Delve into classic turn-based strategy gaming with elements of table top miniatures, fantasy RPG and TCG style gameplay all wrapped into one.
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15 Eki 2014

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Free to Play

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1 Eylül

Patch Notes: September 1st, 2017

Greetings Everyone,

We have a major client update today which contains many improvements!

  • Resolved an issue that was causing spectator mode to not correctly end when the match ends.
  • Updated the movement interaction of Large champions so they are easier to move.
  • Updated the targeting interaction of Large champions to correctly scale to the target’s size.
  • The deployment area will no longer highlight invalid locations depending on if the champion is large or small.
  • Improved how text wraps within the game.
  • The Left and Right arrow keys can now be used to navigate text in the chat window for editing.
  • The Up and Down arrow keys can now be used to cycle through the previously submitted message from the player.
  • Hitting the Enter or / keys will always open the chat window and then automatically put the cursor in the text field.
  • Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t click off of the chat window to use quick command keys?
  • Resolution settings will now persist between play sessions.
  • The options menu can now be opened from the map screen.
  • Switching chat tabs while there is text written but not submitted will no longer automatically submit the text.
  • Using left click to pan the map while a champion is movement mode will no longer be counted as a movement command for that champion.
  • When the chat tabs are closed and a player receives a private message the Text on the tab ‘Global’ and ‘Guild’ will transition from White to Light Blue and back. This is more subtle than the old client to not distract players while in-matches.
  • The Pox Nora logo will now be correctly displayed on the Windows Taskbar and in the upper left corner of the application window when playing in Windowed Mode.

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15 Ağustos

Planar Disturbances Midterm Now Available!

Greetings Everyone,

The Planar Disturbances Midterm is here, and with it comes eight new Legendary runes, one Limited Edition rune. The Midterm update includes a game patch for PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

  • The Planar Disturbances Midterm Pack has been added to the Pox Nora Marketplace. This pack will give 1 of the 8 new Legendary Planar Disturbances Midterm runes along with 2 Platinum Tokens.
  • The Planar Disturbances Mid-Term Bundle has been added to the marketplace will award the Limited Edition Festival Mika rune with unique art and sprite, 1 of the 8 new Legendary midterm runes, and 2 Platinum Tokens.
New Runes
  • Draksar Confessor
  • Elder Vampyre
  • Icefang
  • Jellebrium Nexus
  • Rockcharger Warbeast
  • Sarnghavian Gladiator
  • Vashal Interceptor
  • Vothsair Overlord
Limited Edition
  • Festival Mika
Fixes & Changes
  • Addressed several server stability issues.
  • Addressed some visual effects that were not in the correct position.
  • League Rewards are now correctly rewarding Gold, Shards, and Packs.
  • Daily campaigns should now correctly cycle and will no longer give a incorrect notification of not being able to play.
  • Quests are now properly giving progression credit.
  • The Deck Manager will now correctly update when using the Mouse.
  • In-Match players will no longer need to hit the A Key twice to go into targeting mode.
  • Resolved a rare issue that would cause the game to stop processing game server updates in a match.
  • Improved detection parameters for awarding trophies.
  • Addressed an issue that would sometimes cause the game to not load into a Custom Game Bot match.
  • The Victory & Defeat screens will now correctly display if the match was Ranked, Skirmish, or Solo Play.
  • The Victory and Defeat screen will now show the correct league progression value.
  • The In-Match rune details will now correctly show the selected unit’s damage value.
  • When in the queue for a Ranked Match the popup will now say ‘Looking for Opponent’ instead of ‘Entering Queue’.
  • The rarity filter for the Rune Manager now displays the correct rarity type.
  • Legendary Runes can now be correctly Sacrificed or Forged.
  • The Rune Filter will no longer exclude runes that have multiple races or classes if only one of those races or classes is selected.
  • Runes will now correctly display their secondary races and classes.
  • The campaign cinematic dialogue box will no longer cover up the portrait for the champion who is talking.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from changing difficulty for a campaign once it has been beaten.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a match to not correctly end if a Shrine or Avatar was killed by indirect damage.
  • The league progression will now correctly display the progress for 1v1 separately from 2v2.
  • Progress in the 1v1 league will no longer count towards the 2v2 league.
  • Fixed an issue where the abilities Iron Will, Fearless, and Unstoppable were not functioning if they were a champion’s base ability.
  • The Condition popup for Incorporeal has been updated to have the correct description.
  • The spell Execution Order no longer charges nora based on affected units.
  • The ability Lethal Poison will longer kill Bosses or Avatars.
  • The ability Chains of Amareth will no longer kill the Chained Fae if it has the upgrade ability Vitality: Nora.
  • The ability Rapid Growth will now correctly start on cooldown and will go on cooldown when activated.
  • The spell Naturalize will no longer remove terrain effects.
  • The spell Execution Order will no longer cost more nora based on the number of champions affected.
  • The relic Mystic Whirlpool will no longer cause inconsistent interactions with champions using relocation abilities.
  • Illusions will no longer be able to drop nora globes.
  • The K'Thir Forest map will now correctly display what tiles are considered to be water.
  • The condition Blinded can no longer be bypassed by abilities like Pounce, Censure, and Starlight.
  • If the ability Iron Will is removed from a champion they will now correctly become Distracted if Shimmering Flower is equipped.
  • The equipment Avarice now functions as intended.
  • The condition Crystallized can no longer have its secondary effects cleansed separately from the condition itself.
  • The equipment Medal of Valor will now correctly remove Speed when unit's MAX RNG goes above 2.
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Planar Disturbances Midterm Released

The Planar Disturbances Midterm is now available! For more information, please check out the Steam announcement.

Bu Oyun Hakkında

Pox Nora is an online, collectible, turn-based strategy game. Players can take their deck of Runes (cards) and go on an adventure in the many single player campaigns, skirmish against the AI, or battle against other players in player vs player matches. Public decks are available to unlock with gold or by playing the faction walkthrough campaigns. If you like Pox Nora, you can expand your deck options by purchasing additional rune packs that will give you access to more Champions, Spells, Relics and Equipment.

Key Features

  • Completely free to play with additional content available for purchase
  • Wage war against opponents through exciting player vs. player gameplay
  • Adventure with iconic characters in single player story campaigns
  • Play the game with Public Decks you can unlock with gold and by playing the game
  • Build decks from 8 unique factions through full or split faction play
  • Build your collection of runes over time and customize your decks with the Rune Manager
  • Trade runes with the community or build them with the Rune Forge
  • Join in draft tournaments to win prizes
  • Save up and spend virtual gold that you earn by playing the game to get additional characters and more in the Marketplace

    To find out more visit the Pox Nora website

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X
    OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (64-bit)
    Processor: 2.4 GHz CPU or greater
    Memory: 1 GB of RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA or ATI Video Card with 512 MB of video ram, with current video drivers
    Storage: 2 GB available space
    OS: Mac OS X 10.8+
    Processor: 2.4 GHz CPU or greater
    Memory: 1 GB of RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA or ATI Video Card with 512 MB of video ram, with current video drivers
    Storage: 2 GB available space
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