Incerto del fato della sorella, un ragazzo entra nel LIMBO
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"Simple, yet that won't trouble you. Deep, yet easy to play or let go whenever you want to. Limbo is a gorgeous dark experience."


“Limbo is as close to perfect at what it does as a game can get.”
10/10 – Destructoid
“The game is a masterpiece.”
5/5 – GiantBomb
“Limbo is genius. Freaky, weird genius. Disturbing, uncomfortable genius.”
5/5 – The Escapist
“Dark, disturbing, yet eerily beautiful, Limbo is a world that deserves to be explored.”
5/5 – Joystiq

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Incerto del fato della sorella, un ragazzo entra nel LIMBO

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Sistema Operativo: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processore: 2 GHz
    • Memoria RAM: 512MB
    • Hard Disk: 150MB
    • Scheda Video: Di 5 anni o più recente. Le schede video integrate e quelle di fascia bassa potrebbero non funzionare. Richiesto Shader Model 3.0
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    Tieni presente che LIMBO può girare solo sui Mac prodotti dal 2009 in poi.
    • Sistema Operativo: OS X versione Snow Leopard 10.6.3 o più recente.
    • Processore: Intel Mac
    • Memoria: 1 GB RAM
    • Spazio su Hard Disk: 150MB
    • Scheda Video: compatibile con OpenGL 2.0 con 256 MB di RAM dedicata o condivisa (ATI o NVIDIA)
    • OS: SteamOS, Ubuntu 12.04 or later, or otherwise compatible Linux distribution.
    • Processor: 2GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 150MB
    • Video Card: OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card with 256 MB shared or dedicated RAM
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Pubblicata: 11 gennaio
Finito, premetto che ho fatto una sola Run, ma non credo me ne servano altre per capire la morale del Titolo. Vediamo se Vale la Pena Actuistarlo.

-Graficamente Lo Stile Luce e Oscurità fa il suo effetto rendendolo anche utili in termini di Gameplay...molto buona la fisica dei personaggi (ovviamente nei titoli in 2D è più facile programmare questo componente)
-Il Gameplay è Minimale ma al tempo stesso propone enigmi geniali e brillanti, seppur risolvibili da tutti (a parte saltare o afferrare non si può fare altro) rendendo l'esperienza mai noiosa e con un suo perchè
-La Storia è per certi versi parecchio scontata, ma fa riflettere sul viaggio che sta compiendo il personaggio in questo mondo oscuro

-Il comparto Sonoro è Minimale, non che sia propriamente un difetto ma una miglior cura avrebbe giovato all'opera
-La pecca più grave è la Longevità....vedete le mie ore? Sono esattamente quelle che servono per completarlo, con una seconda Run prenderete anche tutti gli achievement, ma anche con questo, la durata è davvero minimale

Un gioco per tutti, vi affezionerete al personaggio nel corso dell'avventura grazie anche alla location del titolo.
Il prezzo deve essere solo scontato però
VOTO: 60/100
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Pubblicata: 7 gennaio
Tenebroso. Inquietante. Oscuro. Tre aggettivi che legano alla grande con questo piccolo capolavoro chiamato LIMBO. Un gioco dallo stile grafico particolare e unico, così come il gameplay. Complessivamente abbastanza complesso, serve un attimo per rendersi conto di ciò che ci circonda, non è immediato ed è questo il bello, bisogna ragionare per arrivare a fine gioco. Un gioco davvero emozionante. Una pecca? Forse la durata che, senza mai morire, si aggira intorno all'ora e qualche minuto. Ma come potete vedere, io ci ho giocato ben più di 14 ore quindi la longevità è soggettiva.

Poi completare tutti e 13 gli obiettivi, beh, soddisfazione immensa.
Titolo consigliatissimo, soldi ben spesi.
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Pubblicata: 10 gennaio
Forse unico nel suo genere! Limbo è un platform 2D ad enigmi, con uno stile grafico in bianco e nero che trasmette angoscia e timore per questo viaggio nel Limbo.
Dura poco ma costa poco, gli enigmi non sono per niente semplici, l'atmosfera è emozionante e terrificante, è quasi come se alcuni dei vostri incubi prendessero forma, e vi troverete costretti ad affrontarli per proseguire.
Assolutamente consigliato!
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Pubblicata: 3 dicembre 2014
Click for Gameplay Trailer
----------This is my review account, because the low playtime.
+ beautifully soft animations
+ harmonious lights
+ many loving details
- fixed resolution
- no graphics options

+ stylish black and white look
+ dark and morbid atmosphere
+ macabre humor
+ continual surprises motivate

+ good creepy music
+ brilliant soundscape
+ matching sound effects
- only in stereo

+ puzzles and jump parts are constantly demanding
+ never unfair
+ fair set savepoints
- partially missing assistance

Level Design:
+ atmospheric and varied
+ successful mix of puzzles, jump and fall inserts
- partly double walking distances

+ motivating thanks to realistic physics
+ timing, skill and smarts are asked
+ clever variants of known puzzles

Weapons & Extras:
+ boxes, seesaws, ropes, switch etc.
+ environment can be used to kill enemies
- total of somewhat little diversity

+ script sequences are seamlessly into the game
+ creepy giant spider as nemesis
+ cuddly hero
- thin story
- which does not matter

Game Size:
+ achievements and hidden extras
- only 3 hours playtime
- only one solution is always possible

Limbo has already conquered a special place in my players heart on my console. The equally demanding as clever puzzles designed, the eerily beautiful game world and for cutting dense atmosphere make the Jump & Run a must buy for any Genre fan.
The encounters with the sinister creatures are all mysterious and puzzles always interesting. The black and white art design features with the menacing effect that leaves the pitch-dark world in which runs a small boy as a silhouette figure for his life and puzzles.
Even beginners should venture a look, because Limbo impressively demonstrates that exceptional games do not need a DirectX 11 bombast and no fiction story. But just two colors - and lots of love. The thin extent I can, given the low price, easy way get over: Better three hours fun than ten hours of boredom.

Dark, exciting, creative: One of the most atmospheric hopping adventures of recent years!

Score: 85 / 100

Sorry for my bad english.
Thanks for reading! If you Like my Review, give me a Thumbs up in Steam.
Your help is greatly appreciated :)

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Pubblicata: 16 ottobre 2014
LIMBO is a superlative illustration of a dystopian world. Nightmares turn into reality for a small boy who wakes up in this pitch-black cataclysm. With nothing to tell him where to go or what to do, he wanders forth into the unknown.

From the short introduction into the boy's predicament, the shadows and darkness encroach him in a perfect noir setting. The graphics are simple, but compliment the setting impeccably. The game runs perfectly on any machine, and never leaves a steady frame rate, running at 60 frames per second on higher-performance machines.

Sound effects in LIMBO are stunning. An eerie atmospheric stereo soundtrack sounds so realistic with headphones, it's almost like you are in the game. Water, footsteps and enemies sound mysterious and create a mood that both intrigues and repels, which is a rarity in video game soundtracks.

LIMBO's story is one of mystery. The solemn-looking boy has no words, but at the same time he can convey a meaningful message of despair and sorrow. His agility is quite good, even if his jump is somewhat feeble. The platforming elements of LIMBO are simple, but work wonderfully. Ladders, boats and vines are utilised in obvious but unique ways, and makes gameplay different after every stage. Enemies are not the only threat in LIMBO. Yes, there is a giant spider, but you can die just as much by this than a gap in the floor or vicious spikes protruding out of the ground in hap-hazard directions. Death is everywhere in LIMBO, and the scene painted by Playdead is definitely bone-chilling.

In my opinion, LIMBO is a wonderfully dark portrait of a universe that both frightens and invites. LIMBO is definitely melancholy, but its wonderful mechanics, story, sounds and controls combine to create a game that should be a must-have for anyone who enjoys an unknown adventure. LIMBO's world left me speechless, but at the same time I wouldn't hesitate to dive into its hellish depths again.
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Pubblicata: 9 novembre 2014
To make a good game you dont need
*main characters with muscles and charisma
*thousands kinds of demolishin weapons
*sandbox or huge maps
*zombies or other brainless creatures
*long dialogues
*even the colors!

You just need a good idea like limbo, and new kind of view!
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Pubblicata: 19 ottobre 2014
spider :o
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Pubblicata: 7 novembre 2014
When I ask people if they know about any video games, they usually respond by saying Mario, Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. Now, I know that there are hundreds of other video games out there, but the ones that I personally enjoy are overshadowed by these Triple-A Games. The games I enjoy are called Indie Games. Some notable examples of popular Indie Games are Minecraft and Garry’s Mod. Indie developers have deadlines but also much more freedom with their projects. This is the reason why I love Indie Games, because of their innovation and artistic influence without consequence. LIMBO is a great example of what indie games can be.

You probably can already tell from my screenshots of LIMBO that it is really great to look at. This well-regarded Indie Game, developed by Playdead, has an incredible art style that makes the world you play in feel dark and mysterious. LIMBO is very atmospheric. It has subtle yet realistic sound design with an ambient soundtrack to compliment the feeling of loneliness throughout the game.

From the start, you already notice that the world of LIMBO is a place that doesn’t want you to be there. Everything around you can, or wants, to burn, stab, smash or simply kill you in this disturbing land. You will die a lot when playing LIMBO. The game is almost centered around that fact that you die so much. You only see how traps work when you get stuck in them the first time. Trial by death is a good way to describe this form of gameplay. This world might even test your bravery when solving morbid puzzles. Sometimes you might have to drag a dead body of a child who drowned in a lake to set off a trap so you can continue your adventure, or sometimes you might have to rip off an almost-dead giant spider’s remaining limb so it won’t attack you when you roll it into a pit of spikes.

In my opinion, the best thing about LIMBO is it’s unique storytelling. There are no cutscenes or loading screens to disrupt your experience while playing the game. There is no dialogue or text for you to read, so everything is up to how you perceive the game. You only really meet a few people in this world, but they don’t last in LIMBO for more than a chapter. LIMBO never really tells you anything about what is going on, only that you have to find your sister. In my opinion, this is an ingenious way to tell a story. Everything that takes place in the game is up to you to think about what it means. Because of this, you become more immersed in the world.

Like all good things, LIMBO has to eventually come to an end, but oh boy, does this game have a great finale. Probably the best thing about this game is its ending. Now, I really don’t want to spoil it, but all I will say is that I am still pondering what it means. You might just have to play the ending over and over to get some small clues about it, but LIMBO and its developers never tell you directly what it means. That is why it is so intriguing, and one of the main reasons why I keep revisiting this game.
LIMBO is the perfect game to play if you want to get into the Indie Game community. I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys story, art and atmosphere. There are many disturbing scenes, but all of it is silhouetted, so you don’t see too much detail. Surprisingly, the puzzles that appear in LIMBO aren’t too frustrating since the gameplay is based around failure. LIMBO is only $5.00 on the App Store or on Steam, but you can get the special edition if you want to support the developers. I assure you that playing LIMBO is an experience you will not forget.

You can read my full review that contains an interview with the main animator of Playdead's upcoming game INSIDE if you really want to I dont even
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Pubblicata: 11 settembre 2014
Limbo is 2D puzzle platformer hailed as an artistic masterpiece for its black and white style. Solid objects are always pure black and the eerie backgrounds are beautiful tones of grey. You'll start in a deadly forest and work your way through even deadlier factories and sewers. Everything in the game is deadly, falling too far, crushed into a pile of goo, impaled on spikes, bear traps, mutilated by saw blades, giant spiders, horrifying insects and even shallow water. You will feel every death, the game will show the boy's body being torn apart and the white eyes turn to black. Then you'll restart from the last checkpoint. The restarting from the checkpoint feels like it takes a second too long for a game with so many deaths.

The controls are simple, left and right to move, a jump button and an interact button. Sadly the up doubles as a jump button, which can sometimes result in deaths when using an analog stick. The other button is a use button that is good for pushing and pulling objects, which plays a big part in traversal (puzzle solving). The game makes use of physics and momentum, objects can fall, wheels will roll, crush and in later levels there is reverse gravity. Objects have buoyancy and will float, except for your character, making for water puzzles (traversal). One of the most unique elements to the game are the brain slugs that will force you to move forward with no stopping until they hit a light where you then turn around. That shows some out of the box creativity.

You'll make it through the quick game if you just keep playing. There's nothing really that requires skill since this is puzzle solving. Its more like stand here, jump there, pull this, jump on that. Everything has been done before, but this just makes it look really good. For the explorers out there, you can find 10 or so eggs in the game that unlock a challenging secret level.

Overall, its a good game that hangs its hat on its art style. I'm not sure if its worth $10 anymore, you can find it on sale.
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Pubblicata: 5 novembre 2014
A beautiful puzzle platformer. It is a truly breathtaking game, and has interesting puzzle elements which keeps the game entertaining all through until the end.

Do not be fooled by a first look... Like they say, don't judge a book by it's cover. The game may look like your everyday "atmospherical platformer", but is in fact much more interesting and creative than it may originally seem. I was personally left speechless while I played it.

The only letdown is the fact that the game is fairly short, and implementing a captivating storyline would have made it even better than it actually is, which is surprising bearing in mind that the game is already a nearly perfect work of atmospherical video game.

Overall? Definitely worth it.
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Pubblicata: 23 gennaio
Black n White Art style overall 8/10

Gameplay 9/10

This game is awesome for Puzzle lover xD

Challenging but fun :3

I suggest you this game if you like Puzzle Adventure
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Pubblicata: 13 settembre 2014
Transform your life in black and white, then go to a mysterious and enigmatic journey.
- LIMBO, it is a poetic and sad game with a story which you will only realize at the end of the game.
- Beautiful graphics and a deep soundtrack.
- Immersive gameplay.
- One of the best indie games ever made.
-Note 85/100

Transforme sua vida em preto e branco, depois vá em uma jornada misteriosa e enigmatica.
-LIMBO, trata-se de um jogo poetico e triste, com uma historia a qual voce só vai se dar conta ao final do jogo.
-Graficos bonitos e uma trilha sonora profunda.
-Jogabilidade imersiva.
-Um dos melhores jogos indies já feito.

Nota 85/100
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Pubblicata: 16 settembre 2014
For what it is, I can't find a true fault with LIMBO.

The game doesn't claim to be anything it isn't, it's a simple puzzle/sidescrolling game that will at times leave you frustrated and put out, only to experience that giddiness of figuring it out shortly thereafter. It never traipses about claiming to be anything more than it is. For lack of the ingenuity to phrase it better, they whole-♥♥♥♥♥ what they envisioned, and left the rest by the wayside.

The plot is vague, so secondary it might as well not exist... and I'm quite alright with that in this case. You are tossed into a bleak, unforgiving, and cruelly beautiful world to... move to the right (and die quite a few times on your way). Might not seem like much, but it's stunning and worth every minute.

Obligatory mention that Martin Stig Andersen's work on this only reinforces my mild to manic obsession with well done soundtracks. Phenomenally moody, reminiscent of quite a bit of John Luther Adams' work. I can't imagine anything more fitting.

A small part that I particularly enjoyed are that the achievements... are actually achievements. It doesn't throw you one every time you remember to blink or jump for the first time.

Wonderful game.
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Pubblicata: 25 ottobre 2014
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Pubblicata: 26 gennaio
This game it's really atmospheric and deep.

Everyone loves it (me too) so buy it.
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Pubblicata: 19 ottobre 2014
I was not sure if I would like this game, the graphics looked good and it had a lot of good ratings. So I finally got it and I must say I havent stopped playing it. The graphics are amazing, the controls while simple are very responsive, you move fluidly through the world and just figuring out how to get to the next area is very rewarding. I wish I would have got this game sooner, so if you are on the wall about getting this one dont be just get it.
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Pubblicata: 22 dicembre 2014
I just finished this fun, platforming, puzzle game. I think this game is short since I was able to finish it in 7 hours. There are interesting problems to be solved, and sometimes the execution has to be spot-on or else the character ends up like a ragdoll or in pieces. The unique art style and lighting enhances the immersion into the environment. This is a "must have" game, unless if you are easily frustrated and maybe if you are deathly afraid of spiders.
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Pubblicata: 30 novembre 2014
A rather short art game with well crafted puzzles and terrific ambience.

It manages to do what many other games fail to do well- deliver a suspenseful plot without the utterance of a single word.
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Pubblicata: 30 novembre 2014
My first impressions on limbo when i first saw it wern't good. all i saw was a basic walking 2d platformer in black and white, yea yea big deal than i went and played other platformers on Steam like the Binding Of Isaac. I got curious when i heard about how good Limbo really was. so the black friday steam sale came out and i bought Limbo because the 5 dollar price tag was attractive. i turned it on and saw how dark it was. now in a colour way but more of an emotional way. lot's of games look dark and disturbed and try to hard to do so but this game just like Majora's Mask does it perfectly. the dark black atmosphere. The sounds that make this forest you're walking in feel so tense. It does it so well that i actually really enjoy it. No matter what you may think about Limbo, It makes a dark and tense atmosphere work so well that it's a plus. It's no average platformer with a neat art style. No this game puts it above that, very basic sprites and shapes but for some reason for me it feels so good with the music it's very immersive. This has no action no killing. This is a puzzle 2d Sidescrolling platformer that makes you go through obstacles to progress through each chapter. This soudns boring but the obstacles in Limbo are very well designed and figuring them out and progressing feels very satisfying. This game's gameplay is very simple, walk with the arrow keys on a keyboard and click ctrl to use actions like dragging objects and moving traps out of the way. Very simple yet done so well that it feels complex. Also this game isn't exactly for kids. It make look like for kids but enough scares from the music and graphics to make them sleep with the light on. but when your character dies it has some pretty awesome death animations. From my point of view as i like the look of death animations because i'm a long time Mega Man fan. Only complaint is that the game is very short even for a 2d platformer. Overall Limbo is my favorite steam indie game ever. I've played many platformers over the years from donkey kong, Mega Man, Mario, E.t.c. But this game's dark immersive feeling, Tight yet simple to understand gameplay mechanics, satisfying puzzles make this game a joy to play: 9.0/10
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Pubblicata: 19 dicembre 2014
Goose's Wise Words

Where will running hide you? Fear not, as there will be plenty of tandums along this war wipe road that we behold in our minds..
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