Delve into classic turn-based strategy gaming with elements of table top miniatures, fantasy RPG and TCG style gameplay all wrapped into one.
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New Pox Nora Client Now Available!

Greetings Everyone,

It is our pleasure to announce the release of the all new Pox Nora game client! As part of this release we have a massive update to game balance.

All New Game Client

  • Steam: If you play through Steam, the client update will be automatic.
  • PC: Players who use the PC stand-alone launcher (non-Steam), please download the new launcher.
  • Mac: The new Mac version will be available through Steam ONLY.
  • PlayStation 4: Pox Nora can be downloaded for free from the PlayStation Store.
Please Note: The old game client will be no longer be supported.

New Lobby
The game lobby for Pox Nora has been completely redone to make navigating with both Mouse and Controller as snappy as possible.

Custom Games
There is a new Custom games section where players can create matches against other players or bot.

Deck and Rune Manager
You can now create, choose, and edit your decks fully within the game.

The Pox Nora Marketplace is now fully integrated within game client.

Player Details
You can not only see your League Progression, but now Match history, Rankings, and Feats (formerly Achievements) are now accessible within the game client by clicking on your account name in the upper right corner of the lobby.

Premade Decks
As part of the new game client we will be phasing out the current Public Decks. These will be replaced with Premade Decks. Upon logging into the the new game client each player will be awarded the "Ironfist Inquisition" premade deck. This is a fully functioning deck that can be edited. All the rune in the deck will also be yours. To prevent exploitation, the runes from this deck can not be sacrificed in the Rune Forge or Traded. This deck will only be added to a player's account once. Otherwise all of you will be able to do anything you want with these runes, and new players will have a deck to start editing as soon as they launch the game. Additional decks can be earned by beating the Faction campaigns in the Training section of the game.

Cross-Platform Play
All players, whether through PlayStation, PC, or Mac, will all be able to play against each other regardless of platform! In addition, multiplayer for Pox Nora will not require a PlayStation Plus account.

Account Link
Existing Pox Nora players will be able to copy their PC or Mac account's inventory over to their PlayStation™Network account. Please note account cloning will only be available for 90 days at the time the game is released on the PS4, and Accounts may only be copied once. Accounts once copped will there after be treated as separate accounts and will no longer share inventory information. The Account Link feature will be accessible through the Player Details section of the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

See you on the Battlefield!

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Pox Nora & Space Wars at PAX East

Greetings Everyone,

We are happy to announce that both Pox Nora & Space Wars will be at PAX East!

Pox Nora
Pox Nora will be available to play at the Sony booth. This demo will show off even more of the game than what was at the PlayStation Experience Event in December, including all 8 factions, improved performance, and interface enhancements.

Space Wars
Space Wars, our newest tactical strategy game, will be available to play at our booth. Not only will people at PAX East be able to play the latest version of Space Wars, which includes the Galactic Conquest mode, but if you stop by you will be able to pick up the Exclusive Ship Stat trading cards.

PAX East
PAX East is being held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from March 10th through the 12th. The Sony booth number is 16019 and the Desert Owl Games booth number is 10127. For more details about the Penny Arcade Expo and to get the booth map please go to the official PAX East site.

We appreciate your continued support. It is because of players like you that we are able to revitalize Pox Nora with an all new game client and create new games like Space Wars. Stay up to date on what is happening by following Desert Owl Games on Facebook and Twitter.



The Pox Nora Team

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Spirits Beyond Midterm Released

The Spirits Beyond midterm is now available! For more information, please check out the Steam announcement.


Pox Nora is an online, collectible, turn-based strategy game. Players can take their deck of Runes (cards) and go on an adventure in the many single player campaigns, skirmish against the AI, or battle against other players in player vs player matches. Public decks are available to unlock with gold or by playing the faction walkthrough campaigns. If you like Pox Nora, you can expand your deck options by purchasing additional rune packs that will give you access to more Champions, Spells, Relics and Equipment.

Key Features

  • Completely free to play with additional content available for purchase
  • Wage war against opponents through exciting player vs. player gameplay
  • Adventure with iconic characters in single player story campaigns
  • Play the game with Public Decks you can unlock with gold and by playing the game
  • Build decks from 8 unique factions through full or split faction play
  • Build your collection of runes over time and customize your decks with the Rune Manager
  • Trade runes with the community or build them with the Rune Forge
  • Join in draft tournaments to win prizes
  • Save up and spend virtual gold that you earn by playing the game to get additional characters and more in the Marketplace

    To find out more visit the Pox Nora website


    Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or Mac OSX
    500 MHZ CPU or Greater
    512 MB of RAM
    NVIDIA or ATI Video Card with 64MB of VRam, with current video drivers
    200MB of hard drive space
    56k Modem or Better
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