A Psychic Odyssey Through the Minds of Misfits, Monsters, and Madmen. This classic action/adventure platformer from acclaimed developers Double Fine Productions follows the story of a young psychic named Razputin.
Udgivelsesdato: 19 Apr 2005
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A Psychic Odyssey Through the Minds of Misfits, Monsters, and Madmen.

This classic action/adventure platformer from acclaimed developers Double Fine Productions follows the story of a young psychic named Razputin. In his quest to join the Psychonauts--an elite group of international psychic secret agents--he breaks into their secret training facility: Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. But this is no average psychic summer camp! A mysterious villain has kidnapped Raz’s fellow campers and stolen their brains. Now he must use his psychic powers of Telekinesis, Levitation, and most of all his ability to project himself into the minds of others--to find the loose noodles and keep them from falling into the wrong hands. Fight mental demons! Uncover hidden memories! Sort emotional baggage! Explore the fantastic realm of the inner mind! Join the Psychonauts!

Systemkrav til PC

    • OS: Windows 98 SE/2000/XP
    • Processor: 1,0 GHz Pentium(R) III og AMD Athlon(tm)
    • Hukommelse: 256 MB RAM
    • Grafik: 64 MB GeForce (tm) 3 eller højere eller ATI(R) Radeon 8500 eller højere (undtagen GeForce 4 MX og Go series)
    • DirectX®: version 9.0 eller højere (inkluderet med spillet)
    • Harddisk: 3,75 GB minimum harddiskplads
    • Lyd: DirectX&reg 9.0 eller højere kompatibelt lydkort
    • Strying: Windows-kompatibelt tastatur og mus
    • OS: Windows 2000/XP
    • Processor: 2,0 GHz Pentium(R) IV og AMD Athlon(tm)
    • Hukommelse: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafik: 128 MB GeForce FX 5600 eller højere eller ATI(R) Radeon 9600 eller højere
    • DirectX®: version 9.0 eller højere (inkluderet med spillet)
    • Harddisk: 6,0 GB minimum harddiskplads
    • Lyd: DirectX&reg 9.0 eller højere og Sound Blaster Audigy 2 series-lydkort
    • Styring: Game Pad (valgfri)

Systemkrav til Mac

    • OS: Snow Leopard 10.6.8 eller senere.
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo Processor
    • Hukommelse: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafik: ATI X1600 / NVIDIA 8600GT / Intel HD3000 eller bedre kort med mindst 128 MB VRAM
    • Harddisk: 4 GB minimum harddiskplads
    • Styring: Tastatur og mus
    • Leopard er ikke understøttet
    • OS: Snow Leopard 10.6.8 eller senere.
    • Processor: Intel Core i series Processor
    • Hukommelse: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafik: ATI HD 3870 / Nvidia 8800GT eller bedre med mindst 512 MB VRAM
    • Harddisk: 4 GB minimum harddiskplads
    • Styring: Game Pad (valgfri)
    • Leopard er ikke understøttet
Helpful customer reviews
40 af 43 personer (93%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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13 reviews
12.0 timer bogført
Psychonauts is a finely crafted gem. From the level design, controls and art style, everything comes togheter perfectly in this wonderful game. The fun conversations and great voice acting of some of the most charismatic characters i've met in a videogame also help you imerse yourself in this vibrant, colourful world.

A really great game, that deserves to be played by everyone, even after all these years.
Indsendt: 27 November 2013
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24 af 27 personer (89%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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14.8 timer bogført
A brillant action/adventure/platformer game with rememorable characters.
Indsendt: 23 November 2013
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19 af 21 personer (90%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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23.0 timer bogført
My previous review of this game did not do it justice since I felt it deserved better than that - I'd like to elaborate a bit further on why I love this game ever so much as one of the best innovative games/platformers of all time. Growing up with 2D and 3D platformers like Mario, Crash & Spyro I could easily adapt to the platforming of the game. The platforming itself is solid enough but the actual combat in the game, during times like Boss Battles, can be dodgy as heck if you don't have a controller in handy -- Usually because of several different buttons needed to lock-on enemies and attack or alternatively dodge incoming attacks. You have the option of changing the keys to fit a play-style suitable for yourself, but I still find it frustrating at best namely due to the several important commands required. Here's my advice: Play the game with a controller as it'll make gameplay a bit smoother. So, what makes the game exceptional? Well, first of all it's the premise. The setting is a summer school camp for psychics. The game is brought to us by none other than the master of adventure games, Tim Schäfer (Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle), whose characteristic sense of humor certainly blooms in Psychonauts. One of the long running concepts of Schäfer's style usually juxtaposes a rather mundane situation in a fantastical setting; Such as what you'd expect if Tim Burton & David Lynch teamed up for an all-wacky-superstar tag team line up movie. Which is just as well because creator Tim Schäfer has now acquired his very own Johnny Depp, in form of Jack Black, although he's absent from this game. But I digress - We play as Raz, who's chosen to flee from the circus as opposed to joining it, because being a Psychonaut is a lot more fulfilling than the circus obviously. As he gets accepted into the fold of Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp he soon finds himself in the middle of a strange conspiracy, where the brains of the camp's inhabitants mysteriously vanish which leads to the game's funniest moments. The caricatures that show up in the game are so incredibly diverse and... weird? They are truly fascinating as you get to DIG your way inside their subconscious minds to discover their true hidden feelings. Essentially, Schäfer came up with the idea of Inception before... well Inception. This is the unique part of the game - The environments, atmosphere and overall feel of the inner & deepest thoughts of the camp and local areas inhabitants's minds.

Let me sum up some of the fascinating characters. We have a mad dentist who harvest brains, a talking fish whose thoughts involves a sequence where you become a giant Godzilla monster terrorizing a society of talking fish, a mentally ill security guard who's lost in the mindset of a crazy pyromaniac-milkman, Napoleon Bonaparte and his dimwit descendant, An aspiring musical starlet whose cruel mother's treatment of her and eventual suicide has caused her to develop a case of bipolar disorder, a government agent who disguises himself as a housewife by brandishing a rolling pin while talking disjointedly about pies etc. These are the kind of characters you can expect alongside the campers themselves and the local counselors, whom all are very well rounded and have their own personalities. Usually they are defined by interacting with them around the camp or examining the local signs and written letters, to provide character depth. Lastly, I found myself jamming to the game's cool blues-inspired guitar stringing soundtrack. All in all It's seemingly -- Well done. If you love a good platformer, with some dodgy gameplay at times, while every now and then laughing your ♥♥♥ off and maybe, just maybe, find yourself sympathizing with some of the loonies, as you uncover their hidden feelings. Then look no further than Psychonauts! :)
Indsendt: 25 December 2013
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12 af 13 personer (92%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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13.1 timer bogført
Personally this is my favorite Double Fine game. Although it is about nine years old it still holds up as a good game with an interesting art style. Unlike most games built as an atempt at photorealism, the extremely cartoonish graphics and garish colour palette still looks good almost a decade after release. As all games from Tim Schafer the writing is magnificent, the voice acting is well done and the characters always have something important or hilarious to say. The setting of a Summer camp for Psychics not only influences the plot and gameplay but the dialogues actually sound like something children at summer camp would be saying, except that they are about the outlandish topics involved with a world surrounded by psychic weirdness. The gameplay is devided up into two sections, the overworld with some, but not much combat, sidequests, the one shop in the game, and most of the colorful non-essential dialogue, and the insides of the various character's minds. These minds serve as the various levels of the game, each with the same basic controlls but slightly different gameplay. The Meat Circus level is all about fast paced platforming, whilst Lungfishopolis is completely based on the combat system, and the Milkman level(BEST LEVEL EVER) is an old school inventory adventure puzzle mixed with a fever dream X-Files Plot. Throughout the game you gain psy powers that are used in combat and level navigation, some work as a long range attack with the need to collect ammo, and there is a bouncy ball/parachute power that makes platforming much more difficult and interesting.

Now that i have sufficiently gushed about all the things i freaking love about this game it is time to get realistic and talk about the flaws. Most of these flaws have to do with the fact that this was Double Fine's first attempt at an action game. the combat can be a bit annoying with enemy spamming getting overdone at times, that being said most of the basic enemies are too easy to dispatch and clearing the room becomes simply a chore without much actual difficulty. The controlls are somewhat soft and the platforming would be vastly improved by tighter controlls to allow for fine tuned navigation. and if you watch a let's play you can see that the dificulty scale starts off low but when it does ramp up it does so without telling you and later levels,(Milkman,Meat Circus) can become frustrating and take forever to get past, not allways from dificulty of combat or platforming but in the milkman level if you do not know what you are doing it can be almost impossible to figure some of the puzzles out organically.

All that being said these flaws are really not as bad as it sounds. the increased difficulty lends less to frustraton and more to angry inspiration to just beat this next level and prove that you are better than the game. and for the milkman, a quick glance at a gameFAQ can help if you get too badlt stuck, enough people have been frustrated by the level to have wonderfull walkthroughs made to relieve the tension. in the end the story and experience is so good it makes up for any akwardness in gameplay. 8/10, This game is a love it or hate it, and i love it, fantastic but not even close to perfect.
Indsendt: 3 April 2014
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17 af 24 personer (71%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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2.3 timer bogført
Awsome game, glad it came to steam.
Indsendt: 1 Januar 2014
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