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5 años después de los acontecimientos del galardonado original, los Sith están próximos a aplastar la Antigua República. Como Jedi solitario, ¿seguirás el lado luminoso o sucumbirás a la oscuridad?
Fecha de lanzamiento: 8 Feb 2005
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Comprar STAR WARS®: Knights of the Old Republic™ II

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Comprar Star Wars Collection - 2014

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Acerca del juego

Cinco años después de los acontecimientos del galardonado Star Wars® Knights of the Old Republic™, los Señores Sith han cazado a los Jedi hasta llevarlos al borde de la extinción y están próximos a aplastar la Antigua República. Con la Orden Jedi en ruinas, la única esperanza de la República es un Jedi solitario luchando por recuperar su conexión con la Fuerza. Encarnando a este Jedi, te encontrarás enfrentado a la decisión más terrible de la galaxia: Seguir el lado luminoso o sucumbir a la oscuridad...

Características principales:

  • Continuación del aclamado y original Star Wars® Knights of the Old Republic™.
  • Escoge entre tres clases diferentes de Jedi, cada cual con acceso a habilidades Jedi específicas.
  • Elige el lado luminoso u oscuro de la Fuerza según progresas a lo largo de la historia.
  • Las elecciones que hagas afectarán a tu personaje, a quienes estén en tu grupo y a quienes puedan unirse a ti en tu búsqueda.

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 3 1GHz or AMD Athlon 1GHz
    • Memory: 256MB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 5 GB
    • Video Card: 32MB with Hardware T&L
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0b compatible
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0b compatible
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El KOTOR II de siempre, sin ningún añadido. Para lo bueno (sistema de juego o historia) y para lo malo (sigue siendo necesario parchearlo y el parche no está incluído). Por lo tanto, los errores que aparecían, por ejemplo en las carreras de swoops, siguen ahí.
De todas formas sigue siendo altamente recomendable para fans y amantes de los RPG en general.
Publicado: 26 junio 2014
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Un clasico!
Publicado: 25 junio 2014
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Su historia es absorbente y la jugabilidad es la misma que KotOR. Sus gráficos son aceptables, tienen sus años. Lo que más me gusta es la variedad de armas y habilidades, y poder tomar decisiones durante los diálogos que afectan a la trama.
Resumiendo: Ofrece muchas horas de diversión para los amantes de los juegos RPG.
Publicado: 27 junio 2014
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No tiene la misma emoción y la historia tan elaborada (a diferencia a los diálogos de KOTOR 1 que eran más elaborados, algunos de trampa muy cómicos y con cuidado que aun elegiendo lo que crees que es correcto puede que no lo sea.) Aun así, hay algunos momentos si que están muy bien (como los recuerdos de tu viaje con Revan y Malak para salvar la República en la tumba de los Sith, la colocación de los núcleos de protones en la nave Sith, la Academia Sith en Malachor V y Onderon). El final, aunque sea una animación me esperaba algo más que una simple huida, por lo menos la parte que corresponde al lado luminoso y el personaje femenino que es con lo que he jugado. Los bugs los hay más que en la primera parte,más molestos y los gráficos quizás la poca mejoría que tienen solo es donde el personaje se mueve porque lo que es en aquello por donde nunca pasarás (ventanas donde ves el espacio, el propio cielo del espacio cuando estás en él, las vistas a través de cristales...) no están muy bien elaborados por contra de la primera parte que sí lo estaban.

Mi puntuación 5/10.
Publicado: 31 marzo 2014
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If you like Star Wars, you love the lore behind the Force, and you love the Jedi, then you'll probably hate this game. Why? Because the idea behind KOTOR 2 is to take all of the black and white in Star Wars, then break it down so you see past the blinded Jedi council and ambitious Sith. It's not your standard Star Wars movie.

The game turns Lucas' pure good/pure evil fantasy into moral playground that makes you question the very existence of the Force and the people who use it. That being said, though, this is an absolutely fantastic game for any cRPG/WRPG fan. It sticks by the standard D&D rules, just like the first game, but adds more feats, force powers, and items. However, after a certain point, the game gets extremely easy, especially if you have half an idea of what you're doing.

Unlike the first game, it doesn't have a major twist (the biggest twist is a backstory for one of your companions), but instead slowly provides hints to the major plot. The game's setting is pretty dark, too. The universe is in disarray, and really feels like it. Settlements are run down, there's ruins on places that were bright in the previous game, and the Jedi order is nearly extinct. However, along the journey you run into several party members with interesting personalities and troublesome backstories. If you were expect any form of romance, it's not here. There's subtle hints, but no official romance options (which I really enjoy). That said, I suggest playing as a male simply due to the fact you get Handmaiden, who is a far more interesting character than the Disciple.

Overall the story and setting make a very immersive game that will keep your attention, as long as you can force your way through the first two planets. The combat starts off fairly difficult, but becomes a breeze once you get going, then turns into EZ mode. Your companions are great, some of the best if all of video game history, in my opnion, and their voice actors deliver top notch lines that you will remember for years to come.

Is it better than KOTOR 1? In my opinion? Yes. In your opinion? I don't know, play the game, dummy. (just kidding, i don't mean any offense at all, but you should form your own opnions instead of jumping a bandwagon)


P.S. Look into the Restored Content Mod to not only fix a lot of old bugs, but get access to a TON of content that was cut from the original game. Also, if you use a widescreen monitor, look online for a widescreen fix. It's pretty easy to do.
Publicado: 1 marzo 2014
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Ah, KOTOR II. Where to start? First, download The Sith Lords: Restored Content Mod. I state this because the standard game is highly unpolished, is missing a lot of extra dialogue and has many bugs that will frustrate anybody, whether they are new to Star Wars or loved the first KOTOR.

This game shows mechanics that would later be implemented into Mass Effect. A definite meter to determine morality, the breaking down of gear into components (or "omni-gel" for you Spectres), combat that can be paused while issuing commands to you and your squad along with a focus on dialogue options between NPCs and your companions. Your choices in these dialogues could allow you to avoid a combat situation, help progress a quest, or give more information on your companions or your surroundings.

Those familiar with some Star Wars lore (such as the movies or KOTOR I) are probably aware of the black-and-white morality shown. For example, KOTOR I gives you a situation where a woman is attempting to sell a hunters trophy belonging to her late husband. You can either buy the trophy from her (the light option), or convince the woman using the Force to give you the item (the dark option). KOTOR II blurs morality into tones of grey, where the Jedi are not seen entirely as the paragon of all that is good and where the ultimate "light" option is not always perceived as the most prudent one.

Part of this blurring of the lines is due to Kreia, one of the companions accompanying you, the Jedi Exile. A mysterious woman whose becomes more cryptic with every word, her musings and personality have convinced me she is one of the most fleshed-out and well written characters in video game history. The strange thing is, not many of the other characters seem as interesting as Kreia in comparison. Actually, I'm somewhat wrong; HK-47 is a great companion as well. His mannerisms about murder, his copies and his past are worth listening to if you want to chuckle. Atton is somewhat interesting wisecracking pilot and the remaining characters aren't worth writing home about. They're not bad characters, just not great ones.

I'm going to stop this review now before I type spoilers and just tell you to play it. If you enjoyed Mass Effect, if you played KOTOR 1, if you enjoy learning about the lore of Star Wars, or if you need an RPG fix sorted out, KOTOR II is a great option. Just make sure to get the Restored Content Mod. It's really necessary to have a good experience.
Publicado: 25 noviembre 2013
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