Dans le futur, les derniers survivants de la Grande Guerre continuent le combat grâce à la machine de guerre ultime : L'AirMech®. Créées à l'aide d'une technologie oubliée, les Pilotes ont trouvé, reconstruit ou volé des AirMechs qu'ils utilisent pour protéger les faibles ou pour piller et s'enrichir. Pour quel camp vous battrez-vous?
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Date de parution : 8 nov 2012

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Ce que les développeurs ont à dire :

Play for free, keep your stuff! No resets at the end of Beta!

All purchases and unlocks are permanent. We call it Beta because we're still adding some pretty big features, but so far we have:

- Training and Solo play - for learning how to play, or casual fun
- Coop and PvP Matchmaking - quickly get matched against others
- Custom games and rules - when you want total control
- Player driven economy - didn't need that drop? Sell it to other players!
- Quests with ingame rewards - like Achievements, but better
- Leveling, progression, unlocks - level yourself, your AirMechs, expand your army
- NOT "pay2win" at all - check our reviews or ask players ingame
- Global chat, Factions, parties - integrated directly into the core UI
- Crafting system - added due to player demands
- VIP/Premium for LIFE with any purchase - because we're cool like that

Carbon Games is a small indie developer that is funded by YOU the players. That's why we are very reactive to giving players what they want to help the game grow in a positive direction. Learn more about Carbon here: https://www.carbongames.com/about.html
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8 mars

Update #226 - Build 44314

We've got a big patch to catch you up on the latest updates and fixes. There have been a ton of performance optimizations and improvements to the game engine since our last patch. Among these improvements are some fixes to the net code which we'll be monitoring for a while. Please don't hesitate to let us know how things feel in online matches. The forums are the best place to communicate with us.

We've also got another round of AI fixes with some tweaks to the lower difficulty settings. Veteran players may even be surprised by how much they've improved. Give it a try and look for the daily Quests to earn some extra rewards by playing with friends. With all these bug fixes the AI becomes more powerful in ways that are hard to foresee. It's good to hear back from players that find it too difficult.

Speaking of feedback, we noticed some complaints about the XP grind for leveling up your AirMechs for better parts. We've made to changes to address this. The first is that the XP you gain at the end of a match is increased by 50% before it's applied to the AirMech you used. This change went into effect about a month ago. The other half was to decrease the amount of XP needed to reach each level. Since this part required a patch to go live, some of your AirMechs may have already increased in level!

Read below to find more details about this update. As always, discuss this patch on the forums at http://airme.ch/21isp0V

General Updates: ːairmechː

  • reduced the amount of XP required for persistent AirMech levels 10-20
  • new sound effects added for some AirMechs
  • added a sound effect for the unit deploy arm
  • units will no longer be deployed over sockets or door pads
  • added a taunt animation for Saucer
  • allow Saucer's Deathray to damage destructible scenery objects
  • updated BlackOps Saucer's transport model
  • added Luck (fun stat) to Lucky Clover
  • AirMech AI will now build infantry at the nearest base to their capture target
  • AirMech AI optimizations for AutoDeployV2
  • AirMech AI will no longer attempt to harass an outpost which already has an enemy AirMech near it
  • AirMech AI will now move in closer when missing shots in air mode
  • limited AirMech AI unit building in Survival maps to better allow human players to control upkeep
  • improving the AI's logic to detect paths generated under bridges
  • improving the AI's ground strafing logic to reduce cases of getting stuck overlapping an enemy in tight spaces
  • greatly increased the AI's chase range for base defense when there are no enemy units nearby
  • improving the AI's logic for escaping when health is low
  • reduced AI's ability to escape on lower difficulties
  • made the AI avoid areas with turrets when dropping units near the fortress
  • improved the AI's ability to use blocker units at the fort
  • improved the AI's usage of Warthog's Power Shield ability
  • improved the AI's unit dropping logic to better handle infantry
  • infantry units will now deploy towards the fortress when there is no enemy fortress
  • allow multiple bases to have an AutoDeploy path
  • Alt+F4 will now close the application
  • improved Jetpack Cat and Husky Pup animations
  • applied the map force boxes to non-neutral units to keep them in bounds
  • added missing art for new parts
  • allow the mouse wheel to scroll the map load dialog in the Editor
  • added page numbers to the map load dialog in the Editor
  • allow the 'b' box select Editor tool to select everything
  • added new Collections sets for AirMech parts
  • performance optimizations for animations
  • updated some textures used on Vale
  • new art to show that group selected units
  • improved AirMech destruction effects
  • many performance improvements and optimizations

Bug Fixes: ːmechyː
  • fixed common name on a few Mk4 parts to allow proper linking in chat
  • fixed autotag on a few newly released items to allow linking in chat
  • fix for Helmet Armor Mk2 image not appearing
  • fix for AirMech level affecting carry speed calculations
  • fix for matches not ending when the enemy team leaves or is disconnected
  • fixed an issue with AI AirMechs continuously picking up and dropping a unit
  • fixed some bugs with AI AirMechs finding a place to transform to ground mode
  • fix for AirMech AI detecting whether infantry are in a Bear Trap and won't get stuck trying to pick them up
  • fixed a bug with the Bomber AI thrashing state when trying to attack a fortress
  • several fixes for Bomber AI landing far from where it could actually attack enemies
  • fix for AirMech AI's ground strafing pathing so it it avoids cases of being stuck overlapping an AirMech target
  • fixed an issue with AI tracking units as allies after they were abducted
  • fixed a case where the AI wasn't landing when intended
  • fixed an issue with the AI's transform mode target being inconsistent
  • fixed some issues with the AI not attacking certain units
  • fixed an issue with the AI not using blocker units to defend bases against AirMechs
  • fixed an issue with the AI trying to drop units near the enemy fortress
  • fix for units getting stuck trying to move toward each other
  • fix for Necro not being able to resurrect enemy Survival units
  • fixed Booster not appearing in the Shop
  • fixed autotag on a few items to allow linking in chat
  • fixed a desync which occurred when building mines
  • fixed an issue where socketed units would not generate navmesh obstacles
  • fixed an issue where infantry could get stuck targeting an outpost they can't path to
  • fixed an issue where a unit could be deployed from an opposing base
  • fix for infantry no loading into a Boxer if placed too close
  • fixed a couple of gaps in the terrain on Thar
  • fix for Saucer model not having a bottom side
  • fixed some gaps in the Alien Saucer's air model
  • moved some props around on Dust to prevent units from being deployed in the air
  • fixed dialog text when using Friend Slot expanders
  • fixed the box select sometimes rendering through the world
  • fixed an issue with units not finishing deployment when their outpost is neutralized
  • allow impact damage from AirMechs when colliding with destructible fences so the AI doesn't get stuck walking up against them
  • fixed turret aiming animation on Ultimate Jackal

Balance Changes: ːbuckyː
  • carry speed changes for all AirMechs
  • carry speed is no longer affected by in-game AirMech level
  • stat changes for Jared, Jason, and Gabe pilots
  • increased XP award for destroying Bombs and Booster
  • increased XP award for destroying Ultimate Units by 10%
  • all units will consume upkeep while socketed
  • buffed some Ultimate parts to fit in with the new Mk4s
  • reduced negative stats on a few parts to be more PvE friendly
  • adjusted Rapid Missile Loader series of parts to be like the old stats (3x fire rate with reduced DPS)
  • allow the Osprey's Heal Beam to target air units
  • allow Tesla Tower to damage the enemy fortress

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31 janvier

Update #225 - Pregame Tweaks and New Parts!

We've made some adjustments to the pregame phase that should fit better with the new unit deployment rules. The neutral units can no longer be damaged before the timer expires. This gives players more time to setup without worrying about getting behind on clearing neutrals for maps such as Twin Peaks. We've also enabled XP awards for building units in pregame. We didn't want to open doors for XP farming in pregame, so we've also reduced recycling returns down to 75% of the unit's value.

There are a ton of new parts and a few new items with this patch. The new items are available in the Shop, while the new parts have been added to the endgame drops. Still looking for some of the old parts? We're going to allow all parts that are not sold in the Shop to be sold on the Player Market instead. Since we're adding in Mk4 versions of our Helmet, Knee, and Chest Armor parts, we're going to be renaming the Heavy versions to include Mk2. This change won't be noticeable at first, since it will require some server-side updates to complete the renaming process.

There are a few more improvements worth mentioning. We've always had complaints about the bridges in front of the forts on maps like Thar and Dust. Units will now move in much closer to the enemy fortress while on the Attack order. This should prevent the units in the back of a push from being blocked, and allow them to move within range. As requested on the forums, we've also increased the limit on custom paths allowed. You can now have up to 6 paths drawn at a time! For more details, be sure to check out the details below.

General Updates:
  • Super Helix added to the Shop
  • added five new Items to the Shop: Holdout Pistol, Stim Kit, Survival Knife, Fuzzy Dice, and Pilot's Buckle
  • units on the Attack order will move in closer to the fortress to reduce issues with blocking other units
  • disabled unit damage in the pregame phase
  • allow XP to be granted for building units in pregame
  • recycling now returns 75% of the unit's value
  • neutral units can no longer damage neutral outposts
  • AirMech AI will now detect cases where it cannot walk to a location and will fly there instead
  • increased custom path limit per player from 3 to 6
  • made units set to the hold order when abducted
  • many new AirMech parts added to the drop tables
  • Heavy Helmet Armor, Heavy Knee Armor, and Heavy Chest Armor are being renamed with 'Mk2'
  • made the Lunchbox repair sound play for outposts as well
  • made outposts and forts use the map center as the default deploy direction when there is no enemy fort
  • non-AA and non-artillery turrets will deploy to the outer row
  • player-built units can no longer be latched to neutral sockets
  • giving orders to Boxer will pass them down to units they carry
  • Comms Mk1 structure now enables Market chat rather than the entire chat window
  • fixed Google login button

Bug Fixes:
  • fixed an issue with units not targeting the roadblocks on Sandrim
  • fixed a case where the AI could get stuck being unable to pickup a unit due to proximity to a fortress
  • fixed a case where the AI could get stuck trying to attack an enemy AirMech while overlapping it
  • fixed a case where Bomber AI wouldn't switch to air mode when out of reach of an enemy AirMech
  • fixed an issue where the AI would continually pickup and drop a unit
  • fixed an issue with the AI getting stuck repeatedly transforming while trying to attack an outpost
  • fixed AI logic for maneuvering around obstacles in air when stuck
  • fixed a case where AI could get stuck trying to drop a unit too close to a base
  • fixed an issue that caused Grinder to backtrack when switching away from the capture order
  • fixed Finished button not responding in a Tryout session
  • fixed some Saucer models that didn't have an underside
  • fixed an issue with the deploy arm clipping through Factories and Outposts
  • fixed an issue with units attached to the deploy arm not counting towards upkeep and allowing the limit to be exceeded
  • fixed another issue with being able to queue over the upkeep limit in multiplayer games
  • fixed an issue where returning players would be stuck in the Basecamp tutorial if they didn't have enough Kudos to build a structure

Balance Changes:
  • Warthog hit points increased from 1350 to 1450
  • Warthog DPS increased from 295 to 305
  • Hero will only target AirMechs for repair
  • Hero movement speed increased from 10 to 15
  • Hero repair rate for AirMechs increased from 33 to 100
  • Hero heal beam range increased from 5 to 10
  • Hero vision range increased from 16 to 23

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Offre exclusive Steam

Deux objets provenant de Portal sont désormais disponibles pour tous les joueurs de Steam:

Cube de Compagnie - Trouvé dans les ruines d'une usine abandonnée depuis fort longtemps, il y a quelque chose de particulier à propos de ce cube qui vous oblige à le garder à vos côtés. Il suivra votre AirMech pendant les batailles comme un cube de compagnie fidèle jusqu'au bout! Peut être équipé sur l'emplacement Flair de n'importe quel AirMech.

Tourelle - Les plans de cette tourelle furent trouvés dans une grande usine souterraine d'avant guerre. Elles sembleraient destinées à des fins offensives contre les humains, c'est pourquoi cette version est équipée de balles perce-armure pour les rendre plus efficaces contre les armées de robots dans les batailles de nos jours. Elles sont légères et ne coûtent peu, sont seulement efficaces contre les unités les plus faibles, mais vous pouvez en construire beaucoup en peu de temps pour les rendre utiles.

À propos de ce jeu

Dans le futur, les derniers survivants de la Grande Guerre continuent le combat grâce à la machine de guerre ultime : L'AirMech®. Créées à l'aide d'une technologie oubliée, les Pilotes ont trouvé, reconstruit ou volé des AirMechs qu'ils utilisent pour protéger les faibles ou pour piller et s'enrichir. Pour quel camp vous battrez-vous?

AirMech® est un jeu de stratégie/action frénétique, jouable en ligne en compétition ou en collaboration. Obtenez des Kudos et de l'expérience en combattant afin de débloquer un grand nombre d'AirMechs, de pilotes, d'unités et d'objets pour créer votre propre armée afin d'exécuter votre stratégie.

Caractéristiques :

  • L'action/stratégie réinventée : Un gameplay à la DotA avec des mechas transformables, possédant chacun leur propres caractéristiques et compétences. L'action frénétique et les parties courtes permettent de se battre à l'infini!
  • Personnalisez votre armée : Choisissez votre AirMech et vos Unités pour plonger dans la bataille et aider votre équipe à remporter la victoire. Débloquez aussi des apparences alternatives pour vos AirMechs (skins) pour ne ressembler à personne d'autre.
  • Différents modes de jeu : Jouez en JcJ 1v1 ou 3v3, ou en coopération contre l'IA en mode survie pour affronter à 4 une horde ininterrompue d'ennemis. Le mode défi vous permet de perfectionner vos talents dans des épreuves en temps limité.
  • Contrôles : Permet de jouer au clavier/souris, mais aussi avec une manette Xbox 360. Les contrôles peuvent être intégralement personnalisés pour jouer comme il vous plaît.

Configuration requise

    Minimale :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP
    • Processeur : Pentium 4
    • Mémoire vive : 2 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : 8800 GT
    • DirectX® : 9.0c
    • Disque dur : 100 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : Oui
    • Autre : Connexion Internet haut débit
    • Additionnel : Recommandations système temporaires, en attente d'avantage de données.
    Recommandée :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows 7
    • Processeur : Core 2 Duo
    • Mémoire vive : 4 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : 8800 GT
    • DirectX® : 9.0c
    • Disque dur : 200 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : Oui
    • Autre : Connexion Internet haut débit
    • Additionnel : Recommandations système temporaires, en attente d'avantage de données.
Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
30 personne(s) sur 32 (94%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
7 personnes ont trouvé cette évaluation amusante
33.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 6 avril
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
Starcraft Meets Transformers
AirMech is one of those games really well made F2P titles out there that offers lot of PvP action, among this you got bunch missions that you can do to practice the game mechanics. I feel like the game is crossover between Starcraft and Transformers, there is lot of strategy elements to this game and by all means its not super easy.

Plus Side
  • Awesome Developer
  • You can pretty much unlock everything with ingame currency
  • Very optimized game, no frame drops
  • Great opening tutorials and missions will teach you most mechanics of the game
  • Lot of different Mechs and units to choose from, bunch of content
  • Regulary updated

Minus Side
  • Might be somewhat hard to get inside the game, if you practice in online only
  • Some latency issues do exist (atleast in the past)
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8 personne(s) sur 11 (73%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
2 personnes ont trouvé cette évaluation amusante
36.8 heures en tout
Posté le : 26 avril
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
Name: AirMech
Developer: Carbon Games
Date: 2012
Genre: MOBA, Rail RTS, RTS
Orientation: Multiplayer
Population: Bleeding
Perspective: 2.5D - Isometric
Timeflow: Match-Based, Fast-Paced
Setting: Futuristic
Style: -
Tags: Dailies, No Campaign, No Story, Noob Unfriendly
Model: F2P
Content: Cosmetic DLC, Microtransactions
Platforms: PC, PS, Xbox
Futuristic action strategy game, which plays like an extremely fast-paced Rail RTS and MOBA blend. You control a transformer mech, one of 9 available, each with its own abilities and upgrades. The goal is to defend your core and destroy enemy's one, capturing forts around the map which generate resources and act as deploy points. There's no base-building part during the match, only attacking units (e.g. tanks, soldiers, artillery), defensive units (e.g. turrets, mines) or support units (e.g. moneymakers). Like in MOBA, your core sometimes creates weak basic troops on its own and sends them on rail mission.
Everything in the match happens ridiculously fast - even big tanks are built and die in mere seconds, as well as defenses and mechs; thousands of money are generated in no time its even hard to spend them all so fast; so there is absolutely no time for strategic thinking and analyzing enemy's tactics - every second lost is big advantage lost since you need to click on "create unit" and "attack" constantly and fast, as well as controlling and upgrading your mech. Another stupid thing is that you actually can't choose where your units spawn on the map - they just appear at random deploy point somewhere - and dare I notice, maps can be pretty big. And to top the feeling of mess, your units DO NOT do anything unless you manually move your mech close to them, select them and give them one of 2 orders: 'attack' or 'capture' - after that, they start acting like in Rail RTS, choosing their own path and going that way. Also, unit selection feels terrible since mouse buttons are locked to mech attacks and abilties; you have to press CTRL and wait until all units close to your mech are added to a selection, one at a time. You can also transform your mech into air form; in this form he can transport ground units somewhere, which doesn't help too much but unfortunately is necessary sometimes (because how stupid units are). Overall RTS part of this game is hilarious.
The MOBA part is your AirMech, which gains levels, upgrades passive and active abilities, transforms, shoot things, uses abilties for energy, and feels very cool to control. Also flying with a speed of sound in air form. So fast that it gives you a headache after an hour of playing (no joke).
As a progression part, you gain account levels, currency, build your permanent base, buy new units and mechs (diversity of units is great by the way), skins and other cosmetics, and many many other items. To be honest, the game is overflooded by items; and since the tutorial is awful and bugged and doesn't explain much the beginner player will surely sink in this ocean of items/upgrades/layout customisation.
Graphic design is nice, even standart units and mechs look very lovely and skins are just great and saying "buy me". Everything is stylized as StarCraft Terrans, buildings look particularly familiar.
As a plus, game is very well optimized and runs extremely smooth, giving ~50 fps on my crap machine.
Somehow I won the very one and only PVP duel match I tried :O But that was, I guess, because my opponent was playing some strange UFO-like thing instead of an actual battle mech -.-. Also played few coop 2v2 and 3v3 (players vs AI) and survival mode, where you are defending your base from waves of attackers. Neither of those matches were any fun, unfortunately - simply because of how incredibly fast the gameflow is and how messed up is army controlling. That kills the game completely. Otherwise I would spend days in here since I like the style and the general idea.
Surprisingly, "Music created and performed by Front Line Assembly" :O. No comments.

Class: III - Bread
Verdict: No
Reviewed: 4.26.2016
Approach: Steam Beta - PC
Time: Couple Hours
  • 1 Win In PVP
  • 5 Level
  • 5 Achievements
  • 2 Mechs unlocked
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2 personne(s) sur 2 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
37.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 21 avril
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
Where should I start about this game? Well, mainly an RTS (If you've played Starcraft/Warcraft/Supreme Commander, this will feel familiar), except also with a mash of a few other things, like Territories from Halo & CoD with the way the maps are laid out. If one of your few quams w/ regular RTS gamesi is the lack of a DIRECT contribtion (other than being the ENTIRE ♥♥♥♥ING BRAINS of your military), then good news: Every person gets an "airmech" (hence the game's name), w/ which you can fly around, transporting troops & giving them some cover fire if you feel the need. Different mechs can do different things, such as: Steal units with the Saucer, launch quintillions of missiles as a Helix, turn invisible whilt piloting the Neo, & give your troops aura buffs as the Paladin... & there are more than that! Did I mention that they can switch between air & land mode? Well, they can. ;D I just have a few minor issues, such as the number of maps... there are only like 8 or 10. All in all, this is an excellent game. So get it. Besides, the game is FREE, for ♥♥♥♥'s sake.
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7 personne(s) sur 12 (58%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
1 personne a trouvé cette évaluation amusante
27.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 10 avril
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
This game is stuck in Beta hell. It feels like they've inevitably postponed the game because they don't want to produce the campaign they promised those who bought prime. I've tried getting back into it several times, but it doesn't hold up anymore
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8 personne(s) sur 14 (57%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
1 personne a trouvé cette évaluation amusante
19.2 heures en tout
Posté le : 17 avril
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
The weird arm update killed this game for me. I liked it when I could pick up my units in any base i wanted to pick them up at, now the arm decides for you. I find myself making a bunch of turrets at a base, going off to try and help my units capture, come back to the base I was at and there are no turrets. Later I find them all at a base at the edge of the map where I dont need them. Untill they go back to the manual pick up and deploy, I cannot recommend this to anyone.
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