Delve into classic turn-based strategy gaming with elements of table top miniatures, fantasy RPG and TCG style gameplay all wrapped into one.
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"A strategy card combo with a dedicated community, which took a trip down the p2w slope under SOE but was reclaimed by the old devs and has been revamped"

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20. januar

The Ronin Expansion is Here!

Greetings Everyone,

The Ronin expansion is here!

New Additions:

  • New Runes: 64 unique new runes have been added in the Ronin Expansion
  • New Abilities: Many new abilities have been added
  • Changed Abilities: Many abilities have been altered
  • New Packs & Boxes: New Ronin Packs and Boxes have been added to the Marketplace
  • New Mega Box: Two new limited time Ronin Mega Boxes have been added to the Marketplace. The Mega Boxes give 3 Ronin Boxes and depending on what Mega Box you purchase you will get either a Rusty Firecase or a Lesser Shadowrake Limited Edition Rune.
  • New Story: Added a new story chapter to the website for the events surrounding the Ronin
  • New Single Player Campaign: Abating Nora
  • New Map: Darkmarsh
  • Added a chance to receive Champion Point Tokens and Core Set Runes for playing Ranked PvP matches Win or Lose.
  • Added Amazon Payments to the Marketplace
  • Added a new Skip Tutorial button to the tutorial window
  • New Public Decks: Replaced the 17 existing Public Decks with 24 new static decks.
  • Updated the combat log so it better reflects what actions are happening in a match.
  • All Bonds of War runes are now available for gold purchase and can now be Forged and Sacrificed in the Rune Forge
  • Legendary runes can now be Forged and Sacrificed in the Rune Forge
  • Forge Shard values for some rarities have been altered
  • Removed the Old Axillium and Forglar Swamp maps from ranked play
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the tutorial to reappear after having Skip Tutorial selected in the options menu
  • Made some improvements to increase server stability
  • Drums of War and Player Ranks have been reset. The Players who were the highest contributors to their faction and highest ranked player from each faction have been awarded 15000 Gold.

For the full list of changes checkout the official Patch Notes!

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Pox Nora Returns to Steam

Pox Nora is back! Desert Owl Games acquired the game from Sony Online Entertainment in the Spring of 2014 and have revamped, re-skinned, and improved it for new and old players alike.

All 3,000+ runes have been revamped to make deck themes more fun and champions less bloated with abilities. The in-game lobby got a make over to make it easier to navigate and more visually pleasing. Check out our latest content release, the Revamp Midterm! It introduces brand new champions, some that are good at countering certain themes.

Latest Release

The new Ronin expansion is live!

Om dette spillet

Pox Nora is an online, collectible, turn-based strategy game. Players can take their deck of Runes (cards) and go on an adventure in the many single player campaigns, skirmish against the AI, or battle against other players in player vs player matches. Public decks are available to unlock with gold or by playing the faction walkthrough campaigns. If you like Pox Nora, you can expand your deck options by purchasing additional rune packs that will give you access to more Champions, Spells, Relics and Equipment.

Key Features

  • Completely free to play with additional content available for purchase
  • Wage war against opponents through exciting player vs. player gameplay
  • Adventure with iconic characters in single player story campaigns
  • Play the game with Public Decks you can unlock with gold and by playing the game
  • Build decks from 8 unique factions through full or split faction play
  • Build your collection of runes over time and customize your decks with the Rune Manager
  • Trade runes with the community or build them with the Rune Forge
  • Join in draft tournaments to win prizes
  • Save up and spend virtual gold that you earn by playing the game to get additional characters and more in the Marketplace

    To find out more visit the Pox Nora website


    Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or Mac OSX
    500 MHZ CPU or Greater
    512 MB of RAM
    NVIDIA or ATI Video Card with 64MB of VRam, with current video drivers
    200MB of hard drive space
    56k Modem or Better
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Publisert: 18. november, 2014
I was so excited when I saw that Pox Nora had switched to a new owner! And then I found out that it was available on Steam! (I don't know if this is a new thing, or if PN has been on here a long time, but for me it was new.) I decided to give it a try, despite bad experiences previously, and I was overjoyed to see that the client had gotten major updates; it looks fantastic and is very easy to navigate. and Desert Owl includes various daily challenges to help people new to the game to catch up. There is also a set of activities that all new players must travel before they can jump into an actual multiplayer competition, each of which also adds to the player's bank and allows them to score new "runes" (cards.) There is a microtransaction mechanic in which a player can buy rune packs (thus the bank of game coins that I mentioned,) but players can also join a "training" match, in which players have balanced starter decks and only player skill counts.

The gameplay was just as fun as I remembered, too. Essentially, each player generates "nora" (mana) automatically each turn, and they can then play runes from their hand onto the board. Some runes are characters, others are equipment that is played directly onto said characters, and some are spells that have instant effects on the boardstate. The board also has nodes, locations that can be captured by characters that move into their sphere of influence. Nodes give extra nora each turn and act as secondary (or sometimes primary) summoning locations for the characters. Ultimately, each player is trying to destroy their opponent's primary summoning point, a shrine, and receive a revamped animation as the building is destroyed by magical explosions or stone spires that stab upward through the ground, or...


As the Curators' recommendation explains, this game "took a trip down the p2w slope under SOE." I was there, and I saw this happen. I played, and I payed. I have a collection of runes from that time, but when I began playing, I quickly found that, 1.) nobody plays the skill-only training matches, and 2.) everybody's decks are still broken at the bottom of the p2w slope. I thought I might just have been a poor strategist until I hung out in the chat forum and read people's posts; nope, I still believe that I am a poor strategist, but this does not account for the entirety of the current metagame. Pox Nora involves runes of various rarities, from common to rare. Wait, no, then there is Exotic. Oh, also legendary. You get the idea. Further, according to the players talking in the forum, two of whom were in the top 5 players in the current iteration of the game, a player must have no fewer than 5 exotics to be competitive.

The curators claim that the game was "reclaimed by the old devs and revamped." I believe this is true, but the p2w slope is slippery, and the game has not recovered. It is still crouched at the bottom of the p2w slope, and if you want to be competitive, you will have to descend to its level to do so.
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Publisert: 15. november, 2014
PoxNora is one this game where you do a turn while having five moves made forward in your mind. You have to be smart, game gives you ability to use extra spells beside simple melee hits, plus a rune system which you will have to master to be able to use. The artwork and overall graphic of table game gives you a satisfaction in Fullscreen mode. It does get better with time you play it.
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Publisert: 27. november, 2014
Have been playing since before Steam release. Pox is a tabletop card game. Pox has an awful reputation because of SOE's running it into the ground, but the new owner, Desert Owl Games, has gone an excellent job at reviving the game and lifting the crushing Pay-To-Win model.

This is a strategy game and the average game takes 30-45mins. After the tutorial, the player needs to buy card packs, and it can take time to build up a playable deck. Patience is required, but with the lucrative daily challenges and campaigns, it doesn't feel monotonous or grindy at all. I very much enjoy this game and recommend it to players who enjoy these genres.
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Publisert: 20. januar
Score: 4/10

I have now testet this game beyond its initial bounds and it is clear that it is a pay to win game, and possibly also a pay to play. Even though I saved enough gold for 2 packages, and played all of the initial walkthroughs etc. I could hardly cope with the campaigns on normal (a few can be taken on hard, but since the campaigns are tweaked towards optimized decks and therefore give the basal AI an extreme ressource advantage around 3x times your ressources in some maps) and against players you would be severely limited by the locked basic decks you could use. It may be a fine game for p2w and p2p players, but for anybody just looking to have a good time it quickly loses its flair as all of the relevant features demands a basic collection of cards you simply do not have within the first couple of weeks to months.

If you have a bunch of time to spare or is looking for a p2p game it might be an 8/10 because of its tactical properties, but in that case I would recommend that you test it out before starting to buy packs etc. :)

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Publisert: 26. november, 2014
Love the gane, but it seems a little unflexible when just starting out. You don't get really any real amount of cards to build your first deck, which means you're basically forced to using the static free decks you get after doing the walkthroughs.

7/10, way better off than the P2W s**t it was before.
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Publisert: 25. november, 2014
8/8 m8

took me 100 humiliating defeats for 1 victory against a guy who lagged out
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Publisert: 20. november, 2014
An immersive, fiendishly challenging but rewarding game that caters to a diverse range of play-styles. Although it's not the kindest on new players (the walkthrough campaign is linear and plodding; for me it only became truly fun when you gained full access to the game's features approx. an hour in), Pox Nora is charming, enjoyable and scratches my RTS itch in a way that is rare to find. :) You start out with a selection of ordinary "public" decks that any other player out of walkthrough can use, and the real enjoyment comes from discovering the Faction you like and building your own custom deck. A perfect game to enjoy over the morning coffee or sink hours into maddeningly obsessed with upping your rank! Plus, it's free- win!
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Publisert: 20. november, 2014
Definitely recommending this game to others. This is pretty fun, and I like the artwork for each card, giving it more of that trading card game feel to a strategy game. I only wish there was an obvious way to exit the game when done playing.
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Publisert: 25. februar
Great game ruined by terrible free-to-play (or should i say pay-to-play) model!

The thing is: I can't even effectively grind for gold to buy new cards (runes). Cuz daily quests are just impossible to complete for a newbie without pre-paid deck. Like it says "play two games with druid unit in ur deck to get 350 gold". So I went to and I was searching hard just to find that there is no public deck with druids in it!
I have 17 runes total, and have collected 6000 gold as a newbie for completing tutorials. It is needed at least 30 runes to build a legitimate deck in runes manager. Runes cost 3K gold for every 10 random runes (runes being sold in packs). This means no way to even grind when I can't grind with public deck.
So they suggest me to pay for even get a possiblity to grind?
And even if you somehow manage to generate 3K gold daily it would take a month to build a playable deck.
Not recommended unless you have some sort of solution to grinding problem like if you can boost your beginning with help of a friend or if you pay real money.
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Publisert: 19. januar
+unique mechanics
+good gameplay
-java out of memory after each match
-black screen on portion of the screen bug
-animations could be better

i really want to continue playing but the annoying bugs made me stop...i've i7 & 16GB RAM and had played numerous java base games without problem, dev pls fix this...
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Publisert: 17. november, 2014
Pox Nora is a fascinating and incredibly fun SRPG-TCG headed by a development team with an eye on balance. This is a easy-to-play slow-to-master turn-based SRPG with TCG elements in that you deploy cards onto a battlefield littered with obstacles and they attempt to protect your base and destroy that of the opponent's, while capturing objectives. With something like 2000 cards over the last seven years of expansions, there's a huge element of 'gotta catch em all'. Fortunately, they've recently been taken over by a development team (Desert Owl Entertainment) interested in sustainable growth; which means BALANCE. A full-blown rebalance of all 2000 cards has recently been completed; so that the core runes essential to a strong strategy are often inexpensive.

In a pleasant change from other F2P games, it's genuinely easy to obtain new cards ('runes'): Play a quick game vs AI? Here's 100 gold and a free, random rune from the faction you played (Including rares!). Play a campaign? Here's 600 gold. 1900 gold buys a weaker 'core set' booster pack, and 3150 buys an 'extended set' booster pack. They give out around 1000 gold a day through free dailies; and simply playing matches to complete these dailies will net you around 1500-2000 gold a day. Members on the forums set up 'Rune Pools' where you can trade in a card for a card of equal rarity easily; allowing a new player to set up inexpensive strategies all the time.

As a much older game, this has a level of strategic depth and complexity rarely seen in video games, requiring reading (and reading comprehension!) beyond Hearthstone; which I would consider a successful competitor in the F2P TCG arena. I would seriously recommend this game; as either the F2P or if you want, as something to sink forty bucks into.
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Publisert: 12. januar
Been playing this game since 2006. Its an AWESOME game, ♥♥♥ the haters. Install now. 8/10
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Publisert: 12. november, 2014
A bit tougher learning curve, but rewarding.

While slow paced, it's good as "idle" game while being busy with something that needs just partial attention (single player), but that doesn't mean it's boring.

Offers both single player campains and missions, as well as PvP, while being rather fairly balanced.

Certainly worth a try!
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Publisert: 14. februar
I had to do some changes and stuff like that just so I could play the tutorial... and you have 3 tutorials and you'll have to do after each one of them "Ran out of memory" (Or something like that) I dont say it's hard to fix it, but I don't want to do that all the time just so I can play against the AI.... When you try to add "Founds" to the game you'll also get an error. I think the game have alot to offer, but after all those bugs im just going to leave it until they fix it. Tip for all dev out there, Dont publish the game before it's finished! Like infestations, Rust, H1Z1 etc... Like come on -.-

Overall: 5.5/10 - because I like the play style
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Publisert: 11. november, 2014
Saw this game on steam and was very excited. I had played this game years ago and stopped playing because school and a part time job got in the way. But not that I am out of school and have my nights free again I am happy to play again. It's a very in depth game with a ton of possibilities. Since it has been around for so long the ranked games are full of people with very powerful decks, but the casual room is a place where I have won a few games and only have been playing for about 2 weeks. The campaigns are highly recomended because you can use them to get extra gold and cards. Only downside to this game is it takes a while to get a deck that you like. So I recomend picking a faction after you try all 8 of them and trade away any card that isn't in the one you like to a website like PoxBox so that you can easily trade for the cards you do like. I'm playing a deck right now that I love and was able to get after the first 3 days by trading in 1 exotic rune for a ton of lower level ones.
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Publisert: 21. november, 2014
great time killer and great card art. 7/10
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Publisert: 14. november, 2014
This game is great it has many runes to collect. Play this this game if you like strategy games. I like the way, collecting cards and a table top like game are mixed together.
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Publisert: 15. oktober, 2014
I am going to give you the good the bad and the ugly of this game and let you make up your own minds about whether you are going to enjoy Poxnora or not. To sum up this game quickly, I would say it's a cross between a collectable trading card game like MtG, a tabletop minatures game like Warhammer Fantasy and turn based tactics games like FF Tactics and Advance Wars.

Where to start?
One thing I am going to stress to anyone considering this game is that at it's heart this is NOT a casual game. Veteran players have learned an encylopedia of knowledge about this game. Cards are divided into 4 types, Champions, Spells, Relics and Equipment. There are hundreds of abilities and conditions that can used in this game, from the basics like block, dodge and stealth to the obscure like planarbound and encouraged. What does this mean? As a new player you are going to be confused while you slowly learn what all the hundreds of different cards do and how they interact. What this also means however is that if you enjoy deep strategy there is simply nothing else like Poxnora. Once you learn the game the sky is the limit as far as how many strategies you can employ.

Is this Pay to Win?
The short answer is yes, but not in an evil gimmicky cash grab way. Like I said above this game is very much like MtG or Warhammer. It is a hobby and a collection you build over time. Almost everything is available to purchase with in game currency but there is a HUGE library of cards to be had. This isn't going to appeal to everybody, but the people who it does appeal to will enjoy this game immensely because it is such a deep tactical game. This is a skill game and a well made deck of low value cards can easily outplay a poorly made mash up of expensive power cards. So it is certainly possible to find success relatively quickly without dropping any money on this game at all. You build your collection over time with free cards you earn from playing and then you can bolster your collection by buying cards with real money as you see fit.

How do I enjoy this game without spending a lot or any money?
I recommend all new players go through the tutorials and the new player guides that were recently added. These will reward you with free training decks and in game currency that you can use to start building your collection. You can use in game currency to purchase packs and boxes or individual cards, so you can get the best cards for free. There is also a PVP format that restricts to pre-made training decks so that you aren't facing opponents with lots of strong rare cards right away. There is trading in this game so anything you earn with in game currency can be traded away to other players for something different you may want.

My final advice would be to get to know the game and seek out help from the community whenever possible. People will be more than willing to help point new players in the right direction if they ask. There are community run pools of extra cards to help new players get started and a lot of resources on the forums and fansites to help you learn the game.

I highly recommend this game for it's deep gameplay and rich tactics.
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Publisert: 27. desember, 2011
Anmeldelser av forhåndsversjon
This game is basicly chess on steroids. It has a learning curve that will break your neck and is played over a long run and there are many things to learn about it because it has a lot of tactical depth. But if you do stick around for all that, it is very rewarding in the end. Unfortunately we live in an age where people are used to instant gratification, and games are not perceived as food for brain anymore. Do I recommend it? Yes I do, but not to everyone.
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Publisert: 15. oktober, 2014
Fantastic game. A new company, Desert Owl Games, have really reinvented the game, in a brilliant way. Its has a very similar "free to play" feel akin to Hearthstone imo with its daily income of ingame gold, but without the current "Arena" draft system. Drafting wil hopefully be reimplemented in the near future. The game has great depth and variety with thousands of runes to choose from when building your decks or just your collection. The artowrk is excellent and the lore is detailed and tells a very interesting story. 8 factions to choose from all with hundreds and hundreds of runes unique to that faction. Almost all content is able to be purchased in the marketplace with in game gold aswell as real money. A loyal and still active community is nice to see. The game caters for both PvE and PvP players. A really good game that combines elements of TCGs, CCGs, RPGs, F2P games, and turn based strategy games to create an excellent and very addictive experience. Highly recommended. Give it a try and have fun battling the denizens of Poxanthu.
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