Antichamber is a mind-bending psychological exploration game where nothing can be taken for granted. Discover an Escher-like world where hallways wrap around upon each other, spaces reconfigure themselves, and accomplishing the impossible may just be the only way forward.
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"If you're looking for a 1st person puzzler that requires you to throw away your preconceptions & then makes you brain melt out of your ears. Here it is!"
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“Even as the developer told me what the game was doing to mess with my brain while I was playing it, it still succeeded in messing with my brain.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“The most tenacious, infuriating obstacle you’ll face throughout the game is yourself.”
PC Gamer

“Every aspect of Antichamber is made to get players out of their comfort zone.”

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Antichamber is a mind-bending psychological exploration game where nothing can be taken for granted. Discover an Escher-like world where hallways wrap around upon each other, spaces reconfigure themselves, and accomplishing the impossible may just be the only way forward.

Several years in the making, Antichamber received over 25 awards and honors throughout its development, in major competitions including the Independent Games Festival, the PAX10, IndieCade and Make Something Unreal. Antichamber was also supported by the Indie Fund.

Key Features

  • A deeply psychological experience that will make you question everything you know about how a game works.
  • Mind-bending challenges that will subvert your expectations at every twist and turn.
  • An enormous, seamless non-Euclidean world to explore.
  • Lifelike soundscapes developed by Robin Arnott and an ambient soundtrack composed by Siddhartha Barnhoorn.
  • A gun that can create, destroy and manipulate matter, allowing you to discover new ways to overcome your surroundings.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS:Windows XP SP2, Vista, or Windows 7
    • Processor:2.0+ GHz or better (dual core recommended)
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA 8000 series or higher (Shader Model 3 Compatible)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:1 GB HD space
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Pubblicata: 13 ottobre
Io non capisco che cazzo vuole la gente. Esce un prodotto originalissimo e innovativo ed è considerata una copia di Portal solo perchè è un puzzle in prima persona, come se Portal avesse l'esclusiva sul genere. Antichamber è un titolo che con Portal c'entra come Starcraft c'entra con Battlefield: un benemerito cazzo di nulla.
Compratelo, giocatelo e godetene come mai prima d'ora perchè Antichamber è una perla come poche.
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Pubblicata: 17 luglio
ti fotte il cervello
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Pubblicata: 27 giugno
Gioco molto originale, da provare
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Pubblicata: 1 novembre
Someone once said "If the laws of physics no longer apply in the future, God help you."

That game is here.

God help me.
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Pubblicata: 1 luglio
Antichamber instructions:

1. Buy it
2. Play it
3. Get stuck on stairs
4. Turn off the game raging
5. Realise that game wasen't that cheap
6. Go play it again
7. Realise how amazing it is after finishing
8. Go reccomend it
9. Realise you are actually stoned and none of this is true
10. Or is it?

Go buy the game.
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Pubblicata: 17 novembre
Antichamber is easy to dismiss as a Portal clone at first glance; it is a first person puzzle game wherein you move from chamber to chamber, equipped with a puzzle “gun” which interacts with your environment. But while Portal deals mostly in learning the rules of its mechanics and then adding complexity to those mechanics, Antichamber is a game which aims to subvert your expectations about how a puzzle should fundamentally work. It makes you question the unspoken rules that video games abide by. Frequently, it is simply brilliant and mind blowing, though occasionally it’s too obscure or random for its own good (especially in later parts of the game).

There’s no real story to speak of in Antichamber, but the entire experience is expertly accented in a very sterile atmosphere and minimal graphics. Sound design is also minimal, but well done. Certain audio cues can give you hints to where you are in the world, and the simple tick-tock of a clock can become a fixture of an entire portion of the game. It’s definitely a polished game which looks and feels nice.

Of course, the real meat of Antichamber is the puzzles, and it’s hard to say much about them without revealing part of what makes this game special. Suffice it to say that it is one of the most unique and creative games that I have ever played. Environments are frequently non-Euclidean in nature, and rely heavily on perspective or understanding the rules of the universe which Antichamber itself has defined.

There is inherent difficulty in designing that kind of puzzle; if you don’t abide necessarily by the rules of physics or perspective that we’ve come to rely on, puzzles can have arbitrarily hard solutions. For the most part, especially in early parts of the game, Antichamber does an excellent job of staying consistent and teaching you the ways of its mind-melting world.

But in the later hours, you are bound to run into situations where a puzzle solution will feel almost entirely arbitrary. Frustration will set in, and occasionally solutions don’t have the satisfying payoff they were designed for. There was one instance where I resorted to some online hints because, it turns out, I had completed an earlier puzzle in a non-traditional way and didn’t have the resources the game expected me to have. It took quite a bit of digging before finally understanding how I was supposed to complete the prior puzzle so I could complete the current one.

One very smart addition to curb some of this difficulty is the ability to, at any point, press escape and jump out to the central hub of the world. From there, you can see your progress and also a map of the entire area you have so-far discovered. You can jump in to any area you’ve previously visited, and I found it helpful to jump from puzzle to puzzle I didn’t know how to solve. Typically inspiration would strike somewhere, and my frustrations would yield relatively quickly.

Overall, Antichamber is a smart, mostly incredible puzzle game. Moments of frustration are almost inevitable here, and for the most part the balance is hit just right so that frustration results in joyous satisfaction when you make progress. It occasionally missteps and frustration just leads to greater frustration, but it’s easy to forgive when so much of the game is so good. Highly recommended.
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Pubblicata: 27 luglio
Antichamber wants to screw with you. An abstract puzzle game, it exists in a world built upon its own rules, requiring you to shed conventional logic and adopt an out of the box mindset to progress through the labyrinthine chamber you find yourself in. Up is down, going backwards moves you forward, and nothing can be taken at face value. It's one of the smartest games I've ever played; thoughtfully evolving at every step, as my feeble brain scrambled to keep up.

To attempt and describe Antichamber would be counterproductive, and a rather hopeless task. The foundation of the experience is designed around self discovery and interpretation, making any outside explanation of how to solve the absurdly clever puzzles and navigate the twisting level layouts detrimental to someone playing the game for the first time. At its core, Antichamber involves manipulating the rules of its world to allow you to overcome seemingly impossible tasks and continue onward toward the next puzzle. More often than not this involves interacting with blocks placed throughout, by way of a gun whose functions extend far beyond the simple ability to move and delete.

Though outwardly simplistic and plain, Antichamber's art direction (and to a lesser extent its sound design) is as purposely and meticulously designed as its puzzles; with clean lines and intelligent use of color all playing a large role in telegraphing integral aspects of the puzzles. Its basic graphical design also accounts for a huge portion of how atmospheric Antichamber can be. Often times I'd find myself so drawn into the experience that I'd look up to find to my surprise I'd been engross in it for hours, as time becomes rather meaningless once you begin to make your way through the chamber. It feels like being inside an abstract painting, with as much artistry and inverted syllogism as you would expect.

The moments when you manage to solve a puzzle and move forward in Antichamber is one of the most satisfying feelings I've ever had in a puzzle game, which is why it's unfortunate that its intelligence can at times become a handicap; blocking the player from continuing onward and giving little knowledge of how to do so or where they might should head in instances where its functionally impossible to progress without collecting an upgrade first. This is a deliberate aspect of Antichamber's design and a large factor in why solving its conundrums is so empowering, but it has the unshakable counter effect of turning people away on the basis that the game is simply too smart for them (especially early on). It's a shame because once you begin to understand the way the world works the game really opens up and you can finally appreciate it in all its glory, but to get there you'll inevitably be hitting your head against the wall quite a bit as you try and make sense of it all.

Antichamber is a rather intimidating game even to those with a mind for puzzles and an ease at thinking irrationally, but its one that's worth forcing yourself through the first few confounding hours for the brilliant moments of understanding that follow. The ingenuity of Alexander Bruce's abstruse creation is mindboggling (which I mean quite literally), and an incredible accomplishment that I honestly cannot believe came together without falling apart under the weight of its own ambition. I still only barely understand it, but even my limited intelligence can appreciate how remarkable Antichamber is; making me feel clever even as I can fell it silently mocking me for being the comparative imbecile I am.
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Pubblicata: 26 ottobre
This game is so hard to understand and you it really challenges to use your brain at its best. But take breaks because your brain will probably stop at a moment. The puzzles are very hard to solve but when you do it is so rewarding and worth it.
Id recommend this game for sure
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Pubblicata: 30 ottobre
I love mindfsk games.
THIS is a gorgeous mindfsk puzzle game. You don't have to listen to boring dialouge or pay attention to what is going on in the story. You just do. WARNING: Not a linear game. This is not just a puzzle game. It is an ultra mind♥♥♥♥. Be prepared to ragequit. Worth every penny and second.

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Pubblicata: 14 ottobre
A game like Antichamber should not be played by people like myself; games that have puzzles that go beyond merely logic, reasoning, memorization or problem solving and into the realm of beating your head against it until a solution reveals itself do not sit entirely well with me. This is more an issue with myself than those types of games for sure, but while Antichamber does take a couple of cues from Portal, this title is a drastically different experience that, while at times went way over my head, I can still recommend to people who want a puzzler that's different from your Trines or Professor Laytons or Mysts.

I'm really the wrong demographic for this kind of game, but Antichamber's advertising suckered me in since I wanted an exploration-based puzzle game in similar veins to La-Mulana; puzzles that were made to crush lesser minds. While I did get that vibe and happily did so, Antichamber sometimes felt like it could get away with whatever it wanted and did so with crossed arms and shrugged shoulders to the player. The Steam store page does say, quote, 'Antichamber is a mind-bending psychological exploration game where nothing can be taken for granted. Discover an Escher-like world where hallways wrap around upon each other, spaces reconfigure themselves, and accomplishing the impossible may just be the only way forward'. 'Accomplishing the impossible' may sound quite romantic to a player thinking about buying the game, but there are some cases where the impossible is possible, it just requires a ridiculous solution. To talk about these cases would just be absolute shameful spoilers and would take away from your experience, but the big pro tip here is that just when you think you've tried absolutely everything and are ready to give up, you actually haven't tried absolutely everything and need to try again. Not every puzzle in Antichamber is this 'impossible', as for a majority of the game your challenges are quite tame; blocks, switches, platforming, interacting with the environment, toying with some anomaly that's keeping you from progressing... Many of these can be solved just through expirimentation, trial and error or simple application of your brain, and for quite some time you can chug through the game at a steady rate, only meeting major opposition when you near the end of the game - And I mean major. Again, perhaps I'm the wrong kind of person for this kind of game, but at some point I ran up against puzzles where just nothing clicked and I found myself spinning my wheels in perpetual defeat, and that's where my enjoyment of the game took a heavy drop.

What kept me from really getting sour on the game is that at just about any time you can return to the main 'hub' room where you can look at a map of the 'facility' (players have insinuated there's a story some kind, but there's no plot in Antichamber at all) and then teleport elsewhere. This means that you can zip around the game and try assaulting a puzzle again or from a different angle, never being stuck against just one challenge forever until you complete it. This is an absolute god-send of a feature, and one that no doubt has kept many players (including myself) from quitting the game with a bitter aftertaste. It's also incredibly useful since you can stumble upon shortcuts or alternate exits everywhere that will take you all over the place, sometimes not quite in the direction you wanted to go. If you keep hallway-wrapping into a room you've visited or accidentally fall off a bridge that melts if you're looking at it, being able to warp back and try again keeps frustration down to a minimum, especially when you're trying to find the matter 'guns' to further manipulate blocks that you need for switches, platforms or other impede your progress.

The 'guns' is the aforementioned cue from Portal, and how they help you get around the game is the other. Again, to talk in detail about the puzzles you'll encounter would be shameful spoilers, but each new gun upgrade you find unlocks that much more of the game, with a myriad of possible solutions and new challenges to run into, which is a good feeling of constantly asking yourself 'what's next?' when you unlock this door or find a way past this chasm. You'll be looking forward to the next puzzle and not to the designs of the rooms as a whole since the game's sterile white environment at times feels just downright oppressive on the eyes, save for the splashes of bold, full colors that are strangely relieving when mixed in with the 'music' that is nothing but ambiance noises that I feel were designed to keep the player as relaxed as possible when hopping around the game trying to figure out a new solution. Color doesn't play any sort of theme like in Okami, but it does serve as something to take hold of your attention and to differentiate one route from another to avoid confusion.

While it sounds like I haven't had the greatest time with Antichamber, I walked away from it (and completed it) quite satisfied with the experience I had, and some minor technical hiccups like major frame-rate hitches during transitions and broken floor geometry were just that - Hiccups. Antichamber brings to the table a wildly different kind of puzzle game that sometimes can feel like it's cheating in order to challenge you, but overcoming these challenges brings personal accomplishment that is its own high. My overall enjoyment of the game left something to be desired, but I can still happily recommend Antichamber to those looking for a puzzle game that doesn't follow conventional rules.
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Pubblicata: 2 novembre
Have a psychodelic trip without becoming a junkie.

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Pubblicata: 29 novembre
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Pubblicata: 1 luglio
Protip for LSD – The Game: Real world rules don't apply.

Ironically, they do give good in-game tips that apply to life as well. Like "if you never stop trying, you will get there eventually.", or "at times we need to view the world from someone else's perspective."

It's pretty hard to throw away everything that you've thought you've known, but the thing is that you're no longer in the real world, you're in the Antichamber. What is the Antichamber? I don't know. There's no narrative to the game. I think the game's sole objective is to make the player furious.

But everytime I enter a new area my frustration is replaced by the desire to discover. What more can this M.C. Escher-like world throw at me? Why are the vibrant colours so nice to look at? Wait, what am I doing wrong? Then I get mad again. Rinse and repeat.

Occasionally I hear the ocean waves and the cawing of seagulls in the distance. This game is very atmospheric. With the desolate, isolated tone they set up adding to being confined in the false spaces, moving walls and rule changes, I realize that sometimes this game can't be fun. It can be pretty draining. Took a long, long break, but I still wanted come back.

And that's what makes this game pretty magical. It teaches me to think way way way outside the box, and it's great that a game can have that effect. It's engaging, mind-bending, thought-provoking, one-of-a-kind. I don't know how long it'll take me, but I'll finish the game eventually. Damn you, Antichamber.
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Pubblicata: 30 settembre
This is the greatest game I have ever played.

The story is beautiful, the lessons are universal, and you'll be sad when it ends.

10/10 waiting for sequel.
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Pubblicata: 25 ottobre
Mind-bending-puzzling-trippy-sketchy-bewildering and frustrating FUN! After it breaks your brain for the 46th time, it'll break it once more, then again, then again, then again, then ag...

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Pubblicata: 13 novembre
Just play this game. It is that good. Some puzzles are tedious as hell, but it is worth playing through to the end. Most puzzle consist of switch activating and others consist of physics that are consistently non sensical, and this is its strong point. I would recommend that everyone try play this. Even if they don't play video games.
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Pubblicata: 6 dicembre
You don't play Antichamber, Antichamber plays you.
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Pubblicata: 29 novembre
After playing for a bit, I can conclude that you will say these 2 things a lot:
1. Where the ♥♥♥♥ am I?
2. And how the ♥♥♥♥ did I get here?
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Pubblicata: 30 ottobre
This game is totally awesome and crazy :D First it'll feel a little like Valves Portal but I assure you it's only at the beginning. Some philosphy elements and a bunch of skullcracking puzzles will entertain you for a couple or more of hours! Worth every cent of investment =)
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Pubblicata: 21 novembre
Clever puzzle game revolving around the use of perspective and non-Euclidean space in a minimalist environment. Puzzles were challenging without ever really feeling unfair (except for one instance: but it turned out to be an optional puzzle so i don't feel like I missed very much.) Great fun for anyone that loves the puzzle genre and can handle the potential headaches of navigating things that don't quite make sense, unless you force it to.

Things that annoyed me: There are a few precise platforming moments that feel awkward in the FPS scheme, and there was one puzzle that relied on an annoying jumping mechanic where I knew how to solve it but couldn't make the stiff platforming work 'properly' for lack of a better word.

Everything else was fantastic. I beat the game and I still have some puzzles left unsolved. Some of them seem to lead to hidden side areas that only exist for the satisfaction of getting there.
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