Delve into classic turn-based strategy gaming with elements of table top miniatures, fantasy RPG and TCG style gameplay all wrapped into one.
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Data de lançamento: 15/out/2014

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"A strategy card combo with a dedicated community, which took a trip down the p2w slope under SOE but was reclaimed by the old devs and has been revamped"

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15 de outubro

Pox Nora Is LIVE!

Thanks to all of our players, new and old, for your interest and support. If you haven't already, please check out our forums when you have a chance to become part of our close-knit, thriving community!

We'd love to hear your thoughts about what works and what doesn't. Pox Nora is constantly evolving with frequent updates and expansions so your feedback is critical. In the meantime, if you have any problems, please contact our support team.

Also, don't forget to login and redeem your Limited Edition rune!

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15 de outubro

Pox Nora Is Almost Here!

We're close to flipping the switch and welcoming the Steam community to Pox Nora! We just need to make a few final tweaks, run some tests, work some dials, and all the other things that go into launching on a great new platform like Steam.

We hope everyone enjoys this new way of experiencing Pox Nora!

See you on the battlefield!

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Pox Nora Returns to Steam

Pox Nora is back! Desert Owl Games acquired the game from Sony Online Entertainment in the Spring of 2014 and have revamped, re-skinned, and improved it for new and old players alike.

All 3,000+ runes have been revamped to make deck themes more fun and champions less bloated with abilities. The in-game lobby got a make over to make it easier to navigate and more visually pleasing. Check out our latest content release, the Revamp Midterm! It introduces brand new champions, some that are good at countering certain themes.

Latest Release

The Revamp Midterm pack is available now in the Marketplace! Each pack comes with a 100% chance to get an exotic from the Midterm content update.

Sobre este jogo

PoxNora é um jogo online de fantasia, baseado em turnos, estratégico e de colecionáveis. Os jogadores comandam exércitos de criaturas fantásticas, conjuram magias devastadoras e invocam relíquias e equipamentos ancestrais para derrotar seus oponentes.

Principais características:

  • Mergulhe num jogo clássico de estratégia baseado em turnos com elementos de jogos de mesa, xadrez e jogos de cartas combinados
  • Escolha um lado do bem, do mal ou um pouco dos dois através das facções
  • Monte sua coleção de runas ao longo do tempo e personalize seus decks através do gerenciador de runas
  • Troque qualquer ou todas as suas runas com toda a comunidade
  • Batalhe e faça guerra contra os oponentes através do excitante modo jogador contra jogador
  • Participe dos torneios de draft para ganhar prêmios
  • Ganhe experiência para seus campeões através do modo de jogador único ou jogador contra jogador
  • Economize e gaste ouro virtual que você ganha depois de qualquer partida para colocar suas mãos em runas através da loja de Recompensas para Jogadores
  • Gratuito para jogar com conteúdo opcional disponível para compra

    Expansão Wild Alliance:

    A 18ª expansão de PoxNora, lançada em novembro de 2011, oferece novas raças e classes para o mundo. Domine com o Myx, uma criatura do tipo inseto que ama areia e ácido, ou tente sua sorte com os cruéis demônios que usam truques e trabalho em equipe para derrubar os inimigos. Ria de seus inimigos com os Hyaenids, criaturas do tipo cão selvagem dos Picos Destruídos ou vá até o céu com os campeões Savage Tundra’s Strig; que se parecem com corujas! Tem muito mais pra se ver, então cadastre-se hoje! As runas de Wild Alliance estão disponíveis para compra através de pacotes individuais ou em pacotes maiores. Vá até à loja e veja o que está disponível pra você mergulhar no mundo de PoxNora.

Requisitos de sistema

    Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or Mac OSX
    500 MHZ CPU or Greater
    512 MB of RAM
    NVIDIA or ATI Video Card with 64MB of VRam, with current video drivers
    200MB of hard drive space
    56k Modem or Better
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I remember when this game first came out. Back in the days when you had to launch it from your browser. It has evolved quite a bit in its accessibility [for the better, of course!].
As many reviewers have already said, this game is easy to learn, hard to master. It is turn-based strategy meets collectible card game, and it is done in a masterful way.
If you like turn-based strategy and/or cc games, give it a try. It is a quick download, and it will run on a toaster, so you have nothing to lose.
I am so happy to see this game back on Steam.
Publicada: 20 de outubro
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Play Dota 2 normal but can't run this game WTF ??!
Look like it's a good game but I won't recommend, very sorry :(
Publicada: 21 de outubro
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0.7 hrs registradas
sim e muito bom
Publicada: 21 de outubro
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I am going to give you the good the bad and the ugly of this game and let you make up your own minds about whether you are going to enjoy Poxnora or not. To sum up this game quickly, I would say it's a cross between a collectable trading card game like MtG, a tabletop minatures game like Warhammer Fantasy and turn based tactics games like FF Tactics and Advance Wars.

Where to start?
One thing I am going to stress to anyone considering this game is that at it's heart this is NOT a casual game. Veteran players have learned an encylopedia of knowledge about this game. Cards are divided into 4 types, Champions, Spells, Relics and Equipment. There are hundreds of abilities and conditions that can used in this game, from the basics like block, dodge and stealth to the obscure like planarbound and encouraged. What does this mean? As a new player you are going to be confused while you slowly learn what all the hundreds of different cards do and how they interact. What this also means however is that if you enjoy deep strategy there is simply nothing else like Poxnora. Once you learn the game the sky is the limit as far as how many strategies you can employ.

Is this Pay to Win?
The short answer is yes, but not in an evil gimmicky cash grab way. Like I said above this game is very much like MtG or Warhammer. It is a hobby and a collection you build over time. Almost everything is available to purchase with in game currency but there is a HUGE library of cards to be had. This isn't going to appeal to everybody, but the people who it does appeal to will enjoy this game immensely because it is such a deep tactical game. This is a skill game and a well made deck of low value cards can easily outplay a poorly made mash up of expensive power cards. So it is certainly possible to find success relatively quickly without dropping any money on this game at all. You build your collection over time with free cards you earn from playing and then you can bolster your collection by buying cards with real money as you see fit.

How do I enjoy this game without spending a lot or any money?
I recommend all new players go through the tutorials and the new player guides that were recently added. These will reward you with free training decks and in game currency that you can use to start building your collection. You can use in game currency to purchase packs and boxes or individual cards, so you can get the best cards for free. There is also a PVP format that restricts to pre-made training decks so that you aren't facing opponents with lots of strong rare cards right away. There is trading in this game so anything you earn with in game currency can be traded away to other players for something different you may want.

My final advice would be to get to know the game and seek out help from the community whenever possible. People will be more than willing to help point new players in the right direction if they ask. There are community run pools of extra cards to help new players get started and a lot of resources on the forums and fansites to help you learn the game.

I highly recommend this game for it's deep gameplay and rich tactics.
Publicada: 15 de outubro
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This game is basicly chess on steroids. It has a learning curve that will break your neck and is played over a long run and there are many things to learn about it because it has a lot of tactical depth. But if you do stick around for all that, it is very rewarding in the end. Unfortunately we live in an age where people are used to instant gratification, and games are not perceived as food for brain anymore. Do I recommend it? Yes I do, but not to everyone.
Publicada: 27 de dezembro de 2011
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