Space Run est un jeu « de stratégie spatial en temps réel » qui reprend les mécaniques du Tower Defense tout en les améliorant. Space Run vous met au défi de gérer et de protéger un vaisseau spatial et sa cargaison contre les dangers de l'hyper espace!
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Date de parution : 13 juin 2014

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8 mars

Announcing Space Run Galaxy!

Passtech Games and Focus Home Interactive announce Space Run Galaxy with screenshots.

Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games are joining forces again to release Space Run Galaxy on PC this year. Space Run Galaxy is the sequel to 2014's Space Run, the game from one-man studio Passtech, which seduced hundreds of thousands of players with its dynamic and original gameplay. By twisting the tower-defense game style, Space Run offered an addictive real-time spaceship construction strategy experience. Space Run Galaxy expands and refines the original's unique gameplay, introduces a persistent online universe and takes-off again with plenty of new features!

Set 20 years after the original game, Captain Buck Mann has now set up his very own intergalactic courier service. You're a member of Mann's team of space runners, racing to deliver precious goods from planet to planet! Reinforce your modular ships with armaments including laser turrets, missile launchers and energy shields, while leaving enough room for your cargo. Fly fast - the quicker you arrive at your destination, the better the rewards!

Venture into the depths of space spanning an entire galaxy, with 4 solar systems and over 50 zones to visit across 100+ runs. Space Run Galaxy offers limitless gameplay, while fresh new features expand the original experience:

User-created contracts - Take on contracts from other players for better rewards and unlimited replayability
Intergalactic player market - Trade hard-earned goods with your fellow space runners to sell off extra supplies, or snap up a tidy bargain
New corporations offer riskier jobs - Carry the extra fragile cargo of XenoPrime, or risk transporting The Force's highly dangerous weapon prototypes (which may even endanger your own ship!)
Fresh dangers await - Face off against brand new boss-type enemies, such as deadly pirate ships and huge space monsters...
Deep customization - Customize the shape and size of any ships you acquire during your adventure. There's no restriction for what ship you use in each mission, letting you get creative with every run!

Space Run Galaxy will release on PC in 2016

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22 janvier

Space Run Galaxy Closed Beta

Hey Space Runners!

It's time to load your cargo and charge up your laser cannons, shields and reactors for a new mission!

We are working on Space Run Galaxy, the new iteration of the smart mix of strategy, vessel construction, tower defense mechanisms and hyper dynamic gameplay that you discovered in Space Run.

We reached a development state where we'd like to have your feedback to keep improving and ironing out the game!

If you are interested in joining a closed Beta on Space Run Galaxy, fill the form HERE. We'll contact you by email if you are selected!

Edit: Many of you applied for the beta and we have enough application. We close the registration for now. Thanks for your enthusiasm toward the game!

See you in space,
Passtech Games & Focus Home Interactive

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“Space Run shines from the depths of space, from the challenging gameplay to the deep strategy mechanics.”
8/10 – GameSpot

“A brilliant piece of design and a polished experience”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Really good spin on tower defense! Really enjoyable, fun game with a lot of depth and a great deal of challenge.”

À propos de ce jeu

Space Run est un jeu « de stratégie spatial en temps réel » qui reprend les mécaniques du Tower Defense tout en les améliorant. Space Run vous met au défi de gérer et de protéger un vaisseau spatial et sa cargaison contre les dangers de l'hyper espace!

L’espace peut être un endroit dangereux ! Vous incarnez l’un des plus vaillants « convoyeurs de l’espace », ayant la périlleuse mission de transporter des marchandises de grande valeur d’un endroit à l’autre de la galaxie. Cette mission d’apparence facile s’avère bien plus risquée lorsque vous devez traverser un champ d’astéroïdes ou encore lorsque vous faites face à une bande de pirates de l’espace armés jusqu’aux dents. Il vous faudra également tirer votre épingle du jeu et vous distinguer de vos concurrents en étant plus rapide et plus puissant qu’eux, car tous utiliseront leurs ressources pour réduire votre vaisseau en charpie.

Le niveau de difficulté des missions augmente à mesure que votre réputation se renforce. En amenant à bon port des cargaisons de plus en plus coûteuses, vous gagnerez des crédits qui vous permettront d’acheter des nouveaux vaisseaux et autres améliorations indispensables à votre survie face aux multiples dangers de l’espace : canons laser, lance-missiles, boucliers, réacteurs et autres objets indispensables à vos missions. Vous devrez vous adapter rapidement à chaque nouvelle situation si vous voulez survivre, notamment en ajoutant des éléments à votre vaisseau au cours de vos missions. Plus votre vaisseau sera rapide, plus vite vous atteindrez votre destination, plus vous gagnerez en réputation et plus les missions prestigieuses seront à votre portée.

Dans Space Run, vous pourrez rejouer les missions en utilisant de nouvelles combinaisons de modules afin d’améliorer vos scores et d’anéantir vos concurrents.

Caractéristiques :
• Gameplay dynamique et facile d’accès qui renouvelle le genre du Tower Defense

• Achetez et améliorez votre vaisseau afin de s’adapter à chacune des situations et ainsi protéger vos précieuses marchandises face à vos concurrents lors de livraisons périlleuses.

• Gagnez des crédits afin de débloquer de nouveaux modules pour votre vaisseau qui vous permettront d’avoir de meilleurs défenses et attaques, de terminer plus rapidement vos missions et de gagner en réputation.

• Défiez vos amis et augmentez vos scores en rejouant les anciennes missions avec vos nouvelles améliorations débloquées !

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Système d'exploitation : WINDOWS XP SP3/WINDOWS VISTA SP2/WINDOWS 7/WINDOWS 8
    • Processeur : AMD/INTEL DOUBLE-COEUR 2.4 GHZ
    • Mémoire vive : 2048 MB de mémoire
    • Graphiques : 512 MO 100% COMPATIBLE OPENGL 2.1 NVIDIA GEFORCE 8600/ATI RADEON HD 2600/INTEL HD 2000
    • Espace disque : 1 GB d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte son : COMPATIBLE FMOD
    • Système d'exploitation : OS X 10.7.5 or later
    • Processeur : INTEL CORE 2 DUO 2.4 GHZ
    • Mémoire vive : 2048 MB de mémoire
    • Graphiques : 512 MB 100% OPENGL 2.1 COMPATIBLE INTEL HD 3000 OR HIGHER
    • Espace disque : 1 GB d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte son : FMOD COMPATIBLE
    • Système d'exploitation : Ubuntu 14.04/SteamOS
    • Processeur : AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.4 GHZ
    • Mémoire vive : 2048 MB de mémoire
    • Graphiques : 512 MB 100% OPENGL 2.1 COMPATIBLE NVIDIA GEFORCE 8600/ATI RADEON HD 2600/INTEL HD 2000
    • Espace disque : 1 GB d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte son : FMOD COMPATIBLE
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Posté le : 7 novembre 2015
This game starts out quite fun but there's one glaring flaw that prevents me from being able to recommend it at full price.

First I'll mention some of the positives. The game is an innovative entry into the tower defense genre with a very hands-on style. (Significant micromanagement is required at some points, however, so this may be a turn-off.) The graphics, sound, and music are good, certainly more than adequate to the task. The mission types are rather varied, with there being four distinct types of cargo that pose different challenges. (Technically there are five, but two are almost identical.) The game also has a good sense of humor.

On the minus side, some parts of the game require significant micromanagement to activate the various special abilities of all your turrets, and it can be difficult sometimes to locate the specific turret you need in a hurry. There are also numerous spelling and grammatical errors in the game text, but it remains understandable.

But the biggest problem by far is that as the levels become more difficult, they require prescience to beat, but the game has an inadequate warning system and no mechanism for rewinding time except restarting the whole level. The effect is that you'll start a mission, and since you can't afford to build guns and defenses in all directions you'll have to build them only in the directions from which threats will come. And generally you won't find out until it's too late that you needed, for instance, anti-missile defense in a particular direction. So you start over and shuffle things around so you have enough money to build the anti-missile defense at the right time. Then you find out that you need a shield or a missile launcher in some other direction, but only too late, so you start over again. I suppose if you don't care about your reputation then it doesn't matter, but if you want to achieve the "fast and safe delivery" then you'll have to restart the harder missions a bunch of times. This whole problem could have been avoided if the game included a checkpoint system like Defense Grid or a warning system that gave more detailed information about the threats.

As a result, the game becomes a bit of a drag once you're about two thirds of the way through, and that's why I can't recommend it at full price. I do recommend picking it up on sale, though. You'll probably get about 12 hours of fun and 8 hours of somewhat less fun gameplay.
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Posté le : 30 janvier
Space Run is a hybrid Tower Defense game, and a pretty good one. It's actually closer to space games/shooters in style but with the mechanics of a TD game. You're put in charge of corporate cargo ships and tasked with making a dangerous delivery. The ships themselves are made up of hexagonal cells (in a different configuration each time) onto which modules can be placed. These modules include the cargo you're carrying and one engine which you build before takeoff and the rest you build along the way.

The game does a good job of quickly getting you up to speed and explaining how different modules behave or what placement restrictions they may have. For example engines require a free space behind them, while turrets may require up to several free spaces ahead of them.

You gain construction points slowly over time or by collecting scrap leftover from destroyed asteroids, hostile fighters or larger vessels. This way you put together a fearsome (hopefully) and quick (allegedy) ship that can take on whatever you may encounter (citation needed). It's possible to recycle modules to free up space, recover resources or re-arrange the ship.

In between missions new modules of various kinds become available for purchase. Modules can also be upgraded to unlock new abilities or improvements. Bits of storyline dialogue also take place here. The story isn't all that much of a much, but it's not bad either. Some of the dialogues are contrived though.

Overall it's a pretty nice concept. You build the ship from bits and pieces, hoping to use starting resources to cover the right flanks against initial attackers/asteroids and cursing the cargo modules or the wonky ship configuration. Though you don't know which way danger is coming from, you get an early warning and some time to adapt. Spend cash on upgrades, take a new job, rinse and repeat.

My biggest problem was that the game was fun in short bursts. Either that or i just wasn't hooked enough to keep playing after a few missions. It would draw me back after a time, so that's good. Regardles, it was a bit tricky to pick up where i left off. Previous missions are still available though.

At first i wasn't a huge fan of fast paced building, rebuilding, repairing and using a multitude of special abilities. I'd be more comfortable if i was allowed to be a slug and play at a glacial pace. Perhaps it's just as well that Space Run gives me a jolt to take me out of my comfort zone. Your mileage may vary but i think that's a good thing. From time to time. Normally i think i could write a tome of memoires, sketch ideas for ship builds and make a presentation with fancy charts and graphs, plus write some fanfic before i finished a turn of Sword of the Stars. SOTS is pretty fast for a 4X TBS, I'm THAT slow.

Being a cleverly disguised Tower Defence game, Space Run plays quite quickly and requires balancing several things at once. Usually while facing increasingly difficult attacks as the mission goes on. Not only is it important to deploy weapons to cover your vessel, you'll also want to invest in engines. Engines cost you resources and give little in return, but speed is the only way to outrun the competition and that multiplies your final payment. In addition, there is the cargo on board, and it's wise to protect it with shields. This will divert your resources away from firepower and take up valuable space on board. And then on top of that, some modules require power generators adjacent to them.

Doing all this requires a mix of planning ahead (where to place thrusters, cargo, shields etc.), and quick wits under fire that will seriously challenge your multi-tasking competence (adjusting arcs on turrets, activating special abilities of shields and generators, rebuilding destroyed stuff, etc.).

This is why ultimately, Space Run wins my respect. It makes what i described above fun to do, which i didn't really think would happen. As i said, i'm not a fan of Tower Defense nor RTS. It's not easy, but it's a good challenge, fun concept and the game is polished and well presented. Sure the voice acting could be better but i think only with a major league professional actor and a major league fee. Plus i enjoyed some of the voices.

Artwork is very nice and shiny while the music doesn't really pop but isn't offensive or annoying either. It does the job. Some of the character portraits didn't really hit home with me but that's just a personal preference. 3D models are cartoony enough to be fun and serious enough to not look stupid. Overall nothing about the game felt lazy or bland.

If i had to nitpick to find flaws, i'd say maybe it would be nice to have the ability to zoom in a bit closer, but it's fine. The icons in the construction menu DO need text labels, but i got the hang of it.

Recommended! If you're affraid of real time multitasking, it could go either way. It won me over, but you might get frustrated quickly. If you're a fan of Tower Defense, you'll be right at home.
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Posté le : 17 janvier
Haven't played a long way through this yet, but I'm pretty hooked on it. I nice variant of the tower defense genre, with the varying spaceship shapes and weapon and defense upgrades making each mission a new challenge. I'm running it on my Macbook Pro, and runs well and looks great!.
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Posté le : 16 mars
What is it?
It's a tower defense game, but only in the broadest sense: you have your (two-dimensional) space ship, consisting of various hexagonal spaces. On these you can build propulsion devices, weapons, shield, generators or place your cargo. On each mission your ship flies automatically from A to B (faster if you build more engines) in real-time, and you have to defend your cargo and your ship from being destroyed by enemy ships and asteroids, which can come from 360°. Destroying them brings you resources which you need to build more devices.

So, is it any good?
Oh yes, it is. It is actually great. In the first missions you have only a few devices and a small ship. Later the ships get larger, the devices get bigger and need more energy, so you have to place bigger generators next to them. That might sound a bit cumbersome, but it is not. The game leads you from mission to mission to the more complex setups, and you can choose in which order you unlock new devices and upgrades. Later missions are difficult and a little grinding is necessary from time to time, but the balancing of the game is very well made, so they never feel unfair.

What about game length and replayability?
There are about 30 missions to do. There are achievements, which are a must these days. You can replay all missions to get a better rating and to unlock new devices or upgrades (=grind). Considering the price, that is more than fair.

Obviously this is a recommendation. Any criticism?
This qualifies as an Indie game. So in regards of graphics, music and sound design, you can expect solid work, but nothing extraordinary. The story is pretty basic and generic: acerbic trucker and android sidekick quarrel with pirates. Voice acting was good. The game can get rather hectic, and the design of some of the devices makes it hard to keep track of everything: A few times I built the mid size shield and not the mid size generator, or forgot to build a missile defence, because I saw too late that the enemy ship had a missile launcher. Enemies and asteroids can come from 360° degrees, but in most mission they do not. But even when replaying, you have to remember the directions.

Final Verdict?
I really enjoyed the game and gladly recommend it. I am looking forward to the sequel. 4,5/5=9/10
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Posté le : 11 février
Its a nice twist on Tower Defense where you're the one racing through the level but its way too stressful to be considered fun. There's just too much going on. You have to micromanage every single turret to make sure they are facing the right direction, then there's a very small margin of error with your turret placements so one mistake could cost you the game, and you have to do all this while racing the clock to make your delivery.

Plus most levels you have to play twice just to beat it once. 1st try is to see the enemy waves and the 2nd try is to be prepared for them. And you'll need a 3rd attempt to get 5 stars on a level if you're that kind of person.
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