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Divine Divinity is an epic role-playing game with hack-and-slash action, offering a huge world to explore and thousands of items to investigate, trade and use.
Data di rilascio: 20 Set 2002
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Include 3 oggetti: Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity, Divinity II: Developer's Cut


“A well-designed, open-ended, lengthy role-playing game sporting impressive graphics and sound and a lot of replay value.”
8.6/10 – Gamespot

“I went straight from Neverwinter Nights to Divine Divinity, and I enjoyed them equally.”
84/100 – PC Gamer

“If you liked Diablo 2, but are perhaps looking for a gaming experience with more depth and story, look no further.”
91/100 – PC Gameworld

Informazioni sul gioco

Listed among the "Top 100 PC Games Of All Time" by PC GAMER (2012), Divine Divinity is an epic role-playing game with hack-and-slash action, offering a huge world to explore and thousands of items to investigate, trade and use.

The game chronicles the never-ending battle between valiant heroes and the destructive powers of Chaos harnessed by the Black Ring, a cult of enduring evil. You play the role of the prophesised Chosen One who under the guidance of the wizard Zandalor must unite the seven races of Rivellon so that you may become the Divine One and stop the birth of the Lord of Chaos.

This new re-mastered version offers support for Windows 7 and higher resolutions.

Key Features:

  • An RPG of Epic Proportions
    Experience an adventure that will last you over 100 hours, filled with tons of non-linear quests and offering an enormous world to explore!
  • Classless Character Development
    You decide what kind of character you want to be! Start out as a warrior, wizard or survivor – each with his own unique ability – then freely choose between 96skills, regardless of your class.
  • Hack & Slash with a Twist
    Fight dozens of different enemy types and obliterate them in visceral, fast-paced combat. Things getting a bit hectic for you? Then pause the game at will, and take your time to look over the battlefield - or drink that much needed health potion.
  • Interaction Galore
    Discover the enormous amount of objects that can be investigated, traded, used and combined. Found some empty flasks and picked up some colourful mushrooms? Create potions! Obtained some vile-smelling poison? Daub it on your blade or arrow tips: your foes won't know what hit 'em!
  • Award-winning Soundtrack
    Enjoy the dulcet melodies composed by Kirill Pokrovsky, the two-time winner of IGN’s "Outstanding Achievement in Music” award.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Pentium IV 1 GHz
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.7 GB
    • Video Card: DirectX compatible 3D card
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Sound: DirectX compatible
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Metti da parte la grafica, metti da parte il look da 'vorrei essere Diablo, metti da parte il titolo senza appeal: quello che rimane è uno dei grandi classici della generazione perduta dei giochi di ruolo.
A chi piace le somiglianze diremmo che è un Arcanum con impostazione fantasy pura e combattimento alla Diablo, con sprazzi di Baldur's Gate e grafica alla Ultima vii ultra deluxe.
A chi non piacciono diciamo che è un gioco di ruolo crudo e puro, quello in cui devi stare attento ad un oggetto maledetto nell'inventario, in cui ogni abilità ha un senso e sceglierla tra le 100 e passa rimane complicatissimo. Dialoghi con un humour di chi sa fare fantasy, ma per questo non deve prendersi troppo sul serio. La trama è intrigante quanto basta, nonostante si ricorre all'abusato protagonista "prescelto". Ma dove il gioco brilla è nelle meccaniche di combattimento divertenti unite ad un impianto di quest molto ben congeniato, e a quella sensazione che alle 4 del mattino ti fa dire "ho ancora troppe cose in sospeso a Rivertown, non posso spegnere il pc".
Attenti, vi aspetta un paio di settimane chiusi in camera. Da iniziare con brutto tempo.
Pubblicata: 11 Febbraio 2014
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Wow... un GdR vecchio che però non manca di appassionare. Offre molte ore di gioco, qualche frustrazione "vecchia scuola", molto bottino dagli scontri e una trama carina, anche se ormai sa di già visto. Se per voi la grafica non è importante più di tanto in un gioco di ruolo, ve lo consiglio caldamente, saprà darvi molte ore di esplorazione e combattimento!
Pubblicata: 11 Marzo 2014
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Like leaves on the trees when the autumn comes, I peered into the prodigious ravine they call the Steam Store and found this diamond in the rough layed out before me. "$2.00" it whispered into my ears and I was sold - I knew I had to get this; boy was I delighted with the treat I found in stored for me.

Many claim they can see the end of times upon them with this coming era but I stayed vigilant. I gave hope to the fallen kings of men and entered a realm unknownst to any before me. It was this day that I found out what it meant to be the Chosen.

My journey started like any other - I was weak, heedful of my surroundings, aware that any danger I find may soon be my very last. Destiny called however, and I knew my place was among the Gods. I stepped forward into a brave new world and accepted the very fate thrusted on me.

Orcs struck, evil mages lashed out with their foul magicks, knights that knew no loyalty saw fit to bring me to their knees; yet I stood firmed. I slayed everyone and everything - from friends to tyrants. None shall stand before my blade and see the light of day again.

"Monster!", they yelled at me. "♥♥♥♥ you", I said in return as I stuck the tip end of my weapon up their haughty buttocks. Tyrants and dragons alike would fall to my sleight of hand as I became the all-powerful, omniscient being the prophets themselves had called to pass.

In my final hour I would lay waste to the Lord of Chaos. His reign was over and my destiny, fulfilled. Men shall not know the end times again as long as I breathe. With one final sigh I gazed back behind me...

What have I done.

In my wake, nothing was left. I had saved the world but at the cost of the world itself. I was but a lone God overseeing a world with no one - how could I ever be the Chosen when there's nothing left to protect? I fell to my knees and cried; there was only one thing left to do. I pulled out my trusted blade that had been by my side this entire time and made some potions out of the nearby red mushrooms.
Pubblicata: 16 Gennaio 2014
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I LOVE this game! Besides being an old RPG which is my thing (and I'm sure many other people like it as well, for games aren't really made like this anymore) it also has a ton of stuff that many other games don't.

1. Good story and quests;
2. Good fighting system and skills (even if you choose a mage, in-game you can still learn any skill of the other classes, so you're not stuck to just being a mage yourself. Any character can learn any class skill);
3. Amazing world to explore, non linear (you can find secrets even in far open forests);
4. No respawning enemies;
5. Very long gameplay, around 80 or even 100 hours, depending on how long you take to do things or in the difficulty you chose;
6. Great humour and voice acting;
7. It's actually one of those games that makes you get so into it, it actually ends up making you hate or have compassion for certain characters. Not many games do that.
8. Great story/plot
9. Unlimited storage options (no squary inventory thing)
10. Controls are similar to Diablo 2 but c'mon, Diablo doesn't compare.
11. Old games ROCK!
Pubblicata: 25 Gennaio 2014
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Phenomenal RPG. Gameplay is like a hybrid between the more hack n slash Diablo stye RPG and old school isometric RPG's such as Baldur's Gate and the original Fallout series. I've played the game near to completion on my non-steam version of the game. It's a long game, I would say the main story quest is about twice the length of Skyrim and Oblivion's main quest. However, Skyrim and Oblivion are much bigger in terms of side quests and post main quest gameplay. My only problem with the game is some technical issues, mostly with certain save games crashing, especially towards the latter part of the game. I'm running the game on windows 7, and I've imported my save to the steam version, with the same crashing issues. The game is still playable, and I can play it to completion, it's just frustrating to have to worry about the game crashing every few plays. Of course, it's a dated game which honestly runs pretty smooth on new operating systems. Just beware that you may have some issues with the game being dated. Still, one of the best RPG's I somehow missed out on in the late 90's and early 2000's.
Pubblicata: 25 Maggio 2014
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