CREA CIUDADES, CONSTRUYE UN MUNDO¡Cities XL Platinum te permite diseñar, construir y conectar ciudades de todas las formas y tamaños a lo ancho y largo del planeta de Cities XL!¡Levanta las ciudades más impresionantes jamás construidas!
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 6 feb. 2013

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Acerca de este juego


¡Cities XL Platinum te permite diseñar, construir y conectar ciudades de todas las formas y tamaños a lo ancho y largo del planeta de Cities XL!
¡Levanta las ciudades más impresionantes jamás construidas! Cities XL Platinum te ofrece una amplia variedad de más de 1000 edificios y estructuras (incluyendo 50 completamente nuevos) que puedes construir a tu antojo en más de 60 gigantescos mapas de terrenos diversos y con un nivel de detalle increíble.

Conviértete en alcalde virtual y soluciona los problemas de un diseñador de ciudades moderno, como la escasez de energía o el transporte público. Responde a las necesidades crecientes de tus ciudadanos y encuentra el equilibrio entre servicios tales como alojamiento, ocio y empleo. ¡Especializa tus ciudades, establece rutas comerciales, amplía tu red de metrópolis y lánzate al éxito financiero!

Características Principales:

  • Más de 1000 edificios diferentes
  • 60 gigantescos mapas
  • Responde a las necesidades de tus ciudadanos: empleo, alojamiento, ocio y más
  • Gestiona una economía a gran escala.

Requisitos del sistema

    • Processor: AMD/INTEL 2.5 GHZ
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 9 GB HD space
Análisis útiles de usuarios
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Publicado el 1 de febrero
Bueno, en realidad ya todos los que seguimos la saga de cities XL sabemos que cada juego nuevo que sale no es más que un copy-paste de la versión anterior pero con pequeñas cosas nuevas como nuevos edificios y nada más que eso. 0% innovación por parte de quienes lo desarrollan.

Pero más allá de eso cualquier juego de esta saga te ofrecerá muchas horas de juego por la constante dificultad que existe con la economía como es de costumbre en los city bluider. El juego es buenísimo y por supuesto para los que quieren empezar en estos tipos de juegos cities xl es un buen lugar para empezar, tal vez no pagaría mas allá de 7 USD por este juego porque como he dicho anteriormente, es un copy paste de su versión anterior con nuevos edificios y nada más, pasa exactamente lo mismo con Cities XXL, es un copy paste de este juego pero con pequeñísimas cosas nuevas.

En conclusión, buena jugabilidad, buenas horas de entretenimiento y buen estrés para no irse a bancarrota jaajajajaj xD. Para nuevos jugadores sin duda cómpralo no más de 7 USD y para los que ya estamos al tanto pues honestamente no compréis nada, en ese caso cities skyline es muy superior a la manera de construir una cuidad por lo que a ciegas lo recomiendo en vez de cities XXL.
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Publicado el 22 de octubre de 2015
Let's face it; this is quite similar to all the other city games; so there is not really that much to say on the gameplay.

I enjoy play this game, because it is extremely simple. You start, get your buildings unlocked and wait that people get in the city; then they start to demand jobs, and you create industrial areas; then you unlock the skilled workers (office people), and once they flock in your city, you give them some office areas, and so on until you unlock the whole array of buildings.

There are plenty, but mostly they are the same type, just with higher density. It is fun to see how the city grow, but at one point you hit the wall, where you have no more money to continue to grow. The biggest flaw of this game is that it give you plenty to start, but then it doesn't teach you how to get revenues. You may want to try various tactics before you get what you expect; this is time consuming at times, so the newbies may get surprised to see the city grow so fast, and then see that they can't do anything else because the money coming in are barely covering for the structures that you have (in particular public structures take quite a lot of few hospital and you will see the bill!).

Gameplay is fun; not sure why peopllpl don't enjoy the game...if you expect to get a masterpiece, keep in mind that not even Sim City from Maxis was able to give you a decent experience. The game is worth the discounted price, but if you pay it full price, you may be a bit disappointed.
Performances are great; some framerate drop happens here and there but no crash nor problems that cause you to get stuck. Graphics are great; compared to Sim City from Maxis and most of the other city games. Zoom in at street level and you will get a smile on your face.

City size is not an issue, and you can trade too, which is something interesting to do; here you don't have meteorites but you have to deal with class balancing; waste management and overall keep an eye to not make a residential area close to a dump and expec that people won't complain.
AI is quite good too, looks realistic, and respond to changes; although keep in mind that it is still a sim city AI type, so keep that in mind.

OVerall, if you never played Cities XL, give it a try, it is worth 10 bucks. If you want something super polished and optimized; there is actually not really that much out there, beside Cities Skyline, which is another good game but it is not leap and bounds ahead of this.

6.5 out of 10 for me.
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Publicado el 27 de octubre de 2015
A good strategy game. You build your towns and make them growing up. However, you can not "connect" your towns, except for trade, because you can only build one town on each map so the game can become boring.... . You have no multiplayers mode and no steam achievements, only the steam cloud can be used and you can take some screenshots. In your town, you lead everything : traffic, money, jobs, constructs, activities of the citizens, etc etc... there is always something to do or check. As well, there are alot of different maps. Some of them are very difficult, because of a lack of resources for example. Anyway, it's a pretty nice game with however some little negative points that can deteriorate the overall impression about the game.

Graphics : 2,5/5
Theme, Universe : 3/5
Gameplay : 3/5
Game modes : 4,5/5

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Publicado el 15 de septiembre de 2015
At the time of writing this review I do not yet own Cities XXL or Skylines, so for me, this is the best city builder I have in my collection (which includes Banished, Anno 2070, Cities 2008, Tropico 4, as well as RTS builders like Red Alert 3 and AofE) ... and I love it!

The graphics are incredibly beautiful and you can zoom in right up close to the action (like Google Streetview) to capture some amazing screenies of your city. Day or night, it is very entertaining to check out all the wacky goings on of your inhabitants. You can select a car, pedestrian, truck, or train and follow it around the map. Travelling along the train tracks will allow you to explore the world of tunnels and underground stations you have constructed.

There's a lot of micro-mangement of all aspects your city (including trade between other players and cities youve built) - some may not like this aspect of the game but I find it quite enjoyable and challenging. This is a massive game with lots to do to keep you entertained for endless hours.

There are plenty of gigantic maps and hundreds of buildings to choose from. Additionally, the Cities player community is quite extensive and there are countless mods to help you construct the city of your dreams.

I bought this game on special ($15) long before XXL was released. I hear there is little difference between the two games, bar a few bug fixes, performance improvement, and a couple of new buildings. I think if you are on a tight budget and can grab this version on a super sale (say $5) then it is still worth buying if you can't afford Cities XXL.
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Publicado el 24 de agosto de 2015
This game is a mess, once you reach a certain point the game gets extream lag and is unplayable
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