Comanda ejércitos de criaturas fantásticas, lanza hechizos de poder devastador y convoca antiguos artefactos para derrotar a tus oponentes.
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21 de julio

The Huge Planar Disturbances Rune Preview

Greetings Everyone,

Each week Planar Disturbances grows closer the more we reveal about what you can expect. For this week we have the largest Rune Preview yet! All of you have had weeks to speculate as to what the runes in the illustration previews will be, and now you will have some answers.

These runes are still subject to change.



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15 de julio

Sundered Lands Rune Preview

Greetings Everyone,

We have an all new Planar Disturbances rune preview today. This week's runes and Illustration are the should get some of our Sundered Lands players excited!

These runes are still subject to change.



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Spirits Beyond Midterm Released

The Spirits Beyond midterm is now available! For more information, please check out the Steam announcement.

Acerca de este juego

PoxNora es un juego de fantasía online por turnos. Los jugadores están al mando de ejércitos de criaturas fantásticas, pueden utilizar hechizos con efectos devastadores e invocar reliquias y equipos de antiguo renombre con el fin de derrotar a sus oponentes.

Características Principales:

  • Adéntrate en un juego clásico de estrategia por turnos con elementos de miniaturas de mesa, ajedrez y el estilo de juego TCG, todo en uno
  • Elegir un bando entre los buenos, los malos o un poco de ambos en el juego por facciones completas o mixtas
  • Completa tu colección de runas y personaliza tus mazos a través del administrador de runas
  • Intercambia cualquiera de tus runas con toda la comunidad
  • Lucha y declara la guerra a tus oponentes mediante el emocionante modo de jugador vs. jugador
  • Únete a torneos para ganar premios
  • Gana experiencia para tus campeones mediante los modos Un Jugador o PvP
  • Ahorra y gasta el oro virtual que obtendrás después de cada partido para conseguir runas a través de la tienda de recompensas
  • Juego gratuito con contenido opcional para su compra

    Expansión Wild Alliance:

    La decimoctava expansión de PoxNora, lanzada al público en noviembre de 2011, ofrece nuevas historias y nuevas razas. Domina con el Myx, un insecto que ama el ácido y la arena, o prueba los duendes maliciosos que utilizan el engaño y el trabajo en equipo para derrotar a sus oponentes. Aúlla a tus enemigos con los perros salvajes, lo Hyaenids de las Colinas Destrozadas, o surca los cielos con los salvajes campeones de la Tundra Cónica, ¡son como búhos! ¡Hay mucho más para ver, así que únete hoy mismo! Las runas de Wild Alliance se pueden comprar en packs individuales o en un pack mayor. Pásate por el mercado y comprueba las diversas opciones que se te ofrecen para sumergirte en el mundo de PoxNora.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Procesador: 500 MHz
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 220 MB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: Gráfica nVidia o ATI con 64 MB de VRAM como mínimo y con los drivers actualizados (128 MB de VRAM recomendados)
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Publicado el 6 de julio
I played Pox aswell years ago and I was totally hooked by it and now aswell is just too good!
There are a lot of contents, and the single player campaing is just infinite.

The only things that bother me are the fact that is not possible for a game to have the Rune Manager (deckbuilding) NOT IN THE CLIENT, it's just not right that I've to open an internet page to build my decks!
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Twenty Peace
( 10.7 h registradas )
Publicado el 4 de julio
it's cool game play
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Publicado el 1 de julio
Well I never played this game but apparently I can write a review for it.
Try it.
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Publicado el 27 de junio
Absolutely sucks.
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( 32.2 h registradas )
Publicado el 30 de mayo
I have played this game since 2007 prior to it ever being on Steam. The game has changed significantly since Octopi had it. The novelty it enjoyed in 2007 was that it took MtG the next step. You collected cards that came to life on a battlefield. It was really cool and I spent close to 100 hours playing it when I was deployed to Afghanistan. I really enjoyed it early on.

I have played it very little the past 6 years due to changes Sony has made to the game. I loved using Sundred Lands, but due to constant nerfing they became almost unplayable. You will find the Pox Nora player community are super whiney and constantly demanding for nerfing of any decent cards and races. I stopped reading the forums because the whining was becoming unbearable and drowning out the fun interactions with other players.

To adapt my deck to be competitive would cost a significant amount of money through micro transactions. I gave up on competitive play and started working the single player campaign. The campaign is decent, but the fun of the game was playing other people around the world and taking during the match through chat.
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Sir Vain Valor The 1st
( 17.3 h registradas )
Publicado el 20 de mayo
Click this to see this review in a more properly spaced Fashion

(I have no other reviews on steam but this is not my first review. Only my first on steam)

First off i want everyone to know i am a gamer and not much else in life
and i own "nearly" every home console on top of that.
The reason i am telling you all this is so you know i have plenty of games to compare to
and i don't pick favorites.

Now the review of Pox Nora.
Early game.
Some say the early game is both intimidating and slow. (Like a large portion of similar games)
At the time of this review i have 17.3 hours in and my chosen group is composed almost entirly of common units.
And although rarerer units can be better their not universally better. (barring a few poor exotic and legendary units)

To give an example.
There is a Exotic who can change into a dragon and gain 20% damage resistence. (40% in this case due to faction bonus)
My 2 melee and 1 range units nearly killed him on his spawning turn without having to save up action points.
(i did finish it off before the enemys turn using another range unit. Exotics are the second rarest units)

As for the game being slow.
I gained a full group i can fight with in 12 hours of gameplay.
You need atleast 30 Runes total to fight with a custom group. (Runes are everything. Units. equipment. spells and so on)

Yes some units are poorly balanced and some are arguably majorly so.
But those are vary rare and far between. In most cases one may suspect poor balence it is typically the luck of the draw
that actually is at fault. With such things as the enemy by complete chance having the exact group composition needed to counter most or even your entire group.
(At which point it is a battle of pure skill and wits in order to win)

In total there are 1388 champions in the game at this moment.
(champions are any thing that can walk. Fly and attack)
Of course there are many other runes in the game but this number is to show that someone having the exact group composition to counter your own is as rare an far between as the actual balance issues.

the A.I. uses group compositions choosen at random from premade groups as well as picking randomly from other player's groups that have won matches recently
(This includes player vs player and player vs A.I. matches it selects from)

And as with any player versus player related replayability.
It is up to you to decide how much time it is worth. (If any)
Though compared to A.I. players can present a challenge. Enough to enrage a few i imagine from time to time.

However don't quote me on that as i have not done player versus player yet
and prefer the A.I.
(Games like this tend to attract highly skilled players as it is designed for them and new players alike)

Speed of battle.
Depending on a great deal of factors an average battle can last 20 to 40 minutes.

Very consistent so not much else to say.

In terms of the playable story i sadly have nothing to say really.
I have yet to even think about playing the story as fighting the A.I. is fun enough for me.

There are multiple campaigns to play and there are relativly cheap campaigns in the market.
In my 17.3 hours i have earned enough gold to buy two campaigns. I am half way to a third

In terms of story in general.
All runes have story or lore related text to them that you can read and i have greatly enjoyed it so far as it is very fleshed out and thought though. There are even some execptions such as Honest mistake that says "It wasn't me" on it and nothing else.

As a man who wants to know what he fights for and who is who. This is all very appreciated and i am greatly enjoying it as stated above. One thing you can do to keep the reads fun with out over doing it is to only read runes you currently have in your possession. Which will hopefully make getting new cards even more enjoyable.

Final thoughts
The game is worth a great deal and more to the patient and the strong or quick minded.
And is still worth alot although not as much to those who may be lacking the skill and mindsets this game asks for

The easy to learn and near impossible to master gameplay and mechanics make this game perfect for players both brand new and heavily experienced to what is on offer
(even if it looks intimidating for the first 5 or 6 hours for most)

I recommend anyone reading my review to try the game for 10 to 20 hours and see what they think from there
My personal rating 98/100

(Long live the Draksar and its dragon gods. death to skeezicks.)
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Mad Prophet
( 20.8 h registradas )
Publicado el 17 de mayo
Its a game. its not bad. meh.
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( 0.3 h registradas )
Publicado el 16 de mayo
Take control of key points to earn summoning points. Can summon spells, equipment or characters. Destroy main base to win.

Looks interesting. Our of courtesy to developer rating up
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( 34.7 h registradas )
Publicado el 13 de mayo
Probably the best Strategy based game that resembles Final Fantasy Tactics mixed with a card game out there. Been playing since its release on and off but always come back to this game. Really enjoy it.
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( 837.7 h registradas )
Publicado el 11 de mayo
i recently clocked in at 800 hours on this game with steam alone and i felt i should post a review from the point of view of someone who is way over his head in this game.

i started playing this game god knows how many years ago end i rarely completely stopped playing it, but i never binged or dieharded the game either. i feel the game is best enjoyed for an hour or two a day playing the daily's, building decks or playing PvP. The game is not that open at the beginning as you can feel like you miss all the great cards but because all cards that aren't limited or the latest expansion can be crafted you can get great decks without paying a huge amount of money over a good amount of playtime. it sometimes feels like it will take ages to make the deck you want but getting that great core card feels like a great achievement every time and most decks are playable on a PvE level without any legendary's or exotics. the gameplay and difficulty curve is smooth and you can get a real challenge out of the AI matches until you feel ready for PVP. i really enjoy this game for every hour it has given me and i highly encourage everyone to try it out because the gameplay is unlike anything else and it is just damn good.
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Publicado el 6 de julio
I played Pox aswell years ago and I was totally hooked by it and now aswell is just too good!
There are a lot of contents, and the single player campaing is just infinite.

The only things that bother me are the fact that is not possible for a game to have the Rune Manager (deckbuilding) NOT IN THE CLIENT, it's just not right that I've to open an internet page to build my decks!
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547.2 h registradas
Publicado el 15 de octubre de 2014
Un juego de estrategia con un amplio abanico de posibilidades, lo que lo hace muy divertido a la hora de crear nuevas estrategias para vencer a tus rivales. Entre las características de este juego destacan las siguientes:

- Ocho facciones que podrás elegir. Cada una de ellas cuenta con diferentes razas con habilidades propias.

- Más de 3000 runas, que se dividen en campeones, hechizos, equipos, reliquias y avatares. Los campeones suben de nivel según juegas con ellos, pudiendo elegir entre varias habilidades para adecuarlo a tu estilo de juego.

- La posibilidad de usar la moneda virtual del juego para adquirir sobres, cajas de sobres, mazos preconstruidos y avatares.

- También cuenta con un sistema de forja con la que podrás adquirir nuevas runas.

Además cuenta con un equipo de desarrolladores que trabajan constantemente en la mejora de la experiencia de juego; lo que garantiza muchas horas de diversión.
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874.3 h registradas
Publicado el 15 de octubre de 2014
I am going to give you the good the bad and the ugly of this game and let you make up your own minds about whether you are going to enjoy Poxnora or not. To sum up this game quickly, I would say it's a cross between a collectable trading card game like MtG, a tabletop minatures game like Warhammer Fantasy and turn based tactics games like FF Tactics and Advance Wars.

Where to start?
One thing I am going to stress to anyone considering this game is that at it's heart this is NOT a casual game. Veteran players have learned an encylopedia of knowledge about this game. Cards are divided into 4 types, Champions, Spells, Relics and Equipment. There are hundreds of abilities and conditions that can used in this game, from the basics like block, dodge and stealth to the obscure like planarbound and encouraged. What does this mean? As a new player you are going to be confused while you slowly learn what all the hundreds of different cards do and how they interact. What this also means however is that if you enjoy deep strategy there is simply nothing else like Poxnora. Once you learn the game the sky is the limit as far as how many strategies you can employ.

Is this Pay to Win?
The short answer is yes, but not in an evil gimmicky cash grab way. Like I said above this game is very much like MtG or Warhammer. It is a hobby and a collection you build over time. Almost everything is available to purchase with in game currency but there is a HUGE library of cards to be had. This isn't going to appeal to everybody, but the people who it does appeal to will enjoy this game immensely because it is such a deep tactical game. This is a skill game and a well made deck of low value cards can easily outplay a poorly made mash up of expensive power cards. So it is certainly possible to find success relatively quickly without dropping any money on this game at all. You build your collection over time with free cards you earn from playing and then you can bolster your collection by buying cards with real money as you see fit.

How do I enjoy this game without spending a lot or any money?
I recommend all new players go through the tutorials and the new player guides that were recently added. These will reward you with free training decks and in game currency that you can use to start building your collection. You can use in game currency to purchase packs and boxes or individual cards, so you can get the best cards for free. There is also a PVP format that restricts to pre-made training decks so that you aren't facing opponents with lots of strong rare cards right away. There is trading in this game so anything you earn with in game currency can be traded away to other players for something different you may want.

My final advice would be to get to know the game and seek out help from the community whenever possible. People will be more than willing to help point new players in the right direction if they ask. There are community run pools of extra cards to help new players get started and a lot of resources on the forums and fansites to help you learn the game.

I highly recommend this game for it's deep gameplay and rich tactics.
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Publicado el 27 de diciembre de 2011
This game is basicly chess on steroids. It has a learning curve that will break your neck and is played over a long run and there are many things to learn about it because it has a lot of tactical depth. But if you do stick around for all that, it is very rewarding in the end. Unfortunately we live in an age where people are used to instant gratification, and games are not perceived as food for brain anymore. Do I recommend it? Yes I do, but not to everyone.
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1,285.4 h registradas
Publicado el 15 de octubre de 2014
Fantastic game. A new company, Desert Owl Games, have really reinvented the game, in a brilliant way. Its has a very similar "free to play" feel akin to Hearthstone imo with its daily income of ingame gold, but without the current "Arena" draft system. Drafting wil hopefully be reimplemented in the near future. The game has great depth and variety with thousands of runes to choose from when building your decks or just your collection. The artowrk is excellent and the lore is detailed and tells a very interesting story. 8 factions to choose from all with hundreds and hundreds of runes unique to that faction. Almost all content is able to be purchased in the marketplace with in game gold aswell as real money. A loyal and still active community is nice to see. The game caters for both PvE and PvP players. A really good game that combines elements of TCGs, CCGs, RPGs, F2P games, and turn based strategy games to create an excellent and very addictive experience. Highly recommended. Give it a try and have fun battling the denizens of Poxanthu.
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12.6 h registradas
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Publicado el 27 de diciembre de 2011
If you're into fast action, don't play this game. If you like strategy, in any form at all, play this game. I don't really like how limited the "free" of this free-to-play game is, but the mechanics are sound and thoughtful.
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Publicado el 5 de enero
PoxNora has a special place in my heart. I played it for hundreds of hours prior to steam when the game was still young and they had just changed the game to remove all random numbers (no "hit chance" or "dice rolls" - pure strategy without random numbers). Back then it was a revelation and since then most other strategy games I play ended up being disappointing when I compare them to PoxNora.

Why did I quit and don't recommend it?

It's a digital trading card game. You needed to invest significant money and trading to get a competitive deck. There were limited edition cards that were being sold for several hundred dollar. Then suddenly previously limited cards were suddenly sold on a "first come" basis without a warning, increasing in price the more frequently they were bought. Powerful legacy cards that rarely saw action got picked up for a dollar or two -- yet the price jumped very high within a day and most people missed out making the matches very unbalanced suddenly.

Then the new expansions kept adding insane epic cards (powercreep...), while completely devaluing other cards. In the end I had to sell my cards because I had spend significant cash on them and the company kept devaluing them with each update.

Moral of the story:
There is a reason classic trading card games are being replaced by living card games (fixed expansions instead of booster packs) because people rightfully think trading card games are robbing their wallet. A game where you buy digital cards for insane costs yet the company only changes a database entry and at any point in time can make your investment worthless? Great idea. Thumbs down.
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3.4 h registradas
Publicado el 3 de abril de 2015
Ah, Poxnora...This game has all the potential in the world and at the same time the potential to fail at any moment. Poxnora is not a game that you will open for the first time and instantly love, but rather after you climb the learning wall you will see a game that rewards real tactical play and creativeness with its own unique features and lore. In pox, you can talk directly with the devs and high ranking members of the community which is great for expressing your opinions and thoughts on the game. The hearthstone-like system allows you to craft runes, but in the end you will most likely need so spend a small amount of money on the game to get rolling. I love this game, and I hope that many more people will find it and take the time to learn and enjoy it.
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Publicado el 27 de octubre de 2015
In many ways I am and will always be searching for my next Pox Nora. This game to me was what World of Warcraft was to many of my friends. I eventually burnt myself out on this game but it took over 1,000 hours and YEARS of playing many hours every week. In the end the disaster that was and is Sony Online screw it up royally and I finally bowed out.

Since SOE lost the license things have been improving. Over the last few years I have checked in here and there and I am happy to see the product is returning to its former glory. I doubt I will ever find another game I loved as much as this one.

If you are a stategy, ccg, fantasy, tactical, or gamer period you owe it to yourself to give this a try. The dated UI is not getting better but the game mechanics and depth more than make up for it. The game is now truly free to play and worthy of your time.

10/10 suck it objectivity
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Publicado el 15 de octubre de 2014
Good to see PoxNora back on Steam, download it and get started. My best advice for beginners is not to look at rarity as terms of power, a combination of commons and uncommons can take down a poor group of exos and legs. is a 3rd party deck building site so you can theorycraft a bg while looking for games (DOGz needs to get a web developer and make a similar module WITHIN their website or buy out poxbase, but for now the system works) is also a 3rd party trading system, it shouldn't be taken for gospel, but is the best place for pricing and acquiring new runes.

Another good suggestion is goin on the forums and reading the combo threads within each faction, you will see a majority of battlegroups focused around these type of gimics so don't cheat yourself by not reading them. This is not a game of who has the more expensive runes (DOGz is making a good effort to make them all obtainable) rather a game of skill (through knowledge/experience) and whoever better knows their own battlegroup.
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