Tomb Raider: Underworld representerer en ny forbedring innen utforskingsbaserte spill. Som den fryktløse eventyreren Lara Croft utforsker du eksotiske steder over hele verden, hver og ett utformet med en utrolig detaljrikdom som resulterer i svimlende realistisk høydefininsjonsgrafikk.
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Utgivelsesdato: 21. nov, 2008

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The Tomb Raider Collection includes the complete library of Tomb Raider titles ever released for PC, including the blockbuster reboot of 2013 and the celebrated multiplayer top-down shooter Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

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Anbefalt av kuratorer

"Third installment of Crystal Dynamics excellent reboot of the series. If you enjoyed Legend or Anniversary it's a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy."
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Om dette spillet

Tomb Raider: Underworld representerer en ny forbedring innen utforskingsbaserte spill. Som den fryktløse eventyreren Lara Croft utforsker du eksotiske steder over hele verden, hver og ett utformet med en utrolig detaljrikdom som resulterer i svimlende realistisk høydefininsjonsgrafikk. Dette skaper en virkelig troverdig verden og mulighet for utfordringer og valg på et helt nytt nivå.
  • Lær deg å mestre omgivelsene: Nå nye høyder med et svært rikt utvalg av akrobatiske evner, og bruk gjenstander i miljøet for å finne nye veier du kan utforske.
  • Utforsk storslåtte og ukjente verdener: Oppdag oldtidens mysterier i underverdenen som er gjemt ved kysten i Thailand, de iskalde øyene i det arktiske hav, Mexicos jungler og mer.
  • Farlige og uforutsigbare utfordringer: Hvert nivå er en omfattende oppgave på flere nivåer som skjuler seg i en interaktiv lekeplass av et miljø, som gir deg mer fleksibilitet når det gjelder hvordan oppgaven skal løses.
  • Nytt utvalg av kampmuligheter: Du kan velge å uskadeliggjøre eller drepe, sikte på flere fiender samtidig med det nye dobbeltsiktesystemet og skyte med én hånd mens du henger i den andre.
  • Nytt og moderne utstyr: Bruk den nyeste teknologien i Laras oppgraderte lager for å navigere rundt i verden, blant annet:
    – Aktivt ekkoloddkart: Et banebrytende nytt verktøy som aktivt utstøter lydpulser for å opprette et tredimensjonalt bilde av Laras omgivelser, perfekt for å oppdage skjulte gjenstander og steder.
    – Flerbruksgrep: Et kloliknende apparat med en høyspenningskabel som er laget for klatring, rappellering, og for å kunne bevege seg bortover vegger og manipulere gjenstander i miljøet.
    – Terrenghybridmotorsykkel: Et unikt kjøretøy som er laget for å kunne få veigrep på alt fra søle til is og snø.


      • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP (admin rights required)/Microsoft Windows Vista (admin rights required)
      • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3+GHz or AMD Athlon 2.5+GHz
      • Memory: 1GB (Windows XP) / 2GB (Windows Vista) system memory
      • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6 series 6800GT (or better) / ATI 1800XT (or better)
      • Sound Card: Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card and drivers
      • Hard Drive Space: 8 GB Free Space
      • Støttet Operativsystem: Microsoft Windows XP (krever administratorrettigheter)/Microsoft Windows Vista (krever administratorrettigheter)
      • Prosessor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz eller Athlon 64 X2 4400+
      • Minne: 2 GB systemminne
      • Skjermkort: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX eller ATI HD4800
      • Lydkort: Direct X 9.0c-kompatibelt lydkort og drivere
      • Harddiskplass: 8 GB ledig plass
      • Kontroller: Microsoft Xbox360 kontroller
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    Publisert: 27. mars
    Excellent game, though the port to PC is a tad buggy.
    there is the usual "Lara why did you jump that way?" that occurs in all the games on all the platforms
    and then the menu was very buggy when using the mouse, i often times found it best to avoid clicking in the menuse and to just use the space bar and escape key to navigate

    Excellent solve-it-yourself puzzle game, great if you're a fan of games like portal that have the difficulty of a 27x27 sudoku board, with the game spaing little, if any hints. I personally managed to make it through needing only to look at a walkthrough once, and it beame clear that i knew what i had to do but i didn't know how to make lara do it. literally one point in the entire game, a ledge-to-wall chimney jump that gave no indication of lara recognizing it and seemed to devote itself to making me jump in the wrong direction whenever attempted until i found the sweet-spot in the walkthrough.
    now, about the in-game hints,
    generally helpful, though towards the end the standard "what do i do" observation becomes a lot more clear than the hints, not because it is easier to understand, but because it essentially restates the hints with more information. this point starts around the latter half of the mexico level.

    somewhat predictable story, though with the AAA games on the market nowadays people's intuition into story narratives has really been narrowed down to a very basic level, so if you don't play story-driven games that often or play mostly AAA games, the story will blow your mind, otherwise you will be able to predict a general amount of what will happen, which isn't always a bad thing. still worth playing, even if you do accidentally spoil it for yourself.

    Puzzles will grant you hours of gameplay, while combat will grant you mere minutes. DO NOT GET THIS GAME FOR THE COMBAT. the combat system is based on an extremely strong aim-assist that puts the standard crosshaire somewhre in front of Lara's chestal-region, without bothering to make the camera go to a better angle or making Lara transluscent. the aim-assist is clearly designed for consoles, and will feel a bit too snappy to different targets, which can be a real turn off if you want to focus on a a specific enemy, and the end of the game essentially turns into easy-mode. you'll know what i mean. It becomes so easy, that the developers chose instead of balancing the onsters, to just throw hundreds of the biggest enemies straight into the slaughter that is one very angry Lara Croft. Again, the combat will last you minutes of actual gameplay, and be a cause of about .0001% of your deaths.

    all in all, this is my favourite Tomb Raider game, on a scale including several different things i find important when playing a game. Disclaimer, i've only ever played Underworld, AoD, Legends, and 2013. ( order to play is AoD -> Legends -> Underworld, you don't need to finish the camplaigns, just the first few levels in legends and the opening cutscenes in AoD for the background story and references found in Underworld)
    cotrol responsiveness: 8.5/10
    camera-not-get-in-the-way-ness: 9.5/10 (PC port issue only tho)
    Story: 8/10, a bit cheesy but hey, Lara is like Batgirl and Catwoman mixed together with Batman's wealth and gadgets
    puzzle CHALLENGE: 9/10, very balanced, though some parts will stump you on sheer mechanical issues, as they did me
    puzzle DIFFICULTY: 5/10, most of the puzzles are actually straightforward, but not very intuitive once you figure them out
    Fun: exhillerating when you complete a difficult puzzle, and when you complete several in a row without thinking too much you feel empowered, but it slowly luls you into a boredom, but that will be interupted by a cutscene, or a new mechanic, or an enemy, and bam, all of a sudden you are thrust out of the puzzle mindset and have to actually think again, making you frustrated, but eventually repeating the cycle.
    Drama: catfights. literally that's about it.
    Action: QTEs are unweildy and counter-intuitive in most cases, thank goodness they were left out for the most part. Combat is bleh, basicaly you just choose how easy it is to die when selecting difficulty and then just shoot the enemies before they hit you for the same effect on any difficulty level
    spoopiness: not much, some levels give you that fear of the unknown, or helplessness, but nothing realy spoopy about it
    Engaging: very engaging, even if it makes you ragequit, you will pick it, or another Tomb Raider title up within a month of setting this one down
    Compatability: Playing on a 1.7GHz 4-core processor with 8GB RAM and a 768MB APU, this game ran surprisingly well on maximum graphics, though on a port there isn't much to change, but be careful when tabbing out, as this will cause lag spikes that will drop you from 60 FPS to about 5 FPS for anywhere between 30 seconds and 7 minutes. Don't panic if the loading screen freezes up, it only crashed on me once during loading, and upon restarting never game me the issue again. Later in the game, Attempting to manual save would sometimes crash the game, thankfully after the save. this was never a real problem for me as it usually occured when i was planning to *gasp* get off my computer /(*O*)\ and would save me the trouble of having to quit out myself. interestingly enough, a save game 5 minutes prior with n major progression or tabbing out would save normally, without crashing.
    V-Sync Recommended for more powerful computers. Works great on Win 8.1, unlike it's predescessors.

    great game, great graphics, great physics, great puzzles, most interesting story in the series, no weird fixation on torturing, beating, and killing Lara in frankly quite sociopathing ways *cough looking at you 2013* and actually did a lot of it's homework on Norse mythology (before adding artistic licsense of course)

    i would recommend this game before any other in the Tomb Raider series if you wanted to play from start to finish, as it is a great examply of the free-run and puzzle origins of the series, instead of being some "Appeal to everyone" flashy new thing that really holds no actual homage to the core of the series whlst attemting to create it's own origin story based on combat.
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    Publisert: 13. august
    Ignore my hours on steam, this is my beloved tomb raider game I always enjoyed, played this game over 1000 hours on xbox 360 and love every single peice of what this game offers from exploration to combat. I perfer this game more then the next-gen ones. Lovely PC port too. Only problem is the Lara Shadow DLC that I cannot find.
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    Publisert: 11. mai
    Tomb Raider: Underworld takes you on an adventure through Norse mythology to find the lost island of Avalon. Beautiful levels, fun gameplay, exploration, and amazing visuals make this game a beloved addition to the series and truly worthy of the name Tomb Raider.

    + Puzzles
    + Fun traversal/climbing
    + Beautiful variety of levels and locations
    + Easy combat
    + Thor's hammer!
    - Puzzles can be irritating when you have to pick up items
    - Repetitive and sometimes frustrating combat

    Underworld is like all the other Tomb Raider games in terms of gameplay. The puzzles are fun and challenging, the climbing and traversal is great, and the variety of levels, locations, and environments are amazingly well done. Combat is still the same simple lock on with right click and hold left click to shoot Thor's hammer was fun to use though, and while this is easy it can get quite boring and repetitive Plus those ****ing spiders are annoying as hell!. If you liked the gameplay in previous Tomb Raider games you will enjoy this one just as much. The main issue however, lies with the puzzles. Like other games you have to pick up a weight and set it down on a switch, this is nothing new. However a lot of times the game glitches and will either throw Lara far back, or more often than not, Lara and the block fly around the room making it just irritating to set them down on a switch.

    + Easy controls
    + Easy combat
    - Frustrating camera placements
    - Unresponsive controls at times

    Again, the controls and camera are exactly like Legend and Anniversary. They are easy to learn and do what you need to do, but sometimes Lara simply doesn't do what you want her to do and while it's frustrating it isn't gamebreaking. The main problem with games like these (Tomb Raider, Uncharted, basically any game with traversal and climbing) is the camera placement. It just isn't always where you need it to be to see where you're going and again, it can be quite irritating that you miss jumps and have to restart because the camera.

    + Gorgeous levels
    + Variety of locations
    + Water well done
    - Graphical glitches

    The levels and locations in Underworld are well-done in quality and quantity. You travel all around the world, see different places and architecture, and the parts where you are underwater are just beautiful to be in and explore. There is the occasional graphic glitch but nothing gamebreaking, she will get stuck in the ground a few times but if you simply stop moving it normally fixes itself.

    + Engaging story
    + Interesting history and mythology
    + Nice length

    I thoroughly enjoyed the story in Underworld which revolved around Norse mythology, mainly Thor. It was interesting, informative, engaging, lengthy and overall was enjoyable to play throughout the whole game.

    Overall/Quick Review

    Underworld is an amazing addition to the Tomb Raider series and is worth your time. It has an engaging story line with history and mythology of excellent length. A variety of challenging puzzles, climbing, and traversal in an array of beautiful locations, none looking quite like the other. The combat, in my opinion, gets boring and repetitive as it is simply hold right click to lock on and left click to shoot while dodging and flipping. The main issue I had with this game was some of the puzzles took longer than they should have because graphical glitches cause weight blocks to shoot off the switch and to the other side of the room. However the underwater levels are some of the best times in this game and are simply breathtaking.

    Wonderful addition to the Tomb Raider series.
    Buy it. 9/10
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    Publisert: 21. juli
    Great puzzles. Crappy action. OK story. Clean look. A bit glitchy.
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    Publisert: 7. mai
    In my perspective I think that Tomb Raider Underworld is not a bad game and i think they should make an extra Game not ending at just THE 2013 Tomb Raider but also make an extra series and see how far the cast and crew members go with that idea. All in all my thoughts on the Tomb raiders are Terrific!, I couldn't hope for a better game than these ones, which are put in such extrodinary detail and great choosing of the characters to be put in the game. I want to give the cast and crew alot of thanks for making the game and hopefully they add more to the story in the game. Not only have I learned a vast amount of technique but learned also strategic obsticles and mind tricks too. The wepon of choice is outstanding then again the gun is kinda sad but more-less it's ok, and the Game is just FABULOUS is all I can say!, Have fun and keep coming up with more Tom Raiders in the future.
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