In Anodyne, you explore and fight your way through surreal and at times, creepy, nature, urban and abstract themed areas in the human Young's subconscious, evoked by a 16-bit-era visual style and a moody, dream-like soundtrack. Created by Sean HTCH and Joni Kittaka. They are working on Even The Ocean http://www.twitter.
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Datum vydání: 22. bře. 2013

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"Simultaneously, the game creates a sensation of lost, but not abandonment. In this, you are in a mysterious world, unfamiliar and bizarre, yet the eerily nostalgic design instills the necessary knowledge to proceed in your adventure."
The Ambivalest

"Sean HTCH and Joni Kittaka have made magic with this game, creating a world that I could be afraid to enter but never want to leave...The locations are vibrant and detailed, going to all manner of different places...[the music] can take the visual mood and shift it into territory that pixel art shouldn't be able to inhabit...I know we're only in February, but this has Game of the Year written all over it."
Mash Those Buttons - 4.7/5

"Anodyne can be as funny and charming as Link’s Awakening on occasion, but the overall tone is one of unease, with a subtle malevolence – the ‘something seems a bit off here’ factor – reminiscent of the indie horror Lone Survivor. Meaning is elusive, but themes and motifs soon begin to take form, in a game that feels increasingly personal the more you burrow into it."
PC Gamer - 84/100

Informace o hře

In Anodyne, you explore and fight your way through surreal and at times, creepy, nature, urban and abstract themed areas in the human Young's subconscious, evoked by a 16-bit-era visual style and a moody, dream-like soundtrack. Created by Sean HTCH and Joni Kittaka.

They are working on Even The Ocean , a new adventure platforming / hybrid walk-&-press slice-of-life adventure/daydream platforming game. It will also be released on Steam.

Because this game was made by a small team, please note there is no customer support for Anodyne available at this time. We recommend the stable Mac and Windows versions. For Linux users, you may have trouble running it if not using Ubuntu. Please request a refund if you are unable to get the game to work. Thank you for your understanding.

Systémové požadavky

Mac OS X
    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:1.5 GHz, single core
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Any
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
    • Sound:Any
    • Additional:This is not a GPU-intensive game.
    • OS:Windows XP or better
    • Processor:(2.0 GHz, single core) or better
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Any
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
    • Sound:Any
    • Additional:This is not a GPU-intensive game.
    • OS:10.6 or Newer
    • Processor:Intel 1.5 Ghz, single core
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Any
    • Hard Drive:150 MB HD space
    • Sound:Any
    • Additional:This is not a GPU-intensive game.
    • OS:10.6 or Newer
    • Processor:(Intel 2.0 GHz, single core) or better
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Any
    • Hard Drive:150 MB HD space
    • Sound:Any
    • Additional:This is not a GPU-intensive game.
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14.3 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 22. října 2015
Na první pohled připomíná Anodyne klasické japonské konzolové RPG typu Pokémon nebo Zelda. A to nejhorší, co se vám může stát, je přistupovat k téhle hře jako k těm, co už jste poznali. Nebudu vám kazit potenciální zábavu tím, že vyjmenuji, co je v téhle hře jinak... spokojte se s tvrzením, že všechno.

Celou hru mě doprovázel neodbytný pocit, že se mi autoři vysmívají.
"Hele, postavíme sem žebřík. On po něm poleze."
(Ano, lezu po žebříku.)
"No a až vyleze nahoru, tak tam dáme šutr."
(Narážím na kámen.)
"A uděláme ten šutr tak, aby vypadal, že půjde někdy potom odstranit. Jako že ještě v inventáři nemá něco, co mu pak dovolí ten šutr rozmlátit, nebo tak něco. Jo, to bude dobrý."
(Vypadá to slibně. Kámen má úplně jinou texturu než kameny všude kolem. Určitě je jenom dočasný. Třeba najdu něco v té jeskyni tam dole, co jsem předtím vynechal.)
"A pak tam schválně nic nedáme! Jo! A ta jeskyně bude mít dva vchody. A v každým vchodu bude nějaká potvora. A když je zabije, tak bude moct prolýzt tu jeskyni, ale zas jenom k druhýmu vchodu. Jo! Masakr! To budou děcka žrát!"

Autorům křivdím jen v tom, že je v předchozím dialogu nechávám mluvit hospodštinou. Nepochybně jde o velice inteligentní štulec všem notorickým pařanům, který má osvěžit herní principy a rozvířit vodu v kalné stoce tohohle žánru. Jenže výsledek je strašně frustrující. Depresivní hra, která hráče místo odměny pravidelně praští přes prsty. Hra pro Ijáčka.

P.S.: V FAQ se lze dočíst, že autoři hru považují za víceméně vhodnou pro děti, protože je sice trochu neobvyklá, ale neobsahuje prý žádné explicitní násilí, krev, nadávky a tak. Nuže - je tam všechno. Explicitní násilí, krev, nadávky i tak. A jako bonus oblast, která má evokovat matčinu dělohu. Aha.
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24.8 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 17. září 2015
Anodyne is a top down action-adventure game that draws inspiration from some of the classic Zelda titles. The developers’ fondness for that iconic series is readily apparent, and at its best Anodyne feels like a genuine love letter to the adventure games of yesteryear. It does have a bit of a little brother problem, and its efforts to follow in the footsteps of its idol ultimately fall a bit short of the mark.

At first it seems like the story might be a cute little homage to Zelda, with a little bit of snark thrown in to keep things entertaining. Then things start getting weird. Only little things feel a bit off at first, but before long a general unease begins to permeate the game and you realize that this is not a simple hero saves the world kind of story. I don’t remember any of the older Zelda games featuring paranoid schizophrenics mumbling to themselves in the woods, and I certainly don’t remember finding any houses where the occupant had hung himself. The game vacillates between goofy humor and dark set pieces creating this really unique and interesting atmosphere. Anodyne does a particularly good job at pulling off the creepiness because it cloaks itself with an air of nostalgia.

While the atmosphere is solid and there are some interesting portions, ultimately the story doesn’t seem to know what it wants to do. While the first couple of dungeons do seem to at least have some coherent theme and hints at the overall narrative, later portions seem almost entirely unrelated to each other and it feels like the game is being weird simply for the sake of being weird. At times there is an effort to be philosophical, but it is clumsily done and certain segments wind up feeling pretentious. There just isn’t a cohesive narrative, and while bits and pieces are genuinely interesting or unsettling, as a whole the story just ends up feeling disjointed.

Anodyne is about as old school as you can get, and there is a heavy reliance the simple puzzles and exploration that made the old Zelda games so successful. There is a nice big map the look through with a lot of things to find, and the exploration actually gets better after you defeat the final boss because you unlock a new ability that lets you reach corners of the map that were previously inaccessible. While I don’t want to spoil anything, it really is a clever and very unique tool to have at your disposal and it is just a little disappointing that the game waited until it was over to pull out what was really its best trick. I found the post game stuff almost more enjoyable than the actual quest, and Anodyne does a nice job of not only encouraging exploration, but giving you a lot of interesting environments to explore. The levels are well varied and memorable and alternate between standbys like forests and cliffs and bizarre, unsettling environments like a black and white town inhabited by ghosts or a creepy circus with ominous headstones detailing past events.

The actual gameplay is simple but well executed and that the game remains entertaining throughout its entire run. You wield a broom to defend yourself against a variety of enemies, many of which are mostly harmless once you figure out their simple patterns. The boss battles are somewhat of a disappointment and tend to lack any sort of creativity or challenge to make defeating them feel rewarding, with the notable exception of the final boss. As a whole the game is fairly easy, with the only real difficulty coming in the form of some poorly implemented platforming segments.

Each dungeon usually has some new mechanic for you to play around with, including one that is an actual maze and another that uses speed panels to help you jump further. There isn’t as much variety here as you’ll find in a lot of the classic Zelda games, but there is enough that the game prevents itself from becoming too repetitive. Simple puzzles end up blocking your progress in the various dungeons, but unfortunately most of them aren’t any more complicated than getting an enemy to stand on a switch.

While Anodyne is clearly piggybacking on the classic Zelda games, it offers a unique experience and manages to find its own voice, even if that voice occasionally morphs into the high pitched scream of nightmare ghouls. Fans of the old school adventure games should definitely enjoy the combination of exploration and puzzles the game offers and Anodyne is a nice throwback to a type of game that you simply can’t find any more. The game does end up feeling a bit more like Zelda-lite than an actual Zelda title, and the actual gameplay and puzzle design lack the same creativity found in the wonky story and environments. Even with its flaws, this is a very impressive product from what was essentially a two man team and is worth checking out for anyone who still remembers how to find all the dungeons in the original Legend of Zelda.
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4.3 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 27. ledna
The nebular music, the mysterious ambiant enigma of the world you discover, bit by bit, clue by clue. From the friendly discoveries promised upon looking at colorful characters, to the gruesome, nearly abstract implications of tragic scenery.

Travel, back and forth, unlock, inquire, walk and look, fight and wonder, for what is before your eyes is all but anything to think as Anodyne.
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2 z 3 osob (67%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
2.4 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 13. prosince 2015
Title: Anodyne
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Sean Hogan and Jonathan Kittaka
Publisher: Analgesic Productions
Release Date: 22nd March, 2013

TL;DR, Verdict
Recommend, however the resets make it frustrating, as puzzles and monsters will respawn/revert upon leaving and re-entering a room.


Good old school style adventure if you loved those types back on platforms like the game boy
Good music
Good graphics for a game in this gerne


The resets
(the resets themself are really annoying and killed me multiple times so be aware of that)
Sometimes feels a bit to much like a copy


an RPG sprite side scroller game, your character travels the world(s) by jumping through portals, interacting with characters (with nice one liners and rocks that don't talk or passive aggressive rocks that have writing on them saying you have no friends). It's a game that seems savvy to itself and feels like a parody of story games. After all your legendary weapon is a broom, and the characters around you are either sarcastic or silly. Or wimps.

You need to save the world. Somehow. By smacking enemies with a broom. And solving puzzles also with your broom. It also reminds me a bit of the old Zelda games. Puzzles reset if you leave the room which is both a blessing and a curse, since it seems puzzles and monsters will reset even if you've solved/killed them as well. This is annoying if you want to explore everything. I like the game, but there are aspects I dislike, such as the resets. Personally it bothers me enough to not want to play for stretches of time since I have to keep repeating things each time I go to a room.

Graphics wise this game reminds me of old school Pokémon on the game boy, way back in those days before the dinosaurs were wiped out.

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3 z 5 osob (60%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
3.9 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 26. listopadu 2015
+ A mix of modern and classic action adventure
+ Very pleasing and well designed graphics
+ Feels very nostalgic for me
+ Exploration
+ Very nice soundtrack
+ It's more mature than the games it was inspired on, both in its story and humor and designs
+ Puzzles are of the right measure
+ Secrets!

- The world design can feel weird and unrelatable
- Steam overlay notices will bug on full screen
- The minimap is too simple to be helpful

Verdict: I got Anodyne as a gift and it's been a game I've always been curious about. For my surprise, it took me on a trip back down memory lane to times when all I had game-wise was a GBC (my beloved and so missed crystal clear Japanese edition, so rare in the Americas) with Pokémon Crystal and TLoZ: Oracle of Ages. I had that GBC throughout my teen years and I finished both Pokémon and TLoZ: OoA way too many times to count. Later when I was 18-19 I had the opportunity (after all those years) to play TLoZ: Orace of Seasons, a game I've always wanted to try out (and actually the one I wanted instead of OoA). I'm quite certain that Anodyne pays tribute to the GB-GBC TLoZ era, including Link's Awakening. Walking around some areas, I even felt like I was back at Labrynna due to how similar that particular spot was to another one in OoA. It's actually the first tribute game to make me nostalgic and if I used scores on my reviews, it would get a 10/10 just because of that.
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