Road Not Taken is a roguelike puzzle game about surviving life’s surprises. You play as a ranger adventuring through a vast, unforgiving forest in the aftermath of a brutal winter storm, rescuing children who have lost their way.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 5 ago. 2014

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“It looks like a cute fairy tale, but this is a turn-based game that’s thorny with challenge and packed with an incredible number of gameplay secrets.”
Should you play this game: YES – Kotaku

“Road Not Taken is the cutest catalyst for an existential crisis I've ever encountered”
4.5 out of 5 – Joystiq

“It’s as mean as life, as cruel as the universe, and it still manages to be one of the most intriguing and moving titles released this year.”
90 out of 100 – GamesBeat

Acerca de este juego

Road Not Taken es un juego de puzles "roguelike" que consiste en sobrevivir a los avatares de la vida. Juegas el papel de un explorador que se aventura en un bosque inmenso e implacable después de una brutal tormenta invernal para rescatar a unos niños que se han perdido. Los niveles de generación por procedimiento ofrecen una serie ilimitada de posibilidades que explorar y desafíos que superar. Tus actos no afectan solo a tu historia, sino también a la de los aldeanos con los que pretendes entablar amistad y a la de la aldea a la que llamas hogar.

Cada vez que juegas a Road Not Taken vives una historia totalmente distinta. Los caminos que tomas cambian y las relaciones tomarán giros que no esperas... Igual que en la vida real.

Los habitantes de Road Not Taken creen que existe un camino idóneo para vivir la vida: una buena persona obtiene un trabajo, se enamora y tiene hijos. Tú no seguirás ese camino. ¿Conseguirás encontrar tu sendero en la vida?

Un nuevo camino en cada partida

En Road Not Taken ningún camino conduce al mismo sitio. Los caminos que tomas cambian, las relaciones tomarán giros que no esperas y tú decides la narración que se crea con cada acción que realizas. Cada decisión ofrece nuevas e inusuales criaturas a las que enfrentarte, secretos y objetos que descubrir, ciudadanos con los que entablar una relación y salas de puzles artesanos y diabólicos que hay que resolver.

Más vale maña que fuerza

Tu personaje tiene la habilidad mágica de levitar y mover objetos. Debes averiguar cómo usar tu talento y estrategia para esquivar o derrotar una amplia variedad de criaturas peligrosas, obstáculos y combates con jefes.

Piérdete en la espesura

Road Not Taken cobra vida con hermosos gráficos 2D, un diseño de duendes encantador y una banda sonora atmosférica y evocadora. Los puzles son un todo un desafío de exploración y estrategia que ponen a prueba a los jugadores y los obligan a pensar antes de dar un paso más.

Requisitos del sistema

Mac OS X
    • SO: Windows XP
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • SO: Windows 7
    • Memoria: 6 GB de RAM
    • SO: Mac OS X v10.6 or later
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • SO: Mac OS X v10.6 or later
    • Memoria: 6 GB de RAM
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Publicado el 6 de enero
Un juego con aspectos de personalización ligeros suficientes para llevarlo a donde tu quieras quue vaya una trama emocionante y que incluso, para mi hasta emotiva, este juego te relaja despues de alguna mala situación que hayas tenido. Al ser semi-roguel-ike pues claro el planteamiento es el mismo pero tu final tienes mas variacionesque tu mismo ganas sin depender al 100% de tu habilidad para resolver sus puzzles. En fin un juego que todos deberían tener en su biblioteca.
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Publicado el 16 de septiembre de 2015
I would want to like this game, I really do. Still for me it was much more frustration than fun experience. At first Road Not Taken looks absolutely charming - cute graphics and characters with some hints of personality, fun puzzles and mechanic. But unfortunately game becomes more and more hard with each level, until you find a point that you couldn't take. For me it was 9 level. Any "undo" button simple doesn't exist and it's super easy to make a mistake and grab item, that you don't want and BAM! - you screwed it all. You cannot just replay one level, you need to play all over again. I understand, that part of my disappointment comes from the fact, that it's a roguelike game (and i never try one before), still all this "one simple mistake and you lose a game" feels pretty unfair and frustrating.
So I suggest you: don't look on on cute side, think it over! If you like hard games, that punish you for every mistake, if you like puzzles and roguelike in general - consider to buy Road Not Taken. If you like me and not a fan of whole "screw all in few seconds with simple wrong move and start all over" thing - better think again.
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Publicado el 10 de diciembre de 2015
You want a roguelike that thinks outside of the box? Look no further. Road Not Taken is a hard-as-nails, puzzle based, story-rich, atmospheric roguelike that breaks boundaries. This title was expertly crafted. Lots of attention to detail, and my-oh-my is there depth. It is quite a dark game, as well.

+Like any roguelike worth its salt, Road Not Taken has a lot of content and mystery to unravel and master. Tons of gameplay here. I haven't even scratched the surface at 5 hours.
+Puzzles are super challenging, in a good way.
+Atmosphere and artwork are absolutely stunning. Really well done here. Lots of attention to detail.
+The story is rich and is a welcome addition to modern roguelike/lites.

-Yeah, its difficult, but do-able. I mention this because it looks like a fairly cute puzzle game, but it can be overwhelming at times (especially if you want to avoid spoilers), IMO. Even in 5 hours, I haven't gotten very far.
-Addiction factor isn't the highest, but I can generally look past this, since its got tons of depth. Hard to explain. It isn't like BoI where its 'One more run!!' kind of thing.

A must have for any fan of the modern roguelike genre. Totally worth full price, even.
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Publicado el 8 de octubre de 2015
A cute puzzle game. It's hard to describe.
Your goal: To save all the lost children in the woods and reunite them with their parents.

Your energy free controls are to move up/downleft/right, to pick up everything around you in the four directions, and to throw them all at once. If you move while holding something it will take precious energy. You can match several of similar items, or different items, depending on "secrets" (crafting recipe?) that you learn through play or from villagers. Like throwing the axe at a tree makes a log, and throwing two logs next to each-other makes a campfire which reduces the cost of carrying things on that screen, or putting three beehives together makes a jar of honey which gives you a little bit of energy.

Sounds simple, but while the controls are simple, the puzzle nature of trying to get to the kids, get them to their parents (or vice versa), get the kids to the starting area, or open pathways to another part of the forest can be complex. Sometimes it's downright frustrating but not in a bad game design way, just a yell obsceneties at the angry racoons who claw you if get next to them, or ninja bears who might block your path randomly way.

Don't let the art style fool you, this game starts off fairly easy, but difficulty can spike. You won't always save all the kids, but that's okay. You can quit trying to help them at any time, but saving half or more of the kids is the minimum to make the mayor okay with your work. (Edit: Apparently failing to save half the kids 2x in a row kills you causing the revive mechanics to fire where you lose some of your items.)

There's an aspect of the game of getting to know the villagers that essentially breaks down to giving them the right gifts to raise your friendship bar. I got married to one just before the end of my first game! I'll definitely be playing at least one more full game of this title because the levels are somewhat randomly generated so it has replayability.
One full game took me between 5-6 hours.
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Publicado el 27 de diciembre de 2015
This So much can be said about this game. I can't get enough of it! Here are a few main categories to sum up just some of the many amazing things about this spectacular game:

The Gameplay: The dungeon randomization makes every year and every life unique, and it is up to your wit and problem solving to decide how to best craft and cluster the right items in order to get to the children. Sometimes the game can be UNBEARABLY HARD, but you still push on 'til you die or have to return to town without having saved all the children. Many of the negative reviews I see have to do with the difficulty of some of the dungeon generations, and yes, it CAN get infuriating! But there's nothing wrong with just starting a new life -I did it several times and got amazing careers afterward.

Energy preservation is key -a simple step in the wrong direction can take your life, or make your journey incredibly more difficult, so it is best to evaluate every room before taking action. You also do countless backtracking trips as you need to craft and arrange items with just the right amount of items, so your adjacent rooms are your friends. Low on health? Have an axe in one room and a ninja bear in the other one? Just throw it over and kill the bear for your apple. Need to get rid of a dark spirit AND acquire health? Take the blue fire from one room and throw it at the spirit in the other room to get a very helpful stew.

I LOVE how creativity is emphasized -there are numerous ways to create the same item, and this mechanic can be both beneficial (multiple ways to make food) or detrimental (multiple ways to create daemon bunnies or dark spirits). The "teleport to mayor" mechanic can save your life in very many instances, or help you get to a room from one entrance if the other entrance is blocked or dangerous.

Because this game uses permadeath, you should always find ways to acquire money, rice, or berries, because the game is graceful in providing you a shrine to offer to and ensure that you will respawn. However, you lose very important charms upon death, so sometimes leaving some children behind when in a rut is a better choice than dying and letting your character respawn with next to nothing.

The Art: The art is beautiful, charming, and deceptive- very gruesome and dark themes can be overlooked because of how cutesy the art style is. The atmosphere is remarkable -the sounds, surroundings, and music totally and completely immerse you, making you easily waste hours upon hours on this game.

The Characters: The customization in how you build your relationships -friendships and romantic- with differently generated characters every life gives you the desire to do better in the dungeons, and thus, receive more rewards to use as gifts to give to villagers. The dialogue is hilarious, sad, moving, touching, and sweet -the writers of this game put great thought and work into the dialogue. It makes the game that much more alive and real to you, and in combination with how you've built your relationships with the other characters, it can get you emotionally invested. I felt happy when a character would do kind gestures, return romantic feelings, and became unreasonably upset and sad when they would cheat on me (in romantic relationships) or simply decide they didn't like me anymore. I had to take a step back once in a while to remind myself that THIS IS A GAME! XD

This game holds a dear place in my heart, because you can see all the heart and soul the development team poured into it, and it offers infinite playtime that can always feel fresh and enjoyable. Because of this game, I have become a loyal follower of the small game developer team -SpryFox. There is something incredible about a small indie game developer doing so well with their games and it's encouraging for all other small groups of developers and artists that want to make their dream games become reality.
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