Guide a group of rectangles through a series of obstacles, using their different skills together to get to the end of each environment.
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Дата виходу: 12 лис 2012

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"This is a game that will make you care about puzzle-platforming with coloured blocks because a British man talks about them a lot."
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“For all its charm, Thomas is more than just the super-minimalist-yet-incredibly-engaging tales of a few plucky AIs. It's the story of games. Of how they get made and played, of the joys and frustrations they bring and of the thousands of tiny iterative processes that go into evolving single titles and the entire medium into their best forms.”
Evan Narcisse, Kotaku

“It proves that you don't need tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of staff to make a game story worth telling, just a good hook, an engaging vision, and a whole lot of heart.”
9/10 – Josh Tolentino, Destructoid

“The understated aesthetic design and unusual co-op puzzles will absorb you for the game’s duration – the wit and personality of the writing, though, will stay with you for much longer.”
8/10 – Keza MacDonald, IGN

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Thomas Was Alone, and then, Well, he Wasn't.

Thomas Was Alone is an indie minimalist 2D platformer about friendship and jumping and floating and anti-gravity. Guide a group of rectangles through a series of obstacles, using their different skills together to get to the end of each environment.
Listen to awesome music by David Housden. Jump over rectangles meticulously placed by Mike Bithell. Listen to voiceover read wistfully and a bit amusingly by Danny Wallace.

Thomas Was Alone tells the story of the world's first sentient AIs, and how they worked together to, well, not escape: Escape is a strong word. 'Emerge' might be better. 'Emerge' has an air of importance about it, while keeping the myriad plot twists and superhero origin stories you'll discover under wraps. We didn't even mention the bouncing. That'd be overkill.

Key Features

  • Beat 100 levels, and uncover the story of the AIs.
  • Utilize the unique skills of 10+ characters.
  • Immerse yourself in David Housden's critically acclaimed procedural score.
  • Chuckle along to Danny Wallace's narration.

Вимоги до системи

Mac OS X
    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:500 Mhz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • DirectX®:7.0
    • Hard Drive:400 MB HD space
    • OS:OS X 10.5
    • Processor:500 Mhz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive:400 MB HD space
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7.4 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 3 червня
Thomas Was Alone is a puzzle platformer that shows off how good platforming games can be in the present day. You start out the game playing Thomas, a red rectangle, and as you progress through the stages you will meet many different characters, which you can also play. These different characters all have names and their own special ability that makes them all an integral part of the game.

The story of Thomas Was Alone is told by a narrator, his voice soothes you and this gives the game a lot of feelings. You wouldn't think you would grow any kind of attachment to simple shapes, but you do. The narration can be quite funny at times, and the fourth wall is often broken on several occasions.

I really like the art style in TOA, it's simple, yet it has that really polished feel to it. Like with most platformers, it's not exactly graphically intensive, but it still represents a pretty looking game.

Each level consist of a number of puzzles and jumping challenges to make, you have to make use of all the characters in each stage in order to progress, and often in some levels, there are more than one way to complete them, leaving you room to experiment with different methods. The difficulty of Thomas Was Alone is quite high once you reach the half way point, often at times I had to revert to a FAQ in order to figure out how to progress.

I finished Thomas Was Alone in seven hours, which is quite long for a platformer; there are also additional challenges, which involve getting to difficult to reach places that will let you squeeze a little bit out of replay-ability the game. Unfortunately though, once you've had one play through, there's not much else to see and you won't need to boot it up again.

My conclusion is that Thomas Was Alone must be in your library as it's one of, if not the best platforming experience you will have

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10.2 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 19 травня
“If our brains were simple enough for us to understand them, we'd be so simple that we couldn't.” - Discovering Simplicity in a Complex World

This is a minimalist indie puzzle platformer, but don't let that dissuade you as it touches on human struggles and issues such as individuality and accepting who we are, experiencing and dealing with loneliness, finding and cherishing companionship, discovering and pursuing one's purpose in life no matter how simple or grandiose the dream and leaving a legacy for generations to come.

The music is touching, evoking empathy in the player and making you want to root for the characters in their journey. On top of that, the narration by Danny Wallace is charming and funny throughout the play-through. The gameplay is also well balanced, not too easy or difficult to keep one engaged but not lose sight of the story either.

Very highly recommended 11/10
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6 з 6 людей (100%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
1 людина вважає цю рецензію кумедною
5.4 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 13 липня
Thomas Was Alone is great indie, Puzzle game that tells the story of a group of 'AIs' as they travel around a system looking for something. You begin your story as Thomas. A small, Red AI rectangle and from there you gather a group of freinds, All unique and special in what they can do, Their personality ect.

I may be going a bit off the point with that but it will link into my pros of the game.

Here's my overview of the game as a whole:


+Visuals are simplistic but yet stunning. It's not amazing, Yet not terrible. Somewhere in-between and it sets the mood for the game perfectly how it's presented.

+The puzzles and gameplay are rather smooth. The puzzles are not too difficult and keep you thinking. If something doesn't work, It's a matter of go back and try again or find a specific point and fix it.

+The Soundtrack is amazing. I just love everything about it. It makes a major part of the game. It may be subtle but it's amazingly effective.

+The Characters are relateable and loveable. They all have their own personalitys and traits. You mightn't really go into it too much in the actual game but, It's nice. It also gives the message that everyone has a strength even if they think it's a weakness.

+The messages within the game are cryptic, I cannot even begin to take them apart. Although, I get the overlaying image and that really makes me enjoy the game more. The game doesn't adress these things, But it shows, Overall I enjoyed the spending the time to think of the meaning to things within the game.

+The Narrator isn't boring and keeps things full of energy at the right moments and also he shows emotion very well in accordance to the current situation within the game.

+The Length of the game isn't too long, Not too short. Just the right amount for the story. Very well balanced. You may not finish it in one sitting but, It won't take you more than 2 weeks of split-up gameplay. (Speaking from my experiance.)

Cons (Even though there's few and far between):

-Some levels may take what seems to be FOREVER. On top of that, you make a wrong move on some levels and it's back to the start. It may seem stupid, But for some people, This game can actually make you angry at the fact you can't solve a simple puzzle in some cases.

-The game at early points doesn't give you much of a toutorial into different mechanics or how to get past certain areas. This isn't a major con in the game (Nor do I want a toutorial in the game...God that would be awful) but, It does leave the player at some points alot of time to just sit there and try many different things 'till they work. Not a terrible flaw as I said but, It can be quite frustrating.

So, In short: If you like casual, Indie, Puzzle games that make you think, This one is for you. I enjoyed this game alot. It made me come back for a bit more each time. Alot of people play this game only because it's easy to 100% achievments in it but, That's not a valid reason to play this game. Play this game if you want something a bit different but doesn't take you out of your comfort zone too much.

Hope you enjoy the game as much as I have. ^^
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5.6 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 6 липня
Thomas was alone is a must buy platformer and one of my favourite games.

The gameplay.

The gameplay is simple and puzzle the longer you play the more characters you meet.
Each character has a special thing e.g on one you can bounce one is big and can go in water and much more.
New mechanics get introduced over time like gravity.
The game controls well you only use wasd/arrows and q and e to swap characters.
Most stages are usually get to this point by using the characters and pressing buttons, while the narrator tells you what the shapes think and such.


The story is told by a narrator, his voice is soothing.
the story is about Thomas which meets different shapes and the narrater tells whats they think, or what theyre doing and its quite emotional and interesting and its definetly the strongest point of the game.

Music and graphics.

Music is relaxing and the narration is amazing.
The graphic style is simple but good the characters are shapes.
Its simple and nice and minimalistic.
And the levels usually have a different background color.

Final verdict
TWA is a short simple platformer with puzzle elements with a amazing narrator and story and is defininetly a must play.
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5 з 5 людей (100%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
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3.0 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 29 травня
Thomas was alone...

And I was pleased.
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