Construct and design buildings for optimal working conditions. Hire people to design and release software, so you can defeat the simulated competition and take over their businesses. Manage and educate your employees to make sure they are skilled and satisfied with their job.
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Data di rilascio: 1 mag 2015

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Gioco con accesso anticipato

Ottieni l'accesso anticipato ed inizia a giocare ora; prendi parte a questo gioco mentre viene sviluppato.

Nota: i giochi in accesso anticipato non sono completi e potrebbero venire modificati in futuro, oppure rimanere incompleti. Se non vuoi giocare a questo gioco nel suo stato attuale, ti conviene aspettare per vedere se verrà sviluppato ulteriormente. Altre informazioni

Cosa dicono gli sviluppatori:

Perché l'accesso è anticipato?

The development of Software Inc. is a one-man operation. I chose Early Access because I'll need feedback, since it’s impossible to uncover all design flaws and issues by myself. The support I’ve gained through Early Access has allowed me to work on Software Inc. full time, which has enabled me to greatly speed up development and give it the full attention it deserves.”

Per quanto tempo questo gioco rimarrà in accesso anticipato?

“Software Inc. will be out of Early Access when I feel it is ready. This is not a race and I don’t have investors pressuring me into releasing it early. I have a great opportunity to make this game as good as I possibly can. Hopefully, the backlog of patch notes will be testament to my ongoing efforts developing the game at a reasonable pace, while adding interesting new features. I’m aiming for a full release in 2018, but I won’t promise anything!”

Quali saranno le differenze fra la versione completa e quella ad accesso anticipato?

“You can find the roadmap on Trello at My plans for Software Inc. change often, depending on feedback and suggestions I receive, or if I stumble upon a good compromise. That said, I have a clear goal in mind to keep me from working on the game endlessly.”

Qual è lo stato attuale della versione in accesso anticipato?

“The game currently features complex and expansive building mechanics, a very deep market simulation and an engrossing simulation of the day-to-day life of a software company. The game still lacks in content, but it has Workshop support with more to come. The game is not fully balanced and the core gameplay is still being revised.”

Il prezzo del gioco varierà durante e dopo l'accesso anticipato?

The price will increase as the game progresses from alpha to final release. The game is cheaper the earlier you buy it as a “thank you” for supporting the development of Software Inc. in its early stages.”

Come pensate di coinvolgere la Comunità durante il processo di sviluppo?

The community plays a huge role in the development of Software Inc. I constantly read feedback, take on suggestions, and I often reconsider my stance on certain features. The development process is a big part of the product, which I believe is the way Early Access is supposed to be. It is important to note that as one developer, there are limits to the amount of feedback I can physically absorb, while still finishing the game and making sure I don’t pass out in front of my computer.”
Altre informazioni
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Aggiornamenti recenti Mostra tutto (117)

15 maggio

Alpha 9.7.1 out on testing branch

Alpha 9.7.6 fixes a bug when looking at an employee portrait directly after loading a game and a rare bug in the navmesh generation code.

Alpha 9.7.5 changes
  • Improved blueprint and employee thumbnails
  • The arrival time textbox in the staff window now controls arrival time of new hires
  • Nerf printing deals again
  • Remember chosen support team
  • Added port warning when sales have hit OS audience reach

  • Fixed reflection shader breaking game on Linux and OSX
  • Disable employee bladder and hunger when they are on their way home
  • Save file size wasn't updated immediately
  • Fixed path weighting not being consistent in both directions making employees take detours in some cases
  • Various other fixes

  • Paths between doors are now cached to reduce significant stress from TA* pathfinding
  • Improved fetching room edges, which greatly improves room cloning time among other things
  • Bug in selection code could cause big slowdown with many employees selected
  • Improved navmesh generation time and object avoidance

Alpha 9.7.4 fixes trees staying when building rooms.
Alpha 9.7.3 fixes not being able to load new saves.
Alpha 9.7.2 fixes mod loading and marketing warnings on contract work.

Sorry it took so long. I'm hoping to release alpha 9 officially soon, however I'm still not completely confident in how the new mechanics are presented.

  • Furniture status now degrades while time is being skipped, this will greatly increase repairs needed for some furniture(PCs and servers should be the same)
  • Created 2 new product printers and added SFX
  • Courier now has box capacity instead of product capacity, so copy printing can scale
  • Added courier animation
  • Show current shipping capacity in distribution window
  • Shift+x to close active window
  • Game should remember its auto save file and not overwrite existing auto saves
  • Ctrl+S should save to current save file if any, otherwise autosave
  • Updated marketing tutorial
  • Turned down noise level of computers
  • Don't keep products in design for project management when they are done and leader doesn't have any action points, just queue them up for dev
  • -OffsetWindow can be used to make multi monitor work on Windows if window is not centered
  • Change vacation end to range with number instead of month
  • Save past peer reviews
  • Toggle to see assigned furniture
  • Balanced post-marketing effort needed to compete
  • Balanced hosting, printing and marketing deals (Active hosting deals from old saves will give too much money)
  • Deal filter
  • Improved all colliders to make selection more accurate, especially for employees
  • Print deal failure consequence should be to pay half of remaining copies and 5% reputation hit depending on severity
  • Ability to create team from team selection window
  • Furniture and blueprint thumbnail generation improved
  • Added crunch time for teams which makes employees work faster at a cost, excluding founder
  • List of active distribution deals in distribution window
  • Added follower warning popup to projects promoted to alpha
  • Work item buttons can blink red to help the player take action
  • You can now control name generation for individual company types in mods using the NameGen tag
  • HR is enabled by default for teams with an HR educated leader and HR options no longer do anything by default (previous saves need to enable wage and complaint handling manually)
  • You can now see which products your receive or lose royalties from in the finance window
  • Changed style of snap point indicators when placing furniture
  • Updated to Unity 5.5.3p3 to get profiler working

  • Quality decline warning didn't account for leaders working any role
  • Fixed navmesh generation near pallets and tables which could cause an entire room to become unreachable
  • Audio visualization would crash graphics card on DirectX 9
  • Fixed employee base skill increase based on work being done
  • Team vacation end month wasn't saved
  • Fixed main menu news not showing
  • Employees taking double vacations
  • Game would break completely in main menu if settings file was locked
  • Project management wasn't hyping in dev phase
  • HR now forces education instantly
  • Employees would repeatedly be trained for HR by HR if that was the last education chosen by the player
  • Salaries weren't calculated for employees on vacation or education
  • Can't move furniture when bankrupt
  • Wall lowering affected wall segments on lower floors
  • Employees wouldn't eat at tables with serving trays on it
  • Destroying a room would sometimes fail to reset people in it making them stuck in the air
  • Various other fixes

37 commenti Altre informazioni

9 aprile

Alpha 9.6.1 out on testing branch

Alpha 9.6.6 is a hotfix for a single bug regarding tables.

Alpha 9.6.5
  • Ability to change release date, with repercussions
  • disable time skip when bankrupt and color money panel red
  • Individual cooldowns on popup messages before they auto delete, so important warnings aren't buried for 6 months
  • Employees will now take vacation at the closest possible date to avoid abuse of the vacation system

  • Computers will now get their interaction point from their chairs to avoid unreachable computers
  • Buying IP would bug game if IP owner was bankrupt
  • Various other fixes

  • Update routines for segments and tables were optimized

Alpha 9.6.4 fixes employees not using computers and a couple of small bugs.

Alpha 9.6.3
  • Leader now only works normal jobs if in any role(Off by default)
  • Reduced review stress
  • Prioritize high skilled employees when auto assigning computers and ask for team if none are assigned
  • Payment for contracts should not be linearly scaled by work finished, so high level contracts don't give too much on low work finished
  • Slow down art work to compensate for no longer needing design
  • Ability to restart support
  • Made default vacation between July and August
  • Let employees reschedule vacation if the change is less than 3 months from current plan
  • Multi reject for deal window
  • Subsidiaries are now counted in company worth
  • Added optional furniture interaction point offsets to avoid workaround with table navigation boundary insets (fixes some unreachable issues in mods)

  • Opening and closing the multi select window increases the font size of the buttons
  • Fixed new way of assigning furniture not working
  • Make employee move if their computer has been assigned to someone else
  • Contract payment was not calculated correctly, giving full payouts no matter what
  • Employees will now take vacation if they missed it due to education or illness
  • Time skip sound would replay in a loop with auto skip enabled if a message popped up during time skip, e.g. wage negotiations or bankruptcy

Alpha 9.6.2
  • Computer auto-assign should use addon to determine how to assign
  • Add tooltip explaining second dev team for project management
  • Subsidiaries now start off with whatever you deposit, so closing a subsidiary doesn't make more money than a take over
  • Team selection in hire window should use new team selection window
  • Ability to spread vacations out over a period

  • Subsidiary would buy stock before going bankrupt
  • Player had to pay for subsidiary IP license
  • Receiving warnings about low skilled employees bringing down quality but referencing the wrong employee
  • All employees arrive immediately when loading a save(Fix only affects new saves)
  • Various other fixes

Alpha 9.6.1
I re-did all the tutorials and improved the tutorial system, hopefully this will help explain the new development mechanics properly. Please tell me if this did not help.

I also added sound effects throughout the UI. Music should hopefully be coming soon.

Subsidiaries are now in. You can currently only deposit and withdraw money from them (It also changes how patents, IP and distribution is handled between you and your subsidiaries), but I plan on adding the ability to control projects in the future as well.

  • Re-do all tutorials and improve tutorial system
  • Add UI sound effects
  • Subsidiaries
  • Add confirmation popup when press build has been released
  • Keep contracts of varied difficulty depending on company rep
  • Use stable sorting algorithm for listview to maintain order between sorts(e.g. sorting by skill and then team will now show employees ordered by skill and grouped by teams)
  • Lower contract reputation gain
  • Manual support option for project management
  • Don't reset SCM selections
  • Increase courier cost and double carrying capacity
  • Warning pop up when quality of project is going down fast
  • Add "hired for" role variable, which HR will use to force correct role and manage education(Will only work for employees hired in alpha 9.6+)
  • Add HR education missing budget warnings
  • Standardize red counter on buttons, use for retirees, research, overloaded servers, and remove event window
  • The game will now display feedback IDs for player when feedback/bugs have been reported in-game, to help support in communities
  • Releasing press release or press build without release date warning
  • Have collapse label function which is shown instead of category when workitem is collapsed
  • Select all/none buttons for team selection window with multi choice
  • Multi select window should be searchable if it has more than 10 items
  • Make furniture assignable from employee list if no employees are selected
  • Add auto team assign to rooms, which will try to assign each employee in a team to a computer in the selected rooms
  • Speed up team reviews
  • You can have up to 10 bugs with no penalty in contracts
  • Leaders can no longer lower quality in development
  • Update to Unity 5.5.3f1
  • Write employee return date when selected if on education

  • Check for GPU instancing support in audio overlay
  • HR budget was bugged and education was free
  • Couriers can carry more with more days per month
  • Warning icons not working in multi monitor mode
  • Deleting all save files and clicking continue will lock game
  • Fixed furniture outside parent on load when furniture origin was on room boundary
  • Employees will show as working on support even if their roles don't match
  • Project management missing design warning shows up even if it unwarranted
  • Fixed possible bug where project management wouldn't pick best needs
  • Various other fixes

  • Don't update hidden fields of collapsed work items
  • Legacy localization loading code was taking 10 seconds on load for no reason

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Informazioni sul gioco

Construct and design buildings for optimal working conditions. Hire people to design and release software, so you can defeat the simulated competition and take over their businesses. Manage and educate your employees to make sure they are skilled and satisfied with their job.

  • Build, furnish and maintain office buildings up to ten stories + basement, on an enormous land, using a free-form building system with easy copy-paste tools
  • Hire employees to design, develop, support, research and market software in teams
  • Build roads and parking to ease commuting for your employees
  • Tend to your employees' needs, demands, skills and specializations, while making sure each team has compatible personalities
  • Customize your own employee avatar
  • Create your own software products and franchises
  • Compete in a simulated and randomly populated market by selling your products, taking on contract work, creating patents, making deals or trading stocks
  • Hire staff to repair your furniture and computers, clean your office, make food for your employees or greet visitors
  • Mod what kind of software you can develop, add your own furniture, upload your building blueprints or add support for your language
  • Delegate important tasks to your team leaders, such as managing development cycles and human resources
  • Set up your own servers for products, source control and running your own online store

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Sistema operativo: Windows 7+
    • Processore: 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: 512 MB dedicated video RAM, Shader Model 4.0
    • DirectX: Versione 11
    • Memoria: 500 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Note aggiuntive: Laptops with power saving graphic processors might need to be configured for Software Inc.
    • Sistema operativo: Mac OS X 10.8+
    • Processore: 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: 512 MB dedicated video RAM, Shader Model 4.0, OpenGL 4.1+
    • Memoria: 500 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Sistema operativo: Ubuntu 12.04+
    • Processore: 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: 512 MB dedicated video RAM, Shader Model 4.0, OpenGL 4.1+
    • Memoria: 500 MB di spazio disponibile
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