Bullet-hell, boss-battle, first-person shooter, with giant-robots, martinis and jetpacks. YES. Drink the cocktails. Fight the titans. Make your own Titans. Drink your friend's cocktails.
Дата виходу: 19 лютого 2014
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Придбати Drunken Robot Pornography

Придбати Drunken Robot Pornography 3-Pack

Includes 3 copies of the game. 1 copy for yourself and 2 to give to friends.

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Join the Developers live on Twitch

17 квітня 2014

Ichiro and Rohit will be live on http://Twitch.tv/dejobaan to build another Drunken Robot Battle Royale level. Come tell us what you want to see and join the madness at 5pm ET/ GMT-4 on Thursday April 17th.

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New schedule for Drunken Robot Battle Royale Show!

12 березня 2014

Starting this week, we are moving the Drunken Robot Battle Royale Show to Thursdays at 5pm ET/GMT -4. Please join Ichiro and Rohit as they build this week's challenge live with your votes guiding the challenge.

See you tomorrow at http://twitch.tv/dejobaan

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Про гру

Drunken Robot Pornography (DRP) is a bullet-hell first-person shooter for Windows. Battle giant robots -- called Titans -- as they try to slice you apart with their lasers. Pick off their missile launchers, fry away their carbon fiber armor, and tear off their claws, leaving them writhing.

You're Reuben Matsumoto. You used to own a bar.

You gave your robot bartender, Tim, sentience. He went nuts, stole your other 12 bots, and burned down your bar.

He's attacking Boston with 20,000 drones, 40 Titans, and his lieutenants, the 12 Drunken Robot Centerfolds.

30-story tall giant robots. Jetpacks. Guns. It all started so innocently. Your robot bartender, Tim, used to make the best drinks at your nightclub. But you gave him sentience so that he could better empathize with the customers. Struck by the world's problems, he went crazy, burned your club to the ground, and fled with your twelve exotic robot dancers. Weeks later, giant robots started attacking the City of Boston -- not a coincidence!

Key features:

Вимоги до системи (Windows)

    • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: 1.7GHz Intel/AMD CPU
    • Memory: 2GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB 3D Card, Shader Model 3
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2GB
    • Sound: DirectX Compatible Sound Card

Вимоги до системи (Linux)

    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
    • Processor: 1.7GHz Intel/AMD CPU
    • Memory: 2GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB 3D Card, Shader Model 3
    • Hard Drive: 2GB
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Продуктів на акаунті: 183 шт.
Рецензій: 3 шт.
10.4 год. зареєстровано
Excellent, but it was awfully awkward to tell my friends about this game.
Додано: 21 лютого 2014
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2.2 год. зареєстровано
best robot porn you will ever find on steam
Додано: 25 лютого 2014
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Рецензій: 2 шт.
7.0 год. зареєстровано
"What if Touhou was in first person and had gravity"?
Додано: 21 лютого 2014
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0.7 год. зареєстровано
If you've never been drunk with robots, I suggest you give it a try. You might want to skip the pornography however. Using a super powered suit, you jet pack around a disco colored world of robots shooting everything and collecting alcohol for extra points. This is a bullet hell shooter, done in the first person view and mixes a frantic feeling of platforming, item collection and bullet hell stying shooting and dodging.

The game is set across multiple stages, that don't usually last that long. You have to complete a series of goals, ranging from beating a score to defeating titans, which is good and bad. It's good because it mixes things up, but sometimes bad because a level can hit you out of nowhere and keep you stuck for awhile. I cruised along without any failures until level six, which took me about 10 tries to beat, after that I beat the next few stages without much trouble. The game is a bit uneven to say the least.

I love what they are trying to do here, you get a wacky shooter, with a fun theme and a bunch of robots that look like, well, porn for robots, of fans of the Transformers movies. The titan design is great, and the bosses all have weak points that require you to run around and shoot them all over. I don't like the collection mini game much, and score based levels are not as fun for me, but I do enjoy running around shooting and blasting bosses while homing missile bots try to crush you.

The game is slick, has amazing music and throws a bunch of jokes at you, so of course some will lay flat and most of the emails are boring to listen to, but the voice acting is great, reminds me a lot of characters on Archer. Overall, I would say this is a solid title, with frantic shooting that borders on hard, to impossible, until you keep trying and beat it.
Додано: 7 березня 2014
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Продуктів на акаунті: 125 шт.
Рецензій: 2 шт.
0.4 год. зареєстровано
I wanted to believe that this game was amazing. How could it not be with such a great title?

The gun feels unsatisfying which is a cardinal sin in an FPS. There is only one to choose from, and it feels disconnected: when you fire a shot, there's no feedback that it hit anything.

The FPS aspect is also wasted in a supercharged dodgefest where your highest priority is collecting items (shoooting is painfully secondary in this game, as you gt more points from collecting random things on the level). Now deal with this all while trying to beat the clock in every level, and you wonder why they bothered making this a precision FPS.

Enemies come from all directions at great speed and in great numbers with none of the typical clues (no HUD indicators or even sound hints), making dodging nearly impossible unless you have a sixth sense.

The jetpack feels unreliable in use, can't consistently depend on it because the required on-off-on-off feathering action is immediately forgotten in the heat of battle (with several dozen baddiies coming at you from all sides).

If the developers made the game third person and made tthe jet pack more consistent and would will save this game. Think more like MDK, and less like Quake Live with a timer. But in it's current form it falls flat.
Додано: 23 лютого 2014
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Продуктів на акаунті: 277 шт.
Рецензій: 9 шт.
5.7 год. зареєстровано
It's a pretty fun game for people who are:
A. Humans
B. Non-Humans
C. Christopher Walken
D. All of the Above

I have had serious fun with this game since early testing copies were sent out. The alpha builds that I have played have shown so much effort put into improving the experience for everybody. I am seriously psyched to see where the full version of this game leads one of Dejobaan's finest works from these early builds.
Додано: 25 листопада 2013
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