Xenonauts is a strategy game in which you control a multi-national military organisation defending a Cold War-era Earth from alien invasion, using small squads of persistent soldiers to eliminate the extraterrestrials and recover their technology in turn-based ground combat.
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Data de lançamento: 16 Jun, 2014

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"With deep strategic systems, omnipresent dread, and clean turn-based combat, Xenonauts is a triumph of rebooted game design."
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13 Abril

Xenonauts V1.59 Released!

We've just released Xenonauts V1.59 for PC and Linux, and will be releasing the Mac version shortly if no bugs appear in the next 24-48 hours.

V1.59 is the revised version of V1.58, which we rolled back a week or so ago because we were concerned about stability issues. V1.58 included several fixes over V1.56, the biggest of which was a fix for an annoying AI hang.

Thanks for your patience!

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29 Março

V1.58 Rolled Back to V1.56

As we've had a few reports of a bug within V1.58 that may be worse than the bugs fixed by the patch (it prevents some people loading ground combat), we've now rolled back the default branch to V1.56 while we look into it.

This should not affect save games etc, but if it does or if you are playing V1.58 with no problems at all and want to continue using it, it is available on our Experimental Steam branch (under the Betas tab of the Steam game options). Just switch over to that and you can keep playing.

For everyone else, we're planning on investigating the reported bug in more detail over the next few days and will put out an updated version once we fully understand the situation.

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“The result is a deeply engaging, indie version of an alien invasion that stands toe-to-toe with X-COM—the classic and the reboots.”
85 – PC Gamer

“Xenonauts is a faithful modernization of a classic. It retains the features that made X-COM such a tense and memorable game, with base invasions and a gigantic open-ended campaign of depth and freedom. If Firaxis' revamped take on the series felt a little too directed and linear for you, then Xenonauts is likely to delight.”
80 – Strategy Informer

Acerca deste jogo

Xenonauts is a strategy game in which you control a multi-national military organisation defending a Cold War-era Earth from alien invasion, using small squads of persistent soldiers to eliminate the extraterrestrials and recover their technology in turn-based ground combat. A detailed strategic layer allows you to co-ordinate the defence of the planet, using your interceptors to shoot down UFOs and researching captured artefacts to learn about your foes and unlock new combat equipment to use on your missions.

Xenonauts is a spiritual successor to the classic X-Com strategy games from the 1990s. We aim to improve the graphics, add new content and streamline the interface whilst still retaining all of the key mechanics of the original games. Devoted fans should love this game, but we're also keen to introduce the joys of old-school grand strategy to a whole new generation of players who might not otherwise experience it!

Please note that Mac / Linux platforms are not officially supported. Files are available for download via Steam (using a WINE wrapper) but we cannot guarantee compatibility.

Key Features

  • Ground Combat: Xenonauts delivers tense turn-based combat across realistic, varied and fully-destructible battlefields, against almost fifty different variants of enemy. Missions range from capturing crashed UFOs or alien bases to defending cities (or even Xenonaut facilities) against alien attack. You'll experience the chill of encountering a new alien for the first time and the joys of test-firing a new weapon for the first time. Deeply asymmetric combat keeps the battles interesting - after all, you're fighting intergalactic invaders with 1970's ballistic technology!
  • Strategic Management: You will also be managing the defence of the planet, dealing with the invading alien UFOs with your customisable interceptors. You need to balance the needs of your funding nations with your own. Your funds are limited - are you going to spend them on battlefield equipment, more scientists, or expanding your coverage of the planet? Your priorities must be balanced carefully if you are to win the war.
  • Research Tree: Xenonauts has an extensive research tree with almost a hundred projects to unlock, each with its own unique description and painted artwork. It slowly reveals the intentions and origins of the invaders, while also unlocking new battlefield equipment, aircraft and vehicles for you to use as you harness alien technology and turn it against them.
  • Persistent Soldiers: Soldiers in Xenonauts are persistent from mission to mission, improving their stats and gaining ranks with combat experience - but their deaths are always only a single bad move away. You will grow to care about the brave men and women under your command as they slowly grow from green rookies into hardened veterans, but that only makes it more painful when their heroic tale is cruelly cut short by a burst of plasma fire...
  • Detailed, Emergent Simulation: Xenonauts contains no scripted missions, just broad rules setting the pace of the invasion. As such, no game plays out the same twice. If you shoot a Scout UFO down over a polar area, you get a Crash Site mission where you can capture a crashed Scout UFO in an Arctic tileset. Commence a battle at night and you'll be fighting the mission in the darkness with reduced sight range. If your base is attacked, you fight the defence in a perfect replica of your base. A lot of time has gone into weaving the two very different halves of the game together into something that feels both natural and enjoyable.

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS:Windows 8 / 7 SP1 / Vista SP2
    • Processor:Intel 2 GHz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Integrated Graphics
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Sound:Integrated
    • Monitor:1280x720 pixels minimum
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:512 MB DirectX 9.0c Compliant Video Card
    • Hard Drive:Solid State Hard Drive
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69.4 hrs em registo
Publicada: 16 Maio
Genuinely,suprisingly impressive and detailed orginal XCOM clone - almost identical in form and gameplay. If you enjoyed any of the original XCOM series of games and even the newer Enemy Unknown/Within games, and have put this off because it looks or sounds like a tacky greenlight clone (like i have) you are doing yourself a great disservice.

It's worth the 20something quid, goldhawk did a fantastic job on this game and it needs to be played to be believed.

Do it.

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Publicada: 22 Julho
I think that one of the best ways to define Xenonauts is as a "spiritual remake" of X-Com: UFO Defense. By that I mean that the developers attempted to recreate the original X-Com as faithfully as possible (while at the same time improving on the classic's flaws) but had to use a different setting, considering they don't own the rights to the X-Com franchise (hence the "spiritual" aspect). What is the result of said remake? Simply put, the best X-Com game that I have ever played. Xenonauts succeeds admirably at perfecting the formula that made the original game a timeless classic, and while it does have a few flaws, it is nonetheless a fantastic turn-based strategy game. It also brings forth a very nice artistic design, and streamlines the original's cumbersome UI, thus successfully bringing the original concept into the modern era of gaming.

In Xenonauts, you act as the commander of the titular organization tasked with defending the Earth against an alien invasion set in a Cold War-era setting. The game is divided into three separate components: a real-time administration simulation with 4X and sandbox elements where you manage the bases of your organization (assigning all kinds of tasks such as research, manufacturing of equipment, and building of annexes) and monitor for UFO activity in a map of Earth; a real-time with pause minigame where you engage UFOs with your interceptor aircraft; and a turn-based strategy component where the actual combat against the aliens happens. This last mode is where the meat of every X-Com game lays, and in the case of Xenonauts, I'm happy to state that said combat missions are every bit as challenging, tense and satisfactory as they were in X-Com: UFO Defense. Furthermore, the turn-based combat has been largely improved from the original, featuring more deep, complex mechanics, a wider array of weaponry and artifacts, and a healthy dose of streamlining where it was needed.

You have to keep in mind that this is a very challenging and difficult game. Every choice you make has consequences, and actions are irreversible. Furthermore, if you play on Ironman (a mode which I recommend activating from your very first playthrough, as these kind of games are clearly designed to work that way) you will not be able to reverse to a previous save state. You'll have to learn to go on with your choices, both good and bad, and I can't emphasize how fulfilling it is to achieve victory in these conditions. Remember though that if one of your soldiers dies, they're gone. Forever.

A rather notorious addition that Xenonauts made to the X-Com formula is the air combat. As I mentioned earlier, this is a real-time with pause minigame where you direct your aircraft against the UFOs in a radar-like interface, trying to maximize the damage you deal to them while avoiding their deadly attacks as much as possible. While I think this mode is far from perfect, as many times I felt it was a bit shallow, it is nonetheless a huge leap from UFO Defense's barebones interception system, and I think it succeeds in getting the job done.

The only real complaint I have with Xenonauts is with the way that psionic attacks works. This was a huge flaw in the original X-Com, as psionic abilities were hugely overpowered. In Xenonauts, they tried to fix this by making psionics unavailable to humans and making it a bit less powerful in aliens. Unfortunately, the result is that many times you feel completely powerless against psionic attacks, as there's no research that allows to counter it (something like the Mind Shields in XCOM: Enemy Unknown would have helped a lot in making it a fairer mechanic). Still, it's not a game breaking flaw, and the game it's still an excellent one even with the annoyance it poses.

At the end of the day, I don't see any reason not to recommend this game to everyone interested in a deep, complex, and tactical experience. For classic X-Com fans, this is a no-brainer, and for newcomers the lower difficulties are forgiving enough to make learning the basics of the game a smooth experience (keep Ironman mode activated though, that's the way to play this, in my opinion). Go for it.
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Publicada: 20 Abril
Very enjoyable.

Only problems are (a lack of) variety in some missions and one breed of aliens that heals infinetly.

Variety can be solved with mods either from the workshop or forums. I'd also grab the mod allowing you to breach other parts of the UFOs.

Regenerating aliens would work better if their permanent health was reduced each time they were damaged (the way health kits work for humans). This may happen already for all I know.

True sucessor to X-COM compared to the 'simplified' Enemy Unknown.
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98.1 hrs em registo
Publicada: 2 Junho
In short: Game is excellent, it has it's flaws and other small things, but in overall, a worthy reboot of UFO: Enemy Unknown (X-COM: UFO Defense in NA). You must buy it if you enjoyed UFO back in the days.


+ lives up to any UFO: Enemy Unknown lover's expectations
+ scary musics which gives a good vibe on the battlefield
+ you can take control of an air battle, meaning you control your jets against the alien ships
+ easy to learn the ropes of the game
+ ability to airstrike a crashsite, which can give you some easy cash


- sometimes the game can be a pain in the ♥♥♥, i.e. early invasions of Androns
- the RNG is too strong sometimes, so you need to plan ahead if you want to survive

I hope that the devs will consider making the reboot of X-COM: Terror From The Deep.
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Publicada: 4 Março

I might be through playing this game for now. Things are a little too erratic to be fun. I put 40 hours into the current game. Never while playing an XCOM type game have I loaded and saved so often. The aliens are very accurate at any range.

Swarm of Ufo's: Every few days there are like 8-9-10 Ufo's. I have 6 bases with 6 squadrons of fighters and things are just too crazy. Never is there like 1-2-3 ufo's, no there has to be as many as about 10.

Grenades: ALL aliens have them. They HURT. I do not think this will be changed. To be honest I am a little behind in research and production. I have level 2 armor but not 4. (3 is a jumpsuit version of 2). Grenades also cost way too many Time Units (TUs) for the player to use. 40. Taking into account many of your earlier soldiers barely have 40 TU's, when you need to use grenades, in the early game, you cannot.

Psionic Attacks: Way too powerful with no item that can be made to help protect against it. I had a Colonel with adjusted Bravery of 99+ be taken over by aliens in one turn. Bravery goes up when you are doing well in the fight. There is also something called 'being filled with Dread' on some missions and it can affect up to half the squad of 10 EVERY TURN. Way too powerful.

Aliens seem to have way too much health. Guess I am behind on research again. Their health should not spike so much. 200+ health on some of them. Yikes.

A different take on XCOM more like the original.
Get to build bases.
Neat air game.
Can sell downed UFO sites for cash instead of always doing ground battles.
Good weaponry. I like the ballistic era of guns. Would like to see an XCOM game actually have Ballistic guns as research items that are useful in end game.
Can cycle with Right Mouse Button to get better accuracy shots. I did not know this for over half the game. Was only taking snap shots - ouch.
Useful tanks.
Updated graphics compared to classic UFO Defense.
Good music.
Base upgrades are handled well.
Alien AI is good - sometimes too good

Xenonauts has potential. I was very close to giving this a Thumbs Up. I have played the original, UFO Trilogy, UFO:ET Gold and 2K's more modern XCOM Enemy Unknown/Enemy Within. UFO:ET Gold and UFO Trilogy's Afterlight seem to be the best XCOM clones at the moment.

Don't get me too wrong, Xenonauts is worth the time, but it does have some annoying problems causing reloads like crazy. I was very close to giving this a total Thumbs Up but It is just below the norm since I played the late game.
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