Enter an apocalyptic fantasy world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, iron is valued above gold and trust is hard earned. This ARPG features complex character development, hundreds of unique items, crafting and quests with choice & consequence.
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Releasedatum: 5 nov 2013

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Wat de ontwikkelaars zeggen:

Waarom vroegtijdige toegang?

“We started as a two-man team and eventually grew to six, then eight after a successful Kickstarter and alpha release. Our early vision was to create a fairly small, somewhat rough game as a way to get our studio off the ground with very limited resources. Kickstarter and Early Access have allowed us to expand greatly on that original vision and to create a larger game with more unique features. We continue to use Early Access as a laboratory in which to test and grow Grim Dawn, with continual player feedback and the flexibility to add new features and spend time refining the game in a way that typical publisher funded development doesn't allow.”

Hoelang blijft deze game ongeveer in vroegtijdige toegang?

“We hope to have all core content completed by mid 2015. Beyond that, we will take as long as necessary to fix, polish, optimize and make adjustments based on community feedback until the game feels ready to call complete. We're estimating final release before the end of 2015 but ultimately, we'll work as long as it takes to get it right.”

Hoe gaat de volledige versie verschillen van de versie met vroegtijdige toegang?

“Grim Dawn is already about 80% complete.

The only major feature not yet in, is another layer of skill development we're calling "Devotions," which will be revealed in more detail later on. Beyond that, you can expect more items, more enemies, more environments and more quests.”

Wat is de huidige staat van de versie met vroegtijdige toegang?

“The core gameplay is well established and fun, there are 5 fully complete classes (which you can dual class to create tons of hybrid builds), hoards of loot to collect and an expansive world to explore with many secrets.

Most players are reporting between 10 to 20 hours or more for a first-time play-through. The finished game will probably end up around 15-30 hours for a first-time play-through depending on how much of the content you clear. Since we try to avoid "gating" the player and allow players to access Act 2 even before they've completed Act 1, it is possible to run though the game quickly, skipping a lot of content but there are also huge side-areas and secret areas, so clearing everything will take much longer.

Most players are reporting little to no crashing with only minor bugs. Multiplayer is available and most players are reporting a smooth experience. We continue to work on optimizing performance and expect to release the first significant optimizations in the first quarter of 2015. More performance optimization will occur toward the end of development as programmers finish feature work and are able to focus more on it.”

Zal de game anders geprijsd worden tijdens en na vroegtijdige toegang?

“We haven't made a final decision but currently it is expected that the launch price will be the same as Early Access.”

Hoe zijn jullie van plan de community te betrekken in het ontwikkelproces?

“We regularly read and respond to our forums both on Steam and the Grim Dawn website. A trip to the Grim Dawn website will show our history of interaction with our community since development first began. We've gathered feedback, posed questions to the community, taken polls to better understand the community's feelings about certain issues and tried to always explain our reasoning behind important decisions.”
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"Recommended for people who enjoy games with choice and consequence, where you can shape the outcome of story elements."

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25 februari

Act 3: Chapter 2 is Now Available with B24!

A few weeks ahead of schedule, we are proud to announce that Build 24 has just gone live. You may now enter the town of Homestead and explore the western reaches of the ravaged farmlands beyond!

This build also includes some optimization improvements, the first phase of the Faction System Overhaul, an updated character selection screen and more!

With Build 24 out, you can look forward to the full Faction System in Build 25, probably by the end of April, and Act 3: Chapter 3 potentially in B26 around late May or June. Act 4 will begin to roll out in the third quarter 2015.

For the full list of changes, check out the extensive changelog.

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23 februari

Grim Dawn is coming to PAX East ’15!

We are pleased to announce that Grim Dawn will be presented at this year’s PAX East, featured prominently at the heart of the Indie MEGABOOTH in Booth 6169.

Join Medierra, Zantai, Tumbledown, Allminoxy, Kinree and Westfaliah as we answer your burning questions and showcase the latest build.

Seek out Grim Dawn by searching for these awesome banners:

We hope to see you there!

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“Grim Dawn’s the action RPG I’ve enjoyed most in quite some time, and I’m very keen to try the later chapters as they’re released. More so than Torchlight 2, which was a bit too much of a sugar rush experience for me, and certainly more so than Diablo III”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Grim Dawn has earned my trust in a viable future; its foundation--the refined action and rock-solid character progression--is so sturdy that from moment to moment, there’s little to remind you that you’re playing an unfinished game.”

“If acquiring loot, battling monsters and progressing a character to amazing heights is your thing, then, again, Grim Dawn is a great game to look into.”

Over dit spel

Enter an apocalyptic fantasy world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, iron is valued above gold and trust is hard earned. This ARPG features complex character development, hundreds of unique items, crafting and quests with choice & consequence.

Crate Entertainment is a small indie studio founded by the lead gameplay designer of Titan Quest. Join the Grim Dawn community and provide feedback on the ongoing development of the game. Be among the first to experience our growing world, new features and make your mark by participating in polls and discussions on our forum.

Key Features

  • Dual class - combine any of five distinct skill classes each with multiple skill trees in which to specialize. Advance your class mastery to unlock over 25 powerful skills and synergistic modifiers per class. Soldier, Demolitionist, Occultist and Nightblade are currently playable with the Arcanist on the way.
  • Augment your class build with a diverse array of unique skills granted by items and components.
  • Collect hundreds of items in common, magical, rare, epic and legendary classes of loot.
  • Quests with Choice and consequence mean you will face tough decisions that leave significant impacts upon the world. Strangers on the road, desperate families and even entire villages may live or perish based on your actions.
  • Recruit survivors who will lend their services to augment your power. Upgrade the town to improve the lives of human survivors.
  • Gain favor with different NPC factions to unlock additional quest lines and earn perks like merchant discounts. However, aiding one faction could turn a rival faction into your enemy.
  • Connect with old friends or make new allies in glorious multiplayer. Multiplayer encounters will put your teamwork to the ultimate challenge.
  • Fast-paced tactical combat with enemy blood spatters, ragdoll physics and satisfying enemy death effects. Smash in doors and fight house to house, leaving a path of demolished furniture in your wake.
  • Rotate the camera if you choose to survey the full beauty of the world and always fight from the most optimal angle. Levels are still designed so that players are not forced to rotate the camera; it is purely optional.
  • Test your hero against over 100 named hero monsters, hand-configured with their own unique arrays of deadly skills.
  • Explode obstacles or repair structures to open new paths.
  • Descend into special "challenge dungeons" where enemies levels increase as you progress.
  • Dynamic Weather brings the world to life with region-specific climates and a variety of weather effects. A sunny day can cloud over with mild rain showers that builds into a booming thunderstorm. Variable wind gusts blow grass and affect objects like windmills.
  • Collect item recipes that allow you to combine salvaged components into unique crafted items and then, later, use those basic crafted items with higher-tiered recipes to complete items of amazing power.
  • The ability to spend money to reclaim skill points alleviates the fear and frustration of having to make early, uninformed decisions that could permanently gimp a character.

Development Roadmap

You can currently play through Acts 1, 2 and the first chapter of, up to character level 40. There are multiple large, higher-level secret areas to be found beyond the main story content. While content is still in development, the core gameplay is already fairly robust and a lot of fun. There is quite a lot of replay value between trying different classes / builds and collecting items. We're still refining gameplay based on player feedback, adding requested features and working to deliver the remaining content and additional slated features. Most players report that the current build is fairly stable with mostly mild bugs and we're always working to fix bugs as they come up. Here is some of the stuff we plan to roll out in the coming months:

  • Currently in development:
  • Continued optimization and bug fixing
  • More questing and NPC interaction involving factions
  • Act 3 - Chapter 2 to be released in Q1 2015
  • Additional big features to be announced

    We expect the final game will provide about 30-40 hours for a first-time play-through on normal difficulty, depending on level of exploration / clearing. This is our first game as a studio and we intend for Grim Dawn to be a continuing franchise, not just a one-off game. So it is important that we put in the time and effort to create something we're proud of, that will help us to earn a loyal fanbase for the future. We hope you'll come be part of this experience and help us to forge a strong new addition to the ARPG genre.


    • OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
    • Processor: x86 compatible 2.0GHz or faster processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series or ATI Radeon X800 series or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card
    • Additional Notes: 4GB of memory is required to host multiplayer games
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: x86 compatible 3.0GHz or faster processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1.5GB NVIDIA GeForce 500 series or ATI Radeon 6000 series or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: 4GB of memory is recommended to host multiplayer games
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To sum up Grim Dawn, imagine Diablo 2 crossed with Titans Quest, with a tiny hint of roguelike thrown in.

This game is being developed by some of the developers from the creators of Titans Quest, and is using the Titans Quest engine. However, within the engine they have managed to change the game enough to make it distinct from a Titans Quest mod. Think similarly to Unreal Engine. It may not be as flexible, but god damn if Crate can't bend it anyway.

The game heavily favors exploration, with secret quests, bosses and chests hidden around the world. Its fun to find new stuff, and even more entertaining to blow a friends mind by showing them where a level 30 boss is in a level 18 zone. Yes, he will destroy you if you aren't very prepared.

There is very little hand holding inherant in the game, however the community more than makes up for it. Due to a previously successful kickstarter, there is a large community who have been helping guide newbies, and also to just have fun together. I would highly recommend joining the forums, and atleast reading the developer journals 'Grim Misadventures' as they provide sneak peaks at upcoming content.

Yes, this game is incomplete currently, however, what they have released so far is well worth the price in my opinion. Torchlight 2 was a similar price, and may currently have Grim Dawn on play length (I think it would actually be close however) but only up to Act 3 Chapter 1 is currently playable.

The build system will be similar to anyone who knows something about Titans Quest, with the combination of two different skill trees, i.e. Demolitionist+Nightblade=Saboteur.

Simply put, if you enjoyed older ARPG's, filled with secrets and crazy builds, then you will most likely enjoy this. Atleast give the forums a peek.

- Ham
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In-Depth Review
Prepare for a long read!

First off the Story:
Grim Dawn is full of interesting dialogue and well written textbooks that truly immerse you into the game. Furthermore there is a multitude of sidequest that often allow you to make meaningful decisions and sometimes even determine the fate of a whole village.

Unfortunately these stories are hard to follow for someone who doesn't read through all the text. As much as I know the devs plan to voice the main story towards release.

The graphics present you with a harsh and sinister environment which is further emphasized by the great music and sounds. The handcrafted maps are quite large and feature hidden passages from time to time. It also feels great when you encounter hostile factions attacking each other and follow the transformation of Devil's Crossing from a small survivors-enclave to a small town as you progress through the story.

Only downpoint for me was the repetitiveness of some maps, especially the 3 swamps in act 1 and arkovia/broken hills in act 2. I was told that the devs are planning to rework some of these areas though in terms of visuals.

Gritty, fun combat, just as you would expect from an ARPG. The constitution system makes sure that you don't just wait to regenerate and the scarcity of potions underlines the fact that you are survivor of a perished world. Unlike Diablo 3 leveling feels rewarding and presents you with relevant decisions that influence your progression later in the game. The dual-mastery system of Titan Quest opens up a ton of possibilities and will further improve the more classes are available. The locational damage will probably not suprise TQ-veterans, but for ARPGs in general it's a really noteworthy feature that adds further depth to the game. (On a site note: There is an existing faction system that will be dramatically improved in the upcoming build)

Since build 20 there is a well-working multiplayer, unfortunately the damage monster deal is also scaled if you play together. Resistances don't show much effect if they are not pushed quite high and casts and even aoe skills can miss enemies. Coming from WoW I was never very fond of a "accuracy" stat as it pretty much forces players to cap it.

The game features a multitude of stats to choose from: many types of retaliation, skill bonuses, damage modifiers, resists, etc. etc. This and the fact that there are procs and even entire new skills on items massively increases the number of possible builds and the fun collecting every item. Unlike other games in the genre there are not only random rolled yellows and greens but also static epic items which helps to reduce "bad luck", legendary items will drop from 50 onward, but are not available yet. Like Titan Quest there is also a huge number of augmentations to further personalize your gear. The two unqiue blacksmiths to choose from make use of these augmentations to craft a bunch of new items and relics from blueprints found in the world. All items are fully tradeable with other players.

It seems there are some apparently obsolete stats though: Armor and physical resist pretty much do the same and "increase resistance x by x%" isn't really needed either.

The game has a multitude of options and a fully scalalbe interface, which makes it highly customizable. The data sheets are well categorized and easy to access.

Sometimes the text on items can get a little bit long though.
Same goes for several skill descriptions, some of which only offer vague information, e.g. Solaels Witchfire - what exactly do the 1st and 2nd rune increase? You will have to try that out for yourself.

Grim Dawn is not finished yet, but it already has act 1-3 which offer fairly much to do and even on the second playthough reveal some suprises. Hallowed Hill, Depraved Sanctuary and Steps of Torment provide some lasting "endgame" content, the latter even comes with a cohesive and interesting story. Due to the fact that the current maximum level is 40 the number of build possibilites is limited of course, nontheless there is plenty of them already. I'd say there's roughly 150-200h of playtime right now if you don't try the more fancy builds.

I haven't encountered many bugs which is refreshing for an early access title these days, here are the most prevalent ones:
- Getting stuck especially when using teleports/charge
- Hit detection sometimes doesn't work for aoe skills like "shockwave"
- Some attacks can clip though walls, both hostile and friendly
- Items occasionally drop through the floor, especially annoying with epics
* The devs seem to be aware of these bugs and will address some of them in B24

To sum it up:
- in no way generic or boring quests that offer real decisions; story may be hard to follow if you don't read through every text though
- dense atmosphere, brilliantly handcrafted world that sometimes feels repetitive because of the lack of different textures
- good mix of fun gameplay, diverse builds and multi-layered mechanics with only minor problems here and there
- interesting and complex itemization with a few debatable stats
- well done interface, many options, but sometimes useless skill/item descriptions
- reasonable quantity of well thought out content, likely 150-200h
- few bugs, very polished for an alpha

I have never had so much fun coming up with new builds and testing them right away. The gameplay is mostly fluid, the graphics and audio help create a unique atmosphere that supports the many stories you find about the world of Cairn and it's residents. It may take some time though to see through the complexity of the skill tree and items and appreciate the thought that has gone into it. All in all I'd say that Grim Dawn even in it's currents state is worth every penny as it not only offers the usal ARPG features, but also comes with it's own fresh ideas and shows promise of even more.

P.S. I have noticed that many reviews on youtube are from people/magazines who invested less than 20h and therefore don't go really deep into the many mechanics Grim Dawn has to offer. This doesn't do the game justice in my opinion. Please don't take those reviews seriously and give the game a chance if above points take your fancy.
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The game even in early access almost feels like a complete game (besides of course some lacking content and story) it just feels very solid and stable. The gameplay is very fun and addicting which of course is what matters the most. The game keeps on getting better and better with every new update that comes along every other month.

I understand there will not be character wipes when the game is released so there's nothing really to lose by playing now. I would recommend buying it and start playing right away (this also helps the developers getting some cashflow - as it's a VERY small team).

I can definitely recommend it as is.
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Geplaatst: 29 januari
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
+ Fantastic atmosphere
+ Very good graphics overall, if a wee bit dated
+ Combining classes and trying out new builds can be quite fun, even if they don't really work well.
+ Ease of respec (not masteries though) encourages experimentation
+ Great dev team
+ Steady updates
+ Rotatable camera
+ Very good loot
+ Endless mode (essentially)
+ Good crafting system
- Sometimes TOO dark and depressing
- Combat is okay, but still comes off rather clunky at times
- Many skills feel distinctly underwhelming
- Typical post apocalyptic color palette of grays and browns
- Story is incredibly basic (so far)
- Enemy balance feels a bit off
- Some graphical issues here and there, most likely due to relatively little optimization, which is understandable for a Early Access game
- Open multiplayer servers make

I love Diablo (the best of the trilogy) Diablo 2, and Diablo 3. This game borrows heavily from the second installment, as well as their previous game Titan Quest, to make an unpolished but fun ARPG which, in my opinion, is the third best isometric ARPG on the market today. It belongs right up there with Marvel Heroes and Diablo 3, though technically MH is more of a MMOARPG. A must buy for ARPG fans, doubly so for those who enjoy stories with Lovecraftian elements.

Will update the review as I get further into the game.
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Geplaatst: 5 februari
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Haven't got very far in the game, but the 7+ hours i've played so far have been really fun, if your a fan of ARPGs like PoE/Diablo etc you should definately give this game a try. Classes are unique with themselves and the ability to play with friends/loved ones make the experience much more enjoyable.
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Geplaatst: 17 februari
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The spiritual successor of titanquest. The game feels and plays like TQ with the 2nd class hero combo.
The lands are pretty grim looking wich I like alot.

If you liked TQ, you gonna like this
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Geplaatst: 25 februari
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Disclaimer, This is my first review.

First and foremost, I was highly skeptical about this game before I bought it. I saw it and thought "Re-skin of Titan Quest." I am happy to see the spirit of TQ perserved while establishing itself as it's own Intellectual Property and its take on Action Role Playing Games.

I was let down by the charactor creation (I spend a lot of time on charactor creation in games like Saints Row 3, 4 and Skyrim etc) and thusly wasn't able to creat a persona that felt like mine. However I've come to expect this from ARPGs so I wasn't to let down.

After playing Diablo 3 from launch and being terribly dissapointed by it's lacklustre story I was impressed by how fast I took to the setting and story being told here. In a nutshell you are a "Taken" and about to be hung. Once the game began I noticed zombies assaulting the town and was actually excited to get into the swing of things. 5 hours later, my wife is giving me the stare and the fog clears. This is the first ARPG to legit suck me into the zone. Story wise there are genuine choices to be had and content "can be skipped" (Zones have a minimum monster level however).

Gameplay wise I've only played as a Demolistionist/Occultist but the skills are rewarding and the weapons have an oomph. One gripe i have is being unable to undo mastery points (Something I learned a little late) full on respecs should be a thing.

Graphically the game looks well, the setting and the monsters fit in and match the games tone.

I highly suggest this game to any ARPG lover.
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Geplaatst: 25 februari
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I was pleasantly surprised by this game. Bought it expecting a bit of casual fun, played for a couple of hours and wow, I'm hooked! This is the first game since Diablo 2 that has given me the same feeling Diablo 2 did. It's difficult enough to be challenging without being tedious or overly complex. Crate did an absolutely fantastic job on this.
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40.5 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 25 februari
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I would highly recommend this game to anyone. It is one of the best hack and slash games I have played in a very long time. And it's good to see a game in early access that is so complete for what has been released. Even though the acts are still being worked on, the content out is great and I haven't seen too many bugs, and none that are game breaking thus far. If you are looking for a good hack and slash game I would recommend you to buy this, you won't regret spending the money.
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This game is far better than some of the "twice the money finished games" I have purchased and it is not even finished. Rock on, Grim Dawn.
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I have been following this game for years, and have been playing since the first available released Alpha. It has come a long way, trekked through many zombie infested bugs. It has true potential to be a successor to the Titan Quest series. The Dev's are friendly and listen to most of the community and the community has been mostly awesome back. Dev's take bug reporting seriously and will remedy a BIG patch with each build update, unless there is a serious bug that breaks gameplay they will push one out fast asap. The game just keeps getting better and better as time goes. I dont play it all the time, i do go on a week like binge and take a break here and there.

Yes everyone knows its a Diablo esque hack & slash loot game. I see no problem in that. Just lots of SHINIES! :D

Gameplay - Its improved and fantastic!
Story - Is very interesting (probably matter of opinion because some spots can seem bland) with a good amount of lore in between.
Soundtrack - its perfect, goes with the atmosphere of the game.
Loot - is ever improving and some amazing stuff drops yet the loot table is not even 10% available at the current build!
Classes - Whether main specing or dual specing its impressive to see what kinds of character builds we can come up with and what skill combos we can do to make our characters pretty unique.
Multiplayer - OMG we have multiplayer! Its a little buggy at times but we have multiplayer! And its fun!

P.S. Dont let your friends break the game making OP characters, mine friends are no longer friends XD
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Geplaatst: 31 januari
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Disclaimer: I am only reviewing the Beta

Excellent game so far by a company that seems to love their product. Check the Forums before you buy. The Devs are constantly working with the community to make this game even better. Their customers love the game.

It really is a great ride.

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Geplaatst: 1 februari
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Really liked the TQ series and was bummed out that they had to stop updating the game. This game brings back all the good elements of the TQ series and the atmosphere is more to my liking.
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Geplaatst: 5 februari
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A great game just like Titan's Quest and Diablo. I am stuck at Homestead due to waiting on the next chapter but I am having so much fun so far. Just ran around once I got as far as I could, killing stuff, making money and gathering loot. I have bought all the extra space in the loot chest but I can see myself needing more in the future! Lots of great loot to hoard.

I recommend this game highly if you love the above mentioned games. I experienced no bugs or crashes given this game is still in early access mode. Excited for the next chapter!
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Geplaatst: 6 februari
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Was a gift. I liked it. Thanks guy. 10/10.
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Geplaatst: 13 februari
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Early access

Good game, really enjoyed the little time i have put into the game. Will play it alot more once the game is closer to release/is released.
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Geplaatst: 29 januari
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amazing to my eyes! great game !can t wait for the rest! love the music 10/10. diablo can die now in peace!
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Geplaatst: 31 januari
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang
It's the best ARPG

that's it
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Geplaatst: 25 februari
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They out-Diabloed Diablo.
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60.8 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 21 februari
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If you loved Titan Quest you'll love this game. Very similar gameplay and mechanics but with a darker theme.
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