Battle your way through a twisted graffiti world where your prowess in puzzle solving makes the difference between life & death!
Дата выхода: 15 ноя, 2011
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Пробейте себе дорогу сквозь лихой мир граффити, где единственной гранью между жизнью и смертью станет лишь ваша смекалка! Окунитесь в одно из самых уникальных и достоверных игровых окружений из всех, когда-либо созданных. Следуйте за Ноксом в его захватывающем двухмерном путешествии в трехмерном мире. Открывайте новые умения, побеждайте врагов и спасайте друзей. И будьте осторожны, в мире Sideway™ New York ваш любимый цвет может запросто убить вас!

Основные особенности

  • Испытайте ни на что не похожий платформер!
  • Пройдите испытания, в которых будут меняться углы обзора, гравитация и передвижение между двухмерным и трехмерным мирами!
  • Открывайте новые возможности, которые помогут вам парить, скользить, прыгать и прорываться через ваших врагов.
  • Поддержка кооператива за одним компьютером — ваш друг сможет присоединиться к вам в любой момент.
  • Сразитесь с безумными боссами, вроде розового кролика-садиста, которого рвет маленькими кроликами-садистами... Ага, здесь есть и такие.
  • Зацените классное звуковое сопровождение от Mr. Lif.

Системные требования

    • OS: WinXP SP3 (32-bit only), Vista SP2, 7
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz or greater
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 2GB
    • Video Card: 256 MB Video Memory with Shader 3.0 support; ATI Radeon X850XT / NVIDEA GeForce 7600GT
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c or greater
    • Sound: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible Audio Device
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2.4 ч. в игре
качество стиля на высоте
Опубликовано: 14 мая
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Graffiti comes in all shapes, sizes, and variances in quality. For every breathtaking mural there's a dozen cheap tags ranging from the generic to profane. Similarly, Sideway: New York jumps violently between an abundantly stylish and creative platformer, to a cheap, controller hurling annoying one. Unfortunately, the imbalance often shifts toward the later, and even then the good parts only serve to highlight how frustrating the rest of the game is, which no amount of personality can save.

By now you've hopefully gathered that Sideway is based around graffiti, placing you running and jumping along cluttered walls, shifting from different panes and using parts of the environment to create a makeshift path toward the end. It's a really neat idea that's pulled off with a good deal of success, even when it's more often used for style than a core gameplay mechanic.

This is fine at first when everything is new and bursting with creativity, but Sideway falls on its face about halfway through by being at least twice as long as its content can sustain (which isn't saying much when it clocks in at just around 3 hours). Level designs start to repeat, backgrounds become less interesting as the originality wears off, and the 3-4 track soundtrack just keeps cycling through over and over (it will be going around in my head for days to come I'm sure). It also back loads most of its boss fights, which are easily among the most infuriating and poorly designed of any game I've played all year. Compared to the rest of the game, they create huge roadblocks that I wouldn't be surprised caused many players to simply give up on the game (which might honestly be for the best, as at that point the challenge is only going to keep rising).

Later levels also begin to focus heavily on combat, which is clunky, boring, and by far the worst element of the game. It's hugely perplexing why the developer chose to put so much effort into this one portion of the experience, but it's clear they spent a good deal of time on it and all that's come from it is a lesser game than we might otherwise have seen.

For the first hour or so I was really digging everything about Sideway. Its style is great, the premise original, and the entire package bursting with personality. But the further I got the more it seemed to try and put me off the entire game, spoiling the experience that came before and causing me to rather despise the game by the end. I hope the developer gets a chance to make another game and learns from the mistakes made here, but I won't be disappointed if we never end up seeing a Sideway 2.
Опубликовано: 23 августа
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The overall presentation and aesthetic is quite pleasing to the eyes, as well as to the gamer in general. The ideas behind Sideway New York are unique and fresh, even for a platforming action game. The artwork is distinctive, cartoony, and with an air of playfulness also. The level design is what sets the game aside from others of the same genre. It is a combination of two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces with a novel way of going about the buildings and other structures. The game screen often flips and changes angles as you progress through each level, and you must find ways to jump, skip, slide, and pounce around the environment. All of these actions are not very fast paced, but they coincide with the game adequately, and in an enjoyable manner. The storyline is short and casual, not going very far away from the usual beat the bad guys who kidnapped my girlfriend fare, but this does not get in the way of game play gratification, as you will be mostly busy platforming and appreciating the levels and environments. As you advance through the game world, you will unlock special abilities that are both fun to use and applicable within the game world. They range from special attacks, to special jumps, and even gliding through the air. There is also the option of collecting tags in the levels, but this does not reflect any changes in the storyline or game play whatsoever. It is a mere collection mechanic for your own accomplishment and bragging rights. The ability of playing with a partner in local co-op is available, but I have not personally tried this. The soundtrack seems to have only about three or four songs that loop endlessly, which makes for quite the repetitive listening experience. On the other hand, it is done entirely by renowned underground hip hop artist from Boston, Mr. Lif. This means that depending on what your musical tastes are, you will be either pleased, neutral, or annoyed. Either way, the music may be turned off or kept on. There seems to be a serious bug with the options menu, as sometimes, it will not allow you to exit it and get back to the game. The only way to fix this major problem is to end the game in Task Manager; which also means you will lose all progress if you were mid-level. There are several instances during certain levels, which involve mechanics unique to Sideway New York that are slightly unintuitive, and the game does not do a very good job of explaining clearly how to go about accomplishing certain actions. This means there will be much trial and error before you are able to figure out how to approach some situations. The last two boss battles can be a bit frustrating, as they require several precision based actions, until you are finally successful. For a short and casual cartoony game, Sideway New York gets most what it is trying to accomplish right, and for what it is, it is quite enjoyable.

Sideway New York is good.
Опубликовано: 20 марта
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Great game, highly recommended!
Опубликовано: 28 июля
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what is this and why does it exist
Опубликовано: 22 мая
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Sideway™ New York очень стильная игра, она имеет свою фишку и это сразу бросается в глаза. Сюжет бредовый, но я не смог бы придумать лучше, так что не мне судить.
По ходу игры герой открывает в себе новые способности, а уровни имеют множество секретиков под каждый талант, так что их можно проходить множество раз и находить больше бонусов. Отдельно хотел бы похвалить саундтрек, он подходит игре и не приедается. Не буду много говорить, просто советую пройти.
Опубликовано: 18 марта
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