Tomb Raider: Underworld representerer en ny forbedring innen utforskingsbaserte spill. Som den fryktløse eventyreren Lara Croft utforsker du eksotiske steder over hele verden, hver og ett utformet med en utrolig detaljrikdom som resulterer i svimlende realistisk høydefininsjonsgrafikk.
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Utgivelsesdato: 21. nov, 2008

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The Tomb Raider Collection includes almost every Tomb Raider title ever released for PC, including the blockbuster reboot of 2013 and the celebrated top-down shooter Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

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NOTE: This version of the Eidos Anthology is not playable in Germany.


Om dette spillet

Tomb Raider: Underworld representerer en ny forbedring innen utforskingsbaserte spill. Som den fryktløse eventyreren Lara Croft utforsker du eksotiske steder over hele verden, hver og ett utformet med en utrolig detaljrikdom som resulterer i svimlende realistisk høydefininsjonsgrafikk. Dette skaper en virkelig troverdig verden og mulighet for utfordringer og valg på et helt nytt nivå.
  • Lær deg å mestre omgivelsene: Nå nye høyder med et svært rikt utvalg av akrobatiske evner, og bruk gjenstander i miljøet for å finne nye veier du kan utforske.
  • Utforsk storslåtte og ukjente verdener: Oppdag oldtidens mysterier i underverdenen som er gjemt ved kysten i Thailand, de iskalde øyene i det arktiske hav, Mexicos jungler og mer.
  • Farlige og uforutsigbare utfordringer: Hvert nivå er en omfattende oppgave på flere nivåer som skjuler seg i en interaktiv lekeplass av et miljø, som gir deg mer fleksibilitet når det gjelder hvordan oppgaven skal løses.
  • Nytt utvalg av kampmuligheter: Du kan velge å uskadeliggjøre eller drepe, sikte på flere fiender samtidig med det nye dobbeltsiktesystemet og skyte med én hånd mens du henger i den andre.
  • Nytt og moderne utstyr: Bruk den nyeste teknologien i Laras oppgraderte lager for å navigere rundt i verden, blant annet:
    – Aktivt ekkoloddkart: Et banebrytende nytt verktøy som aktivt utstøter lydpulser for å opprette et tredimensjonalt bilde av Laras omgivelser, perfekt for å oppdage skjulte gjenstander og steder.
    – Flerbruksgrep: Et kloliknende apparat med en høyspenningskabel som er laget for klatring, rappellering, og for å kunne bevege seg bortover vegger og manipulere gjenstander i miljøet.
    – Terrenghybridmotorsykkel: Et unikt kjøretøy som er laget for å kunne få veigrep på alt fra søle til is og snø.


      • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP (admin rights required)/Microsoft Windows Vista (admin rights required)
      • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3+GHz or AMD Athlon 2.5+GHz
      • Memory: 1GB (Windows XP) / 2GB (Windows Vista) system memory
      • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6 series 6800GT (or better) / ATI 1800XT (or better)
      • Sound Card: Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card and drivers
      • Hard Drive Space: 8 GB Free Space
      • Støttet Operativsystem: Microsoft Windows XP (krever administratorrettigheter)/Microsoft Windows Vista (krever administratorrettigheter)
      • Prosessor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz eller Athlon 64 X2 4400+
      • Minne: 2 GB systemminne
      • Skjermkort: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX eller ATI HD4800
      • Lydkort: Direct X 9.0c-kompatibelt lydkort og drivere
      • Harddiskplass: 8 GB ledig plass
      • Kontroller: Microsoft Xbox360 kontroller
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    Publisert: 5. september, 2015
    An overall fun platforming-action-puzzle-shooter.
    I've played Mirror's Edge so I'm used to the old "dying and retrying" trial and error way the game works. You'll die, a lot. But it's mostly caused by bad grab/jump point marking on the developers part. If you go slow and are deliberate in your joystick movements you'll learn the mapping pretty well.

    The combat system does get wonky when there are more then two enemies on the screen. I recommend equipping the right secondary gun for certain enemy types to help stun them to buy more time for dogging around. Shotgun up close to knock back quick movers or leapers helps.

    The puzzles do not hold your hand in any way. If you need a hint you can look in the in-game journal but how you accomplish it is up to you to figure out. No detective vision here. But I found most puzzles to be fun and some were a blast to figure out.

    The music was fantastic. Each environment had its own theme and the ques for any sort of action or discovery were always on point.

    The story was good. I cant help feeling at the end of the game though that some key details were being left out. Or were rushed over in the story. In the end I didn't feel it concluded but wanted to tell me more and just, ran out of time.

    I have played this game twice and got just as much fun out if it the second time as the first.
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    20.7 timer registrert
    Publisert: 16. oktober, 2015
    A decent entry in the Tomb Raider series, but no more than “average” overall.

    The story and atmosphere are decent but not great. Most of the gameplay is puzzle platforming. This sometimes gets a bit repetitive, but there is enough variation and cutscenes to prevent it from getting too tedious. The balance between platforming and other types of gameplay is better than in TR-Anniversary (which was all platforming) but maybe not quite as engaging for the masses (and me) as the 2013 reboot (which had more action). The platforming difficulty is generally good for most of us, but on the easy side for hardcore gamers. I struggled with some parts, but always got through after a while. Some environments look really nice (Thailand), but others have rather bare and bland level design. The combat is fairly bad, as expected with this series. The checkpoint save system is also annoying, but not too bad.

    Though some of the veterans will scoff, I find the optional “field assistance” hints an improvement over the previous games that offered no help at all - now I am less likely to need to look up solutions online when I get stuck. There is still big room for improvement in this area though. At least there are difficulty settings for specific things like enemy health and fall damage.

    Lara's controls are a bit mixed. In some ways they are fine, but they also feel a bit nervous and she moves less natural (less inertia and animation flow) than in TR-Anniversary. As usual, sometimes the controls don't do what you want, causing many accidental deaths. Also, the camera behaviour can be disorienting, and the FOV is unpleasantly low. At least there is no mouse acceleration. The HUD is bad - you have to open your PDA to change weapon and see how much ammo you have. None of these flaws are game breaking though.

    Tip: To improve the graphics beyond the max ingame settings, i suggest forcing AF to x4 (ingame AF setting does not work) and AA transparency to 4x supersampling in nvidia control panel.

    I would say this is a game to get when on sale, and only if you are ok with a lot of puzzle platforming.
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    Publisert: 21. desember, 2015
    - THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!! OK now that I've got this out.......
    - A ton of CINEMATIC gameplay and cutscenes including plot major twists
    - Drop-dead gorgeous graphics
    - Atmospheric score and realistic sound effects
    - Varied and immersive environment and level design
    - Intuitive (and improved) swimming mechanics
    - Lara's physical capabilities are much more realistic
    - Improved inventory system
    - Darker and less comical tone
    - Smooth and natural animations for Lara and secondary chacracters
    - Lara is an eye candy to look at regardless of viewing angles

    - Earlier levels being too easy; overall difficult not as challenging as Anniversary
    - Frequent crashes during game saving (thankfully save files are not corrupted)
    - Random frame rate drops, likely due to memory leak; this is solved by ALT-TAB in / out
    - Occasional poor physics (largely resolved by turning on VSYNC)
    - Legend and Anniversary had instant loading; Underworld levels usually take 5-10 seconds..
    - Many more treasures (artifacts), but also much harder to find especially in open sea levels.
    - Lara now has occasionally wrinkles on her forehead----why? Unecessary IMO

    Easily the best TR game I've played thus far; it grants an enormous sense of satisfaction as you progress through puzzles and platforms and more importantly, PLOT. Yes, for the first time in a TR game, the plot is actually intriguing and captivating.
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    3.5 timer registrert
    Publisert: 29. september, 2015
    For a game that was released in 2008 the graphics are freaking amazing and the story/gamestyle definitely has kept my interest. For less than $2 bucks its worth the price! It also has controller support even though the store page doesn't state it. (loads more fun!) Get this game if you like puzzle/platform genres and of course swimming underwater (: 9/10!

    (Make sure to watch the flashback recap trailer in the main menu> extras titled "Previously" since this is the direct sequel to TR: Legend)
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    2 av 2 personer (100%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
    14.5 timer registrert
    Publisert: 22. november, 2015
    One of my preffered from the TR games, with good graphics, atmospheric ambiance, sound and music, and a good story.
    It really gets you into it.
    On the other side, way too much bugs and way too short, but i thinks thats all
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