Magicka is a satirical action-adventure game set in a rich fantasy world based on Norse mythology. The player assumes the role of a wizard from a sacred order tasked with stopping an evil sorcerer who has thrown the world into turmoil, his foul creations besieging the forces of good.
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发行日期: 2011年1月25日


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Magicka is a satirical action-adventure game set in a rich fantasy world based on Norse mythology. The player assumes the role of a wizard from a sacred order tasked with stopping an evil sorcerer who has thrown the world into turmoil, his foul creations besieging the forces of good.
Players will be able to combine the elements to cast spells, wreaking havoc and devastation on the minions of darkness. They will also be able to team up with friends and fight their way through the campaign, or test their skills in the magickal arts through other challenging modes.
In Magicka, up to four players take on a grand adventure to save their world from certain doom using a fully dynamic spell system. The adventure mode takes the players across three different levels, ranging from the lush forests of mountain valleys to the frozen halls of the Mountain King where wits and creative thinking are the keys to victory.
In the unlockable hardcore challenge mode, players fight off waves of enemies to earn their place on local and online leaderboards.

Main Features:

  • Innovative and dynamic spell casting system
  • Up to four-player co-op in all game modes, as well as a single-player option
  • Fight your way through 13 different campaign levels
  • Explore an expansive realm of adventure to defeat the evil wizard
  • Find and unlock challenges, items, and powerful Magicks
  • Experience the parody and satire of a clichéd fantasy world


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32- or 64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® IV 2.4 GHz or AMD 3500+
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB Available Space
    • Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon® X1900 (Integrated Video Cards not recommended)
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9
    • Sound: DirectX-compatible sound card
    • Additional: 3-button mouse, keyboard and speakers. DSL Internet connection for multiplayer. .NET 3.5 required
特别好评 (146 篇评测)
特别好评 (17,168 篇评测)
( 51.7 小时(记录在案的) )
How ~dare~ they bother to put this on sale and encourage purchases given how common crashes have become and that they are no longer keeping the app compatible with windows 10. Paradox are being dirtbags, here.
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Mr. Lake
( 12.1 小时(记录在案的) )
Absolutely Fun... Just Fun... Want to have Fun? This is Fun... ส์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์ส์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ัส์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์
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( 1.7 小时(记录在案的) )
buy this to practice invoker
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( 1.7 小时(记录在案的) )
是否有价值? 欢乐
snooki b> tradingcardsfor2scrape
( 7.3 小时(记录在案的) )
se vede de sus deci da e tare
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( 1.0 小时(记录在案的) )
Good if you want to lose friends
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( 6.1 小时(记录在案的) )
if you have a friend play this but watch out they will be a few(many many many) crashes but is worth it 7/10
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( 38.9 小时(记录在案的) )
If you have friends to play with, it's a really good and funny game.

I'd usually find a strong combination of spells, use those almost exclusively, kill my friends regularly, until I found another, better (funnier) spell-combination and do the same stuff again.
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( 16.6 小时(记录在案的) )
great game to play, with friends or without!
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( 2.8 小时(记录在案的) )
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最有价值的评测  在过去的 30 天内
69 人中有 64 人(93%)觉得这篇评测有价值
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40.6 小时(记录在案的)
(Full review follows below)

  • Game Name: Magicka
  • Original Release: 2011
  • Genre Tags: RPG; Action; Innovative; Lighthearted; Fantasy
  • My Overall Grade: A-
  • Estimated Playtime (Campaign): 9-20 hours
  • Multiplayer Aspect: Optional
  • Recommended To: Established fans of the genre; Those intrigued by the genre; Novelty seekers

Magicka is a very enjoyable game. Fun, funny, and challenging... it makes for a very amusing experience. The standard campaign is relatively brief, but there is a lot of DLC content. Some of it is cosmetic and can be ignored, but much of it provides actual content and you will likely want to pick it up to get the full experience. Magicka also makes for unique and enjoyable multiplayer gameplay, if you find some people to play with.

As I alluded to, the innovation inherent in the main gameplay mechanics is the primary reason that Magicka is something worthy of being in your library. There isn’t much else quite like it, and absolutely nothing of the same caliber. You have to rapidly press certain button combinations to cast various spells while simultaneously controlling your character and aiming in an isometric view. It is pretty unique and intense. I personally found it more comfortable with a controller, but it also works well with a standard keyboard and mouse set up.

And while the exciting gameplay is definitely the soul of the game, it is also quite funny and charming too. The art style is very fitting to the mood of the game; and although the graphics aren’t the best, they feel appropriate. With the addition of the mumble language, silly plot, and hyperbole of blood/gore, the jovial nature of Magicka becomes clear. This lighthearted atmosphere synergizes well with the unique gameplay to create an experience that is incontestably fun.

The key feature of the game being the innovative gameplay mechanics, I recommend anyone looking for some variety check it out if they haven’t already. I highly recommend playing with other people though; it’s much more fun and much less frustrating (since you can revive each other).

Also the Versus and Survival modes are pretty fun, especially since the game supports local-coop (as in sitting on a couch with your friends, as it was in the old days).

Follow my curation page to see more of my recommendations!
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9 人中有 9 人(100%)觉得这篇评测有价值
99.2 小时(记录在案的)
Where to start, where to start...
The insanely intricate magic system that offers a crazy amount of different spell combinations? The quirky humour that is cram-packed with references to popular culture and everything geek? The endearing colourful graphics that turn every second of looking at this game into pure joy? Or maybe the never-ending challenges, be it through several great DLCs or the long list of fun achievements? Because yes, this game, unlike so many, offers achievements that are actually that, real achievements that are either painfully challenging or simply extremely fun to get.
Yet of course, while Magicka offers all that, it only truly unfolds its full potential when played with others. Personally I enjoy co-op most (accidental, yet sometimes not so unintentional, killing of your friends guaranteed thanks to friendly fire), but versus mode as well offers a good deal of entertainment.
There is literally no excuse not to get and enjoy Magicka if you like video games and most certainly a bunch of good laughs.
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10.7 小时(记录在案的)
You are a mage that can cast spells using the various elements. The elements can stack together to enhance your spells, and some combinations can be learned to cause special abilities, such as slow time, increase movement speed, revive a fallen teammate, summon a tornado, etc. You can cast your magicks onto your weapon to give your weapon increased damage, cast in a circle around you to affect all characters nearby, or simply cast in front of you.

Each element has something that will counter it, so not all combinations are possible. Further, if you try to use one of these when you have an opposites status effect applied (like trying to use lightning when wet), you'll cause damage to yourself! As an added bonus, all of your spells can also hurt your other party members, so you need to be careful not to kill your friends.

I absolutely enjoyed this game. The enemies are varied throughout each chapter and each has their own weaknesses you need to discover. The game keeps you on your toes while allowing you to constantly learn new ways to summon magicks. The only negative I can say about this game is that it has a terribly steep learning curve. I played co-op with someone who had played once before and it took me several chapters before I finally understood how all the magicks worked together and could actually contribute effectively to the combat. I enjoyed these early chapters just as much as the later chapters despite not really knowing what I was doing.

Another negative about this game (that can be completely ignored) is that the gamepad controls are absolutely terrible. Literally any other control setup would have been better than the set gamepad controls. I prefer gamepad, but I had to play with keyboard and mouse.
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27.5 小时(记录在案的)
Me when I started playing Magicka:
Me when I realized that that wasn't so good for big groups:
After killing myself for the hundreth time:
Me after getting stuck on a boss:
After killing myself the millionth time:
EDDDD (clicks mouswheel down)
Ater realizing how useful cold is
Remembers I learned thunderbolt
Never has problem again

9/10 very addictive
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I swear to god I'm not a vampire


all in all i give it a yellow mage dying upon spawn/Hudurkadurka
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I̢̧̢̧̨̨̨̡̢̨̨̤̞̠̼͇̫̤̘̫͎̦̻̜̗̗͎̣͓̬̳͓̘͈̫̣̗̟̝̞̝͇͙͔̳͎̥͍͎̰̭̘̬̲͇̳̦͚̣̗̻̣͜t̨̡̡̢̨̨̡̡̨͔̭̟͎̠̖̣̯̗̺̮͕͓̹͍̲̜͎̝̤̬̗̙͉̯̱̼̹̲̭̗͈̰̼̟͙̹̞̙͍͎̜̣͕̯̹̭̮̲͎̗̪̜͜'̨̢̧͇͚̝̳̫̹͚̗̘̖̩̞͚͇͙̯͉̮̰̼̤͕̳̖̯̜̺̭͕͍͍̬͙̦̘̰͓̜͉̟̗̗̙̻͖̝̗͔ͅͅs̡̨̡̨̢̢̨̡̲̣̺̪͓͖̠̤͙͈͙͙̰̳̱͖̗̤̰̺͙̳̤͔̫̙̪͈̲̤̥̭͚̟̬̙̳̺̣̮̣͈̞̣̥͎̰͙̲͜ͅ ̨̧̨̢̲̹͉̫͖͎̦͙͙̫̯̭͍͉̩͎̠̪̝̦̯̟͎̪̤̤̝̙̬̭̣̠̩̬͔͕̪͇̹̮̘̖̭͚͜n̡̢̡̢̢̢̮̞͚͉͙̣̙̻̟̟̞̪̙͉͍̱̻̳̣͙̣̙̤̻̱̪̫̹͔̤͔͍̦͙͔̜̖̣̼̯̤̻͈̻̦͈o̧̧̺̣͎̯̬̥̥̝̫̺͙̥̻͇͍͎͇̰̻̰̻̻̼͚̺̭͕̝͎̬̤̥̼͈̰͍̼̣͚͓̪̠̥̤̩̘̱̮̠͓̘͍̩͉̮̘͈̺͜ͅͅͅţ̧̨͕̟̤̟̹͈̱͓͍̙̼̘̜̗͖̤͙͎̱̝̲͉̙͈̞̹͙͔͔̥͚̺̰̜̪̱̫̞͇̫̥̮̳̘̳̳̫͔̘̪ͅͅ ̡̨̧̡͍̣̣̭̰̺̱͍͚̤͇͕͎͍̬̫͈͙̠̗͚̺̞̳̭̰̱̭̣̠̜̺͍̱͚͖͖̖Ṱ̨̡̡̡̧̢̩̖͔͎̳͕̯̦̺̝̻̬̖̖̖͈̝̫͎̗̘̥̝̬̯̣̠̬͔̥̻̘͈̳͚̱̱͍̯̲̞̭̝͙͜͜͜H̡̧̨̖̞̟̲̪̪͇̘͔̲̠̼̘̘̥̹̬͓̥̳̰̠͇͚̗̠̥̩͓̤͉͓̻̣͙̦͇̹̰̬͖͕͕̥̤̤͖̗͍̹̭̜͜ͅA̧̧̡̧̹̠̜̣̺̰̬̗̭̜̦͇͓̭̟̝̦̣̲̝̜͔̼̪̥̻͓͍̥̺̻̱͙̳̰͖̺͚̜͉̣̲̠ͅT̨̢̨̨̧̻̬͈̫̖̬͇͓̣̮͔͙̲̘͕̰͎͖̭̯̘͍͓͖̹̮͙̱͎͕͉̹͚͉͖̼̳̠̬͔͎͕͔̰̭̫̮̩̘̟͙̲͜͜͜ͅͅͅͅ ̨̡̢̧̨̻̩͚̜̣̣͈̜̩̭̤̰͚͙̞̲̻̮͉̭̣͔̯̦̙̥̤̰̬̪̱̙͕͖̥͍̠̪̳̲̞͈͎̤̪͔͙̫̜̭̻̼̹̫̥͜͜ͅͅͅb̡̢̧̲͙̠̺̝̤̭̜̹̥̼̙͖̺̦̬̜͎̣̤̼̳͖̖̠̗̣͈͖͍̫͖̱̲̥̯̩̹̩͔̮̱͍̠̖͚͈̪̺̬͓͉̬͜ͅͅu̧͓͉͉̜̥̳͙̯̠̣̟̘̰̣̺̤̝̭͕̮͙̰̟͓̭̫̜͍̥̟̥̻͚͚̘̺͚͈̳̤̣͉͓͜͜g̢̨̟̼̹̟̫̤̗̲̹͓̝̻̺͍̝͈͔̗̪͓̟̮̫̘͖̦͎̤̣̞̱̘̱̩̗̙̘͉̟̩͖̦̪̲̝ͅͅg̨̡̨̪͎̳̹̳̠̩̗̝̪̳̰̻̟̖̤̞̳̩̟͔̱̳̦̱̥̝͓͍̯͎̗̩̖̜͔̪͜͜͜ͅy̡̡̡̧̨̢̗͕͇͍͈͕̣̲͚͓̺̣̞͎͍̰͖̱͓̻̖̻͎̰̤̞̗̻̰͍̯̪̤̙͖̗̖̤͈̬̝͓͜͜ͅ.̡̢̢̪̮̗̪͍̲̹̠̜̱̙͍̻̦̗͈̼̝͍͙̜͚͖͇͍̗̼̯͎̥̮̲̳̻͇̝͎̪̩̦̺̩̠̱͜͜ͅ.̢̨̨̳̯̰̠̜̭͚͍̭̭͇̥̲̳̗̟͚͓͙͓͍̮͖̼̘̣͇͔̗̣̤̝̦͈̮̖̜͜ͅͅ.̨̢̧̯̲̼̪͕̪̗̩̠̠͎͎̫͚̘̪̲̞̠̤̰̝̘̳̫̳̤̙̭̱̤͔̪͙͓̣̤͎̗̙̹̬̙̳̲͔͎ͅͅ
̧̧̨̺̫̥̺͚̺̗̤̰͖̫̹̹̼̻͎̠̤̞̮̗̗͈̳̗̙̦̭̥̳̻̗͓̝̲͉͎̗͉͜ͅO̧̢̧̢͈̩̥̻͍͎͈̭̩͖̩͙͍̭̪̼̠̻̩̬̞͉̹̫̻͓̦̞̯̙̣͉͎̹̞̻͕̼͇ͅk̡̨̧̨̡̢̢̧͎̼̺͕̭̱͚̮͈̻̬̳̙̲͉̫̩̬̠͓̞̗̱͙̣̫̤͕̯̤̠̭̫̥͈̬̤̗̦ ̧̧̢̡̲͓͎̺̰͍̭͍̙̤̻̫̝̰̺͔̮̤̺̖͖̲̭̠̟̫̖̲̜̞̥̠͓̮̤̤̝̩̗̱͚̝͕̪̩̫͍̙͎̠̟̱̫̟̝̳̜̮͕̘͜m̢̨̢̢̗̺̺̖̻̖̯̹̰̘̩̹̠̼̫̱̬͓͖̺̳̳̘̱͔̫͖̰͙̰̖̲̠̣͉̜͍̭̟̳͜͜ͅa̧̢̨̡̧̡̢̧̨̩̱̝̮̦̖̩̲͚̟̹̬̜͎̖̣͕̙̳̦̮͉̳̯̰̤̘͓̻͔̦̜̣̟̻̠̗̱̮͜ͅy̢̢̢̡̡̻͍̘̤̜̹͎̣͓͔͖̮͔̹̭͈̤̮̘̘̻͚͍̻͉̘̣͉̖̼̣͔̫̱͖̹͔͎̺̲̝̯̗̟̥̘͍͜͜ͅb̡̧̧̦̘̩̦͔͓̖̺̰̫̰̝̞̥͍͇̭̮̺͚̖͔͎̰̳͕̳̙̟̞̟͔͉̝̩͉̫̖̠̺̖̞̦̥͉͍͕̳̭̤͜ͅę̨̧̡̡͖̝̯͉̪̬̮̱̟͙̮̥̳̻͔̱͙̼̺͈̼̩̬͇̣̳̬̯̙̬̜̥̝̹̜̲͍̰̺̝̖̤̘͇͔̣͙̦̳̖̤̰ͅ ̢̢̨̨̡̨̢̢̡̙̤̳̪̱̗͇̩̲͉͍̜̰̹̲̺͈͇͓̥̹̣̤̩̩̺̗̪̞͎̼͉̖͖͓̠͖̖͓̼̩͈͜͜i̢̧̧͓͓̩͉̹̫͎̳̞̤̬͚̗̳̞̯͈̯̻͉͈̖͈͈̩͎̺̻̹̝͉̺͇̪̪̺͍̘̝ͅt̨̡̨̧̨̢̹̱̪͈̼̯̲͉̰͙͚̼̭͇̣͇̯͚͓̫̙̦̰̬̟͍̼̲̣̠̹̗̦̰̼̮̖͈̭̠̮͚̜̭̝̺͚̘͕͖̮͜ ̡̨̢̞͇̝̻̱̻̺͔͍̖͍̭̰̺̠͔̰͓̟͎̫̪̤̹̳͖̹̰̹͓̹̩̱̖̲̳̣͎i̡̡̧̡̨̡̧̢̱̦͚̙̦̦̙̙̱̠̮͍͉̟̰̙̯͕͇̺̤͙͇̰̪͖̫̞͉̗̼̱͉̯̥̠̬̩̟̬̞͍̯̰̰̫͙̥͓̩̬͚̙̠͎͍͜ͅͅs̡̡̡̢̙̺̻̩̜̰̺͕̩̥̟̺̯̦̰̰̞͖̲̞̙̖̙͕̞͚͙̱̻̠̣̯̥͈̞͉͕̘͉̻͜ͅ
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Such a great game to play with friends. So much friendly fire.
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es gud
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Kill things with lightning, kill things with the 7 things that aren't lightning, freeze your friends, summon rocks to shatter your friends, ignore their pleas for you to revive them!
Magicka is a game with water, life, shield, cold, lightning, arcane, earth and fire. Now obviously summoning cold and water makes ice, or summoning fire and water makes steam, but you can make a life beam with water infused into it, healing and wetting your friends and making them succeptable to zapping them with special abilities like steam, lightning, arcane, lightning to do 15,000 damage!
Now, this isn't just a game where you can kill your friends - there's a story where everyone speaks all bouncy and you can kill all the NPCs with crazy combos that do varying amounts of damage and it's kind of tricky to get them right. But that's for singleplayer; if you have friends you will literally want to kill them, kill them and then feel better.
Ruin everything - Magicka.
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Welcome to the Wacky and epic world of Magicka, All I have to say is, how could any kid who grew up in the eighties or around DnD,monty python, and various other comedy and nerd references not love this freaking have nutty mages to control, it says local coop with split/shared screen, just noticed that gonna check that out with my kiddo for sure.

Keep in mind I've logged several hours into this title offline so my online record does not reflect actual time spent.

-Awesome spell conjuration system "Mix and match, power up and merge many spells for devastating hybrid power and buffs beyond buffs"
-Great graphics "they really have a solid feel
-Great controls "keep note I have only ever used a mouse and keyboard they can be somewhat confusing at first"

Game may be too challenging at points due to the time in which you have to react with mixing a spell together with your controller or qwerty configuration.
-No actual dialog in english, I am assuming they are speaking in an eastern european langauge like finny
-Some of the robes just plain suck.
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