Xenonauts is a strategy game in which you control a multi-national military organisation defending a Cold War-era Earth from alien invasion, using small squads of persistent soldiers to eliminate the extraterrestrials and recover their technology in turn-based ground combat.
출시 날짜: 2014년 6월 16일
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"Extras" Update!

2014년 7월 31일

The update today does not change the game files at all, it just makes available a new folder called "Extras" in the root directory.

This contains our Kickstarter rewards - the game soundtrack in a zip, the developer post-mortem article, the game novella and some wallpapers. Feel free to check them out if you are interested.

We've also updated the compatibility version for the Mac version of the game. This is in a new zip in the Mac Steam game folder called Xenonauts_compatibility.zip and it should help if you have blurred text or have white tiles / periodic crashes on the larger maps.

It won't affect many people, but should make troubleshooting smoother for those of you having game issues on Mac!

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Xenonauts V1.09 Released!

2014년 7월 23일

We've just released Xenonauts V1.09, which contains all of the fixes from the reverted V1.08 and V1.08HF builds and some new fixes for the soldier equipment screen issues in V1.08HF.

As far as we are aware it is stable and working properly - but please let us know if you find any additional issues caused by the update. If does prove unstable we will just return to V1.07 again until we can fix the issues.

CHANGELOG: (combined from V1.08, V1.08HF and V1.09)

  • We have added the Developer Diary / development postmortem to the game, which is found in the launcher (under the Extras button).
  • The Mac game now show install instructions when you try to run it.
  • We have made performance improvements on many of the maps.
  • Harridans no longer occasionally fly out of the map and crash the game.
  • Fixed some Soldier Equip screen crashes.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging one soldier's equipment into the inventory of another.
  • Reapers no longer have a 0 reaction fire modifier.
If you are playing a modded game, you will likely have to reapply any mods that affect "weapons_gc.xml" (i.e. anything with custom weapons) as this file is being updated in this patch.

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“The result is a deeply engaging, indie version of an alien invasion that stands toe-to-toe with X-COM—the classic and the reboots.”
85 – PC Gamer

“Xenonauts is a faithful modernization of a classic. It retains the features that made X-COM such a tense and memorable game, with base invasions and a gigantic open-ended campaign of depth and freedom. If Firaxis' revamped take on the series felt a little too directed and linear for you, then Xenonauts is likely to delight.”
80 – Strategy Informer

게임 정보

Xenonauts is a strategy game in which you control a multi-national military organisation defending a Cold War-era Earth from alien invasion, using small squads of persistent soldiers to eliminate the extraterrestrials and recover their technology in turn-based ground combat. A detailed strategic layer allows you to co-ordinate the defence of the planet, using your interceptors to shoot down UFOs and researching captured artefacts to learn about your foes and unlock new combat equipment to use on your missions.

Xenonauts is a spiritual successor to the classic X-Com strategy games from the 1990s. We aim to improve the graphics, add new content and streamline the interface whilst still retaining all of the key mechanics of the original games. Devoted fans should love this game, but we're also keen to introduce the joys of old-school grand strategy to a whole new generation of players who might not otherwise experience it!

Key Features

  • Ground Combat: Xenonauts delivers tense turn-based combat across realistic, varied and fully-destructible battlefields, against almost fifty different variants of enemy. Missions range from capturing crashed UFOs or alien bases to defending cities (or even Xenonaut facilities) against alien attack. You'll experience the chill of encountering a new alien for the first time and the joys of test-firing a new weapon for the first time. Deeply asymmetric combat keeps the battles interesting - after all, you're fighting intergalactic invaders with 1970's ballistic technology!
  • Strategic Management: You will also be managing the defence of the planet, dealing with the invading alien UFOs with your customisable interceptors. You need to balance the needs of your funding nations with your own. Your funds are limited - are you going to spend them on battlefield equipment, more scientists, or expanding your coverage of the planet? Your priorities must be balanced carefully if you are to win the war.
  • Research Tree: Xenonauts has an extensive research tree with almost a hundred projects to unlock, each with its own unique description and painted artwork. It slowly reveals the intentions and origins of the invaders, while also unlocking new battlefield equipment, aircraft and vehicles for you to use as you harness alien technology and turn it against them.
  • Persistent Soldiers: Soldiers in Xenonauts are persistent from mission to mission, improving their stats and gaining ranks with combat experience - but their deaths are always only a single bad move away. You will grow to care about the brave men and women under your command as they slowly grow from green rookies into hardened veterans, but that only makes it more painful when their heroic tale is cruelly cut short by a burst of plasma fire...
  • Detailed, Emergent Simulation: Xenonauts contains no scripted missions, just broad rules setting the pace of the invasion. As such, no game plays out the same twice. If you shoot a Scout UFO down over a polar area, you get a Crash Site mission where you can capture a crashed Scout UFO in an Arctic tileset. Commence a battle at night and you'll be fighting the mission in the darkness with reduced sight range. If your base is attacked, you fight the defence in a perfect replica of your base. A lot of time has gone into weaving the two very different halves of the game together into something that feels both natural and enjoyable.

시스템 요구 사항

    • OS:Windows 8 / 7 SP1 / Vista SP2
    • Processor:Intel 2 GHz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Integrated Graphics
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Sound:Integrated
    • Monitor:1280x720 pixels minimum
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:512 MB DirectX 9.0c Compliant Video Card
    • Hard Drive:Solid State Hard Drive
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장점: 고전 X-COM 느낌을 잘 구현, 완성도 높은 게임성, 높은 전략성
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배경은 잘묘사된 아기자기한 2 D오브젝트로 랜덤하게 조합되어 구현되어있고,
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