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Join the adventure! We're building a team based competitive game, and open the development to the community from the very early steps. Watch the game evolve, playtest, participate actively in the game's development!
Utgivningsdatum: 2014
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Tillgänglig: 2014

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Production Update (Week 17)

21 Juli 2014

Hello Honorary Spearhead Members!

As we approach our next milestone and prepare for our major public release, we are hunkering down and focusing on bug fixes and visual polish. But even though the dev team’s focus is no longer on new features, that doesn’t mean we aren’t making any!

FYI You can preview all the changes mentioned in this email by switching over to the Twitch build. This is the build we playtest live every weekday at 7PM. Instructions on how to switch builds can be found here.

She was already cold-hearted, now she is smoking cold. Keisha has been hard at work on the visual effects of the Queen. Warning: don’t look her in the eyes for too long! As always, tell us what you think about her, and Project Cyber in general, in the Steam forums.

If you seek some team competition thrill and excitement, the pre-alpha tournament is the perfect place to find it. Register your team here on Challonge. Rules and conditions can be found here. The deadline to register your team is July 23rd. The finals and some matches of the competition will be broadcasted on our Twitch channel at http://www.twitch.tv/spearheadgames. This tournament’s prize is a copy of the awesome game Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons.

Good luck to all!

Custom hats are back! Now not only can you win, but you can do it with style. Speaking of style, why not trade the Stalker’s cyborg look for a more comfortable friendly zombie look? That’s right, we are introducing Skins too!

Our engineers are hard at work to revamp the bot AI system. These changes will enable the gameplay team to teach you new concepts and bring you faster to that pro status you deserve.

Well, we finally caught up with Simon, one of our co-founder. It seems that he is coming back from Singapore by bike(!), you can follow his insane adventure on Facebook.

The Spearhead Community Team

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July 2014 Update Is Live!

4 Juli 2014

Some of you may have noticed an update for Project Cyber on Steam and you're probably asking yourself: "What is in it?".

It's a complete revamp of the game! If you've been following the Community Streams on our Twitch channel, you know what has changed since PAX East.

We'll be sending out an email on Monday with a complete list of changes, but here are some of the major ones:

  • New look!
  • New character: Stalker
  • Disc grab/pass system
  • Characters have new secondary and ultimate abilities
  • Tutorials for new players
  • Player progression system with unlockables
  • Implant system
  • Goal replays
  • and much, much more!

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“The futuristic cyberpunk soccer game was the best new esport at PAX East”

“It could very well be the next big esport at competitions all across the globe”

“The communal aspect of Project Cyber is what revolutionizes this experience. Not only can you voice your opinion during the development process, you will also get the chance to change the match you’re watching by choosing an event”

Om spelet

Join the adventure! We're building a team-based competitive game and opened the development to the community from the earliest stage. Watch the game evolve, playtest it, participate actively in the design and development of the game!

What is Project Cyber

A game currently in pre-demo stage! That's even before pre-alpha!
Project Cyber is a team based competitive game. Two teams of 3 players battle on a futuristic Cyberpunk world inspired playing field.
In this world the game is everything and participants augment their bodies with implants that give them unique physics based powers.

Currently in-game:
  • Dynamic physics based intuitive gameplay
  • Innovative mouse gesture based controls allows for fluid and natural actions (passes, dribbles, shooting)
  • All human players makes positioning meaningful, and team strategic possibilities are endless.
  • Variety of characters, each with unique special powers.
  • Twitch integration for easy streaming (and watching!)

Coming soon:
  • As fun to play as it is to watch: Spectators of the game will not simply be passive. They will be able to vote for special events that happen during the games they're watching. They'll even gain in-game rewards in doing so!
  • Level ups, Missions and upgrades.

What to expect

You will see how games are developed...all of it, including:
  • Bugs, crashes and online issues like you've never seen before!
  • Features that stop working for no apparent reason!
  • Noodle soup.

But also:

  • A passionate team of developers facing fierce challenges and living an awesome journey together (on Twitch)!
  • A game constantly evolving and growing more awesome every day!
  • The opportunity to speak and interact directly with the developers to help shape the game's future

http://www.spearheadgames.ca/cyber to get your FREE Steam key!

Meet us every day at 7pm EST on Twitch

Like us on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter

Watch us on Youtube


    • OS: Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: P4 3 Ghz or Athlon 3400
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB Video Memory with Shader Model 3.0 support; ATI Radeon X1600XT / NVIDEA GeForce 7800GS
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
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If you like to make stuff and be creative this project is for you! You get to test a new build of the game daily right from the start of the design process. The creators of Tiny Brains (a game based on teamwork) have opened up their team and dev process to community ideas. Twitch streaming weekdays at 7 EST at Spearhead Games — http://www.twitch.tv/spearheadgames
Upplagd: 12 Mars 2014
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The game has a lot of potential to turn into something great on the indie scene, the devs are taking ideas submitted by us the players and taking them onboard which is great, right now the game is very bare bones as you'd expect with an under development title in its early stages, it still needs some core basic features to get it going like sound and a way to communicate with team mates along with some A.I partners for when your unable to get into a match with players but the focus right now seems to be on stability of connecting to match servers so people can test the game which i would agree should be the primary focus to start off then add things like sound assets in to make it a more enjoyable experience.

I never had issues with frame drops or connecting during my 2 matches but i did see a few people chopping about the screen so i guess some peoples rigs are finding it hard to cope. I'll be following the development of the game to see how it progresses and will edit this accordingly to reflect the changes made!
Upplagd: 15 Mars 2014
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A great awesome game. Its a competition to get the ball and put it in the opposing goal. This sounds easy enough till you add all the powers each player has to give them an advantage, Its great fun with friends and create competitive play I recommend getting this game when you can get the chance
Upplagd: 21 Mars 2014
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Wow. Just wow.... amazing art style, fun gameplay... And this was just from the tutorial!
Upplagd: 15 Juli 2014
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The first what i have to say is , that the game is in a Beta
The game looks really good , just give the developer more time then we see how is the Game

Sorry my english is not the best :)

Das erste was ich sagen muss ist , das das Spiel noch in einer Beta ist
Das Spiel sieht wirklich gut aus , aber wir müssen denn Entwicklern noch mehr Zeit lassen und wir werden dann sehen wie das Vollendete Spiel ist
Upplagd: 13 Mars 2014
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