Suit up as an operative of the Ark Corporation, sent to the farthest reaches of the universe in search of habitable planets to terraform. However, after the long space journey you awaken from cryosleep to find that your ship has gone way off course and is disabled near a strange new world.
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Data wydania: 28 Cze, 2013

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Od twórców:

“Edge of Space is still under development. By getting into the ongoing BETA now you will be getting a discount from its final price of $14.99. The game will be improved on a regular basis through updates that will add content, new features, and bug fixes. Please check back frequently to update to new versions. Your feedback matters!

Early Access Incentive

- First Responder Armor: For those who take up the call early will receive armor that will grant bonuses to help in those first waking moments after leaving your pod.

- Surprises: We like to reward! There are still things we might add to reward those people who get the game early.”

Kup Edge of Space Standard Edition

Kup Edge of Space Standard Edition Four Pack

Includes four copies of the base game - Send the extra copies to your friends.

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Kup Edge of Space Special Edition

Zestaw 2 produktów: Edge of Space, Edge of Space Special Edition

Kup Edge of Space Special Edition Upgrade


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"Terraria is to MegaBloks, as Edge of Space is to Legos."
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12 sierpnia

Edge of Space Launches September 17th!

Rejoice, ArkcoNauts!

There is finally a launch date for Edge of Space! After sharing this journey through Early Access with all of you, we are preparing to cross the finish line, and deliver the 1.0 version of the game. It's terrifying, and it's thrilling all at once!

Can't wait for the 17th to see what the launch version has in store? We're keeping the closed beta test open right up till launch day. For the small price of your souls (an NDA), you can opt in and check out all the work that's gone into the game since we last patched the main branch. For those who want to see it for the first time when we launch, you can mark your calendars for September 17th!

Either way, we have our new Coming Soon trailer available for everyone to check out:

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4 sierpnia

Pre-Launch Testing: Week 1 Update

Hey ArkCoNauts!

Wow, one week into the pre-launch testing already! So far, we're really happy with the testing, and highly encourage everyone who owns the game to come sign up and take part. We're cramming in some very special surprises for launch, and our internal testers will be the first to see what's up our sleeves!

For those not in the test, and who don't want spoilers, look away, because these test updates may contain spoilers! Everyone else, read on!

Last night on the stream, we showed off one of the new content additions to the game, updated outposts and nests, as well as an early look at terraforming. These new events are now replacing the empty ruins and outposts that littered the game world up till now. They will have tasks to be completed, and doing so allows you to dominate the area. Once dominated, you're free to mine out special tiles left behind from the generous explosions. This is the core foundation for the Terraforming system as well. Terraforming surrounds "Primal Zones." which need to be dominated in the same way. Eventually you will be tasked with dominating the entire map to reach the end game condition for Edge of Space. Both events and primal zones present the player with new tiles to collect and use, as well as bringing more variety to the terrain. Our testers are definitely enjoying their new-found dominance over their surroundings.

Again, we want to encourage everyone that owns the game to get in and take part, the only qualifications are signing an NDA, and owning a copy of Edge of Space. With the help of the community we'll make the launch of Edge of Space something to remember!

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Official Terraria Content! - Best Indie RPG at PAX East 2014

"Edge of Space is looking like another in a long line of fantastic Indie RPGs for the PC gaming crowd this year."

Special Edition

Special Addition Includes (given at full game launch)

  • First Responder Armor
  • Sugar Glider Pet
  • Upgraded Pickaxe: Dig Faster
  • Edge of Space Soundtrack
  • Edge of Space PDF Artbook

O tej grze

Suit up as an operative of the Ark Corporation, sent to the farthest reaches of the universe in search of habitable planets to terraform. However, after the long space journey you awaken from cryosleep to find that your ship has gone way off course and is disabled near a strange new world. With no choice but to descend to the surface and figure out how to survive long enough to complete your mission, you step into the escape pod.

Along the way you’ll gather resources to craft armor, weapons, facilities, and vehicles to help you explore the world and conquer its aggressive inhabitants. Your base of operations will evolve from a few basic facilities exposed to the elements into a hardened fortress full of advanced technologies that let you accomplish amazing improvements to your equipment and alter the environment itself.

Be careful, though; almost everything down there wants to kill you, including fierce laser space sharks, artillery-toting polar bears, wickedly quick jetpack penguins, and even crazier horrors. Out on the Edge of Space, you must adapt or you die. Good luck, ArkCo Operative!

Key Features (Launch Version)

  • Open World Exploration– Dynamically-generated 2D sandbox set in the deepest recesses of space, explore randomly generated caverns, wormhole anomalies and dive deeper into the planet to discover valuable resources and other rare phenomenon.
  • Crazy Creatures – Hordes of enemies and epic bosses ranging from Artillabears, squid pandas, jetpack space penguins, and laser space sharks; not to mention epic bosses like DJ Penguin and Omegatron
  • Cooperative Exploration – Engrossing gameplay, built from the ground up, to support multiplayer focusing on cooperative exploration and combat with team-based tactics.
  • Advanced Crafting System - Using the power of science, craft advanced technology for weapons, gear and base constructions from basic resources
  • Loads of Armor – Ranging from stat boosting battle armor to quirky vanity costumes, craft armor to survive the changing environmental conditions and specialize in different aspects of mining, exploration, and combat.
  • Weapons – Create a wide-variety of dynamically generated weapons ranging from guided rocket launchers to Experimental Gauss Rifles and discover new advanced weaponry to expand your arsenal.
  • Research System – A new research system allows players more freedom to discover new areas of technology in exploration, combat, base building, and much more.
  • Command Center Management – Establish your central base of operation by creating the ultimate Command Center customized with defensive turrets, hangers and repair drones. Make improvements to protect yourself from the constant environmental changes like radiation storms and other anomalies.
  • PIOS (Power Input Output Systems) – A simple drag and drop tool, letting you design electrical systems as basic as powering a light or as complex as creating your own logic gates.
  • Pets – Create and collect pets that assist you on your epic exploration of space by granting defensive, offensive, or exploration perks.
  • Anomalies - Random world events both dangerous and helpful
  • Vehicles - Craft items from hover boards to massive mechs to safely explore the dangerous world
  • Terraforming - Conquer space by turning the land into a livable habitat
  • Continual Support – Regular post-launch updates will bring fresh new content

(Many features listed above are currently in the game but since we are still in Early Access some will be added in the future. Vehicles and Terraforming are among them.)

Wymagania systemowe

    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:2.9 ghz or higher
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:512 MB Video memory
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:900 MB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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4.2 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 8 sierpnia
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
So I bought this game in the early stages of development, and I was going through my library today and saw standard edtion edge of space. I thought hmm that doesn't seem right it was in early access when I bought it and a lot of the stuff they have been working on was now DLC. I would stay clear of this game and it's creator. Terraria did it first, did it cheaper, did it WAY WAY better and doesn't try to charge everyone to pay for in game items. Starbound would have been a much better choice when I bought this game and now I suffer the consequences with this salty wound. Edge of space is a complete waste of time and sadly lied to its early access players making false hopes.

~ Sincerly 1 individual that wants you out of the video game making market.

P.S. Try and come up with an idea for yourself.
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26 z 40 osób (65%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 1 osoby ta recenzja jest zabawna
68.1 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 3 sierpnia
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
This game should be a repleacement for Terraria or atleast a comparable thing. Unfortunetaly it is still in phase of development. After completing few startup things (gathering resources, protecting robots) it is coming to a point where You are bored because You can't find anything new (~15 hours) or it gives You a head punch with difficulty level that is too hight (in the game events like 15 mobs spawning and shooting at You light bulbs that is extreamly hard to avoid). I do not recommend this game because sometimes recipes are not finished and in some points it is not intuitive (that is very important thing). Good thing would be adding some kind of direct portals (that You could craft on place with quite huge ammount of resources) to epic boss battles which would give You either uncommon/rare loot or resources that would be only available to drop out of this boss.
Things that could be usefull:
1. More boss fight (and except needed gear, also tactic required) + rare epic loot 1 in 100 or 1000 to drop
2. More special monsters that grant a nice reward
3. Combo shoots that gives a player sense of power (for example charging power for killing monsters and than when You want You can unleash it upon all foes dealing massive damage)

My opinion:
For now it is not as good as expected, however it offers creation of own server that You could play co-op/multiplayer. This game could use some features that will make it better and 12 Euro is a bit too epensive (but it's standard for most of steam games).
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8 z 11 osób (73%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
1.6 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 14 sierpnia
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Played for a little over an hour and a half in hopes that it would improve, was sorely disappointed.
The UI will break randomly, making several of the dozens of menus unnavigable.
Hopefully, if the game is ever completed, it will be dramatically better than it is today. I may give it another shot then.
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11 z 17 osób (65%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
1.4 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 3 sierpnia
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Could never really get into this game like others such as terraria. I often thought to myself why haven't i played this game much, but then i start it up, get bored and quit. For some reason this game just doesn't capture my exitement or creativity like most games usually do. It's just my opinion.
Maybe it's just me but i'd probably wait until Official release and go play other games in the meanwhile and see if it's any better then.
I'd give it a 5/10 as i can see its potential and i hope to one day come back and be completely immersed within it. But that'll just have to wait.
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4 z 5 osób (80%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
0.3 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 22 sierpnia
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Too early and too beta.

It looks promising, but I could not even complete the tutorial because a door wouldn't open. After relauching my world could not be found and I gave up. I understand the concept of beta, but I would recommend waiting until it has matured. I may try it again in the future, but not now.
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