, and special unlockable crowns that alter the way the game rules work.

    It is the best bullet hell game I have ever played. It is high octane, and feels amazing to play.

    As you can see from my hours, I have no problem recommending this game.
    Додано: 18 грудня 2013
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    24.6 год. зареєстровано
    Why this game is awesome:

    - Awesome Art/Graphics
    - Nice and Hard Diffuculty
    - The RPG elements are fun
    - Different characters and weapons
    - Cool Enemies
    - Almost everything is randomly generated
    Додано: 30 листопада 2013
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