Épuisant les ressources des parties adverses, les batailles à grande échelle sont devenues un vestige du passé. Là où régnaient le calme et la paix ne reste plus qu’un cimetière pour vaisseaux abandonnés fréquenté par des pirates et des aventuriers.
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Date de parution : 2 mar 2010

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À propos de ce jeu

Épuisant les ressources des parties adverses, les batailles à grande échelle sont devenues un vestige du passé. Là où régnaient le calme et la paix ne reste plus qu’un cimetière pour vaisseaux abandonnés fréquenté par des pirates et des aventuriers. Impunité totale et marché noir fleurissent là où s’opère le commerce d’armes et de technologies. Système arbitraire et anarchie, la galaxie est devenue un endroit dangereux. Le destin de l’Univers et de ses habitants est à la merci totale des joueurs et de leurs choix stratégiques.
Star Wolves 3: Civil War est la suite tant attendue du populaire jeu de stratégie temps réel, avec des éléments RPG. Des scénarios à grande échelle inédits, proches de la première partie, permettent au joueur d’influencer la suite des évènements et de prédéterminer une des très nombreuses fins. Choisissez votre mission et votre équipe : le monde de Star Wolves attend ses héros.
  • Un monde immense : 110 systèmes stellaires, situés à différents endroits de la Galaxie, précisément détaillés
  • Une histoire non linéaire : plusieurs fins possibles et des quêtes supplémentaires créent un univers de jeu complet.
  • Des nouveaux personnages avec des nouvelles compétences : créez l’équipe de vos rêves et apprenez à vos compagnons des nouvelles techniques
  • Un nouveau membre dans le conflit intergalactique : le Nouvel Empire, une flotte spatiale équipée de ses propres vaisseaux spatiaux.
  • De nouveaux navires de base et de combat avec des spécificités uniques et des types d’armes et d’équipement originaux.

Configuration requise

    Minimum :
    • Interface : Windows XP
    • Processeur : Pentium IV 2.0 GHz ou AMD 2.0 Ghz (simple cœur)
    • Mémoire : 512 Mo de RAM
    • Carte graphique : nVidia GF FX5700 ou ATI Radeon 9600 comportant 128 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0
    • Disque dur : 5.5 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : Carte compatible avec DirectX 9.0
    Recommandée :
    • Interface : Windows XP/Vista
    • Processeur : Pentium IV 2.8 GHz; ou analogue AMD (cœur simple)
    • Mémoire : 1 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : nVidia GF 6800 GT ou ATI Radeon 1900XT comportant 512 Mo de mémoire vidéo
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Posté le : 29 décembre 2015
["Bad english corner" - please correct me if I made a mistake.]

Now I want to be 100% honest with you, guys - this game has some flaws. Some minor and unfortunately some major as well. Like in all previous games this one also has somewhat weird and uncomfortable controls, it will take time to get used to it. It can get very frustrating and hard when you realize that some missions spawn endless waves of enemies until you run out of skills, ideas and rockets (or at least until you figure out what you are supposed to do) or find out that during some quests you may encounter a scripted auto-deaths just because "Middle finger for gamers not playing our games as we want them to". There is ZERO voice acting in english version, you have to read every single line of dialogue. The AI - while singificantly improved than in previous games - is still buggy (occasionally you will see both allies and enemies entering a "U spin me round" state - small ships start spinning very quickly and moving in one direction until then hit something or die). And let's end this list by the biggest flaw of this game: extremely poor optimization on Windows 7. My computer was built one year ago as a "Ridiculous machine" and it can play newest games in full HD and 60 fps, but Star Wolves 3 can occasionally drop from 60 to 30 fps for absolutely no reason or even to 10-15 if there are large battles with dozens of ships on the screen. It seems that my graphics card is not even spinning up it's fans while my CPU is working it's butt off to make this game running, no idea why. Tried many things, nothing worked. You have to live with it.

So as you can see, you have to forgive this game A LOT. But I still think it's good and it has a lot to offer for it's price. Why you may ask? Well, let me give you the fast version:

It's entertaining, it has a decent non-linear plot with a mystery and some enjoyable twists. It has graphics that - while not stunning - often can surprise you with some great images and big explosions with rich particle effects. It has a dangerous open world consumed with civil war, with many systems to explore. It gives the player many options and possibilities, hundreds of items, ships and other equipment while still managing to keep things simple. You can go to abandoned systems and fight in maps filled with literally hundreds of pirates, then after all that hard work collect a stash hidden inside an asteroid with a blinking light on it, sell it for a ton of cash, give escape pods with pirates to star patrol and get even more money as a reward - then buy some colorful lasers, hard hitting plasma guns and tremendously powerful torpedos and head to the border sector in order to fight aliens with ridiculously durable shields. Or try to beat an entire fleet of berserkers - sentient machines, that rely on hundreds of small, poorly armored bots with extremely hard hitting weapons. What, you think that "quality over quantity" is always right? Well, it's not. You will learn that the hard way. When you finally become a space badass with a big mothership and strong, reliable team, you can then try to attack MSF's or NESF's warehouses which have latest, experimental equipment, but will immediately spawn a fleet of dreadnoughts to protect them. Go to no-man's land (space?) and visit a smuggler's station if you want to buy missiles based on alien tech, and then wipe out an entire wing of fighters with just a single one of these lethal gems.

I could go like that for hours. There is so much to do in this game. Every time I find something new. Something awesome. Even easter eggs - chek out the description of a X244 system in Border Sector. Very Dead Space-ish, I tell you :) So far I've put 160 hours into this game and I keep coming back to it when there's nothing new to play. It's just a really fun and solid game, what else can I say. If you like space strategies, give it a try. Who knows, you might have a lot of fun too.
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Posté le : 12 novembre 2013
Vraiment sympa ce jeu de simulation spatiale.
Il y a un aspect rpg et tactique bien développé. Les combats sont réussis et même difficiles parfois! Techniquement ça ressemble à du EvE Online en peut-être un poil moins beau. C'est donc assez beau graphiquement et fluide!

L'histoire se narre donc à la manière réellement d'un rpg. Et les choix que vous faites influent effectivement sur l'aventure...
Attention, il y a quand même beaucoup de textes en anglais même si la narration est réussie.
Pour expliquer le réalisme du jeu... Pendant une bataille en tant que spectateur, lorsque vous récupérez les débris des combattants (qui sont neutres à la base avec vous)... Ils deviennent vos ennemis en temps réel du fait que vous pillez leur loot!... C'est assez marrant.

Je reprocherai quand même quelques passages un peu scriptés et assez difficiles à passer où si vous ne faites pas ce qu'il faut faire à la précision près, vous y passez!!!
Cela peut un peu rebuter mais en dehors de ce détail, c'est quand même bien sympa!
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Posté le : 27 novembre 2013
As dated as graphics may be nothing is out of place and everything is instantly recognisable. The ships and weapons all look different and each conveys their feel and performance. The best part about it is that everything looks great in its own place. The worst is that the game generally has a very low visibility range as objects fade out of view if too far away.

Generally all sound design is decent. Nothing too bad or obnoxious. These is a very obvious lack or any voice-over except a couple of cutscenes. The music tends to be somewhat repetitive but not too annoying so as make you turn it off.

If you played Homeworld 2 the controls should be quite familiar. The game supports an organised and logical set of controls that almost always make sense. The map may appear featureless but it is actually very functional. There is a very handy Speed Time function which allows you to speed up time and the game also includes useful functions like "Pause of Enemy Detection". The biggest drawback is that you cannot rebind ANY functions, WASD doesn't work and i personally had to use an AutoHotKey macro for the "Speed Up" and "Speed Down" functions.

Progression: The game features a decent progression system but it is fairly linear in a general sense. You cannot choose your main ship outside of story missions but you have full freedom on how to outfit your fighters. Each character has its own progression talent trees and each usually focuses on a specific job (that guy is good at missiles, that girl is good at repairs). Ships can be customised with various support and combat systems such as extended radar, remote repair, stealth/cloak, anti-missile PD, missiles, torpedos, lasers, blasters, cannons, railguns, etc... Each particular item has about 3 to 5 tiers of variants, one more powerful (and expensive) than the next.

Story: Yes, this game features several endings that are actually quite different depending on which faction you chose to help. The story itself is quite decent but sometimes forces a gimmicky situation just to advance the plot - "My ship blew up for no reason because the plot is giving me a new one". The characters are interesting enough for immersion and you won't be disappointed, but don't expect any feats of writing.

THIS IS NOT AN RTS, this is more of a "Dragon Age meets Space Rangers" with your hero and allies on an adventure. This is an older game so some of the things you may take for granted today may not be present here so expect some mixed reactions in the beginning.

4/5 for those interested in the genre and definetly a good choice for anyone interested in this type of game. Pretty good until the end and has good replayability if you're interested in the various endings by trying a different approach/loadout.

3/5 If you don't care about space strategy, the controls will annoy you and the mouse is quite sluggish. Not a waste of money but not the best introduction to the genre.
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Posté le : 26 novembre 2014
Well, I played through this game and had a lot of fun, and a lot of frustration. There were times when I was excited and times when I was bored.

  • The story is not the best I have read so far, but it keeps you on track, which is good (see con #2) It also let's you pick different solutions for missions, but not in every case (see con#3).
  • Ships can be equiped with a variety of different weapons, missiles, add-ons. I spend a good amount of time in the equipement screen to adjust my loadout to the upcoming missions.
  • Charakters can learn new abilities. From certain attack moves to maneuvers, from calling reinforcements to disabling enemy shield there are a lot of possible combinations.

  • The game assumes you have played a star wolves game before. That's why you really should use the tutorial. It tells you how to use waypoints and that is one heck of an important thing to know! But it does not tell you everything, and that's a pity. Wonder how you can assign points to perks? No information given (dock all fighters and dock at a station).
  • If you'd like an open world game: you're wrong here. The world opens after a few missions, but unfortunately there is pretty much nothing much to do than to hunt pirates. No random missions, nothing.
  • The scripting is my major con. In the first missions you need to do exactly what you are told to. Want to fly to another sector than told? Watch a cutscene where your ship is destroyed. Fly to a station you are not supposed to fly to? Watch another cutscene... The world opens after a while but until then it really can be a pain. And later in the story one of your crew members leaves. With the current ship and equipement you handpicked and were lucky to find. Later a ship of your crew member exlodes, which is part of the story, but you think, they were hit by a missile or something and start that situation over and over. Until you realize, it's a script...

Can I recommend buying the game anyway? Yes, now that you've been warned about some parts. If you have played the two others and had fun, you will like this very likely.
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Posté le : 30 novembre 2013
Original Star Wolves was an old school space tactics game, with a unique and challenging space fighter combat and a linear, but immersive story. You command a mothership with several fighters, which fly in 3d space, try to get on each other's tail and make attack runs, with real-time calculation of shell hits and importance of positioning. This one was made by the fan community of the first game, as the continuation of their highly appraised story mod. With all the consequences of a low-budget indie game, both good and bad.

- Immersive, highly branching story - if you loved the first game, or story mod, this one is even better. Long-waited ending to plot twists of original story mod. It's good to meet old characters and participate in their deeds.
- Game engine is improved to it's limits. Obsolete, but good-looking graphics; many new features were added like at last meaningful capital ships.
- Lovely attention to details.
- Combat is challenging, balance for the weaklings!)))

- Too heavily sripted. Though no game breaking bugs, quest logic could sometimes go hairy.
- No voice acting. Just plain walls of text.
- Outdated engine; some hardware/OS issues could arise.
- Combat is poorly balanced: it could be either difficult and unforgiving, or boring and tedious (thankfully, fast). Tactical options are fewer now - firepower is the winner.

Overall, it's really a gem, despite some possible problems. If you love space games, or games with well-crafted combat system and gameworld, with slow pace and high immersion - you should play it. I'd recommend play Star Wolves 1 first, to become acquainted with game world and characters; gameplay-wise, they are the same. *

* Though it's important to know that Star Wolves 1 ending or whole Star Wolves 2 story is not canon. Unfortunately, Empire Legacy story mod - the prequel to Civil War - was not translated to English.
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