Cette "simulation de vaisseau spatial à la sauce roguelike" vous permet de partir à l'aventure avec votre navire et son équipage à travers une galaxie générée aléatoirement.
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Date de parution : 14 sept 2012

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À propos de ce jeu

Dans FTL vous plongez dans l'atmosphère de commandement d'un vaisseau spatial qui tente de sauver la galaxie. C'est une mission périlleuse, chaque rencontre vous présente un défi unique aux solutions multiples. Que feriez-vous si un barrage de missiles lourds détruisait vos boucliers ? Redirigeriez-vous toute l'énergie vers les moteurs pour tenter de prendre la fuite, alimenterez-vous en ressources les armes secondaires pour balayer votre ennemi, ou foncerez-vous droit dessus pour leur faire une petite fête en embarquant sur leur vaisseau ? Cette "simulation de vaisseau spatial Roguelike-like" vous permet d’emmener votre vaisseau et votre équipage dans une aventure à travers une galaxie générée aléatoirement, remplie de gloire, ou à défaut, d'une défaite amer.

Principales caractéristiques :

  • Gameplay stratégique complexe : – Donnez des ordres à votre équipage, gérez la distribution du courant dans le vaisseau et choisissez votre cible pendant le feu de la guerre.
  • Jouez à votre propre rythme : – Mettez en pause pendant un combat pour revoir votre stratégie et donnez des ordres.
  • Forme de vie et technologie unique : – Renforcez votre vaisseau et débloquez-en de nouveaux avec l'aide de l'une des six races aliens.
  • Incarnez le commandant que vous voulez : – Des centaines de rencontres vous forcerons à prendre des décisions pénibles, et influerons sur votre parcours.
  • Galaxie générée aléatoirement : – Chaque partie vous amènera à des ennemis différents, des évènements différents qui résulteront de vos précédentes décisions. Aucune partie ne se ressemblera.
  • Pas de seconde chance ! – Quand vous mourrez, c'est fini. La menace constante de la défaite ajoute stress et tension à chaque action.

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Processeur : 2 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • Affichage : Résolution d'écran minimale de 1280x720, carte vidéo compatible OpenGL 2.0 et carte vidéo dédiée recommandée comportant 128 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • Disque dur : 175 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    Certaines cartes graphiques intégrées Intel HD sont connues pour fonctionner mais ne sont pas officiellement supportées.
    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Mac OS X 10.5.8 ou plus récent
    • Processeur : 2 GHz Intel
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • Affichage : Résolution d'écran minimale de 1280x720, carte vidéo compatible OpenGL 2.0 et carte vidéo dédiée recommandée comportant 128 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • Disque dur : 175 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, fully updated
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1280x720 minimum resolution, OpenGL 2.0 Support
    • Hard Drive: 175 MB HD space
Évaluations des utilisateurs
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très positives (608 évaluation(s))
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Publiées récemment
Kony 2014
( 27.4 heures en tout )
Posté le : 24 juillet
DO NOT go after the giant alien spiders.
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Sean the Ripper
( 12.9 heures en tout )
Posté le : 24 juillet
Very challenging game where one will die a lot. The thing that makes this game so good is that it's so accessible and fun that frustration level is kept to a minimum. Also surprisingly deep.
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( 41.6 heures en tout )
Posté le : 24 juillet
This game is so much fun if you get how to play it. Since this does not require internet, this game could be played for hours on long road trips, and you will still be having fun.
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( 16.7 heures en tout )
Posté le : 24 juillet
By far, the most irritating and frustrating game I've played in a long time. Not to be confused with challenging! It really is a LOT of fun, as long as you don't expect to win every time. If you can get over that mental hurdle, then you can enjoy yourself!
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( 8.8 heures en tout )
Posté le : 24 juillet
-Start game
-Upgrade ship a bit
-get overwhelmed by enemies and die
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( 24.4 heures en tout )
Posté le : 24 juillet
Best MUSIC EVER!!! Just listening to the music some years later gets me nostalgic. and i didnt even play that much...
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( 123.3 heures en tout )
Posté le : 24 juillet
Great rougue-like topdown sci-fi ship management game!

Comes down to:
10% skill
20% luck
and 70% trying over and over a hundred times!

great for the little completionist in everyone!
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( 78.8 heures en tout )
Posté le : 24 juillet
FTL is a sci-fi strategy game where you manage a ship and it's crew in an attempt to overtake a large interstellar Rebellion. You play as the crew for a ship of your choice. The game has 10 playable ships, with all of them having a second variant, and 8 having a third variant as well. You can take control of the ship's power usage, your crew's placements, the ship's weaponry, shields, engines, and much more. You can purchase upgrades from your SHIP menu or from a Store using a currency known as scrap metal.

+The battle system is fluent, fair, and satisfying
+The game is difficult all the way through, never being unfair
+Each character race feels diverse and useful
+The ship types provide a large amount of gameplay variety
+The game's procedure generation is usually great
+The game runs buttery smooth in most cases

-The game begins to feel stale after a while, as you can usually predict the outcome of a situation before you even read it
-The game can get almost too difficult at some points, to the point where it is incredibly hard to complete even on Easy
-The dialouge is a bit generic at times

Overall FTL, in gameplay, is fantastic.

Personal score: 9/10
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( 5.8 heures en tout )
Posté le : 24 juillet
The problem of being faster than light is that you can only live in darkness.

10/10 you'll probably never win
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( 45.2 heures en tout )
Posté le : 24 juillet
I loved this game!

Okay so this game is definitley not for everyone, but it does a fantastic job making your choices matter and the weapons and loadouts you choose make the playstyle you want.

*also very difficult*
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Posté le : 27 juin
*Distress beacon*
*Goes to distress beacon*
*Sees a small research that has uncontrollable fire problem*
*Almost losses crew after helping them*
*They give me a reward after helping them*
*It was fire suppression device*

Would face palm through my face again
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Posté le : 27 juin
>Just bought the game with my younger brother
>Played it once
>I'm captain Fran and my brother is first mate Parker
>With one other crew mate (Amanda) we set off on our epic quest
>We our understaffed and under gunned but this does not dampen our spirits
>Our goal is the delivery of important documents to the front lines of the federation
>All the way, we are chased by a massive rebel fleet
>We set off
>At first our trip is a success
>We jump from sector to sector fending off pirates and helping those in need
>Slowely our ship (The Harmony) becomes a thing to be reckoned with
>We are still undermaned though and every day we risk capture by the rebels
>Adventually we make enough space between us and the rebels to take a break
>We both take shore leave and venture into a canteen
>We find what we are looking for
>A space Russian named Mikhail
>He's an engineer with experience
>We explain to him our dier situation over drinks
>He joins us for a fee, and we once again set off, fully manned
>Our ship now has two burst lasers and two beam weapons
>Many dangers find us but we prevail and grow even stronger
>Slowly, we make it to the front lines
>We recuit another combat expert, named mark
>We rescue a mantis named kilisk from some slavers
>Our ship is ready for combat
>2 sectors left, its nothing but rebel controled and pirate filled space
>During a pirate encounter, we rescue a lone survivor from a destroyed ship
>She is a rock person named Amanda
>There is sexual tention between us
>I have her run the doors
>All our stations our now filled
>We head off to meet the federation fleet
>We get there
>It's a war zone, the federation is being destroyed left and right
>It's only a matter of time before they lose
>We meet with the commander
>We tell him that we discovered a weakness
>The rebels main ship is the senter of their force
>With out it the federation stands a chance
>We are sent on a mission to destroy the ship, as the fleet fends off what ever rebels they can
>Win or die, this will be our last mission
>Radars pick up the location of our target
>It is getting ready to assualt the federation base (our last stronghold)
>We repair our ship and head out
>From here there will be no more help
>We fly bravely on
>On our way, we are targeted by an automated drone
>It rips through our shields and puts serious damage on our hull
>We destroy it, but our back flank has been flooded by rebels
>We continue
>We reach the base as the enemy ship does
>An epic battle commence
>Our lazers struggle to get through their sheilds to let our beams hit
>We take massive fire in return
>The crew works as fast as they can to keep the ship together
>We manage to fend it off but are forced to chase it and finish it
>We've come to far now to end here
>We must finish off the ship
>We engage in combat again
>Our hull is being torn appart
>They target our weapons
>Their shield get destroyed the same time our weapons do
>My first mate Parker, works with Amanda and Kilisk to repair them
>Fire breaks out next to Parker
>It almost engulfs him, but he manages to get a lazer gun back up as he backs into the medbay
>We fire, all hit
>The right wing of the rebel ship rips apart
>But they escape into the emptiness of space
>We repair the ship the best we can
>Or hull is in shambles
>One blow could destroy the ship
>I look at my brother, then to my crew
>We all know what we must do
>During the battle our route to the base was cut off
>We are surronded
>It is a hopeless mission
>But we do not give up
>We will not go quielty into the void of space without a fight
>We mand our stations and prepare for our final jump
>Amanda enters the cockpit during the jump
>We kiss passionately
>Her rocky surface against my skin
>We both feel like this is our only chance
>The jump completes
>What's left is two husks of ships and the fate of the war, all in one battle
>They have both a burst laser canon and a torpedo launcher
>Our shields can deflect the lasezs but a single torpedo and the ship can fall apart
>Our goal is to destory the weapon before it hits
>We prepred for the fight with weapons fully charged
>Our first burst goes out
>It doesn't pierce their shields
>Parker charges the weapons for another attack
>But then they launch three torpedos at us
>We were at 40% evasion
>Mikhail gives me all the energy he can
>I manuver the ship and we dodge all three
>We launch a second attack
>Again, their sheilds just hold
>They shoot back
>I make one more miracle happen
>I dodge right and avoid all three projectiles
>Our weapons charge once more
>We shoot
>They brake through!!!!!!!!
>The beam lazers fire
>One hits, cutting though the ship
>The second hits
>But as it begins cutting through their weapons
>Three more torpedos are lauched
>Their weapons are down, but the threat is still there
>My brother and I watch, as our death approaches
>The first rocket flies in
>The second
>The third
>Our ship is ripped appart
>The doors collapse, and my crew is sucked into the void
>I see my brother Parker and Amanda gasping for air as they implode
>We die
>Our mission fails
>The rebels win

I will never forget my crew and the adventure my brother and I shared
10/10 would fly again
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Posté le : 5 juillet
This might seem a bit lengthy, but hear me out...

I was playing the game, of coarse, and I happened to come across an enemy that only had a Burst Laser to hurt me (for those who don't know, it fires two lasers at your ship). I had two shields up and all he would do was bring them both down, recharge his weapon, and hit me again, doing literally no damage to my ship's hull what so ever. At that time, I was about to jump to the next area, but then I realised something...

My crew was leveling up despite me doing nothing

Their skill increased as this helpless little enemy was trying his hardest to simply put a scratch on me, so I did what anyone would have done.

I left the game running, went to the kitchen, heated up some food, ate the food, went on Youtube, watched some videos, went back to the game, noticed they were skilled up all the way in that one section of the ship, switched them around, went to the bathroom, did some school work, came back, switched them around again, took a nap, watched all episodes of Game of Thrones, ran a marathon, cured cancer, etc etc.

I did this until they were fully leveled up in everything that required nothing to do.

Would find loophole again

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32.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 24 juin
This game is extremely tough. I'm a AAA title, high end pc gamer, and this game is on my top 10 list. it may not look like GTA V or Crysis, but it's engaging, challenging, and addictive.

pick it up on sale for like 2 bucks, can't go wrong.
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64.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 30 juin
The good: Random, roguelike play, text based rpg aspects, no two games are alike. Unlocks, and varations on how you set up your ships (I don't mean the layouts but after you start) lead to much replayability.

The bad: The game does everything it can to make you miserable and or lose. Before the expansion this was also true but not quite so vehemently. The end boss even on easy is impossible for me but apparently some people have solved it. After 64 hours I am giving up on it. Even with Advanced mode off the game is 10x harder than it was. Getting near my scores of several years ago is severely challenging in a bad way. Sometimes it feels like a run through is a complete waste of time.

The ugly: What do you want for cheap? The game is too hard for people who aren't willing to dedicate their lives to solving it. I suspect being under 40 years old helps (because lets face it us old folks just aren't as 'smart' as we used to be.) And having the patience of job probably doesn't hurt either. The game has no frills graphics which I like but may be unexciting for those raised on MMOs and fancy gizmos.

Overall: There is plenty of fun in it and I would recommend it for anyone who doesn't mind losing. All the time. Where you lose in the game will vary and much of the time it won't seem like you have much control over it. Even if you are great at multitasking and micromanaging the challenges are insurmountable. This is the nature of Rogue's descendents. Even those set in space. Except for the ones that are more 'like-lite' than 'like'.

As they say the meaning is in the journey not in the destination so play it and revel in the many fiery deaths you get to experience.

Unlocking ships is a mini game that can be fun if you get very lucky. I've managed 4 in 4 years so hey. Advanced edition offers more things to confound, amuse and mystify you. (New races, items, ships, etc)

Don't be embarrassed to play on easy and don't forget to look for help because the game is designed to be ultra hard even on the easy mode. (There are people who will need to show their epine by claiming otherwise but ignore them. The truth is you learn in baby steps and die repeatedly, horribly and without mercy. You do get to do pretty mean things to others while doing so, so there is that.)

Especially learn what the basics of the game are and then learn the basic 'no nos' because that will get you pretty far. Sector 8 is not hard to get to (though intact may be a different story) once you've managed to get to sector 5 which is not hard to get to once you learn how to get through sectors without being blown randomly. And then you get to learn how to die to the Rebel Flagship. If not in the first battle then in the next or the last. Only the lucky and skillful survive the final battle. I am neither so far.
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43.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 27 juin
Produit reçu gratuitement
I died

Like 500 times

On easy mode.

10/10 love the game anyway.
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76.2 heures en tout
Posté le : 6 juillet
Well, I just picked this game up a few days ago during the 2016 Steam Summer sale for 3 bucks. The first time I loaded it up, by the time I stopped I had over 13 hours played. That's how quickly this game hooked me. I just couldn't put it down. It's not possible to better spend 3 dollars!

I didn't beat the game until about 19 hours played (on normal difficulty). I pride myself at being well above average at most video games so when this game posed this much of a challenge for me to beat just the one time, I felt a real sense of accomplishment.

For new players thinking of getting this game, you have to understand that this game is very difficult. If you don't want to experience the frustration of dying your way through learning the basics repeatedly, you may want to invest the time to read a few guides, pull up the wiki and/or watch a few Youtube videos giving you some pointers and tips. That being said, I personally refrained from reading/watching any guides myself and while things were frustrating at times, learning the game firsthand this way was an extremely rewarding experience. I just know that not all gamers are like me and I'd hate to see someone quit this amazing game prematurely due to the frustration that learning it can cause.

The game is not without fault though. While it's difficulty is one of it's primary attractions, it's also one of it's most apparent weaknesses. There are times this game is so punishing that it borders on the unfair.

As good as this game is, great even, it requires a fair amount of luck. IMO, this is a fault. It may be better phrased that you have to avoid being unlucky. What I mean by this is, the game hinges on quite a bit of RNG. This RNG can be the difference between you becoming a Space God or you literally being so weak the game becomes unwinnable. Here's what I mean...

Now I'll stipulate that this was fairly early on for me and I was very much still learning, but I played one game where I managed to get far enough into the game without being offered anything in the way of weapon upgrades that I literally could not destroy the enemy ships I was fighting against. With the default arsenal you're provided, it was not possible for me to win. I went through three entire sectors (fairly large chunks of the game) looking for a new weapon and found none. This is what I mean by having to avoid being unlucky, because due to the procedural nature of the game, while this is exceptionally uncommon, it's quite possible for the game to simply not give you the tools to actually win, forcing you to start over. Now while I've had my fair share of unlucky runs, this was the only run where I felt there was literally no chance at all for victory.

Otherwise, expect this game to be like other procedural games where you'll have really great runs where the game gives you everything and bad runs where you're struggling to stay afloat. This is not in of itself a bad thing as it becomes very fun and FTL pulls it of beautifully. So beautifully that it becomes quite addicting. Starting a brand-new game and not knowing what wonders are in store for you this time or what horrors are bound to beset you and your crew is just an intoxicating experience that will enchant you from start to finish. And while this game will be frustrating at times, starting over from scratch almost immediately washes away any lingering adverse emotions the previous run may have left as you set out again, confident that during this new run, things are going to be different!
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Posté le : 13 juillet
"Just a few hit points on the hull, and these are the final moments of FTL. My sweaty hands press sweaty buttons as the flagship bears down upon the S.S. A-Hole. If only my Mom could see me now."

Let’s start off with the basics — FTL is a Rogue-LITE. There’s permadeath, but that’s about the only thing that really connects it to the classic concept of a rogue-like game. In fact, I think FTL is basically its own classification. I’ve never really played anything quite like it before, and it was refreshing to see a new concept on the market.

Let’s talk about the pros.

FTL’s gameplay is super solid. So far, I’ve come across no bugs at all, everything works as it should. The tutorial correctly explains each mechanic, and they’re each so simple that I thought at first the game would be a dud. Oh boy, how I was wrong. These simple mechanics scale into a huge atmosphere of strategy, where each move you make could decide your life or death in the final battle with the flagship.

Just like in XCOM, you get attached to your crew super quickly, and when one dies it’s almost enough to rage quit. Each race manages to bring a different component to your crew, which again adds to the overall strategy.

The combat relies on your micromanagement of different weapons, and your outfit in general. It’s satisfying to find a weapons strategy that destroys the enemy. Thankfully, there isn’t just ONE strategy to choose from, although they all revolve around your opponent’s shields.

"One by one, my crew members are dead. The shields are down, the weapons turn orange, this is the end. But I know I just need a one more shot. I can do this."

Them cons tho.

FTL does fall short in a few instances, and none bigger than the lore. If FTL could create a real world around it’s fantastic gameplay, the game would be SO MUCH BETTER. Also, the text-heavy encounters try to be physiologically difficult to decide on, but honestly it’s super easy to figure them out.

Another large shortcoming is the lack of weapon variety and quest variety. Even with the expanded universe I find quests that I’ve already done and are super easy to do again with my foreknowledge. I just can’t see myself replaying this with so little variety.

"One second. The weapon is charged, but so is his. They both fire."
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Posté le : 14 juillet
AHH! This game is incredible. This game was recommended to me by steam during the summer sale and I was like 'Meh, looks pretty boring..'

I looked up the best games to play in offline mode (doing some travel) and this game came up over and over so I gave it a shot.

wowww.. This game is addictive! Flying was a breeze with this game, my laptop died on both the flight there and back playing haha. Easy to get started, difficult to master. 10/10
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Posté le : 27 juin
In space....do you bleed? I'll make you bleed
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