The world’s first MOSA (Multiplayer Online Sports Arena) is now available on Steam Early Access!
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Data de lançamento: 18/ago/2014

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Jogo com acesso antecipado

Comece a jogar agora e participe do desenvolvimento do jogo.

Observação: Este jogo com acesso antecipado não está completo e pode ou não sofrer alterações no futuro. Caso não esteja com vontade de jogá-lo no estado atual, aconselhamos esperar até que o desenvolvimento esteja mais adiantado. Saiba mais

O que os desenvolvedores têm a dizer:

Por que acesso antecipado?

“We know that creating significant and meaningful on the eSport scene is no small task and this is why that we have involved the players community since the very beginning of the development (when there was no menu or options... Or texture )!
While there is still much to be done, we believe that our game is now ready to enter a new phase and we are ready to open our game to more through early access and use this opportunity to make it reach its full potential!”

Por quanto tempo aproximadamente este jogo estará em acesso antecipado?

“Until we reach a level where we can confidently organize pro-caliber tournament!
We expect it to take somewhere between 6 months and 1 year.”

Como a versão completa será diferente da versão de acesso antecipado?

  • Less gameplay & connexion bugs
  • Better performance optimisation
  • Better lag management
  • Team system
  • Ranked mode
  • New characters
  • New implants
  • Improved spectator mode
  • Voice acting for characters
  • Dedicated servers
  • As well as other choices based on choice from the community playing the game!

Qual é o estado atual da versão de acesso antecipado?

“Core gameplay and meta-game are ALPHA. Fun is definitely there!
Still a lot of small bugs and visual polish to be done.
A few important features missing (team, rank, spectator mode).”

O preço do jogo será alterado após o fim do acesso antecipado?

Arena: Cyber Evolution is FREE and will always remain so. :-)”

Como vocês planejam envolver a comunidade durante o processo de desenvolvimento?

“Community is already actively part of Arena: Cyber Evolution since the very beginning (even when the game was so early it looked like an atari 2600 game). Here are a few initiatives already in place to interact with our players:
  • Daily design meeting on our Twitch channel (7PM ET every week day)
  • Open discussion about the design and development on our Steam forum
  • Our design documents are open and available for the community to see
  • Our entire development now archived on Youtube
  • Many people of our community take active part in the project (community management, QA, event organization, design, etc)
  • Supporters will get to vote for the next features we develop!
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Recomendado por curadores

"Great game, has great potential. Developers work with the community and actually listen to suggestions and issues and get them resolved quickly."
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19 de março

ACE - 19/03/2015 Patch Notes

New features:

  • Full ranking implementation
  • ELO reset for everyone

All the game are now considered as ranked!
A check box in order to enable or disable the ranking mode while playing will be released soon.

Bug fixes:
  • Goal size now fit better with its texture

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12 de março

ACE - 12/03/2015 Patch Notes


  • Ult bonuses (+1) will now appear every 30 seconds during the Overtime.

Ranking mode:
  • The ranking mode is now fully added in game.
    * We will wait a week to see if there is no bug and we will reset it to allow you to compete then as best as possible.

Bug fix:
  • The win bonus and attached mechanisms is now fixed.

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“The futuristic cyberpunk soccer game was the best new esport at PAX East”

“It could very well be the next big esport at competitions all across the globe”

“The communal aspect of Project Cyber is what revolutionizes this experience. Not only can you voice your opinion during the development process, you will also get the chance to change the match you’re watching by choosing an event”

Sobre este jogo

At Spearhead Games, we believe that e-sports are the next step in international competition. We believe that this growing trend is on the verge of becoming mainstream globally and will play a significant role in defining the future of sports.

Arena: Cyber Evolution is the result of our passion for this phenomenon and what it can become.
We know that creating a game that is significant and meaningful on the e-sport scene is no small task and this is why that we have involved the player community since the very beginning of the development, when there were no menus, options, or even textures!

Arena: Cyber Evolution (ACE) is a futuristic physics-based sports game in which players confront each other in 3 vs 3 matches of wits and twitch reflexes.
By featuring a MOBA-like champion logic, ACE brings an unprecedented twist to the sports genre by allowing players to choose from a variety of super-powered heroes and what style of gameplay they prefer to build their own team strategies.

Designed from the ground up around the mouse & keyboard, ACE was not envisioned only as a sport game, but really as a new sport.

ACE’s ultra-precise control scheme allows players to analogically manipulate the disk using simple mouse gestures.

Just like in real sports, this gameplay allows for super intuitive gameplay while proposing nearly infinite depth & skill cap.

  • An unique blend of action games, sports games and MOBA.
  • The closest experience to playing a traditional sport in a video game.
  • Dynamic physics-based gameplay that is both deep and accessible.
  • Innovative mouse gesture control allows for fluid and natural actions (passes, shots, intercepts and jukes).
  • Having all human players makes positioning meaningful and allow for infinite team strategies.
  • Several characters each with unique powers and play styles
  • Unlock implants (to improve and customize your characters), team boosts, upgrades, and special abilities.
  • Very fun to watch as a spectator - even without prior knowledge of the game.
  • New characters, implants, custom arenas, events, challenges, and much more coming soon! New updates regularly!

Arena: Cyber Evolution is free to play and we want it to stay this way forever. We believe that it should be at the core of any sport to be accessible for everyone to play and practice no matter what.
As an independent game studio, we however need some money to keep developing the game and improving it.

This is why we integrated monetization features in the game with the possibility to buy skins, hats and other customizations with real money (but never pay to win mechanics!). For us, this is a simple way to allow players who really enjoy and believe in the game to support its continued development by ‘’donating’’ and receiving rewards for it.

In addition to the items available in-game, the following great packages are available as DLC:

Supporters Pack DLC

Founders Pack DLC

Champions Pack DLC

Pillar Pack DLC


For more opportunities to support us, please visite our web page!

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: P4 3 Ghz or Athlon 3400
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB Video Memory with Shader Model 3.0 support; ATI Radeon X1600XT / NVIDEA GeForce 7800GS
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
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Publicada: 2 de março
Análise de acesso antecipado
this game has a potential to become one of esport kinda games
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Publicada: 12 de março
Análise de acesso antecipado
This game has been by far the best free to play game that I have played on steam and it is currently one of the few that I am actually continuing to play because of the community and the continual support of the developers. This is a long review with a general pros and cons list at the bottom, if you wanna hear me ramble feel free to read but check out the botttom if youre scrolling through and want a quick synopsis.

About myself: College athlete with a huge interest in sports and gaming is one of my favorite hobbies. I enjoy MOBAs such as LOL, DOTA2, and Smite and play them frequently while also enjoying shooters and strategy games. Honestly sports games havent held much time with me simply because they are $60 new each year and the community disappears immediately for the new version and while fun it gets expensive. I downloaded this as my weekly free to play game (Cause I want to try new games and see what catches my eye) and got stuck playing all night. I wanted to beat the bots and after a while I did, I ran into some humans too on occasion and that was even better. I got my brother and a friend to get the game and now we are competing in the first esports season for this game on Team Shadow Fox (hence the [SFX] tag) If you see this review, feel free to add me as a friend and I will have no trouble playing with you if you need a teammate or just have a question about the game.

About the Game: Currently it is 3v3 airhockey/icehockey fused with the idea of a MOBA. You are able to select from a small pool of champions/characters/runners which are given a couple of abilities to work as a team and outscore your opponents. Game time is a short 5 minutes so you arent deeply committed to anything and the que times are only 1min long maximum. There is no pay to win element of this game as the "real money" currency is meant for asthetic skins or hats or unlocking a runner early. There is a regular in game currency used for picking from "implants" that can help customize your champion from improving his speed, defense, offense, or supporting your teammates. The in game currency with enough grinding will also certainly unlock champions you are hoping to play. There is also a free champion rotation to help players try them out and buff their champion pool.

Roles Currently are simple and the champion pool currently has 8 runners in it with more on the way. Strikers are designed to be fast and add power to their shots. Supports are designed for passing options as well as to buff their team or debuff their opponents such as speed ups, slocks, dislodging the puck. And of course the goalie who has abilities to help keep the puck out of your own net. Hopefully as new champions come out the strategies and playstyles will be as complex and diverse as one could hope for.

The Community: By far the reason I enjoy this game so much right now. First off, how frequently are you going to be able to speak to the game developers of some of the bigger companies like Riot or Blizzard and actually get a solid response? The developers will talk to you, get your opinions, tell you about upcoming game builds or runners, even friend you on steam. One even helped troubleshoot a graphical error I was encountering in one of the early patches this year. They are hard working and are continually working to improve the game and its player base all while having fun too. I know the game is still young, but I know these guys wont abandon it and leave it in the purgatory that is early acess alpha games.

They hold very frequent events and tournaments which is great for meeting other players, testing your skill and watching some of the best teams go head to head. It adds the fun competitive edge without going over the top. There are weekly mini tournaments with which to compete in that are low stress and fun while on the weekends there are solo player and team based tournaments which are designed for the serious competitors and the best players will compete in these. Oddly enough this is how I got roped into the game when I followed the twitch stream and some of the best players in the game (Hypnos and Pit) brought in a guy with less than 10hrs play time into what felt like a pro event. It was a lot of fun and nobody was too upset or frustrated with how lousy I was and we still came out ok. On top of that Spearhead games has a dedicated sports caster Jethro Tull who will make you feel like your actually at the arena. Finally all of the players who frequent the game all seem to be chill individuals who have no trouble helping out a new player, like new ideas, and are generally fun to play against. They will tell you gg and actually mean it.

My final Pros vs Cons list
-Free to play and not pay to win
-3v3 team competitive experience
-Short time comittment ~5min
-Well designed and balanced characters (Devs will make balance changes)
-Solid repeat player base
-Competitive tournaments and ranking system
-Decent soundtrack (repetitive after a few games though)
-Player base is friendly in game
-Devs listen and care both in forum and in streamed events and personal message even
-Devs will create runners based on fan suggestions (Obviously it needs to be feasible and balanced but it has happened)
-Community appears to be growing if only slowly
-Great game for groups of friends (Ideally 3 or 6)

Cons/What needs to improve
-Small player base (outside of events its tough finding a full match if you are solo, although this is improving)
-It's alpha so still a glitch here and there, mostly graphical, nothing debilitating
-Small Champion Pool (New game so its to be expected and it should grow)
-Ranking system is not necessarily tied with matchmaking system (New patch just came out, but currently there is nothing thats going to stop you from being matched with the weekend warrior if you are new)
-Ranking System is ELO which means its a solo player rating for a team based game (Currently this is the only feasible option, there arent enough players for a tiered system like LOL or Smite and this system will minimize the damage if you do get matched with a pro on your first day out)
-AI is nothing special, they look for straight line passes and shots even if it across the middle of your own goal with the other team in the way. If you have a full group there is no issue, but if not dont expect the bots to be carrying your butt to victory.

Finally any issues you do have with the game, the devs want to hear about them. Post in the forums, pitch ideas, visit the streams during tournaments. They will answer you, other players will answer you. Graphical glitch, they can help. Need friends to play with, I added 4 friends this week cause I posted I wanted to develop my sunday teams roster. The best thing you can do for yourself and this game is to download it, get two friends to download it, play together and compete. You wont be disappointed and if you are say so and check it out the next patch.
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Publicada: 25 de março
Análise de acesso antecipado
Great game, but with small community, could be used for e-sport properties.
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Publicada: 30 de março
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I've only played about an hour of this game but i can already tell that I'm going to love it. The artstyle, gameplay, the "runners" or characters, and just the idea of this type of game in general. I can tell this is going to be a very competetive game and its going to have a lot of strategy involved. I like to think of a mix of air hockey and some sort of mix between like, Borderlands from the artstyle and say, a MOBA game from the camera angles and gameplay. Theres not a lot I can say bout it seeing as i haven't been playing for a while, but this game is just... awesome.
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Publicada: 31 de março
Análise de acesso antecipado
Truely a FUN GAME!
I never felt a joy of playing such a game and having the will to win so bad!
The graphic could be updated to look better but it is still a early access who knows what this will turn into!

I was jumping up and down and screaming every single match I played! Just amazing!
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Publicada: 31 de março
Análise de acesso antecipado
It's fun, but right now no one is really playing. I really recommend picking up this game with some friends.
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Publicada: 4 de março
Análise de acesso antecipado
I"ve played in a few matches -- none too full, but I was playing at off peak hours. This game is fun. It reminds me of the type of cyber-robot future sports that devs used to make for NES etc.
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Publicada: 11 de março
Análise de acesso antecipado
Very Fun game to play with your friends!
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Publicada: 31 de janeiro
Análise de acesso antecipado
O jogo é um MOSA (Massive Multiplayer Sport Arena) com uma dinamica interresante , contem uma boa variedade de skin's , Hat's e personagem , cada com uma habilidade , uma espécie de especial ( que pode ser usado apenas 3 vezes por partida e a habilidade pode ser usada infinitamente porém com um cooldown ) tem 4 tipos de implantes , sendo eles 2 para apenas o jogador , 1 que 50% vai para os aliados e o ultimo slot seria uma abilidade extra ativada com o "SHIFT" , cada partida tem geralmente 3:00 a 4:00 o time que fizer mais "gols" nesse tempo ganha , além de que na metade da partida havera um "evento" ( oque deixa o jogo bem divertido nesse sentido na minha opnião) como por exemplo uma "ventania" que ira levar o disco para a esquerda ou a direita ,entre outros , a procura de partidas dura no maximo 65 segundo , quaso não ache nem um jogador nesse tempo você ira para uma partida contra bots.

minhas notas para o jogo:

jogabilidade : 9,5;

Graficos: 8.0;

diverção: 9.0 (podendo ficar até 10 quando jogado com amigos );
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Publicada: 17 de fevereiro
Análise de acesso antecipado
Before I downloaded this I was a bit skeptical, as I've not seen a game quite like this.
Before I continue, I do not like playing/watching sports, I do not play any other sports games.

You can fall in love with this game without having to like sports, and get the team-work feeling
of sports. If you and your team are working together above all else, you can be unstoppable.
This game is amazing, and the dev team is awesome ^.^ pretty easy to contact them if you ever need to.

The only downside to this game is that not enough people try/play this game! Everyone that does play it loves it
So, grab 2 of your friends, download this awesome free-to-play game, and go dominate the Arena, tell all your friends
have 3v3's with your friends, randoms, or bots. Grow with the community and help shape the game.

Now finally, this game has a competitive side, and this is what really strikes me. Every sunday they have a tournament
where they shoutcast matches and pit the dominating against eachother, you don't have to be a certain level to enter, you don't even have to be good but these tournaments are an amazing experience to be able to enter with your friends.
I recommend this game to all gamers.

Oh and hey, you grab this game and realize your a natural and just wreck everything, give me a message and maybe you can join my competitive team ;P
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Publicada: 27 de novembro de 2014
Análise de acesso antecipado
This game has extreme potential for competitive gaming, and would have great watchability (if thats even a word). I completely recommend this game, and to get your friends to play too! Needs more people and for such a great concept and game I would hate to see this not go extremely far. Great game, couldnt recommend it more!
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Publicada: 6 de janeiro
Análise de acesso antecipado
This is a very simple, fun and challenging game that you play 3v3. It's reminds me more of ice hockey than it does soccer, but either way, it's a blast with the different combinations of toons you can choose from, all with differnent roles and abilities.
I applaud it for the easy key management (wasd + space + mouse). Only two special abilities per toon, so it's not DOTA on ice and it allows the gamer to focus on teamplay. Also, the matches only last 5 minutes apiece, so you're not bogged down in a long game.
I really hope this one catches one. Also, as a free-play game, it doesn't try r@ping your wallet for upgrades. Easily obtained through playing, especially if you play as a team.
Great job devs! Good luck to you!!
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Publicada: 3 de fevereiro
Análise de acesso antecipado
This game is better than a turtle eatin' turkey sh*t. no foolin' either.

+ games last 5-7 minutes
+ stupid easy to learn
+ stupid hard to master
+ free to play
+ can't pay to win
+ vaguely resembles a sport but with players who make fun of your mother when screw up. actually wait thats just like a real sport

- the main commentator on their channel at isnt very good. He keeps talking and wont shut the hell up. But at least they cast every day and have a bunch of tournaments all the time so theres that ;)
- Sometimes I forget what my wife looks like but I keep playing anyway
- after every game you look at the clock and think to yourself "ok, ONE more game" and then eventually you lose your job
- turns out everyone was right about my mother

9/10 - would download again
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Publicada: 19 de janeiro
Análise de acesso antecipado
+very fun
+quick 5-10 minute games, perfect for a quick match before going to class
+not terribly difficult at first, but player skill is very relevant
+unique characters(which they will hopefully, most likely add more of) each with their own powers to help them in their main role
+characters tailored to specific roles (goalie, interceptor, etc) but you can still play whatever character in whatever position
+team work is very important, because you cannot hold the puck for an unlimited amount of time, this requires you to pass to a team mate
+the graphics are very good, reminds me of borderlands with the cartoonish style
+bots are similar in skill to other players, behave like players would
+free to play
+NOT pay to win, you can buy hats and cosmetic with the spearhead points(points you buy with real money) but they also sometimes drop in chests you get when leveling up (i got a dark employanator skin for my negociator this way) other charactes can be bought with money bought or earned in game, and upgrades can only be bought using the earned in game currency
+active devs working hard to improve the game as well as add new content

-very small community, most of the time when I log on, there are less than 10 people online in my region, and the most i've ever seen online would be maybe 40-50

consensus: download this game, it's free, it's fun, and the community needs to grow and the devs could use your support
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Publicada: 27 de dezembro de 2014
Análise de acesso antecipado
Definitely one of the few games to look forward to!

Please fix the matchmaking or w/e since I only spotted 2/3 souls in Asia server only to be disconnected once game has started.

I think there's some bug with the Client side hosting...Something similar to COD's NAT problem and Gunz's 999 ping issue.
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Publicada: 22 de novembro de 2014
Análise de acesso antecipado
Game is quite fun, but at the moment servers seem to be pretty dry, and I'm having quite a bit of latency issues, but hopefully that changes when the update comes out at the end of November.

Also, the Sheriff Negotiator outfit is adorable, and it earns merits all on its own.


The Fall Update has happened, they now have Dedicated Servers, and I've experienced practically no latency so far. I'd say it's now worth a shot to try! The game is interesting, and would like to see where it goes from here. Hopefully people will gradually come back to this.
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Publicada: 18 de dezembro de 2014
Análise de acesso antecipado
Very fun and addicting game! Play some quick 5 minute 3v3 games and get some loot everytime you level up. Only problem is population. So download and give it a try!
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Publicada: 16 de fevereiro
Análise de acesso antecipado
This game is FRICKEN AWESOME! It's a 3v3 hockey game but it feels more like air hockey and each character has special power ups and ultimates! Fast paced exilerating game play that's a delite to play, even when you lose a match. Borderlands style graphics which is super cool, solid gameplay and tons of fun, all it's missing is more players, so please try this awesome free game cause it's totally worth your time!

Purchasable items are aesthetic but you can buy characters with either real money or in game money, you can also purchase xp boosts with real money. You unlock aesthic items now and again as well. Anyways, back to playing :D
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Publicada: 1 de fevereiro
Análise de acesso antecipado
Great game, devs are very hard working and the game is constantly getting better. While there is a few bugs the game is still in alpha, so it's to be expected. Overall the game is graphically pleasing, plays smoothly most of the time and is very fun, think of it as air hockey meets league of legends. It's unique and very well executed. Would suggest this game to anyone.
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Publicada: 19 de dezembro de 2014
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Straight heat fire fuego.
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