Space Run è un «gioco di strategia di costruzione di navi spaziali in tempo reale». Space Run prende il conosciuto genere "tower defense" e lo stravolge, sfidandoti a gestire e proteggere una nave spaziale e il suo carico dai pericoli dello spazio profondo!
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Data di rilascio: 13 giu 2014
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"Space Run is a fast-paced twist on the regular tower defense genre, as you attempt to carry cargo through space while being attacked."
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Want to discover Space Run?

Invite your friends to join the Livestream of Space Run on Twitch, on Friday 13 June, at 7PM GMT+2 (10 PDT, 6pm GMT+1)!

Come for a chat session with Sylvain from Passtech Game, the “one-man studio”.

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3 giugno


Space Run will be available on PC in just under two weeks, is it going to be this summer’s indie surprise?

Space Run is the work of “one-man studio” Passtech Games and pays true homage to 1980s sci-fi using its codes and references. The game is a smart mix of strategy, vessel construction and tower defense mechanisms, interweaving numerous twists, intensity and a hyper dynamic gameplay.

A Space Runner doesn’t just deliver goods from one end of the galaxy to the other - you’ll need a large dose of ingenuity, intuition and ability to react if you want to complete the various missions you are offered. But although your main task is to make intergalactic deliveries as fast as possible while keeping your merchandise (and your vessel) intact, countless external elements will come to hamper your progress: asteroid belts, fleets of pursuing pirates and particularly nasty interstellar corsairs... the threats are everywhere!

Load your cargo, charge up your laser cannons, shields and reactors and set out on the missions that have been assigned to you. The construction phase of your vessel will form the core of the gameplay: find the right balance of speed, defense and firepower! The more successful you are, the higher your reputation will soar, and this will be reflected in your bank account. This will enable you to unlock new modules for your ship and additional upgrades to increase your tactical options, either to embark on new and more dangerous missions or to replay a mission to improve your score!

All this is superbly demonstrated in today’s video!

Space Run will be released on PC (Steam and digital stores) on June 13, 2014.

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“Space Run shines from the depths of space, from the challenging gameplay to the deep strategy mechanics.”
8/10 – GameSpot

“A brilliant piece of design and a polished experience”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Really good spin on tower defense! Really enjoyable, fun game with a lot of depth and a great deal of challenge.”

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Space Run è un «gioco di strategia di costruzione di navi spaziali in tempo reale». Space Run prende il conosciuto genere "tower defense" e lo stravolge, sfidandoti a gestire e proteggere una nave spaziale e il suo carico dai pericoli dello spazio profondo!

Lo spazio può essere un posto pericoloso. Sei uno dei più audaci "trasportatori spaziali", persone col rischioso compito di trasportare carichi preziosi da un posto all'altro attraverso le minacce del cosmo. Questo incarico, apparentemente semplice, diventa molto delicato se si aggiungono i densi campi di asteroidi che attraversano regolarmente le corsie spaziali, le astronavi pirata armate fino ai denti intenzionate a farti a brandelli per rubarti il carico, e i trasportatori spaziali della concorrenza!

Assumi missioni sempre più difficili via via che aumenta la tua reputazione. Portando i carichi più costosi a destinazione, otterrai crediti per sbloccare nuovi modelli di navi e potenziamenti utili per sopravvivere alle letali minacce dello spazio: torrette laser, lanciamissili, scudi protettivi, propulsori, generatori di potenza... e chi più ne ha più ne metta! Se vuoi sopravvivere, dovrai adattarti velocemente a ogni nuova situazione costruendo moduli sulla tua nave mentre voli attraverso lo spazio. Più sarai veloce a raggiungere la tua destinazione, migliore sarà la tua reputazione, che ti consentirà di sbloccare missioni di consegna sempre più difficili!
Space Run offre un'immensa giocabilità: rigioca missioni precedenti con i nuovi moduli sbloccati per completarli più velocemente e migliorare il punteggio... e dimostra ai tuoi amici di essere il trasportatore spaziale più veloce e audace mai esistito!

Caratteristiche principali:
• Giocabilità accessibile ed estremamente dinamica con un nuovo approccio al famoso genere "tower defense"

• Costruisci la tua nave spaziale in volo per adattarla a ogni situazione, proteggere il tuo prezioso carico e sconfiggere i tuoi concorrenti in letali corse di consegna

• Ottieni crediti per sbloccare e potenziale nuovi moduli della nave, che ti consentiranno di difenderti meglio, di attaccare altri carichi e di completare più velocemente le tue missioni per migliorare la tua reputazione

• Lunga giocabilità: rigioca missioni precedenti con i moduli sbloccati per superare i tuoi punteggi e quelli dei tuoi amici!

Requisiti di sistema

    • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.4 GHZ
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB 100% OPENGL 2.1 COMPATIBILE NVIDIA GEFORCE 8600/ATI RADEON HD 2600/INTEL HD 2000
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: FMOD COMPATIBILE
    • OS: OS X 10.7.5 or later
    • Processor: INTEL CORE 2 DUO 2.4 GHZ
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB 100% OPENGL 2.1 COMPATIBLE INTEL HD 3000 OR HIGHER
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: FMOD COMPATIBLE
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Space Run provides a lovely twist on your regular tower defense game. You make cargo runs through space, and enemies and asteroids attempt to destroy your ship every step of the way. You can place guns, rockets, thrusters and all other sorts of useful resources on your ship that will take down the incoming hordes, and keep you relatively safe -- at least for a while. Space Run keeps you on your toes at all times, and can be brutally difficult if you're aiming to go for the top scores. Well worth investing in if you like your tower defense games. You can see my playthrough here:
Pubblicata: 13 giugno
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This game had promise, but later levels become a function of tedium with constant need to adjust turrets. I enjoy the premise and I enjoy Tower Defense style games, but I don't find micromanaging turrets any fun. If they add in a tactical pause option I may find myself going back to those levels and changing my review accordingly. If you happen to enjoy that sort of gameplay mechanic you will probably enjoy the games later levels, but if not I really couldn't recommend the game. There is also the problem of gamebreaking bugs, see below for details here. That is the short summary of why I can't recommend the game personally. For further details keep reading.


+Great premise which freshens the stale Tower Defense genre.
+Voice acting is generally humerous.
+Variety of turrets/upgrades is relatively small, but generally each feel unique.


-Micromanaging turrets, which may be a plus for some people but not for me. Also, here a tactical pause would alleviate this con.
-Gamebreaking bugs, after my 6 or so hours playing the game the game froze and or exited to windows a dozen times. This usually happened when a new unit was introduced and then it would freeze/exit and I would then have to start all over on that level.
-Turrets/Upgrades while unique feeling would benefit from more upgrades or options. Also, the idea that all the later turrets take up more space on the ship and thus generally undoing what benefits the stronger turret gave.

That is the overview of the game, in my opinion. I will update my review, if/when they update patch fixes for the tactical pause and gamebreaking bugs.
Pubblicata: 28 giugno
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A space runner with upgradable towers/progression pretty free choice of missions and tactics? 10$? AWWW YEAH.

God damn this game hits all the things i like in a game.

Unlockable towers and upgrades for them.
More things to buy than you have cash - so you have to choose your strategy. You have to be careful because you could be dead in seconds.

Actiony, energetic and a good speed. Only suggestion i can make is If you like this game try the board game Galaxy trucker.


Great. Game.
Pubblicata: 16 giugno
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For Tower Defence genre lovers this is a great spin on the game play.

Just surviving each mission was quite fun and challenging in itself, but now am going back to each mission to try and not only beat it but do it at 'light speed' to get full marks. Very challenging on the later levels.

Voice acting is good, and illustrations for the story visually hold up well on a high resolution display.

The game does randomly crash to desktop with no explanation or warning, though it has only happened a handful of times in my play time so far (>20hrs)

If you like space games and tower defence, this is a must.
Pubblicata: 16 giugno
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This game is awesome!
it is basically a hex module placement game which is deeply tactical the further you get in the game.
The voice acting is pretty good and the game is very well made.
10/10 <<<especially for the price!
Pubblicata: 13 giugno
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