5 years after the events of the award winning original, the Sith are on the verge of crushing the Old Republic. As a lone Jedi, will you follow the light side or succumb to the dark?
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Five years after the events from the award winning Star Wars® Knights of the Old Republic™, the Sith Lords have hunted the Jedi to the edge of extinction and are on the verge of crushing the Old Republic. With the Jedi Order in ruin, the Republic’s only hope is a lone Jedi struggling to reconnect with the Force. As this Jedi, you will be faced with the galaxy’s most dire decision: Follow the light side or succumb to the dark…

Key Features:

  • Follow up to the acclaimed and original Star Wars® Knights of the Old Republic™.
  • Choose from three different classes of Jedi, each with access to specific Jedi abilities.
  • Choose the light or the dark side of the Force as you progress through the story.
  • The choices you make will affect your character, those in your party and those who may join you in your quest.

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    Important Note: For users that prefer the original version of the game or for users on old hardware that can no longer run KOTOR II in its updated form, we have created a "legacy branch" that will allow users to access the original released content. Click on the support link and our team will walk you through the process.
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    • OS: SteamOS, Ubuntu 14.04
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 (2 Cores), AMD A10
    • CPU Speed: 2.2 GHz
    • Memory: 4GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 10 GB
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    • Video Card (NVidia): GeForce 440
    • Video Card (Intel): HD 4400
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    • Controller Support: Steam Controller, Microsoft® Xbox® 360 Controller for Windows® (Wired), Microsoft® Xbox® 360 Games for Windows® Wireless Controller with Adapter, SONY® PS3 DUALSHOCK®3 wireless controller (Wired), SONY® PS4 DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller (Wired), Logitech Gamepad F310, Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710
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Додано: 10 листопада 2015 р.
Quick story recap: a long time ago, in 2003, prior to KOTOR release, LuasArts already wanted a sequel, but Bioware was unavailable at the moment and offered Obsidian instead. Then two things happened: 1. LA were greedy and patientless enough to demand the game be done by Christmas 2004; and 2. Obsidian were optimistic/desperate enough to agree to these terms without even seeing the first game. The end result was a glitchy half-cut but potentially great game.

I used to hate it and left after ~5-8 hours into the first playthrough. It seemed boring and I got stuck on the very first planet… but then it got a new life on Steam, with high-res support, achievements, and the Cut Content mod already on Workshops. And I loved it. KOTOR 2 is worthy of the first game, adding a little more ambiguity to the classic light/dark dichotomy, and offering more action and independence to playable characters than the first game. The Exile story is probably not so personally dramatic as the one of the first game, but it's just different and delivers no less.
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Had to uninstall before it ruined my degree

Far better than Kotor 1 which is a classic

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Додано: 15 листопада 2015 р.
Better than all the movies combined.
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Додано: 10 січня
This game. Buy it.
If you have already bought it, pull it out of your pile of shame and play it already.

+Story and dialogue are amazing.
+It is still being updated years after release. They added achievements among other things.
+Differences in light-side and dark-side playthroughs kept it fun for both.

-A couple achievements didn't want to pop, but reloading and redoing it seemed to work. I save often.
-Wished I could kill more exchange guards on telos. They quit posting them outside after you kill the fourth one.
-Jeez. The lost Czerka twilek is annoying as hell on telos. If you are going light-side you of course want to help out, but the idiot can't seem to walk around random crates on your way to the entrance. Really made my dark jedi come out.

9/10. Would force choke my companions again.
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KOTOR 2 is a very worthy successor to the high bar set by the original game. They kept the general gameplay and presentation true the original and put their own unique spin on the story. Many people argue it is actually a superior game to the original. Overall, a rough, buggy and now dated, but still very entertaining game well worth the asking price if you’re a fan of the original or fan of Star Wars in general.


“Take the greatest Jedi Knight, strip away the Force, and what remains? They rely on it, depend on it, more than they know. Watch as one tries to hold a blaster, as they try to hold a lightsaber, and you will see nothing more than a woman – or a man. A child.” - Kreia

Five years after the events of KOTOR, the galaxy is recovering from the events from the Jedi Civil War. Both the Jedi and Sith have now fallen silent. You have been exiled from the Jedi Order as punishment for following Revan into war against the Mandolorians. You have also been completely cut off from the Force, but was this a part of your punishment, or the result of something much worse?

This review is written from a huge Star Wars fan and a fan of story driven RPGs in general.

In terms of general gameplay and structure, KOTOR 2 is designed very similarly to the first game. It features the same turn-based D20 based combat system and character building as the first game and other old-school RPGs. This can be a quite daunting system to learn for those unfamiliar with these types of games, but fortunately the lower difficulty settings are forgiving enough for those without the patience or time to learn it. Combat is important, but arguably not as much as the stat and skill point distribution. Making sure you have characters with the appropriate skills determines being able to deal with obstacles in the world, conversation checks and crafting. The game does feature an automatic leveling up system which will do the leveling for you, which is fine in the late game after you have all the skills you need, but it may be worth doing some research in the early game for leveling up. The companions are all reasonably balanced and they level up with you, meaning that you can take anyone anywhere (at least from a gameplay perspective).

The game isn’t entirely open world by any means. It’s similar to KOTOR and Dragon Age: Origins, in the sense that you travel between several fairly small focused areas rather than one continuous land mass. The areas are either mostly linear action packed levels or slower paced story driven quest hub areas. Crafting is important system to pay attention to as you can craft item modifications to create weapons more powerful than the ones you find. This is a fairly simple system that involves breaking down items you don’t need for materials, but it’s just a case of knowing what the stats actually mean. Of course, on lower difficulties you can get away with not paying much attention to gear and stats and still just about get by spamming the same attacks. You won’t find it very challenging, but more than adequate for just seeing the story (which in my opinion, is the main draw of the game).

It’s never easy to develop a follow up on such a beloved game from a different developer, but Obsidian certainly delivered on delivering a sequel that is true to the original and yet unique in its own way. KOTORs story felt very much like a grand space adventure and it captured everything that the classic Star Wars story should be. KOTOR 2 differs from this slightly. It tells a more subtle story with a focus on different themes. In stark contrast to KOTORs overt villains, KOTOR 2s threat is a lot more sinister. The battles with the Sith are fought in the shadows and the themes are a lot darker. An example of the darker tone is a reoccurring idea in the game that to the galaxy’s Average Joe, Jedi and Sith are indistinguishable. They just people with too much power fighting over religion and getting everyone else caught in the middle. This is a really unique and interesting idea and caught me completely off guard. Another good theme was the idea of the absence of the Force and the advantages it has aside from the obvious disadvantages.

The conversation system is identical to KOTOR, with the standard light and dark alignment options and the opportunities to use skills (if you have the stats) in certain special situations. In my opinion, morality is much more interesting in KOTOR 2 than in the first one. Picking light or dark and sticking to it not only changes the ending, but the entire game. It shifts your characters goals for the whole game and also effects the gameplay. Dark and light side powers become easier/harder (but not impossible) to do if you are the opposite morality and it can result in some rather large deviations on the story line during some quests. It also affects your companions and over time you can even begin to influence their morality (e.g. enlightenment vs corruption). Overall, I’d say the game changes enough to warrant multiple playthroughs with different morality choices.

On the topic of companions, you can expect yet another colourful crew of heroes, villains, droids and miscreants. They are very varied from the original games selection, but just as interesting and unique. Gameplay wise, they still have classes that need to have their stats properly assigned and equipped with the right gear. However, pretty much any configuration of companions is viable to take anywhere, which is good for the story. It makes it feel like you travel with ALL of your companions rather than just bringing your favourites and leaving everyone else on the ship. Your actions also influence your companions, resulting in them liking or disliking you more depending on how you act. Having them like you opens up more story and has gameplay benefits I can’t elaborate on without light spoilers.

A quick note on voice acting: personally I found a particular companions voice actor laughably bad (look out for the one-armed Iridonian), but he’s really the only one that stands out. The rest of the game is mostly either passable or excellent.

As is customary with Obsidian games, they are often not given enough time for playtesting and optimisation leaving them somewhat lacking in the performance department. I expect you won’t encounter many problems these days however, as unsurprisingly an 11 year old game runs at 60fps 100% of time and doesn’t look half bad for its age. I did get a crash or two here and there and more than a fair share of bugs, but fortunately nothing game breaking or huge. I didn’t run into any compatibility problems either (running Windows 8.1).

Funnily enough, the game actually got a patch recently that fixed a lot of problems, added controller support, support for higher resolutions and some other fixes. The biggest change was the addition was the addition of Steam Workshop for the game, which allows the seamless installation of some mods that restores a whole bunch of content that was cut from the game. Look up The Sith Lords Restored Content mod if you get the game, but it should be the highest rated anyway.
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