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Detective Case and Clown Bot in: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon を購入する



"It’s certainly not the deepest or most involved adventure game, but it’s a quick fun romp that you won’t regret if you are looking for a funny game."

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1 year of Steam sales and 6 months on iOS and Android

To celebrate 1 full year on Steam we decided to (again) to do a sale.
This time we included our mobile versions as well.

Murder in the Hotel Lisbon is this week on sale for 50% on Steam and also on the App Store and Google Play.

Thanks everyone for playing!

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Murder in the Hotel Lisbon and Starr Mazer cross paths!!!


Our old pal Detective Case got in a bit of a situation when he was sucked across SPACE and TIME into the dimension of Starr Mazer! How in blazes did this happen? How will he get back to the eighties? And do they sell beer in Jaruga’s? Who knows!?

Starr Mazer is a Point-and-Click adventure shoot’em up in SPACE!
It is currently being funded through Kickstarter and, according to our own magic ball, it will definitely get fully funded. So, what are you waiting for? An invitation!?


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“Pushes the limits of our nostalgia!”
NA – Kill Screen

“For Glob's sake, play it!”
7 – Eurogamer PT

“The soundtrack is Awesome!”
NA – RetroManiac




ホテルリスボンで奇妙な殺人事件が発生しました。ある男が、静かにコーヒーを飲みながら、背中を14か所刺して自殺したというのです。 矛盾をはらんだこの事件はあまりにも複雑で、警官であるガルシアは解決できませんでした。そこで、町で唯一の探偵コンビとならば解決できるだろうと、彼らを雇うことにしたのです。その探偵コンビとは、架空の探偵ケースと、頭脳明晰なピエロのボットです。


- ポイント&クリック方式のグラフィックアドベンチャーゲーム。
- 探偵ケースとピエロのボットとしてプレイ。
- 手がかりを探し、目撃者に聞き込みをしよう。
- 休憩や昼寝もあり。
- ホテルリスボンの殺人事件を解決しよう。
- さらに3つの事件が含まれています。




Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Memory: 128 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 128 MB available space
    • OS: OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
    • Memory: 128 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 128 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.0.4
    • Memory: 128 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 128 MB available space
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記録時間: 16.8 時間
投稿日: 2月3日
Point and clicks are a crowded market and now reaching out to a new audience thanks in part to Telltale's highly sucessful Walking Dead. Knowing this, it is hard to tell new point and clickers that this game rivals Walking Dead, because it does not. This is not a heart wrenching, emoitonal trip that makes you sick to your stomach. Instead Hotel Lisbon is a lighthearted game that follows a questionably capable detective and his robot sidekick/ unfunny comedian.

Hotel Lisbon is dripping with style: the color choices, retro style, and music all come together to deliver a very pleasing aesthetic. The animations and characters feel classic in design, but still very refreshing. The setting is filled with nice little details and feels well structured. On top of all this, the music fits well through the game.

The humor in the game is more hits than misses. Some of the humor comes from poking at unfunny things (laugh track included), being legitimately funny, and sometimes just being silly or breaking the fourth wall. Sometimes I feel like the humor went right over me, but mostly I enjoyed it.

The gameplay is somewhat detective like. You are tasked with solving cases by finding evidence, which never feels too
hard and is usually done by finding highlightable items throughout different environments. After gathering your evidence you then have to interview/interrogate suspects as Clown Bot or Detective Case by making three accusations. You have to choose the accusations from a small list and then match that up to evidence. One choice is obviously wrong and unrelated to evidence and the others are related to evidence. However, this is where the game can begin to stretch out and lose its charm.

Sometimes the wording of the "right" accusation to make can seem strange. The suspect seems to get angry when I insult them, but all of the choices seem to be insulting. The other major issue with interviewing is that sometimes suspects will only crack when they are being interrogated by Clown Bot or Detective Case, so even if you get all your questions right you might have to redo the whole interview with the other character. To make this problem worse, upon failing the interview, either character will suggest trying the interview instead. So you could potentially be stuck in the same interview for too long before it starts to eat away at you. All of these issues can lead to interviews becoming tedious and tiring. However, the game will not lead you into an impossible interrogation because you need to have sufficient evidence in order to start one.

In addition to the main cases there are a few side cases (with more promised) and a mini game featuring Clown Bot. The side cases run like the main cases (with the exception of the lost video tapes, which involves combing the environment). The mini game has Clown Bot telling jokes and you delivering the punchline in multiple choice format. You get a few tries before having to restart and speed factors into your score, but it is a nice little distraction.

The wording of questions and punchlines seem to be a bit strange (probably due to translation), but that is only a minor setback for this game. The style and humor make this a fun experience, as long as the interviews don't overstay their welcome. None of the puzzles or sleuthing will leave you scratching your head, but this short point and click adventure is full of charm and character.
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記録時間: 4.9 時間
投稿日: 4月7日
Time Played: 5 Hours
100% Achievements

Detective Case and Clown Bot In: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon is a point and click adventure game. The game is quite colourful and nicely animated, but there's not much to do here. It's fairly linear where you head to one location, pick up an item and go to the next. While not a bad game, it definitely needs more polishing. Interviewing characters was similar to presenting items in Phoenix Wright. Solving the murder mystery felt unrewarding and unsatisfying. All you learn is who did it, but not how or why. Heavily suffered from typos and poor translation which led to a poor storyline experience.


Humour fell flat
Translation errors
Devs begging for money as an achievement
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記録時間: 8.7 時間
投稿日: 5月23日
You love next-generation-graphics and high definition sounds. You like your games as dry as an desert and funny jokes is something that you only admire when it includes you giggling about the noobs an the Counter Strike Server?

Well, get outta here! This game is the washed up but unclean scenerio of da stupidest punchlines ever served.
Who ever said that an robot couldn't tell jokes? Who ever said this game would be about the robot? NO!

This game is about P.I. Detective that never lost an Case in his name and only than also about an robot telling jokes that no one can stand.

Investigate on the cruel crime of an lost baton and an wild "Nerd Monkey" running, well, wild and in your spare time you could also try to solve the case of the Murder, but it is not important and maybe to hard to solve in the first place.

If you didn't like this review, than better don't buy this game and return to your FPS-shooters.

8/10 Because of the burning image of the young lady with beard stubble that I might never get out of my brain.
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記録時間: 15.6 時間
投稿日: 2月9日
AUDIO: Charming                                           AESTHETIC: Unique
MEMORABILITY: Lovable                              WORTH: Full Price

PROS: Caricature-like cast is absolutely adorable. Dialogue is a fun read, and an average point n' click player can get through the main story easily. Advanced players were accounted for with tougher side quests that require a bit more noodle-usage. The humor in the game ranges from fourth-wall breaking gags to more mature, subtle quips.

CONS: Case and Clownbot admittedly have too close of a dynamic to Sam & Max. Portuguese translations lead to some spelling errors and syntax. This shows horribly in the stand-up minigame where you need to guess the answers to jokes; English-speaking players will not understand some of these jokes, as they're based on a culture and language different from our own.

OVERALL: If you want to see our beloved genre continue into the future, Nerd Monkeys are definitely one of the groups of devs to support. The case, while a bit contrived, is a fun journey and evidence that these guys will be moving on to do even bigger and better things.

SCORE: 8/10
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記録時間: 10.4 時間
投稿日: 5月8日
Just finished this funny lil' game and i'm ready to do a decent review :)

I really enjoyed playing this game for 5 main reasons :

1- Style, this dev team sure ain't copying any games you've seen, they got their own style & it's perfect this way :)

2- jokes & global ambiant... I'm out of word... epic / surprising / entertaining as f*ck would be my resume, many references to classic :p

3- music : i didn't expect it but i ended up singing those weird sound.

4- characters & story : very unique or very cliche, you could argue on that ^^

5- hidden stuff : won't spoil that part but for example i got a success for playing this game in early morning :D

Overall pretty epic game, bit too short for me i really hope these Nerd Monkeys will be able to do other games :) if u enjoy investigating & funny dialogue, jump right on this game !!!
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