Delve into classic turn-based strategy gaming with elements of table top miniatures, fantasy RPG and TCG style gameplay all wrapped into one.
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22 april

Our New Game! The Huntsman: Winter's Curse

Greetings Everyone,

All of us at Desert Owl Game are happy to announce the release one of our new project, The Huntsman: Winter's Curse!
The Huntsman: Winter's Curse is now available for download on Steam.
Play the first book for free and see the movie, in theaters now! Please help us spread the word, follow our Twitter feed and like our Facebook page:
We appreciate your all of your continued support of our studio. Projects like this help get the word out about Pox Nora and allow us to continue creating new content.

Happy Playing!

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7 april

Pox Nora Patch Notes: April 7th, 2016

Greetings Everyone,

We have a patch for all of you to address some of the feedback and observations that have come up since the release of Spirits Beyond.


  • Fixed several issues that would result in error messages in a match.
  • Fixed an issue where the Flying description on abilities that give this effect was out of date.
  • Fixed a typo in the Visions of Amareth story.
  • The status effects for Enraged will now properly show the amount damage was increased.
  • Fixed an issue where the equipment Special Prize would not give the condition Defenseless after 4 attacks and would sometimes duplicate the equipment to a friendly champion.
  • Fixed an issue where the spell Forced Reconstruction would not deploy the Misshapen Boghopper on lava.
  • Fixed an issue on the website where sometimes a players name would appear twice in Search for Player.
  • Fixed an issue on the website where not all of the non-standard leagues were being shown on the rankings pages.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability Irresponsible Essence Imbibment was not causing the champion to gain HP.
  • Fixed an issue with the ability Mind Lock where if the target had no non-basic attack activated abilities the ability would still go on cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue with the ranked map rotation where the wrong versions of Tundra Lake and Lost City were being used.
  • The effects of the spell Warchief Inauguration can no properly be dispelled.
  • Fixed an issue the prevented the spell Glimpse of Death from being deployed from Rune Dock.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability Prismatic Sigil was giving the melee Frost Attack, Fire Attack, and Magical Attack instead of the range specific versions.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability Dragon Form was not giving the ability Flamestrike when the champion is transformed.
  • Fixed an issue with the relic Long Fuse Bomb that was causing it not to work.
For the full list of the changes in this patch checkout the official patch notes:

See you on the Battlefield!

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Om detta spel

PoxNora är ett samlar-inriktat, tur-baserat, taktiskt, online fantasy-spel. Spelare kommenderar arméer av fantastiska varelser, frammanar besvärjelser med katastrofal kraft och framkallar reliker och utrustning från forntiden för att övermanna sina motståndare.

Framhävande egenskaper:

  • Dyk in i ett klassiskt turbaserat strategi-spel med kännetecken från miniatyr-bordsspel, schack och TCG-baserade spel alla samlade i ett
  • Välj att vara god, ond, eller lite både och genom att spela samma eller olika faktioner genom spelets gång
  • Bygg din egen samling av runor genom spelets gång och variera dem genom run-hanteraren
  • Byt en eller alla av dina runor med andra spelare
  • Slåss och för krig mot andra spelare genom ett spännande flerspelarläge
  • Var med i tävlingar för att vinna priser
  • Tjäna erfarenhet för dina kämpar genom enspelarläge eller flerspelarläget
  • Spara ihop och spendera virtuellt guld som du tjänar efter varje match för att lägga vantarna på runor i spelets Player Rewards Store
  • Gratis att spela med ej obligatoriskt innehåll tillgängligt att köpa

    Wild Alliance Expansion:

    PoxNora’s 18:e expansion, släppt i November 2011, erbjuder spännande ny historia och raser till världen. Dominera med Myx, en insektsliknande varelse som älskar sand och syra, eller testa lyckan med de illasinnade smådjävlarna som använder tricks och samarbete för att bekämpa sina motståndare. Hånskratta åt dina fiender med de vilda hundliknande varelserna, Hyaenids, från Shattered Peaks eller bemanna himlen med Savage Tundra's Strig-Kämpar som ser ut som ugglor! Det är mycket mer att se, så registrera dig idag! Wild Alliance-runor är tillängliga att köpa genom individuella paket-köp, eller vid större låds-köp. Bege dig till butiken och se vad som finns tillgängligt att beundra i PoxNora's värld.


    • Operativsystem: Windows 7/ Vista/XP
    • Processor: 500 MHz
    • Minne: 512mb RAM
    • Hårddisk utrymme: •220MB ledigt hårddiskutrymme
    • Grafikkort: Nvidia- eller ATi-grafikkort med 64mb (minimum), 128mb (föredras) VRAM med aktuella grafikdrivrutiner.
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Upplagd: 5 januari
Recension av förhandsvisning
PoxNora has a special place in my heart. I played it for hundreds of hours prior to steam when the game was still young and they had just changed the game to remove all random numbers (no "hit chance" or "dice rolls" - pure strategy without random numbers). Back then it was a revelation and since then most other strategy games I play ended up being disappointing when I compare them to PoxNora.

Why did I quit and don't recommend it?

It's a digital trading card game. You needed to invest significant money and trading to get a competitive deck. There were limited edition cards that were being sold for several hundred dollar. Then suddenly previously limited cards were suddenly sold on a "first come" basis without a warning, increasing in price the more frequently they were bought. Powerful legacy cards that rarely saw action got picked up for a dollar or two -- yet the price jumped very high within a day and most people missed out making the matches very unbalanced suddenly.

Then the new expansions kept adding insane epic cards (powercreep...), while completely devaluing other cards. In the end I had to sell my cards because I had spend significant cash on them and the company kept devaluing them with each update.

Moral of the story:
There is a reason classic trading card games are being replaced by living card games (fixed expansions instead of booster packs) because people rightfully think trading card games are robbing their wallet. A game where you buy digital cards for insane costs yet the company only changes a database entry and at any point in time can make your investment worthless? Great idea. Thumbs down.
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14.5 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 30 januari
I've only put a few hours into the game so far, but it is a very enjoyable blend of turn-based strategy and ccg. Nearly ten years of content can be a bit intimidating, but since there is plenty of single-player stuff to do, you have the chance to learn without being trounced continually by older players.
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6 av 7 personer (86%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
609.8 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 25 november, 2015
I love this game. I am an old-time CMG player who has been hankering to fill that same sort of itch. This delivers it in spades. It is complex and deep in a way a lot of strategy games are not these days, with huge amounts of variety in what you can build and play. The game's designers are also very responsive to well thought out criticisms from the fan base and are very active on the game's forums.

I admit that there are some challenges for new players, the biggest of which is the fact that there are really a large amount of runes out there and that playing at first can be intimidating. If you are able to get past that, however, you will find that this game is so very worth it. I can easily say that this is my favorite game right now, and the only one that is still able to maintain my interest for any length of time.

Highly recommended.
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Upplagd: 1 december, 2015
This game has always been one of the strongest battlefield tactics/strategy card games available. That being said it is not a game for eveyone.

History Feel free to TLDR.
This game has suffered a mixed history. It began its life small with not nearly enough content and prices comprable to magic cards, which was silly. As a reslt the origonal creator inevitably sold off his partly successfull game to another group who for some reason thought they could do better by doing nothing different. When they realized they were dumb they sold it on merrit of; a now larger card base, how good a game it was, and how established it was to Sony. Sony who proceeded to host the servers and change nothing. When sony realized they were stupd and finally thought to ask the question hey what is this and hy did we buy it again? They decided they would offload the cash hemoraging game on some poor other fellas. And here we are today.

The newst owners have introduced some systems which make this game legitimatelly possible to play for free. Between the player to player untaxed card trading, and free pack give aways this game is now a game i reccomend.
The game has a depth that no card game or strategy game has ever attained, so far. Your average round will have around 1000 damage smattered across a playing field and the the one who is victorious in a battle of equalls is the one who simply lets 75 of that damage fall to close to home. It's a exciting struggle of wits on a battle field that feels like true magic. With a game as old as this the stock of spells available leaves you guessing the kind of wizard your up against the whole way through, which is exactly as magic should be.

*It's largest failing is the games pace is very slow. However the reason for this is the complexety of the tuns and thought behind them. Average game 40 minutes, 20 personal turns, 40 total.
*The second failing is there are very pivitol game mechanics that are not explained anywere.
*A HUGE learning curve, thankfully most of it can be done in single player.
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1.9 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 5 april
Ah PoxNora... You can actually the monster inside your card doing stuff! LMAO! Anyway..

Now this game is unlike any other. It's not just another card game you play. No. If you have the imagination and the determination, you can get lost inside the world of PoxNora. You might get to know some of the inhabitants of the swamp, mutated men with scales and claws, fairys in their forest home, and so much more. You will fall inlove with a faction, you will fight for it, and eventually celebrate with it. PoxNora offers endless posibilities for the determined and only cruel and harsh punishment for those who arent prepare to learn. So let me ask you this random dude whos searching for a a worthy game- "do you have what it takes?"

PS. You will get free cards battling A.I. but to get the STUPER STRONG cards, QUICKLY, you ofcourse hafta pay a lil. But hey, i think its worth every penny. devs are always on the lookout on how to improve the game :)
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