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Le battaglie su vasta scala sono solo un brutto ricordo del passato, un inutile spreco di risorse da entrambe le parti. Lo spazio, un posto pacifico dove il benessere e l'ordine regnavano, era diventato un cimitero di astronavi distrutte appartenenti a pirati e avventurieri.
Data di rilascio: 2 Mar 2010
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Informazioni sul gioco

Le battaglie su vasta scala sono solo un brutto ricordo del passato, un inutile spreco di risorse da entrambe le parti. Lo spazio, un posto pacifico dove il benessere e l'ordine regnavano, era diventato un cimitero di astronavi distrutte appartenenti a pirati e avventurieri. La totale impunibilità, il mercato nero che fornisce armi e attrezzature ogni giorno, l'illegalità e l'anarchia - la Galassia è diventato davvero un posto pericoloso. Gli eventi dell'universo e il destino dei suoi abitanti sono totalmente dipendenti dalle azioni e decisioni del giocatore.

Star Wolves 3: Civil War è il sequel del popolare gioco di strategia in tempo reale dotato di elementi RPG. Un originale e ampio scenario, che si collega perfettamente con i precedenti filoni narrativi. Anche questa volta le decisioni dei giocatori influenzeranno gli eventi che porteranno a uno dei molti finali possibili. Libertà di movimento, libertà di scegliere quale missione intraprendere, una squadra completamente personalizzabile – il mondo di Star Wolves è in attesa dei suoi eroi.

  • Ampio
    Mondo: 110 sistemi spaziali ultra dettagliati.

  • Trama non lineare: diversi finali e missioni secondarie aggiuntive.

  • Nuovi personaggi e abilità: forma il team dei tuoi sogni; insegna ai tuoi sottoposti nuove abilità.

  • Nuovi avversari nel conflitto intergalattico: la flotta spaziale del Nuovo Impero, dotata di astronavi personali.

  • Un alto numero di astronavi e guerrieri con caratteristiche ed equipaggiamenti unici.

Requisiti di sistema

    Requisiti Minimi:

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows XP

    • Processore: Pentium IV 2.0 GHz o AMD 2.0Ghz (Single Core)

    • Memoria: 512 MB

    • Scheda Video: nVidia GF FX5700 o ATI Radeon 9600 con 128MB VideoRAM

    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0

    • Hard Drive: 5.5 GB

    • Souno: Scheda audio compatibile con DirectX 9.0

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista
    • Processor: Pentium IV 2.8 GHz; or analogous AMD (Single Core)
    • Memory: 1 GB
    • Graphics: nVidia GF 6800 GT or ATI Radeon 1900XT with 512MB VideoRAM
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buon mix di ambientazione fantascientifica,galassia stile X con però aggiunta una discreta storia con tanto di scelte di fazioni/finale, quests e un sistema di crescita gdr.A me è piaciuto parecchio, rispetto ai giochi tipo X puri e semplici che sono sicuramente più evoluti lato economico/produttivo ma carenti in obiettivi, qui hai una storia, delle fazioni che si sgambettano a vicenda e insomma una sensazione di coinvolgimento maggiore.Se non ricordo male non pessime le musiche.Se fanno un seguito lo prendo di sicuro
Pubblicata: 29 Novembre 2013
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As dated as graphics may be nothing is out of place and everything is instantly recognisable. The ships and weapons all look different and each conveys their feel and performance. The best part about it is that everything looks great in its own place. The worst is that the game generally has a very low visibility range as objects fade out of view if too far away.

Generally all sound design is decent. Nothing too bad or obnoxious. These is a very obvious lack or any voice-over except a couple of cutscenes. The music tends to be somewhat repetitive but not too annoying so as make you turn it off.

If you played Homeworld 2 the controls should be quite familiar. The game supports an organised and logical set of controls that almost always make sense. The map may appear featureless but it is actually very functional. There is a very handy Speed Time function which allows you to speed up time and the game also includes useful functions like "Pause of Enemy Detection". The biggest drawback is that you cannot rebind ANY functions, WASD doesn't work and i personally had to use an AutoHotKey macro for the "Speed Up" and "Speed Down" functions.

Progression: The game features a decent progression system but it is fairly linear in a general sense. You cannot choose your main ship outside of story missions but you have full freedom on how to outfit your fighters. Each character has its own progression talent trees and each usually focuses on a specific job (that guy is good at missiles, that girl is good at repairs). Ships can be customised with various support and combat systems such as extended radar, remote repair, stealth/cloak, anti-missile PD, missiles, torpedos, lasers, blasters, cannons, railguns, etc... Each particular item has about 3 to 5 tiers of variants, one more powerful (and expensive) than the next.

Story: Yes, this game features several endings that are actually quite different depending on which faction you chose to help. The story itself is quite decent but sometimes forces a gimmicky situation just to advance the plot - "My ship blew up for no reason because the plot is giving me a new one". The characters are interesting enough for immersion and you won't be disappointed, but don't expect any feats of writing.

THIS IS NOT AN RTS, this is more of a "Dragon Age meets Space Rangers" with your hero and allies on an adventure. This is an older game so some of the things you may take for granted today may not be present here so expect some mixed reactions in the beginning.

4/5 for those interested in the genre and definetly a good choice for anyone interested in this type of game. Pretty good until the end and has good replayability if you're interested in the various endings by trying a different approach/loadout.

3/5 If you don't care about space strategy, the controls will annoy you and the mouse is quite sluggish. Not a waste of money but not the best introduction to the genre.
Pubblicata: 27 Novembre 2013
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Original Star Wolves was an old school space tactics game, with a unique and challenging space fighter combat and a linear, but immersive story. You command a mothership with several fighters, which fly in 3d space, try to get on each other's tail and make attack runs, with real-time calculation of shell hits and importance of positioning. This one was made by the fan community of the first game, as the continuation of their highly appraised story mod. With all the consequences of a low-budget indie game, both good and bad.

- Immersive, highly branching story - if you loved the first game, or story mod, this one is even better. Long-waited ending to plot twists of original story mod. It's good to meet old characters and participate in their deeds.
- Game engine is improved to it's limits. Obsolete, but good-looking graphics; many new features were added like at last meaningful capital ships.
- Lovely attention to details.
- Combat is challenging, balance for the weaklings!)))

- Too heavily sripted. Though no game breaking bugs, quest logic could sometimes go hairy.
- No voice acting. Just plain walls of text.
- Outdated engine; some hardware/OS issues could arise.
- Combat is poorly balanced: it could be either difficult and unforgiving, or boring and tedious (thankfully, fast). Tactical options are fewer now - firepower is the winner.

Overall, it's really a gem, despite some possible problems. If you love space games, or games with well-crafted combat system and gameworld, with slow pace and high immersion - you should play it. I'd recommend play Star Wolves 1 first, to become acquainted with game world and characters; gameplay-wise, they are the same. *

* Though it's important to know that Star Wolves 1 ending or whole Star Wolves 2 story is not canon. Unfortunately, Empire Legacy story mod - the prequel to Civil War - was not translated to English.
Pubblicata: 30 Novembre 2013
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Awesome single player RPGesque squad based space strategy game with inventory, shops, loot, salvage, missions, skill trees, free roam huge universe and dynamic story/world which changes with each of your decisions and actions. Simply put. Awesome!
Pubblicata: 28 Novembre 2013
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This game had so much potential and still has its in need of a revamp but the gameplay is adictive and fun, storyline is good but needs some patching overall getting this game was a good and i experianced a dam good time playing it and still do :)
Pubblicata: 30 Novembre 2013
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