Suit up as an operative of the Ark Corporation, sent to the farthest reaches of the universe in search of habitable planets to terraform. However, after the long space journey you awaken from cryosleep to find that your ship has gone way off course and is disabled near a strange new world.
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Data de lançamento: 17/set/2015

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16 de dezembro de 2015

Patch v1.09 - Happy Holidays!

Hey ArkCoNauts!

We have another round of fixes for your gaming pleasure, and are still working through the suggestions and feedback from the community. We are in the process of revamping the NPC system in a number of ways, but that update will be longer in coming as the holidays are approaching, and the team takes time off to spend with family and friends. After the new year we’ll be sitting down to plan things out, and update the community on what’s next. Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

  • Sound now updates while the game is paused (this prevents looping or repeating issues)
  • The ”Welcome to the edge” and “one of us” achievements work again
  • Carbon Fiber factory now works like the other factories. The required quantity has been reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Unused stats have been removed from the character stats tab. Exposure Rank has been added to the stats tab
  • Fixed an issue where inventory slots could be active past the bottom of the inventory window
  • You can now only drag and drop things from the crafting slots if the target slot is empty
  • Banner popups no longer block mouse input
  • Clarified reforge schematic tooltips in the knowledge window
  • Added a form of triple jump to the defense mech and removed falling damage from it as well
  • Improved vehicle related creature hate (aggro) for vehicles with weapons
  • Fixed the arm animation when aiming left and up
  • Fixed an issue where teleport menu would remain active after teleport and not update
  • Ammo requirements for weapons now appear on the right side of the crafting window
  • Boomerangs no longer knockback targets, which should correct a number of issues
  • Changed how anomalies (non-bunker crab nests and jelly nests, crab eggs, random mechs, etc) spawn near structure tiles and bunkers/nests. This should reduce the chance of anomalies spawning near player bases as long as the background tiles are not empty or naturally occurring resources (dirt, rock, mud, clay, ice, biomass, aluminum, titanium, uranium, radium, or promethium). The dirt structure, rock structure, et cetera tiles will prevent anomalies, just not the basic tiles

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19 de novembro de 2015

Patch v1.08 - Fixin' Things!

Hey ArkCoNauts!

We’ve been continuing to pound away on bugs and issues in the game, especially the lag and UI issues. Uncovering them all is certainly challenging, but we have noticed significant improvement in testing from the latest round of fixes. We definitely want to hear from the community to help us determine how effective the fixes have been!

  • Added Holopet Jack-o-lantern
  • Master cryopod and chests no longer display removal icon when they cannot be picked up
  • You can now split stacks into another identical stack
  • Reduced Jack O Lantern beam length
  • Craft window text filter now clears when window closes
  • Mortar Penguin and Artillabear no longer damage tiles
  • Fixed an issue that prevented defense mech from damaging placeables
  • You can now right click to remove items from factories
  • Fixed the auto button for factories with less than 3 components
  • Codex entries for factories will unlock when you click on the codex page icon if you do not already have it unlocked
  • The player info area no longer blocks input
  • Weapon firing now resumes after moving mouse off of UI areas
  • Some event nests can no longer be picked up
  • Fixed a number of potential memory leaks in the UI
  • Item banner text now has an approximate delay of 2 seconds after picking up an item
  • Picking up multiple items will now only display a single banner text
  • Command centers now have the number of PIOS outputs in their description
  • When placing or renaming a Command center they will get their XY coordinates added to their name instead of hex ID
  • Corrected unnecessary memory allocations in the mining system
  • Corrected unnecessary memory allocations in the vehicle mining system
  • Adjusted structure tile mining speed to help prevent accidental removal

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Special Edition Content:

  • Chrome Fineous Mount
  • SE Laser Pick
  • Sugar Glider Pet
  • First Responder Armor
  • Luchidor Helmet
  • TopHat Helmet
  • Concept Art PDF
  • Edge of Space OST

Take a look at our journey through Early Access.

Featuring Official Terraria Content!

Sobre este jogo

Suit up as an operative of the Ark Corporation, sent to the farthest reaches of the universe in search of habitable planets to terraform. However, after the long space journey you awaken from cryosleep to find that your ship has gone way off course and is disabled near a strange new world. With no choice but to descend to the surface and figure out how to survive long enough to complete your mission, you step into the escape pod.

Along the way you’ll gather resources to craft armor, weapons, facilities, and vehicles to help you explore the world and conquer its aggressive inhabitants. Your base of operations will evolve from a few basic facilities exposed to the elements into a hardened fortress full of advanced technologies that let you accomplish amazing improvements to your equipment and alter the environment itself.

Be careful, though; almost everything down there wants to kill you, including fierce laser space sharks, artillery-toting polar bears, wickedly quick jetpack penguins, and even crazier horrors. Out on the Edge of Space, you must adapt or you die. Good luck, ArkCo Operative!

Key Features

  • Open World Exploration– Dynamically-generated 2D sandbox set in the deepest recesses of space, explore randomly generated caverns, wormhole anomalies and dive deeper into the planet to discover valuable resources and other rare phenomenon.
  • Crazy Creatures – Hordes of enemies and epic bosses ranging from Artillabears, squid pandas, jetpack space penguins, and laser space sharks; not to mention epic bosses like DJ Penguin and Omegatron
  • Cooperative Exploration – Engrossing gameplay, built from the ground up, to support multiplayer focusing on cooperative exploration and combat with team-based tactics.
  • Advanced Crafting System - Using the power of science, craft advanced technology for weapons, gear and base constructions from basic resources
  • Loads of Armor – Ranging from stat boosting battle armor to quirky vanity costumes, craft armor to survive the changing environmental conditions and specialize in different aspects of mining, exploration, and combat.
  • Weapons – Create a wide-variety of dynamically generated weapons ranging from guided rocket launchers to Experimental Gauss Rifles and discover new advanced weaponry to expand your arsenal.
  • Research System – A new research system allows players more freedom to discover new areas of technology in exploration, combat, base building, and much more.
  • Command Center Management – Establish your central base of operation by creating the ultimate Command Center customized with defensive turrets, hangers and repair drones. Make improvements to protect yourself from the constant environmental changes like radiation storms and other anomalies.
  • PIOS (Power Input Output Systems) – A simple drag and drop tool, letting you design electrical systems as basic as powering a light or as complex as creating your own logic gates.
  • Pets – Create and collect pets that assist you on your epic exploration of space by granting defensive, offensive, or exploration perks.
  • Anomalies - Random world events both dangerous and helpful
  • Vehicles - Craft items from hover boards to massive mechs to safely explore the dangerous world
  • Terraforming - Conquer space by turning the land into a livable habitat
  • Continual Support – Regular post-launch updates will bring fresh new content

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:2.9 ghz or higher
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:512 MB Video memory
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:900 MB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
Análises úteis de usuários
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Publicada: 2 de outubro de 2015
Bom, tentar avaliar o jogo em sua (finalmente), fase de lançamento, ate o momento estou curtindo muito o jogo. Esta completamente diferente de sua fase beta nas opções de abrir novas receitas e armamentos.

O mapa na verdade e um planeta que toda vez que se cria um novo, ele muda características, então muito difícil encontrar dois iguais, pois os minérios, tuneis, e relevos sempre estarão em posições e em diferentes locais. E também tem as "mini-bases de criaturas" que devem ser conquistadas dando mais vontade de explorar o mapa. Gostei da opção de recrutar npcs para lhe ajudar.

E a dificuldade aumenta conforme descer, mas não esqueça de verificar se sua armadura irá suportar a pressão atmosférica e a radiação.

A jogabilidade e boa, controles são simples, sem muitos segredos e fáceis de utilizar e memorizar. E com a possibilidade de jogar com os amigos e muito divertido sair caçando os minérios e recursos, e fazer as Dungeons.

O sistema de Craft e bem variado, e com varias opções de armamentos, armaduras para situações diferentes (exploração, combate, mineração), enfeites para sua base, vários tipos de "tijolos" para construir, e ainda tem muito mais conforme pega upgrades novos, montarias e pets para atender sua necessidade seja para te auxiliar no combate (te dando mais defesas ou te ajudando a atirar), exploração (Luz ou proteção radioativa) ou mineração (ajudando a minerar ou localizando minérios). Ate o momento vi que habilita crafts avançados usando a EXP que se acumula, mas tem algumas opções de construção que se habilita conforme vai conquistando o "nível" que esta no planeta.

As Dungeons são legais mas são poucas ate o momento, são ótimas para pegar recursos raros e farmar EXP para habilitar os crafts e é claro matar o BOSS. Fora isso não há muito o que falar

A historia do jogo eu achei simples mas boa, mas tomara que eles implementem mais detalhes.

Algumas conquistas para se fazer, eu achei meio absurdas.

A musica eu gostei que se adaptou ao clima do jogo, os efeitos sonoros falta melhorar a distribuição R/L sound para Stereo pois parecia que estava jogando em mono.

O suporte dos DEVs do jogo tem se mostrado muito atenciosos,prestativos e amigáveis, para resolver os problemas que o jogo tem desde que os players lembre-se de avisar dos bugs.

Em resumo e um bom jogo, com que pude observar na sua versão final que há espaços vazios e vagos deixando em aberto futuras atualizações com mais dungeons, inimigos e crafts(tomara que sim). Possui um excelente potencial para ser um excelente jogo. Ate o momento o jogo possui alguns bugs que estão sempre sendo atualizados para corrigir. O preço da versão Standard está muito bom, da versão Special já não digo isto.

Finalizando: Jogo muito divertido, mas jogando solo depois de algum tempo se torna tedioso (mas pelo menos irá querer chegar nos melhores crafts do jogo), com amigos a diversão e muito alta e duradoura.
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Publicada: 25 de novembro de 2015
Ótimo jogo, muito bom, eu acho ele melhor que Terraria, Starbound e Craft the World pela facilidade de craftar e uma ação boa. Você tem arma de munição infinita, você vai craftando com o tempo as armas, tem armas que tem que criar munição. Você ganha XP, uma pontuação no máximo de 10 mil. Quando chega a 10 mil, você usa esses pontos para aumentar objetos para craftar, são várias opções, objetos para base (cama, mesa, luzes, geladeira e etc...). Comestíveis, armaduras, ferramentas de mineração e muitos outros. Diferente de Terraria, Starbound, Craft the World ao qual você tem chão firme e vai longe nele, o Edge of Space são tipo monte de blocos grandes, pequenos, de muitos tamanhos espalhados no ar, você vai voar muito. Já na imagem de fundo do jogo no menu (desktop), você verá um planeta com uma parte dela inteira e a outra despedaçada, ao qual os pedaços indo em direção ao espaço, então no meu entender acho que esses pedaços desse planeta são aqueles pedaços de terra em que você pode explorar, tem menores, minúsculas e bem grande para explorar, mas não conseguir completar um teste em ficar descende, e descendo até achar solo firme em que, se eu fazer um buraco pra chegar no núcleo do planeta, eu chegue lá para enfrente os monstros que fiquem escondido, não consegui completar isso pra ver se tem esse chão firme como nos jogos padrão de sobrevivência estilo Terraria.

Sua ferramente de mineração não é uma faquinha molada de pedra (Como no Craft the World) ao qual você vai explorando e com os recursos fazer nova ferramente, picareta, machado. Neste jogo você tem uma ferramenta lazer, que queima a matéria, até mais resistente que tiver, ele queima e aparece aquela bolinha da cor da matéria. Para minerar o fundo, pois sempre fica o fundo, aperta a tecla TAB que o lazer vermelho muda para o azul, o lazer azul vai tirando aquele fundo pra ter mais recurso de acordo com o que você tá tirando, pedra, alumínio, terra, etc. As árvores e plantas estranhas você corta elas depois que você craftar uma serra lazer que é infinita, isto é, ela não se desgasta, você vai cortando tudo. Eu acho bacana isso, essas ferramentas serem infinitas.

A Ação do jogo é bom, ainda não fui longe nisso pra enfrentar os chefões, eu fico mais minerando, já criei minha base, aliás, mais uma casinha do que uma base, isso é legal. Há mais coisas para descobrir e pesquisar, mas até então o jogo tem seu potencial, até então não achei ruim o jogo.

Jogo pra mim tem que ter diversão do que gráfico, não dou importância nisso. Mas o jogo com boa diversão eu gosto muito, pois sou do tempo em que jogos não tinham gráfico e sim diversão pura.

Não entendo a análise negativa dos jogadores, alguns dá pra entende, pois o jogo tá tendo atualizações, então estes que deram análise negativa é porque o jogo tava em fase inicial, Alpha ou Beta. Mas nesse momento ele tá bom, e tem grande potencial. O modo cooperativo é aquele "clássico", para entrar no servidor do seu amigo você tem que adiciona o IP dele para poder entrar.

Eu recomendo sim esse jogo, ele é bom, eu me divirto nele.

Dá pra criar personagem, ele é um combatente com estilo astronauta, claro, pois é em outro planeta. Vale a pena, eu aconselho a comprar, mas é bom comprar na promoção, claro, quanto mais desconto melhor, compre quando você achar que tá no melhor desconto.
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Publicada: 17 de setembro de 2015
Looks like I got this game on July 9, 2013. Today the game came out of Early Access as v.1.0, and unfortunately, the game is still rather hard to digest.

When I first played, the game had a few graphical issues, and it looked like it could have needed something like an editor to an author. Fine, I could always go back to it - though at this point I was beginning to regret buying this. At this point (and a couple subsequent playthroughs), I felt the game was not intuitive, unfriendly to beginners, and rather difficult for a game where you literally build your character to advance. Gathering materials? The laser pick was extremely weak and could not be as easily manipulated as Starbound's (as much as I don't like comparing, especially to Starbound). I took a long time gathering enough supplies (after dying a few times, some from mobs in the starting area and some from falling off the edge of the map) to make anything. Also, while the game no longer has the difficulty (sort of...) and the 10 free respawn limit, those things severely discouraged me from doing anything. So I waited.

Today, I opened the game with no expectations of things and found myself facing similar issues from the first time I played. The UI needs a lot of work - this doesn't look at all like a modern game with a futuristic setting - the dialog boxes look like just hastily placed rectangles and fonts (I spotted some serif fonts...) look like they were not even picked with intent. Some of the tips need editing in syntax and grammar, and overall, the game feels very much like a beta still. I wasn't pleased by the "tutorial" either, since the first thing I saw was a codex full of unnecessary text.

Nothing in the game has struck me as intuitive so far, even regarding the gathering of materials. I got the DLC items and the pick is marginally stronger than the starting one, and while it's got a wider beam (3 tiles wide), the width becomes useless because the pick target cannot be directly chosen - so if you just dig downward, for example, in the same direction, you just end up with a 1 tile wide chasm, walls either damaged or already "healed" to normal. Everything seems so grindy already - I know that games won't have you start off with good gear ready to kill bosses, but in the first quest of the tutorial, each one of those enemies (although they do no damage) took many hits to die. I don't see any fun in spending minutes killing common mobs (because face it, you're gonna attract aggro for all those missed attacks and some of those enemies move too fast with the starting rifle) and then spending minutes gathering.

I'm going to pass. Sorry, I tried, but more than 2 years did not give sufficient progress for me to enjoy this - too grindy and too unpolished.
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Publicada: 21 de setembro de 2015
I've played the game long enough now that I can give a basic review for the game. In terms of the knowledge progression I'm about 6% complete or so it says. I can say confidently enough that the game is interesting and has some decent mechanics that set it apart from similar games like Terraria and Starbound.

However, this game is very much a buggy mess right now and I would not say this is worthy to be called V1.0, it is very much still an early access game in my mind and if you are hoping to play this game without upset, I feel I need to tell you that you will be let down.

Mining feels clunky at the best of times, it doesn't work like terraria or starbound where if you click on a tile then that tile gets removed, it's a directional thing and the mining tool isn't center with the playable characters model, it is off to the side a little and it makes mining a real chore.

The monster spawns are attrocious, they spawn anywhere even in the air, which makes falling down elevators you dig suicidal, it encourages the use of teleportation but really I find this a constricting mechanic and very poorly thought out by the developers. A fix that would make everyone happy in my opinion would be to limit mob spawns to front tiles or certain background tiles (such as dirt, clay etc)

-Monsters continued
Mobs can spawn in the air, regardless of the foreground or background tiles, I have confirmed this, and this doesn't only effect elevators and general exploration, mobs can spawn inside hangers you built for your vehicles, and those ships will die as the mob mindlessly floats back and forth rebounding off walls etc. This is completely ridiculous and wastes your resources needlessly.

The UI is a complete mess, it is extremely user unfriendly and lacks specific interactions like shift clicking to place items into recipe facility entities like the carbon refinery for example. You have to mouse them in one by one and when recipes require 5 items that are cluttered around your inventory, it is not fun to micromanage and makes organising inventory space and much more, a very annoying task.

-UI overlays
To add onto some of the UI problems the game has, the UI overlaps the screen in some instances, such as when "dominating" an area (or setting am item recipe as a task), the overlay that displays you have conquered the area acts as a none transparant pop up, basically it stops you from shooting or building while mousing over the overlay and this can lead to some pretty cheap deaths as I have experienced.

The gameplay for the most part is fine, you progress at a steady pace and you are rewarded for killing monsters and mining generated tiles. However the dungeons you come across such as the zombie rooms seem to feel extremely off. You have to destroy 4 spawners and once that is complete, you have to plant 3 bombs, leave the chunk and then the entire land is just blown up. Any decoration blocks you might have wanted from the room are deleted, and you're left with an unappealing piece of land that does nothing. The game says you've "dominated" the land but you're just left with an ugly crater. Furthermore, you aren't rewarded in the slightest by blowing the chunk up, no EXP, no loot, nothing.


-Spawn rate
Monster spawn rate either seems to be so few or so disgustingly unbearable, the amount is completely random, you coulld be spelunking in a cave and come across one or two mud crabs, but then teleport back to base and an entire army of frogs, snails and crabs will rain from the sky.

-Frame rate
This is a really unfortunate aspect of the game, I have a really high end computer and I get frame lock ups quite often, it's not a long lock up but it is very common and happens in loaded chunks even if I am standing still. I don't have a clue what causes it and as far as I can tell from other reviews this seems to be a common problem.

-Rare crashes
The game as crashed a few times on me now. both times have happened when starting up a pregenerated world and entering a container too quickly. I am sure this will be fixed but it added to the frustration this game is to play right now.

-Instance glitches
In an instance you are similar in proprties to that of adventure mode in minecraft. You cannot place or remove blocks basically. If you happen to click too fast on a door (which is basically a teleporter to another part of the dungeon) yoiu can very easily be teleported out of bounds and you have to exit your game to fix the problem. The items needed to enter an instance dungeon aren't cheap so I find this to be a very harmful bug that impedes progression.

Now this may be due to the overall difficulty of the game, and I may be playing the game without fully understanding the metagame and what not, but I find exploration into the second biome (I think it's refered to as the comet biome, it's the ice themed one) to be extremely unforgiving. I have the weapons to deal with the monsters there in small numbers, but as I have said, as you fall down to lower levels, mobs spawn in the sky and can basically 1 hit ko you as you fall, but that's not the only problem, as you land on the surface of the main tier 2 biome, mobs that are faster than you are generated all around you, on the ground and in the sky and that makes exploration and progression an absolute chore. I have tried to find a way to set my spawn down there instead of on the first biome and I'm not sure how. The wiki for Edge of Space is extremely outdated and many pages are missing.

-Exploration continued
I have solved the issue of teleporting to lower levels, you have to build 2 command centres to teleport between areas. However now that I don't have to deal with the annoying elevator scenario, I have discovered that towards the lower half of the second biome, bears and penguins spawn in great abundance, regular bears can 2 shot you, and have more than doube the players moving speed so in tight spaces it is very hard to escape, they spawn almost everywhere in the cave systems down there and I simply cannot progress further below. I enjoy a hard game but I think something seems off with the spawn rate, they appear so frequently that I feel stunted to go any deeper. You might be thinking that I should gear up a little more before progressing, which is true, but all the radium I can find in the ice and all the illuminated crystals (that can drop radium) have been mined up in the top half of the biome. I made the mistake of building one of those NPC anchors with the radium (he was a useless NPC as well, did 100% nothing and that brings me onto my next point shortly) and now I lack the amount to create the desert armor set.

-NPC Anchors
I really like this idea, it's another resource sink and the potential for some really cool bonuses is there, but the developers really missed the mark on most of them. I believe Rob the robot is the most useful, fully upgraded he will drop Titanium ore for you occasionally, I have about a stack and a half of the stuff just sitting around and as Titanium is a pain to harvest, I like this NPC and my investment was worth it. However, NPCs such as Vinny (The potato plant) do nothing, regardless of the investment, his one ability is that every time you feed him 5 biomass and 5 ice, he will glow in the dark. That's ridiculous, I have lights everywhere, the investment and the space for his anchor completely outway his use. This is very similar for the other NPC's too, they could provide cool bonuses like 5% to sneak, or ore in a radius will glow, something that would actually be fun to invest these resources into. But nope, glow in the dark plants are apparently useful.

-Hit word limit, much more is broken-
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Publicada: 18 de setembro de 2015
Cautious Recommendation.

I waited till post launch to play this game as it was something both me and my bf were looking at since we enjoyed terraria so much. So I will go through a few pros and cons from my experience thus far.

- Gameplay is fun when playing with multiple people, there are features such as resurrecting dead players that you will miss out in if you play singleplayer.
- Questing is quick and easy normally. It can be a bit grindy for some of the quests but the rewards seem to usually be worth it. It instills a sense of progression that is enjoyable to experience.
- The details on your character armor and progression trees that allow you different armor if you play a certain style give a unique vibe and add potential replayability.
- Knowledge skill trees give you lots of ways to specialize as you progress in early game and it is especially helpful if you have multiple players with you, letting you all specialize in different ways and combine your knowledge to progress quicker.

- Do not try to exit game and try to get back if you are running a server. The steam client will not allow you to start game back up till you take your server down. This is also a huge problem if you crash or have any gamebreaking bugs.
- Got stuck in a wall by jumping into it during first hour of play, only way I could solve it was to quit game and log back into multiplayer server. Issue fixed as of sept 19th hotfix.
- Exploding monster nests can leave the sound of bomb alarms going off long after its been destroyed, making an annoying sound that just wont disapear.
- Monster ai leaves a lot to be desired.
- Building seems to take a while to make anything worthwhile and there is not as much a need to build actual homes like other games in this genre.
- It is incredibly challenging to figure out how to get many types of building materials, leading to constant searching of wiki to figure out how to find many types of materials.
- Certain materials that were used in many types of items were incredibly rare to find, making it so that more people you had with you, the more challenging and difficult it was to even find enough materials to get everyone basic items.

Overall, I would recommend waiting on this game for a few more patches or unless you like what you see. The game is enjoyable but there is quite a few issues with it that can lessen the enjoyment in both singleplayer and multiplayer post launch.
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